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Chapter 952
Chapter 952: Dragon Souls Meeting (1)

Dense layers of pitch-black clouds drifted across the night sky while loud, ear-deafening thunder boomed from within, shaking the ship that was sailing among the clouds . It wasn’t a magic warship built with a strong, steel hull from the Munn Kingdom . Instead, it was just an old, ordinary ship with a towering mast penetrating the clouds and white sails swelling to the winds . On both sides of the hull, several enormous, pitch-black Night Wyverns expanded their wings and dragged the ship forward by the chains .

Rolling thunder and pitch-black clouds only represented one thing .

“I feel uncomfortable every time I witness this view . Compared to the thunderous clouds, I much prefer peaceful nights and the round moon . ”

A woman grumbled under her breath and unfolded the handheld fan gently . Even though she was high up in the chilly air, she only wore a thin and long, luxurious black gauze dress that revealed her snowy arms and alluring chest . Her bright, silky golden hair hung down to her ankles, drifting in the gentle wind like satin . She had a curvy waist that no men could withstand embracing in their arms . Her feminine, delicate face perfectly accentuated her mature, flirtatious charm like an irresistible love poison . If she were at a banquet, she would definitely be the most eye-catching star of the night and not even her master could steal her spotlight . But it was a pity that no one appreciated her grace here .

“Because peaceful nights are more suitable for you to sleep around? Floozy . ”

A deep, heavy voice full of disdain and mockery sounded, but the woman didn’t reveal any angered expression . On the contrary, she turned around with a lovable smile, folded her hands, and gazed at the massive, two-meter-tall knight clad in pitch-black, steel armor .

“Oh no… Please don’t say that, Your Majesty Balende . A woman’s body is actually a really useful weapon, okay? It can beat swords without sacrifice or bloodshed . I can reach my goal when I use this wonderful body to seduce the victim, so isn’t that the best result one can expect? Or could it be that all men love to witness bloodshed? How violent… It obviously isn’t necessary, but it’s not like I can’t understand men’s desire to conquer, that is . ”

The woman puffed out her chest proudly . Then, she let out a chuckle .

“Hmph, these shameless words sure suit you . After your position is snatched, I will surely be there to witness how you get toyed with as a slave . Although I’m not interested in your filthy body, I do want to know how you feel when you get played by others instead . That will definitely delight me . ”

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A red glint flashed in Balende’s helmet . He scoffed and swept an indifferent glance at the woman before turning around and left the deck . The woman covered her mouth with her slender hair and chuckled .

“Oh no, Your Majesty Balende . You just hurt my feelings . I didn’t expect you to be so concerned about someone like me . I feel so flattered…

The tone in her voice sounded sincere and glad, with a subtle hint of ill intention .

If this ceremony weren’t important, he definitely wouldn’t be here .

“Oh no-no, Big Brother . It seems like the relationship between your subjects is still as terrible as usual . ”

Erin watched the commotion from the window . She turned around and smiled at the man who sat silently by the desk . At this moment, the man closed his eyes as though he was meditating . Even though he heard his younger sister’s comments, his face that was as strong as granite spoke of absolute confidence and calmness .

“Don’t worry . ”

“But it will be better for them to maintain friendlier relationships especially for the Order Ceremony . Our Country of Darkness may be belittled by others if they see us as a joke . ”

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“Let them be . Their consequences of contempt will be compensated by blood and fire . If they are truly that foolish, that will be the corresponding price to pay . ”


Erin shook her head helplessly and turned around . Although her big brother didn’t mention it, she knew that this upcoming Order Ceremony was different from the past . There was only one reason . The appearance of a new dragon soul and even more so, the Void Dragon .

The most important reason as to why the Dragon Soul Continent could maintain a subtle balance was due to the Country of Law . Even though there were ‘five’ Creator Dragon Souls, the Judgment & Ruling Twin Dragons were in the same camp while the Void Dragon was nowhere to be found . This meant that no matter the Light Dragon or Dark Dragon, neither of them could confront the twin dragons individually . Not only that, but the twin dragons’ ability was also ‘rules’, which meant that as long as they were in any land of Order, they could maximize the strength of their damage output .

If the Dark Dragon Ion’s ambition was to only destroy the Country of Light, he could do so without much effort . But Erin was clearly aware that her big brother was a perfectionist . If he destroyed the Country of Light, he wouldn’t feel comfortable not dealing with the Country of Law too . This was the reason why he had been searching for supreme powers to confront the twin dragons .

And now, a new dragon soul heir was born .

There was a possibility that the balance would be broken .

The Light Dragon was never in Ion’s consideration . The hostility between both nations represented their relationship . Even though Ion sent out his dark forces and infiltrated the Country of Light to a certain degree, the infiltration would be meaningless if he couldn’t take down the Munn Kingdom, and this might even give the Light Dragon a chance to free herself . There was once an opportunity for Ion and he was only one step away from the Munn Kingdom being entirely destroyed . But… Things ended differently .

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“Erin . ”

“Yes, Big Brother?”

“You’ve met him before, right? Tell me your thoughts . ”

Erin let out a helpless bitter smile . Of course, she knew that Ion had always been watching her private outings . As a result, she was placed on house arrest ever since she returned and was only recently released . This showed just how much Ion hated an unorganized and undisciplined approach .

“Yes, Big Brother… Hmm, how should I put it? I only met him before his awakening . He was an extremely calm person who rarely revealed emotions and seemed to understand everything well, as though there were no secrets in this world . Besides, it is apparent from our previous battle that he seems familiar with our Country of Darkness and may even have some inside information . Well, these are only my guesses . ”

“Is that so?”

Ion responded coldly as though he was disinterested but Erin was aware that this was just his usual attitude . He only needed reports and not suggestions . As long as he made the decision, he would strongly and unwaveringly believe that he would be the final victor . He never allowed anyone to comment on his thoughts and any objections would be denied . It seemed like the previous setback wasn’t enough to turn him around . In his eyes, the failure in his attack against the Munn Kingdom wasn’t worthy of a mention . Just like now, the reason why he participated in his ceremony was mainly because he wanted to personally understand the new dragon soul heir and see if he had any value to be roped in .

However, Erin thought that such intentions were more dangerous .

It still isn’t enough .

A carriage would rock if its wheels ran over a large stone and the correct way for the carriage to stabilize was to decrease its speed . But Erin realized that her big brother had no regards for the dangers ahead and nor any intention to slow down . On the contrary, he continued to dash ahead . Erin knew that a rare and non-threatening setback in his eyes possibly represented that the flat avenue would soon turn into a muddy road . If he didn’t slow down, the carriage would sink into the mud and might even flip over .

And that man seemed to possess such an ability to do so . In the beginning, Erin treated Rhode as an interesting plaything she could manipulate . But now, he might possibly be her big brother’s biggest obstacle . Even though Erin had only met Rhode twice, she sharply sensed that Rhode was similar to her big brother in some areas . They were confident, seemed to clutch everything within their grasps, wouldn’t express their emotions, and always believed in their judgment and decisions . But what concerned Erin was that Rhode was smarter in handling situations than her big brother, and this was apparent from the names of his territory and how he didn’t bother about trifles . This was the most troublesome type of person to handle . Perhaps because Rhode seemed like a person who lacked so-called pride and honor, he seemed more dangerous because he would pull back appropriately as soon as the situation didn’t progress well, disregarding the criticisms he received . No, if this was only the case, he wouldn’t be that different from her big brother . The biggest difference between them was that Rhode could effortlessly jump over the deepest pit in his heart and this was the most important obstacle her big brother couldn’t overcome .

Erin lifted her head worriedly . Her black pupils reflected the image of her big brother .

I wouldn’t be this worried if that man was only an overlord . But now…

Erin felt that this test for her big brother was too difficult . This wasn’t a comparison between their individuality or overall strength . Instead, it was about something purer and deeper .

How will it turn out exactly?

Erin shifted her gaze to the window and let out a subtle sigh .

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