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Chapter 951
Chapter 951: Path to the Future


Rhode sat on the sofa, closed his eyes, and rubbed his forehead, trying to process all the information . He had learned so many unexpected and bewildering facts on this trip to seek Alice’s help . This was the first time he learned that the five Creator Dragon Souls weren’t truly dead . Instead, even though the so-called dragon soul heirs had indeed inherited the dragon soul powers, the reason why they received the powers were only because the dragon soul protection needed a hub for absorbing and converting powers . The dragon soul protection required replenishment from the spiritual powers of humans and frankly, the dragon soul heirs were merely the materialization of the worshiped figures . Through this way, the population had a person to devote themselves to and the process of offering their spiritual powers would be much clearer and homogeneous .

Apart from that, Rhode also gained an understanding of the Deepest Labyrinth . There was in fact a massive Dimension Gate on the deepest floor, which was designed for the five Creator Dragon Souls to pass through safely . Not only that, but in order to prevent outsiders from entering or destroying the Dimension Gate, the Deepest Labyrinth was also built .

Rhode had an association of ideas about the Dimension Gate . If his theory was correct, the reason why the game of ‘Dragon Soul Continent’ appeared in the real world might be due to the five Creator Dragon Souls who created it . But why would they create this game and why did he transmigrate here? Alice didn’t give an answer to these questions because according to her, the six Deity Wardens were only responsible for executing the plans, which included the constant reset of history to create distortion and forcefully crumple the trajectory of fate . As for where the five Creator Dragon Souls went and what they did in the other world, the six Deity Wardens weren’t authorized to know . Even though Alice was the History Deity Warden, the history that she recorded was only of that in this world .

But Rhode felt like the situation wasn’t this simple . The young lady he saw in the Deepest Labyrinth and the voice echoing in his ears definitely weren’t meaningless illusions . Could it be that the five Creator Dragon Souls were related to his younger sister? Or perhaps his younger sister was the reincarnation of the Void Dragon? After some serious consideration, this in fact seemed possible . Ever since his younger sister was born, he was clearly aware that deep inside her mind was a huge mystery . Perhaps others wouldn’t know that, but the bizarre mental and physical connections between them made him realize it . But back then, he was only an ordinary child and the inexplicable irritability in his head wasn’t comfortable for him at all . Not only that, but the reason he chose to play ‘Dragon Soul Continent’ was because his younger sister purchased the device for it earlier on . She wanted to enjoy the life of an ordinary human in the game . While Rhode wasn’t dubious of her decision, she eventually left the world before she had the chance to fully enjoy the game . It was also for the sake of fulfilling her wish that he started playing the game . If not, why would he ever be in the mood for it?

Rhode felt doubtful . If Alice was right and his younger sister was the Void Dragon, one of the true, mighty gods who created this world, she shouldn’t just pass on like that .

“Sigh… What a headache . ”

Rhode shook his head in doubts . Even though he had discovered these secrets, he realized that even more mysteries that came with them . For instance, if this world was in fact the Dragon Soul Continent that he played in, why would he be bound to the system? Besides, not only could the system affect him, but it could also construct buildings quickly like in the game . All of these were major mysteries and he felt like it wasn’t as simple as they seemed . But since Alice expressed that she wasn’t aware, he was also left with no choices .

Perhaps he should consider Mini Bubble Gum’s suggestion to explore the Deepest Labyrinth? According to Alice, Deepest Labyrinth was entirely designed by the five Creator Dragon Souls . Maybe he could find some clues in there .

Also, about the destruction of this continent…

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After the conversation with Alice, Rhode also learned that the destruction of this continent wasn’t as simple as just the infiltration of Chaos . If his imagination was true, Order would be shredded into bits by Chaos in the future and that would be the ultimate destruction . Alice didn’t give a specific time for when the catastrophe would happen . According to her, she only recorded the past and predicting the future wasn’t part of her scope as the History Deity Warden . The six Deity Wardens’ jobs were only to shift and change the trajectory of fate from the lowest level . The previous invasion of Chaos took over half of the entire continent . It could also be said that the Void Dragon’s territory was used as the bait to attract Chaos while others established Order barriers to resist the oncoming attacks .

Rhode finally understood why Alice held a dismissive attitude toward the other dragon soul heirs . The six Deity Wardens worked their hearts out for the continent by distorting the trajectory of fate in an infinite cycle and also sacrificed the Void Dragon’s territory . But what did the other dragon soul heirs do for them? Not only did they not consider ways to restore Order, but they also clashed for ‘meaningless matters’ among themselves . In Alice’s eyes, perhaps the high and mighty dragon soul heirs were just like idiots .

But she had the rights to criticize them because Rhode took a look at her level after she retrieved her body .

[Alice Darlaston]

[Race: Deity Warden]

[Level: 100]

As the third seat of the six Deity Wardens, Alice was basically on the same level as the dragon soul heirs . Rhode also read through Marlene’s and Christie’s details . After Marlene awakened her powers as a Deity Warden, she was level 95 . On the other hand, Christie was still less than level 10, but there was a description of [Level 100 (Locked)] .

Natives sure have special treatment…

Rhode exclaimed in envy . Marlene was only around level 50 before awakening her powers . But now, her level instantly jumped by at least 40 levels . On the other hand, even though he had also awakened his dragon soul powers, he was still at level 70 . It would require a lot of work and time for players to reach the max level of 85 and with considerations to his identity now, he had to reach level 100 to hit max level . He compared Marlene’s and Christie’s details to his pathetic level . He wondered how he could go about gaining the 30 levels… Wouldn’t this be too much of a tall order?

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Also, something worth mentioning was that his leveling system also changed after he awakened his dragon soul powers . Talent trees that required several skill points to be maxed out had been standardized . Right now, all new skills needed only one skill point to be unlocked and two skill points to be maxed out . Rhode finally understood why the BOSSes could continuously activate skills without the slightest restraint during battles .

This is awesome…

With the attitude of a nouveau riche, Rhode input all the skill points that he gained from leveling up to level 70 into his passive skills, upgrading them to their maximum level .

Then, he focused his attention on something more important: the Order Ceremony .

Rhode gathered everyone the next morning . Perhaps due to the chaotic battles in bed last night, the young ladies felt rather awkward and uncomfortable with one another . Even though he wasn’t sure how they resolved the issues among them, it seemed like everything worked out well and he gladly accepted it .

“I guess you’re aware already . ”

Rhode clapped his hands to draw the attention of the young ladies .

“Yesterday, we received an invitation from the Country of Law’s emissaries for the Order Ceremony that will be taking place in the Sacred Palace . You should be aware of the specific details by now . This time, the ceremony will be unlike the one in the Country of Light because the other four Creator Dragon Souls will be present . Unsurprisingly, the three archangels and four legendary generals will also be there . Do you understand what I mean?”

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Many within the group sucked in a deep breath of cold air . Four dragon soul heirs, three archangels, and four legendary generals; the most powerful forces of this continent would be appearing in the same place . Just listening to this statement turned their stomach to ice .

But not everyone felt the same way . Alice stood on the spot and hugged the heavy book in her arms . Orchid Heart yawned sleepily and nodded in acknowledgment . On the other side, Canary twitched her brows and remained silent and Mini Bubble Gum revealed an eager expression as though she had decided to sharpen her sword to slaughter anyone who defied them .

“We have to be more careful this time . Alice, Marlene, Gillian, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum . Five of you will follow me to the Country of Law . As for your mission… You should know what I want . ”

“Of course, Leader!”

Mini Bubble Gum raised her hand in excitement .

“No matter if it’s the group of feathered birdmen or shameless dark animals, I will crush anyone who finds trouble with us!”

Rhode had to admit that even though Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t politically sensitive, she was equally matched with Anne in terms of battle capabilities .

“That’s right . This time we are heading there to display the strength of the Void Territory so no one thinks that we’re pushovers . I guess you’re also aware that this concerns the peace and future of the Void Territory . At least for the temporary peace, Lapis . ”

“Ah! Yes!”

The startled Lapis lifted her head nervously . She could be considered a ‘public enemy’ right now . After that incident, Rhode went and asked her what she did to make him fall for her trap . Even though it was a great achievement that a Deity Warden and dragon soul heir fell into her trap, he was hoping that she could focus more of her energy on the right things instead .

“I’ll leave all the preparation to you . Can you handle it?”

“Yes… No problem, Sir Rhode . ”

Lapis lowered her head in embarrassment and answered softly in the buzz of a mosquito . Rhode shook his head helplessly and shifted his gaze to the other young ladies .

“The duties for others remain the same . Lize, you’ll take over Marlene’s duties for the time being and inform us of any issues through the communication report . For this official appearance representing the Void Territory, we are absolutely not allowed to fail!”

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