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Chapter 931

Chapter 931: No One Cares if You die Miserably from… Courting Disaster


Shane turned pale with fright . He stepped back hurriedly and commanded . The three Brain Eaters also seemed to have sensed the unprecedented danger from Rhode’s exploding aura . In response, they swiftly aimed for him and ejected the tentacles fluttering around their heads!

But Rhode didn’t move a muscle . He merely narrowed his eyes as though they were a pile of trash .

“Scram . ”

Rhode only said a single word .

In the blink of an eye, the Brain Eaters flaunting their powers instantly retreated as though they were struck by an invisible force . At the next second, their bodies suddenly vanished without leaving a trace . Shane widened his eyes in shock . The three Brain Eaters were his core and most powerful troops and could slaughter any human . More importantly, they came from another plane of existence where not even the angels on this continent had fought them in the past . Besides, they possessed a mysterious and unknown skill called ‘Soul Strike’ that could penetrate magic barriers! The Brain Eaters were the ultimate secret weapon of the Alanic Family .

But now… The three strongest weapons in his arsenal had instantly vanished . Not only that, but the ring on Shane’s finger also shattered simultaneously, which meant that they were all dead!

As expected, creatures from other dimensions give so much more EXP .

Rhode whistled to the ringing tune of his level-up . In fact, if Rhode and Angelina were to fight the Brain Eaters based on level, they might have a tough time . But… That was based on level, after all .

Rhode was the Void Dragon now . As long as they were under the Void Dragon soul protection, he was like the omnipotent god . Unfortunately for the Brain Eaters, they were creatures from another plane of existence and this meant that they were…

Outsiders .

You want to buy a house without a temporary residence permit? Dream on!

After realizing that the Brain Eaters were creatures from another plane of existence, Rhode decisively used his authority as the Void Dragon to eradicate them out of this world and kindly sent them back to where they belonged . He was as though a ticket inspector discovering three scumbags who boarded the high-speed rail without purchasing tickets and instantly pushed them out of the train moving at 300km/hour—this was when their fate was sealed .

The pitiful Brain Eaters who were shredded to bits by the turbulence of time had no right to speak up for themselves at all .

“W-Who are you? What do you want?!”

Shane lost his head out of fear after witnessing his strongest troops get eliminated so easily . Rhode smiled at him, lifted his head, and gestured to the young lady behind him .

“Miss Stefania, I’ll leave Miss Emily to you . A great change will be happening soon in Highland City and it will be dangerous to stay here . I hope…”

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“Sure . No problem . ”

Stefania smiled and swiftly went up to Emily from the window ledge and held her hand . On the other hand, Shane gawked at the young lady wrapped in a black cloak . If Stefania didn’t say a word, he wouldn’t have realized her presence at all .

“Alright, Emily, we’re about to leave this place now . It’s not safe here, so how about we go to some other place?”

“Huh? But, Miss Miranda…”

Emily stared blankly, reluctant to part with ‘Miranda’ . Rhode had to admit that his disguise was so successful that Emily didn’t even realize there was something off with the identity of ‘Miranda’ . She was unwilling to part with ‘Miranda’ . After all, she finally had the chance to meet her again .

“Aren’t you leaving with us, Miss Miranda?”

“I have some matters to attend to . I’m a merchant from the Country of Light, after all . ”

Emily’s and Shane’s expressions changed slightly . Although this statement was absolutely true in this disguise, there seemed to be a subtle meaning behind it . ‘Miranda’ was indeed a merchant from the Country of Light . But now, she chose to stay when there was an opportunity for her to leave safely and this meant that her identity might not be as innocent . It didn’t matter much to Emily, but it wasn’t great news for Shane .

Who exactly is this woman?

“Alright then, Miss Miranda . Please take care of yourself . ”

Emily shook off her indecisiveness and took in a deep breath . She gazed at Rhode and spoke softly while holding onto Stefania’s right hand . Shortly after, the shadows in the room trembled and merged to form a flat door . On the other side of the door was a vast sky full of stars . Stefania held Emily’s hand and they entered the shadow door together . The door closed shut, vanished, and the shadows returned to their original position .

What an amazing skill .

Rhode knitted his brows . Normally, he wouldn’t miss the presence of teleportation skills within his dragon soul protection . But while he clearly witnessed Stefania opening the plane of existence door, he didn’t sense anything out-of-the-ordinary . This was really strange . It seems like plane merchants aren’t ones to mess with…


Suddenly he heard a loud bang . He turned around and saw Shane held up to the wall by the throat by Angelina, who was showing a malevolent and eager smile .

Why am I so unlucky!!

Shane gnashed his teeth, but the situation was so complex that he was speechless . In fact, as one of the managers in the Alanic Family, it went without saying that he had escape items . A few seconds ago, when he realized that Rhode was focusing his attention on the shadow door, he secretly activated the teleportation device in his pocket . The teleportation ritual bloomed beneath his feet and all he needed to leave this place and return to Casabianca was just one more second… Yes, it should have been this way until…

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The young lady who stood behind ‘Miranda’ turned around all of a sudden . Then, she extended her right hand and grasped the air, where scarlet radiance flashed and hurled him out of the teleportation ritual!

Oh mighty lord! Shane swore that he had never seen such a thing happening ever in his life!

What bewildered him more was that the young lady’s seemingly slim arm was as tough as an iron tongs . She clasped his throat firmly and despite him being much taller than her, he felt completely powerless as though he had no control over his body!

“Master, how should I deal with him?”

Angelina asked while staring at her prey . It was common for dark nobles to capture such fellows . Backstabbing was a never ending occurrence in the Country of Darkness and the dark nobles couldn’t be more familiar with teleportation tricks as a means of escape . Therefore, they naturally knew how to deal with them and Shane was basically seeking death for showing his little tricks before a royal vampire .

“I came up with a solution . Don’t worry . ”

Rhode said with a gentle smile and Angelina felt a chill run down her spine . It was the smile for the sake of a smile and didn’t have any emotions behind it—it was scarier than Ashvril’s smile by a thousand times!

Rhode squinted and sized up Shane . Then, he retrieved a bottle of potion from his pocket and passed to Angelina . The young lady gazed with uncertainty, but Rhode merely gestured .

“Make him drink this . ”

“Yes, Master!”

Angelina heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that she wasn’t the one who would be drinking it . Apart from being Rhode’s servant, she also became his guinea pig due to her undead properties . There were many times when he approached her for experiments with new potions . Well, it made sense since she wouldn’t die, wasn’t it?

From every aspect .

Angelina took over the bottle humbly and tightened her grip in her right hand to force Shane’s mouth open . Then, she poured the whole bottle of potion down his throat before letting loose .


Shane didn’t struggle to escape . Instead, he held his throat with both hands while his eyes turned oddly red and his body burned in scorching heat . His blood flow reversed directions and he felt his flesh and bones reshaping . After letting out a blood-curdling scream, he plunged to the ground and fell into a coma .

“Master, what should we do next?”

Angelina took a gulp of her saliva . Thank god the potion wasn’t for me .

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“Simple . ”

Rhode stooped over and whispered to her ear . Angelina’s expression changed slightly . She gazed in sympathy at the unconscious man before leaving the room .

Rhode twitched his brows slightly after the young lady left .

“This is my last act of kindness to you . Have a good time, my chess pieces . ”

After an unknown period of time, Shane slowly opened his eyes and saw the most familiar ceiling and gorgeous chandelier . This is my room… I remember that I swallowed the horrible liquid…


Shane was gobsmacked . He realized that his voice had turned shrill . He sat up hastily and looked at his body, only to discover that he had become much slimmer and for some reason, his hair had also grown longer . Wait . What’s these two lumps on my chest… Shane caressed his chest .

“C-Could it be…”

Shane widened his eyes in terror . He stood to his feet, went up to the mirror, and froze on the spot .

There was a beautiful young lady with golden, long hair opening her eyes wide and looking back at her reflection blankly . Or perhaps, his reflection .

“I didn’t expect that changing of gender would lead to this; golden hair and large chest . What a decent combination . ”

All of a sudden, Rhode’s ice-cold voice sounded from the back . Shane turned around and saw him standing relaxedly with a beautiful smile . “Yes… It’s not too bad and frankly speaking, I would’ve had some fun with you if I didn’t know how you looked before your transformation . Well, forget it . I have no interest in something that was transformed from a man . Also, Miss Shane, it’s time for you to pay the price . ”


“That’s right . Since you’ve dragged so many people into your conspiracy, shouldn’t you compensate them a little… with your body?”


Shane suddenly realized the disaster that was about to fall on him . He turned to the door and was instantly stumped . There was a massive crowd blocking the only exit . Among them were his soldiers and merchants who he had invited to the city . At this moment they were standing without the slightest consciousness like lifeless puppets .

The female servant who attacked him earlier was standing beside the door, looking at him with a mocking and anticipative smile . Then, she snapped her fingers .

“Alright, my slaves, enjoy your final bit of happiness!”

“Yes, Master . ”

The soldiers in front of the pack entered the room and surrounded Shane . Then, they stretched their arms…

“W-What are you trying to do! Let me go!”

Shane snarled but these loyal soldiers couldn’t seem to hear his commands at all . The soldiers quickly stripped off his clothes and soon, a fair, slender, and naked figure stood before them .

“Let me go right now!”

Shane turned ashen and struggled to break free . But he felt weak and powerless and the most terrifying part was that he witnessed his soldiers taking off their pants and revealing their incomparably ugly manhoods .

“Y-You can’t… Argh!!!”

Shane screamed in utmost fear when suddenly, the soldiers grabbed his head and forced their ugly, stinky manhoods deep into his throat . The stench was so strong that he almost fainted on the spot . But this wasn’t the end of his misery . The soldiers caressed his body and despite his struggles, he couldn’t resist them at all . All he could do was to be held down strongly to the bed by a group of filthy men . Then, he widened his eyes in distress as the soldiers spread his legs apart .

Are they…

“No… No…!”

Shane twisted and turned his body to avoid penetration . But all he saw was the countless shadows enveloping his entirety .


He felt two warm objects entering his body mercilessly . At the same time, he blanked out completely .

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