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Chapter 930

Chapter 930: Won’t One Die Miserably From… Courting Disaster?

While Highland City sank into chaos, it was a totally different scene inside the manor . Although the invited merchants were calm, their tongues were still wagging . As long as one wasn’t an idiot, one could see that it wasn’t peaceful right now on the outside . They also guessed that this time, Highland City had gotten into a troublesome situation . After all, two hours had gone and with the Alanic Family’s authority, the fact that the problem wasn’t resolved was concerning . The merchants weren’t foolish . If the Alanic Family couldn’t resolve the issues within a short period of time, it proved that the problem might have upgraded to the ‘disaster’ level . If that were true, the merchants truly had rotten luck . They didn’t have powerful forces like the Alanic Family . After all, they would be taunting if they brought armed soldiers into foreign territories . Besides, their small families couldn’t compete with the Alanic Family even if they formed an alliance . Although the merchants brought a few of their trusted aides to this banquet for safety’s sake, there were less than 200 people in total which wasn’t enough to do anything .

It was due to this that the atmosphere in the banquet hall was tense and stressful . From the start, some idiots had even tried to harass Rhode, who was disassociated with the group . Back then, most people thought that the purpose of being held in the banquet hall was to prevent them from seeing the Alanic Family’s secret weapon . But this wasn’t too strange because as one of the five largest financial groups, the Alanic Family had been established for years and it wasn’t entirely impossible that they possessed some secret weapons . Although the merchants were surprised that the situation required the use of secret weapons, they were confident that the Alanic Family was capable of dealing with troublemakers .

But now…

The banquet was stopped a long time ago . Although there was still a spread of sumptuous food and alcohol on the table, no one was in the mood to savor them anymore . The people gossiped and the clamor became increasingly louder . What concerned them wasn’t only the soldiers who guarded the entrance . Instead, it was the fact that Shane didn’t show up . After all, since he wasn’t around, it meant that the situation might have reached an irreparable stage . If that was the case, what should they do?

How amusing .

Rhode didn’t mix with the merchants . Instead, he held a glass of wine, narrowed his eyes, and gazed in disdain . He knew what those guys were thinking about; in the face of calamity, they should unite for a way of survival . However, they were basically dead to him at this point . If everything went on as he predicted, these guys couldn’t possibly survive until their reinforcements arrived . Yes… After all, Rhode was the one who made the call as to when reinforcements would arrive .

He knew that Shane dispatched his men to seek reinforcements from the Country of Light . On the other hand, the reinforcements couldn’t possibly arrive soon unless they used teleportation rituals . But as the dragon soul heir, there were no secrets to the land under his dragon soul protection . If anyone were to activate teleportation rituals in his territory, he just had to switch his thoughts and… Those guys would be transported to another dimension .

Rhode didn’t stop Shane from seeking reinforcements and it could also be said that he needed Shane to do so . This was also the main reason why Rhode didn’t send out his army but instead sneaked into this place . Although he was confident that the army of Bow Knights from the Astral Temple could eliminate everyone cleanly and had seriously considered this option, what made him change his plans was two very important people .

Mini Bubble Gum and Canary .

After he opened up the land of Chaos, the two young ladies were overjoyed . As phantom guardians created by the system, they were only able to roam around his territory . In the past, Rhode only had a small territory of the Land of Atonement, which they basically could only remain in the fortress . Thereafter, even though Lydia had conferred him Grenbell, it was a barren place where not even a blade of grass grew . Mini Bubble Gum and Canary weren’t literary fans who loved sitting on the top of hills, drinking tea, and admiring the sun set for the moon while appreciating the meaning of life . It was only after Rhode opened up the land of Chaos when the two young ladies were finally freed . Apart from teaching magic spells and battle skills, they also loved to form parties to raid ruins and dungeons . It was previously mentioned that many ancient ruins had resurfaced after Order was stabilized . Why don’t we go instead of the NPCs?

With this thought, Mini Bubble Gum and Canary began heading to the ruins and dungeons . But…

They weren’t called the ‘unlucky looting trio’ for nothing and the two young ladies weren’t like Rhode who took a laissez-faire attitude on fate . Why do humans exist in this world? For battles of course! The undecided fate and tragic fantasies are meant to be smashed!

Initially, the two young ladies were self-disciplined since Rhode had always been their leader and a devout fatalist . Everything was fated and they shouldn’t defy it . Everything was the choice of the stone gate of fate and any resistance was useless . Therefore, they never had the chance to loot corpses .

But now, after they led each of their own parties to clear the dungeons, for some reasons they began to challenge fate!

“Let’s see who can break the fate of the ‘unlucky looting aura’!”

Mini Bubble Gum said with utmost passion . But this was the start of tragedies for Rhode .

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They completed six level 70 dungeons and no equipment was looted at all!

Not even one!!

Level 70 dungeons!!!

Six level 70 dungeons!!!!

Not only that, but they were also like the addicted gamblers in the casinos who lost all their money . The more they failed to loot any equipment, the more dungeons they went on to complete . The moment Rhode learned about it, blood instantly trickled from his heart! The dungeons were all from ancient times . After completing six dungeons, they should have at least gotten a legendary grade kitchen knife, no?! Why couldn’t they understand that they wouldn’t die if they didn’t court disaster?!

But it didn’t matter if they understood or not, at least Rhode stopped them from completing the level 75 dungeons . But later on, Mini Bubble Gum actually made a small promise with him and Canary also agreed . Thereafter, even though Marlene expressed uncertainties and objections, Rhode couldn’t do much to change anything .

It was better than them ruining all the dungeons in his territory, right? The system didn’t have the ability to build department stores for equipment, so where should he start finding equipment if all the dungeons were ruined?

“Miss Miranda . ”

While Rhode swirled the wineglass in his hand, a voice dragged him back to reality . He turned around and saw a man dressed as a servant inviting him politely .

“Our master would like to speak to you . Please come with me . ”

“All right . ”

Rhode nodded and shifted his gaze to the merchants who were panicking over their destined fate . They didn’t notice him and the servant, but were instead constantly discussing and disputing softly . However, this didn’t matter to him anymore . He waved his hand to the shadow in the corner and got Angelina to return to his side through the spiritual communications . Then, they left the hall with the servant .

They were brought to a luxurious guest room on the same floor without anyone noticing . What surprised Rhode was that Emily and Stefania were also around . Then, he realized that apart from Emily and himself, no one knew that Stefania existed . It was proven through the fact that no one noticed that Stefania was sitting on the window ledge right behind Shane .

Emily apparently understood the strength of her companion but even so, she was still feeling nervous until she saw Rhode entering the guest room . She jumped up in excitement .

“Sister Miranda, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you . ”

“I was out there thinking about some problems, Emily . ”

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Rhode displayed a graceful smile . Then, he shifted his gaze to Stefania who was also smiling at him . Come to think of it, when would Stefania stop following Emily around? Could it be that Stefania wanted to recruit Emily to her harem? Or she was looking to groom Emily into being a plane merchant too? Although Rhode admitted that Emily indeed had the qualities to be part of Stefania’s harem, her strength was too far apart from Stefania, who could transmigrate and was in the Peak Legendary Stage, wasn’t it?

“By the way, Emily, why are you here?”

Although Rhode asked, he already knew the answer . As expected, Emily answered promptly .

“Ah, I accepted Sir Shane’s invitation . I heard that there’s something important…”

Kacha .

At this moment, the tightly-shut doors opened and Shane stood before them . His lips rolled into a vibrant smile .

“Ah, welcome, everyone! My apologies, for we were delayed by some matters . Have you enjoyed yourselves at the banquet tonight?”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Sir Shane . ”

Unlike Rhode, Emily was apparently much more respectful to Shane . Or perhaps to a traveling merchant like her, it was essential for her to be respectful . Rhode nodded slightly to Shane’s warm greetings . Unlike Emily, he knew that Shane was definitely up to no good to invite them under such circumstances .

“This was what happened, ladies . ”

Shane smiled before putting up a stern expression and said .

“I guess you’re dubious of what happened, right? In fact, the situation isn’t looking too good for Highland City . According to my intelligence, the people are causing a riot!”

“Huh? Riot?”

Emily instantly turned pale . It seemed like this was her first time experiencing one .

“That’s right . Besides, according to reliable sources, the Void Territory may possibly be involved too . Currently, with Highland City’s strength, it is impossible to hold back the rioters . I’ve sought assistance from the Country of Light’s border army, but it will take a long time before they arrive . I, as the owner of this place, will protect this city and the Alanic Family; I will not leave . But I would like to ask you to leave the city while the situation hasn’t worsened . Our Alanic Family has a secret passageway that leads to outside the city . Please follow me . There’s no more time to waste…”

What a lackey of Country of Light indeed; splashing dirty water around conveniently—although this was in fact the truth .

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“What about you, Sir Shane?”

Emily asked while Shane revealed a bright smile .

“Don’t need to worry about me, Miss Emily . I’m a man and it is my duty to protect you two from harm . I will not let you be hurt in any way . ”

“Alright then . Sorry to trouble you, Mr . Shane . ”

Rhode presented a beautiful smile which distracted Shane for a split second . But he quickly returned to his senses .

“Oh, it’s nothing, Miss Miranda; this is my duty . Now, hurry up and follow me . Time is running out . ”

“But before that, I have a question . ”

Suddenly, Rhode interrupted . He knitted his brows at the man .

“Can you please tell me what spice this fragrant scent comes from? For some reason, it makes me relax . ”


Shane’s expression changed slightly . Then, he let out a chuckle .

“How surprising, Miss Miranda . I’ve heard some rumors about you, but I didn’t expect you to be this sensitive…”

“It’s just my habit . ”

Rhode said . The moment that they entered this room, he instantly smelled a faint, aromatic scent . Although this smell didn’t affect him in any way, he sharply detected some strange aura within it . That definitely wasn’t any ordinary spice and Emily didn’t seem to have noticed it .

“Huh? Miss Miranda, what…”

Emily tried to stand on her feet, but instantly fell back to the sofa like a puppet with its strings cut . She slowly felt uncomfortable while Shane revealed the proud expression like a hunter whose trap had successfully caught prey .

“I’m sorry, young ladies . I’m indeed concerned for your well-being . But humans are selfish, isn’t it? Of course, both of you are merchants and should understand exchange and transaction . I’m a merchant too, so I won’t break this rule . Don’t worry, I will respect the principles of business deals . From now onward, both of you are my private assets . In exchange, I will give you a high-class status, position, and wealth . What do you think of this deal?”

“I’m sorry; I’m not interested . I know Miss Emily isn’t either . ”

Rhode’s expression remained unchanged and Shane didn’t seem too mindful .

“Ah… By the way, Miss Miranda, I’ve almost forgotten . I heard from Miss Emily that you have pretty powerful sword skills . Indeed, with your beauty and skills, there’s nothing that you can’t do . But it’s a pity that compared to an untamed fox, I prefer obedient dogs . ”

Shane raised his right arm and snapped his fingers .

Suddenly, the air trembled and the group heard some ear-piercing screams . At this moment, three creatures wrapped in black cloaks appeared out of thin air and surrounded Rhode, Emily, and Angelina . They were taller than most ordinary humans, with complexion so pale that seemed lifeless . Not only that, but also their heads resembled unsightly octopus brains .

“This is…!”

Emily leaned to Rhode instinctively . She widened her eyes in shock, staring at the creatures that suddenly appeared . On the other hand, Shane was filled with a sense of accomplishment .

“Allow me to introduce—they are the allies of our Alanic Family; Brain Eaters . Don’t worry, although they mainly feed off human brains, I won’t make them kill you . I only hope that you’ll become my most loyal and adorable slaves who live and die for me forever . ”

Shane lifted his head proudly and gazed at the three young ladies . But shortly after, he realized that something was wrong . Apart from Emily who was obviously in a fluster, the other two had no slightest reactions at all . ‘Miss Miranda’ even continued to relax on the sofa and looked at him with a gorgeous smile as though he had just cracked a joke . On the other hand, the female servant also didn’t faint from fear like he expected . Instead, she scanned the Brain Eaters interestingly as though they were just some bulldogs .

What’s going on? Their reactions…

“Is this all to your crap?”

Before Shane understood the situation, he suddenly felt a powerful burst of mighty presence that enveloped the entire room . He took a few steps back in shock and witnessed ‘Miss Miranda’ standing to her feet .

What’s this power?!

“Don’t worry, Mr . Shane . ”

Upon seeing the fear in Shane’s eyes, Rhode revealed the world’s gentlest, most elegant, vibrant, and alluring smile .

“I won’t let you die . ”

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