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Chapter 910

Chapter 910: Path to the Future

Autumn arrived .

To most people, it was the season of harvest . After experiencing a war-torn winter, their lives finally returned to the path of normalcy . But for some, this was just the beginning of their new lives .

The Void Territory .

Tens of thousands of people, including elders, children, and young people formed a long line . But no matter who they were, there was only one thing that they could do—lift their heads and gaze at the sky at the flickering barrier connecting heaven and earth . That was the absolute wall of Order that no one could pass through . And now, they were about to enter the doors of a whole new world .

The refugees expressed different emotions . The elders were full of concern because they didn’t know what sort of living conditions, hardships, and tests they could expect . On the other hand, the young people were full of anticipation because they were about to enter this mysterious territory that they had heard about from their elders since young . The children were curious and couldn’t wait to see what this territory would look like .

“Everything is ready, Madam . ”

“Got it . ”

Orchid Heart, leaning on the stone pillar, opened her eyes and swept a glance at the team before her sleepily . Although she seemed lazy and unreliable, none of the soldiers around her dared to question her capability . The reason was simple . It was this sleepy young lady who dealt with all the refugees .

Everyone knew that refugees were difficult to manage . But now, around 40,000 refugees queued up neatly as though waiting to enter the cinema . It was all thanks to Orchid Heart’s management in the situation . Back then, the mercenaries thought that it was too risky when preparing for migration because a lot of resources and time were needed to organize this huge number of refugees . As long as the refugees disobeyed the management, problems could easily arise . But the mercenaries didn’t expect that this sleepy-looking young lady easily contained the refugees and divided them into four groups of 10,000 to be welcomed into the Void Territory . Not only that, but she also further divided them into groups of hundred and each group was managed by ten experienced soldiers . Moreover, she had also handled the logistical supplies, emergencies, and resettlement issues perfectly . This impressed the soldiers and mercenaries . Although they witnessed how powerful she was during the training sessions, they didn’t expect that she was this capable in handling refugees too .

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This was also the main reason why Rhode left Orchid Heart in charge of leading large troops . In the game, players wouldn’t follow orders as strictly as soldiers . Whenever Starlight got into wars, all tens of thousands of players were managed by Orchid Heart . Players generally disliked obeying commands and the fact that Orchid Heart successfully managed them showed her skills . It was due to this that it presented no problem for her in this current situation . Compared to the players who logged off due to disagreements or newbies who were foolish enough to launch ambushes, these refugees were much easier to handle .

Orchid Heart took out the pocket watch .

“Time’s up . ”

She muttered under her breath . In an instant, a crack was revealed in the middle of the barrier as it slowly opened to both sides . This instantly created an uproar among the refugees, but the soldiers quickly calmed and assured them . In the distance, the azure sky merged with the pitch-black night while glowing stars interwoven with the radiance of the sun and presented a whole new scenery .

Although the people had heard from Orchid Heart and Gillian about this phenomenon, they were still nervous and frantic . The soldiers even gripped their weapons and scanned the surroundings vigilantly . On the other hand, the refugees had their backs against one another . They couldn’t be blamed for having such a reaction . After all, it was common for humans to react strongly to unknown situations .

Rhode temporarily had no intention of casting his dragon soul protection over this territory . This was also his way of expressing to the Munn Kingdom and Lydia his views and standpoint . After all, if he cast his dragon soul protection over the entire Grenbell, their relationship would be done for . And now, a part of his territory was within the Light Dragon Soul protection and this meant that his opinions on Lydia and Lilian didn’t change .

Of course, this was only the choice for now . Once a war erupted and the Light Dragon Soul protection crumbled to the Dark Dragon’s infiltration, Rhode would decisively cast his dragon soul protection over this territory . After gaining the dragon soul powers, he understood the source and strength of it . Based on the fact that the more people acknowledged the dragon soul protection, the more dragon soul powers it would be, Lilian’s powers were extremely weak .

Under the Light Dragon Soul protection, perhaps only the Munn Kingdom could provide Lilian substantial dragon soul powers . But the problem was that this amount of power was an utterly inadequate measure to the vast territory under the entire Light Dragon Soul protection . It was tough enough to maintain Order with this amount of power, not to mention resisting the attack from foreign forces . In the game, this was one of the biggest reasons why the Dark Dragon’s forces were so powerful . The fragile Light Dragon Soul protection was completely shattered and the Dark Dragon spread its dragon soul protection onward . The Undead Army under its protection naturally grew in strength while the humans became relatively down . Therefore, the results weren’t surprising . Previously, it was thanks to the Holy Maiden Statues strengthening the Order rules which stopped the Dark Dragon’s powers from penetrating the dragon soul protection . But if the Dark Dragon were to launch an all-out attack, Rhode would need to be sure that he was prepared for it .

Orchid Heart let out a long yawn . Then, she closed the book in her hand and gave a command .

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“Do it . ”

The orderly bowed respectfully and ran off to spread the word . Shortly after, the blaring sound of bugle-horns filled the sky from all directions . The panicky refugees instantly quietened and although they were still feeling afraid of their uncertain future, their only choice now after losing their homes was to move forward .

“The refugees have entered the Void Territory . ”

Rhode stood on the balcony while gazing at the sky . Marlene stood behind him with knitted brows and reminded him .

As of now, Marlene didn’t feel anything strange about her being a summoning card . After she was successfully sealed into the card, Rhode placed her in the [Empathy] position within the Ten Strongest Spirit Decks . Thereafter, she basically felt no different from when she was a human . She even thought that there were many more benefits such as she wouldn’t fall sick and could spiritually communicate with others within the summoning cards . Of course, all of this was built on the basis of her love for Rhode . If she were full of hatred toward him, her current state would be an eternal punishment .

The biggest benefit of turning Marlene into a card was that he could finally understand how strong she was . The number of cards in the [Wisdom Deity Warden Deck] was 1/1 . In other words, unlike Orchid Heart and Gillian, Marlene didn’t require other complementary cards like the venue or spell cards and was powerful enough to be on her own .

[Marlene Senia (Margaret Arcturus) (Wisdom Deity Warden) Offense 20 Defense 20: Unique Deity Warden . Unfuseable . Master of wisdom . Master of magic technology . Skills— (Dominator of the wisdom and wealth treasure chest under the Phenomenon Void)

Omniscient Library (Treasure chest of wisdom)

Deity Warden Authority (Release skills with absolute suppression properties)

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Speed Analysis (Shortens the analysis time of the target’s intelligence by one-tenth)

Dominator of Knowledge (Skills that are analyzed become invalid for the target . The holder will automatically learn the analyzed skill)

Gifter of Knowledge (Appoint a target and learn any one of the skills, talents, or production techniques . Cool-down period based on the level of preciousness of the selected move)

Master of Knowledge (After the holder learns the skill/talent/spell, it will be enhanced to the max mastery level)]

This is just like BOSS stats .

Rhode was completely speechless . [Dominator of Knowledge] was enough to make all players bow humbly . The skill that Marlene analyzed would turn invalid and this would mean that players would need to rely on their physical strength . But how could those players without skills and talents be able to defeat Marlene?

Christie’s skill was already so brutal and now Marlene’s was equally insane . Although Rhode didn’t know what Alice’s attributes were, it seemed like there was nothing on this continent that could basically take down the two Deity Wardens, Christie and Marlene . Moreover, not only could Marlene shamelessly and automatically learn the analyzed skill, but she could also take advantage of [Master of Knowledge] which would instantly raise the analyzed skill to the max mastery level . This was simply godlike .

As for [Gifter of Knowledge], it was extremely beneficial for him because this meant that he no longer needed to hit the streets and dig ruins for some lost, ancient talent or spell . As long as Marlene used this spell for him, he could automatically learn a skill without going through the learning process and jump straight into the highest mastery level .

But before that…

“Marlene, are you ready?”

He turned to the young lady behind him .

As long as this young lady was still the one who had always been by his side, it was more than enough .

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