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Chapter 909

Chapter 909: Everything is Ready


The green lawn, verdant woods, and slow-flowing river completed the perfect, beautiful scenery . But at the same time, there were embarrassing moans coming from within the deep woods . Snowy bodies tangled, greedily yearning for warmth from each other .


Anne wrapped her arms around the tall tree while turning her head to the back . Her youthful eyes narrowed and she revealed a languid and seductive expression . Her fair cheeks were smeared with a red blush as she lifted her hips in a welcoming posture .

“Mmm… Leader is so… rough on me…”

Although she complained, the smile on her face showed her true emotions . All the small, little grumbles vanished to the kisses from the man behind her . She shook her hips skillfully while allowing him to grab her two towering bosoms . The warmth and comfortable sensation of numbness left her squinting in excitement and letting out alluring groans that all men would commit a crime for .

“Ah… Ah… Mmm…”

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“Do you want it rougher, Anne?”

Rhode leaned to her ear and asked softly with a sly smile . The young lady turned and extended her tongue to greedily extort his kisses . Her soft, slippery tongue slipped into his mouth and this was the answer for him .

It seems like I have to turn it up some more .

Rhode loosened his grip on her bosoms and held her chest instead . Then, he pushed his hips in a powerful thrust .


Anne narrowed her eyes and squealed in excitement . The wonderful thrill made her tremble in joy . The smacking between their bodies and erotic sound of body fluids echoed in the woods . They were completely immersed in pleasure and warmth . Rhode hugged the young lady’s soft, slender body and licked her neck . Anne let out a joyous moan and raised her hips for more action .

“Ah… Ah… N-No… Leader . Anne… Anne is… Ahh!!”

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Anne shivered as her senses reached the peak . At this moment, Rhode released his accumulated load like an erupting volcano and it swept her entirely like an electric shock of pleasure .

“Ahh… Haa… Haa… It’s so warm… and went into… Anne’s stomach…”

Anne was entirely soaked in exhilaration while Rhode groaned in comfort and laid powerlessly on the young lady before him . They maintained this posture for a few moments before slowly separating .


Rhode embraced her and slowly sat on the ground . On the other hand, Anne was like an obedient puppy who shut her eyes to his gentle touch and curled up in his arms . He let out a bitter laugh at the sight of her expression . He didn’t have the intention to do it with her initially . Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had held back his urges for too long and he couldn’t resist the temptation after Anne stripped completely and pounced on him . Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone around . If not, huge problems would be awaiting him . But he thought that probably only Anne would do this . If it were Marlene or Lize, perhaps they would have dug a hole and hid in it if he asked them to take off their clothes here .


Although it was a great session that cleared up all his urges, the most important thing was…

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He lowered his gaze to the young lady’s back . Her dewy skin and golden, long hair complemented dazzlingly to the bright sun, but…

There was nothing .

It seems like my guess was wrong .

Rhode let out a helpless sigh . Back then, he was almost sure that the person the Sky Whale was looking for was Anne . No matter what, the wind elemental powers in her were more exaggerated than other natives . Moreover, she held the half-beast bloodline which there shouldn’t be any doubt that she met the Sky Whale’s requirement . If it weren’t for the so-called ‘marking’ on the heir, Rhode would’ve brought Anne over for verifications . But it seemed like she wasn’t the lucky one . It was really a pity because if she held the bloodline of the wind elemental lord and received the ‘Blessings of the Wind’, she would turn into an incredibly formidable subordinate for him . Although she was already strong at this moment, who would mind having a stronger one when the opportunity presented itself?

On the other hand, Lize had been acting strangely . Rhode discovered that she had been in a daze during her breaks as though she was troubling over something . But she didn’t admit and always expressed that she was troubling over battle affairs whenever he asked her about it . He suspected that she might be mindful about her other self whom she met in the Wheel of Fate .

After ‘confirming’ that Anne wasn’t the Sky Whale’s target, Rhode temporarily threw this matter aside since there wasn’t a deadline and the Sky Whale basically could live forever . Therefore, it wouldn’t be too bothered even if the process took up to 200 years . If not, it wouldn’t have gotten Rhode to find this ‘love debt’ that was left behind by its lord from a few hundred years ago . At this moment, he had lost his only clue . He wasn’t an omniscient god, so all he could do was temporarily forget about it . After everything in his territory had been set up, he would get Gillian to gather information using the intelligence network . Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone with a ‘marking’ on the back .

After receiving the Sky Whale’s help, the Naga and Lustful Demons also expressed their interest to serve just as he expected . No matter how much one was overcome by greed, one would calm down and consider one’s status in the face of the terrifying Sky Whale . Rhode managed to gain the help of a powerful and massive being of the Sky Whale, so not even the Nagas and Lustful Demons had the courage to reject him .

Celestina returned with the badge etched with the Lustful Demons’ spirit stamp . This was a necessary step for every magic monster nest to surrender to the master . The nest leader’s spirit stamp wasn’t an ordinary item . If the nest leader betrayed the master, the master could simply destroy this spirit stamp and the nest leader and all its subordinates would die like a powerful virus infection . On the other hand, after Rhode sent the Sky Whale to above the Naga’s ocean territory, they decisively surrendered .

At this moment, Rhode’s establishment of the Void Territory came to an end . The magic monster nests were settled while the Order Refugees were distributed to towns within the territory after careful selection . The towns would serve as the transit points connecting Grandia and foreign lands . As immigrants increased day by day, there would be more towns being built and developed . But this was enough for the current situation .

Rhode used the powers of the Void Dragon and successfully constructed a channel that connected the four towns and Grandia . Currently, there were two ways to reach Grandia . One could either reach Grandia’s entrance through the teleportation ritual or board floating boats to the harbor just outside Grandia . Although these two methods were still lacking, they were only temporarily . The floating boats weren’t the ones used within Munn Kingdom that relied on the density and wind levels . Instead, they were created using ancient magical technologies and relied on magical rituals to move forward . Even though Rhode was interested in developing this technology, this wasn’t his expertise, after all . But he didn’t give up just yet because with this ancient technology, he finally came up with a transportation method to connect all his territories together .

Of course, it was no easy task . But he was full of confidence because he learned from Gillian that a few days ago, Lapis’s job came to an end . The second Sphere of Mystery, the Wind Enchanted Field, was completely repaired .

This Sphere of Mystery would expand a brand new structure for his territories .

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