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Chapter 905

Chapter 905: Battlefields

The Land of Atonement .

Tragic traces of the past war during winter were completely buried as lush forests and green meadows covered the mountains and land . As the refugees moved into the territory, the tranquil city became lively and bustling . Puffs of white smoke from the forest not far away signified some form of life in the past uninhabited wasteland . This peaceful life was what the refugees sought for after the devastation of war . They wanted to get away from danger and reunite with their families in a safe environment .

But this place was destined to not be peaceful .

As the land of chaos was developed, there were several organizations casting their sights on this successful and magnificent city . Within half a month, the news of Grenbell’s overlord, Rhode Alander, opening up the land of chaos had spread throughout the Dragon Soul Continent . Of course, this garnered a lot of attention since no one had achieved this feat in centuries . Not to mention, his manpower was also incredible . The countries that were related to the Munn Kingdom were also concerned about the problems with the expansion of the territory and common boundaries .

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a mysterious place . Not only did the city resist the attack of the Undead Army, consisting of tens of thousands of units and even the Moon Princess, Erin, twice, they also went home with their tails between their legs . The city had secret technologies like the Holy Maiden Statues and there were also a powerful Mage and Cleric each who were on par with Erin . These mysterious factors surrounding Rhode made him outstanding and he actually opened up the land of chaos…

What’s something that he can’t do?

It was due to this reason that as the refugees moved into his city, many crooks mixed in with the honest folks and seized the opportunity and infiltrated, attempting to uncover his secrets while he wasn’t around . The crooks thought that Rhode would lead a whole group of elites away from the Land of Atonement and the remainder wouldn’t stand a chance against them . But… It wasn’t as easy as they thought .

Magical radiance flashed .

Dazzling, colorful arrays of beams descended from above and enveloped the fully-armored intruders . After a loud burst of thunder, the intruders were nowhere to be found . The charred vestiges on the ground were the only evidence that they were once here .

“Just them today?”

Canary hovered in midair casually . The magical radiance flickering on her hand gradually faded away . She puckered her brows and the surroundings returned to its peace . Ever since the news of Rhode opening up a new territory spread, there had been more and more invaders in the Land of Atonement . But these guys today…

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How powerful .

Someone hid in the distant shadows, observing the young lady hovering in midair silently . The strong, pressurizing strength left it trembling in fear . It had never seen such pure powers in the Country of Darkness . It could remember only one person in the Country of Darkness who possessed such major powers .

Did I miscalculate the situation?

According to the intelligence, many members were eliminated and the strength of the defenders was clearly apparent . However, the men it currently had were the elites of the elites . Not only were they involved in countless battles, but they also possessed strength in the Legendary Stage . With such incredible strength, they should more or less gather some intelligence . But…

It only took an instant .

Before it witnessed what happened, its subordinates who were about to infiltrate the target point were completely annihilated . In the blink of an eye, the spiritual connection between it and its subordinates were cut off and this only meant one thing—its subordinates had entirely vanished from this world .

Fear .

This feeling of pure fear overwhelmed the sorrow of the mission’s failure . Even though this also concerned its future, there were no chances of winning against such a powerful opponent . It felt as though going up against the Dark Dragon—foolish and meaningless! Perhaps it was a mistake for it to be here in the first place . But even so, it must accomplish this mission . Although the plan failed… For some unknown reasons, it instinctively sensed grave dangers approaching .

Retreat . It is still possible to retreat . I must do it while I can .

“Found a sneaky little rat . ”

The mastermind turned around hurriedly and unsheathed two daggers . The enemy appeared behind it, but he wasn’t notified at all . Didn’t the intelligence say…

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“This is the end!”

Mini Bubble Gum clenched her tiny right fist and hurled at the intruder . At this moment, a scarlet magical radiance flashed and a sinister-looking undead ritual appeared before her . But Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t affected at all .

She fell into my trap!

As an outstanding commander, how was it possible that it didn’t have safety precautions? It had already set up his most powerful ‘blood ritual’ passed down by its family . Anyone who touched this ritual would be zapped of all their energy once and for all!

But everything changed at the next second .


The little girl crushed the scarlet radiance with her fist . An incredibly dazzling, holy brilliance erupted in an instant, illuminating the entire alley . The intruders lurking in the shadow shrieked at this immense force .

Then, Mini Bubble Gum’s punch struck the target .


The intruder was instantly smashed into half with fresh, red blood splashing everywhere . Its crushed internal organs and bones flowed in the river of blood .

“Phew… All done . All done . ”

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Mini Bubble Gum clapped her hands clean and gazed at the bloodied corpse . The dazzling magical radiance dissipated and the alley restored to peace . At this moment, the shadow behind her twisted and a slender elf with white hair and clad in black armor appeared .

“Thanks for the hard work, Madam Bubble . ”

“Oh, it’s Nell . Good evening . ”

Mini Bubble Gum let out a yawn . Then, she curled her lips in resentment .

“Ah… How boring . These guys have been showing up constantly—super annoying! So what if they are Undead Creatures? Even the Dark Dragon is just a tougher dog . It won’t stand a chance against me and Leader!”

Mini Bubble Gum clenched her fists . After Rhode entered the Land of Chaos, she had been extremely bored . If it were possible, she hoped that she could join him in the adventure . However, due to the system restriction, she couldn’t leave this place .

“… I wonder how you and Big Sister pulled through this period without Leader because it is just so boring for me to do this all day . I guess I’m not wrong to say that you and Big Sister do it out of love?”


Nell revealed an awkward expression . Rhode didn’t bring Nell along because her assassination techniques weren’t effective against Chaos Creatures . Therefore, he put her in charge of safety and she had spent quite some time getting along with Canary and Mini Bubble Gum .

From the start, Nell was terrified of them because she had come from the Country of Darkness, which was a place with a strong level of respect for strength . As one of the toughest assassins, Nell instinctively discovered that Gillian, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum weren’t ones she could defy . Besides, she was ‘transferred’ from being a captive so she had been acting cautiously to not offend others .

But what stunned her was that Canary and Mini Bubble Gum didn’t despise her at all . Instead, they were casual around her and didn’t seem to care about her social class . Besides, Nell also realized that all three of them, including Gillian, had strange behaviors . Even though Mini Bubble Gum was a little girl who was around 11 years old, she often said things that would leave others in awkward positions . For example…


At this moment, Mini Bubble Gum raged .

“No EXP? That fella didn’t die?!”

Mini Bubble Gum raised her right hand and a white brilliance burst from the ground . Suddenly, she heard a shriek in the background and then, a tiny figure flew to her hand as though it were bound by an invisible force .


Mini Bubble Gum revealed a curious expression . Then, the corners of her lips rolled up into an excited smile .

“I didn’t expect to catch this little pet . Big Sister and Leader will surely like it . ”

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