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Chapter 906

Chapter 906: Demon of the Dark Night

The boundless night enveloped the sky . The old castle towering over the land told its long story of death, destruction, and longevity . Nothing escaped the shadows of devastation—not even the Undead Creatures . The eerie, blue spiritual flames illuminated both sides of the castle hallway, but the darkened, high-hanging family crest had lost its past glory . This place used to be the honorable residence of dark nobles with countless visitors offering their entirety to this ancient, supreme family .

Babylonia—she dominated rulers of all bloodlines ever since the birth of the Country of Darkness . She bathed in endless glory and wealth and was one of the four legendary generals, belonging to the right seat under the ancient and dark king . But everything was in the past .

“I know this is the woman’s scheme . ”

A crisp, childish voice resounded in the wide, tattered hall . The luxuriously decorated walls were torn down by the passing of time while formerly stunning murals were eroded with holes . Piles of neglected, broken knight armor filled both sides of the hallway, and there was even a large hole in the scarlet, velvet carpet . Chilly winds entered through shattered windows and caused the filthy curtains to flutter . This place used to be full of nobles . But now, only two of them remained .

“Master, this is a trap . Please reconsider…”

A frail voice sounded while an ice-cold breeze that resembled the miserable howls of a departed spirit echoed in the hall . The pages on the table flipped in the wind creepily, but the petite figure on the huge chair wasn’t fazed . On the contrary, her eyes erupted in two dazzling, maroon radiances .

“Of course I know this is a trap!”

Kacha .

She snapped the feather pen into two and tossed it from the shadows .

“Not only did that woman, Ashvril, snatch my family’s glory, status, and dependents, but she also wants to lay her hands on me, the only heir left? Do you think that I’m an idiot who doesn’t know what that woman is thinking? She destroyed my family . Do you think that I will give up just like this!?”

The childish voice vented her frustrations . Her high-pitched voice was filled with unprecedented wrath . The strong preyed on the weak—this was the rule of the Country of Darkness . Indeed, in the Country of Darkness, the strict hierarchy in social class determined everything . No one was allowed to offend their superior, but this wasn’t all to the traditions of the Country of Darkness . One would only be respected with sufficient status and strength . Even if one held a high status, they would fall once one’s family crumbled and lost their position .

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Not even the Babylonia family was spared .

The Babylonia family once dominated all the dark bloodlines and was the ruler of all the dark nobles when suddenly, a woman named Ashvril appeared and caused this ancient family to collapse and fall apart . A large span of land under their control was swallowed entirely by Ashvril and formerly loyal and devoted dependents stayed away from this bloody city as though escaping a plague . The once luxurious castle turned into this unsightly ruin . Everything was gone and now, was the final heir of the dark royal family about to meet her doom too?

“Head to the Land of Atonement for an investigation . ”

This short command was filled with unprecedented murderous intent .

Perhaps not many people of the dark knew about the Land of Atonement before the huge war between the Country of Light and Country of Darkness broke out . Maybe even the most knowledgeable geographers had a hard time revealing its specific location . But after the war began, this territory attracted the attention of countless Undead Creatures . The Country of Darkness lost almost 100,000 units in two continuous battles, which was almost one-tenth of the entire army . Not only that, but the Moon Princess also failed to break through the defensive line .

And now, they want me to head there for an investigation…!?

Tracing back to the source… Is it because I was too eager to show my abilities? Back then, I only wanted to restore my family’s honor and unknowingly awakened my powers . Is this going to be the moment for me to perish? That woman… She sure is cunning!

But… Dangers are also opportunities . That woman will never expect that I possess such powerful strength now . With my knowledge and strength, not even a place like the Land of Atonement can stop me!

Well… It should have been this way .

“How interesting . ”

Mini Bubble Gum gazed at the curled-up bat in her hand and revealed a smile . But, unlike her, the bat was incredibly stunned .

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Why? Why does this human know about my existence? I spent decades learning the strongest curse from my family’s secret library and should have easily escaped!

“I didn’t expect to capture a wild vampire bat . Besides, it is… Yes, it seems like I have a present for Leader after he returns… Nell . ”

“Yes, Madam Bubble . What can I do for you?”

“Give me that thing; the one that I got you to make . Ah… Although I thought I needed it just for some fun, I didn’t expect it to come in handy . It seems like I made the right choice . ”

Nell’s expressionless face suddenly looked as though she were holding back a laugh . She retrieved a fist-sized, metal sphere painted in white and red and passed it to Mini Bubble Gum . Kacha . The sphere opened and Mini Bubble Gum squeezed the bat into it .


The bat in her hand let out panicky, loud screeches as it sensed danger approaching . The loud screeches were in fact invisible ultrasonic waves that shook and cracked the ground . At the same time, the black fog of death aura erupted from the cracks, shrouding the area, and as it slowly spread, the ground ruptured and several spirits showed up from the fissures and turned into human form before surrounding Mini Bubble Gum and Nell .

Nell pulled out her dagger and stood before Mini Bubble Gum .

“Madam Bubble, be careful . This is the royal vampire’s technique—Dark Erosion!”

Nell stared tensely at the black fog . She realized earlier on that the bat in Bubble’s hand wasn’t a real bat . Instead, it was made from the illusory magic spell of the vampires—the vampire royal family!

The Dark Erosion could be said to be the signature move of the vampire royal family . It was an attack that used invisible ultrasonic waves and black dogs filled with death aura . Not only that, but it could also influence the victim’s soul through the black fog and forcefully convert the victim into one of them .

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In the past, Nell witnessed this happen to one of the Dark Elves cities that offended a royal vampire . Just within two days, the 3000 Dark Elves and 10,000 slaves in that city were converted into the vampires’ servants . Nell never expected that the vampires would activate such a terrifying skill right now .

Nell puckered her brows and didn’t know what to do . Then, she heard a crisp scoff .


Suddenly, a glaring, white light column descended from the sky and dispersed the black fog . The spirits that finally had the chance to show themselves were instantly eradicated like melted snow . At the same time, Nell heard a blood-curdling screech .


The brilliance faded away .

The alley restored its peace, but this time, there was a petite figure before Mini Bubble Gum and Nell .

It was a little girl .

She seemed like the same age as Mini Bubble Gum . Her fluffy, blond curly hair reached her waist and she wore a pure black gorgeous dress . The long, pitch-black sling socks wrapped her slender legs which made her look like a doll . However, she was ashen and her eyes glowed with faint, red radiance as she lay on the ground . Although her eyes were filled with menacing murderous intent, it was apparent that she was harmless at this point .

“Please kill her now, Madam Bubble! Royal vampires are horrible disasters . Although she seems innocent, she is capable of destroying the whole city!”

“No . ”

Mini Bubble Gum shook her head firmly and went up to the vampire, looking down upon her . Then, Mini Bubble Gum rested her chin on her hand and squinted to scan the little girl .

“Hmm… You’re about the same age as me and you look decent . Hmm… Interesting . I have a great idea… If Leader… Yes . Heh heh . Won’t I get to stand a chance if it is possible?”

Neither Nell nor the vampire understood what Mini Bubble Gum was muttering under her breath . Mini Bubble Gum half-knelt on the ground and raised the sphere in her hand . Suddenly, Nell felt as though Mini Bubble Gum was scarier than the trembling vampire .

“Alright, do you want to come in yourself or should I squeeze you in?”

Mini Bubble Gum gazed at the shuddering vampire with an excited smile .

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