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Chapter 901

Chapter 901: Fairy Nest

“It should be around here…”

Rhode hovered in midair and shifted his gaze between the system map and the surface . After obtaining the Illusion Crystal, he became generous in consuming his spiritual powers . Fusing with the Spirit Bird and soaring in the sky was something he would have only done during battle if this were in the past .

If it weren’t for the absolute wall of Order, he would have gotten Lapis to specially create a set of armor instead of holding onto the crystal to replenish his spiritual powers . After all, this was too inconvenient .

Currently, he was hovering over the mountain ranges around the lakes . The forest was filled with lush trees and the radiance from the sun made it look like a wide green blanket .

Rhode shook his head as he discovered that his ability to adapt wasn’t as great as he thought it was . Back then in the Land of Atonement, he had gotten used to the strange collisions of day and night pretty quickly . But now, he realized that he couldn’t adapt to the feeling of being as though in outer space . Every time he lifted his head to the sky, he couldn’t help but question how the sun brought warmth to them and why the moon was so close to him . That’s right, whenever it was nightfall, he witnessed the gigantic astral body that covered one-fifth of the sky emerging from the horizon before slowly drifting to the sky . Even though its radiance wasn’t as glaring as the sun, it presented a pure, gentle brilliance and it was due to this that Rhode clearly witnessed the craters on its surface .

Could it be that I’m in outer space? What about the meteoroids? Would they crash toward us?

Although small meteoroids would turn into ash as soon as it struck the atmosphere, Rhode wasn’t even sure if this place even had one in the first place .

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Science is dead…

Forget it . Science isn’t reliable in this world of magic anyway .

Rhode slowly descended and scanned for the Fairy Nest . Shortly after, he spotted his target, and it wasn’t because they were eye-catching . Instead, it was their melodious and wonderful singing that led him to them .

As expected, Rhode saw a dozen fairies dancing in the forest near the edge of the lake . They sang in beautiful tunes as they constructed their home . The fairies didn’t sing in harmony but instead took turns as though beating the drums and passing the flower . They sang in their unique language that sounded sweet, crisp, and carefree . But strictly speaking, they weren’t only singing . Instead, this was their way of communication too . It just sounded to outsiders that they were great singers .

If one didn’t understand what they were singing, one could enjoy their melodic songs . But if one were to understand them, it would be an entirely different matter . There was once a player who was too curious . He spent his precious experience points in learning the fairies’ language just to understand them .

Other players witnessed the fairies circling and singing around him and felt he could never get more blissful than this . However, that was because they couldn’t understand the fairies’ language . On the contrary, that particular player listened clearly .

“What a silly big man… His face is as black as charcoal… Holding onto a sword… How dark . How scary…”

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The player regretted his decision .

This story taught us that ignorance could be blissful at times but apparently not everyone understood this .

It was still the same now .

Rhode didn’t need to learn their language . The instant he became the dragon soul heir, he discovered that he unlocked another unique technique called [Language Proficiency] . This allowed him to easily understand the language of non-human races . In the eyes of outsiders, the fairies were happily singing and building their homeland . But he realized a problem from the lyrics to their ‘song’…

“There’s a wooden club… There’s a piece of stone… Too heavy… Can anyone help…”

The fairies turned to Rhode as he approached them . They didn’t seem to be cautious against strangers at all . They quickly surrounded him curiously, stopped singing, and began humming tunes among themselves .

“I’m the owner of this territory and I have come in the name of the dragon soul . ”

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Rhode introduced himself immediately . He scanned the fairies and they seemed like girls who were around 10 years old . However, they were only palm-sized . Their long green hair and eyes were symbolic of the fairies . They wore an outfit similar to the one-piece swimsuit from the real world, revealing their fair, slender limbs . On their backs were a pair of beautiful wings like butterflies, flapping constantly and releasing faint light dust which was known as fairy dust, a useful magical material only available in fairy nests . Although it would be helpful for Lapis, it was meaningless to Rhode now because at this moment, he was more concerned over the rights to the magic monster nest .

“I’ve come here to seek your assistance . According to the ancient contract, I need you to carry out your duties in serving me and I will protect your home from invasion and guarantee your safety . You will receive equal benefits as people in my territory . Now, are you willing to accept my invitation?”

The fairies pondered in silence before ‘singing’ again . But unlike the casual tunes, it sounded more like a harmony of sweet, pure voices . But Rhode knew that this was their way to ‘transmit information’ without speaking with words . Shortly after, as the harmonious sound became louder, more and more fairies joined their discussion . After a few moments, the gentle, melodious tune stopped and one of the fairies who appeared older and had a pair of silver wings flew nimbly to Rhode . Unlike the fairies who wore ‘swimsuits’, this fairy was clad in a pure, white gown and wore a tiny crown . She emanated a fascinating brilliance and stooped over to give a respectful bow .

“Greetings, supreme dragon . We’re willing to accept your invitation . I represent my fairies in accepting your protection . I swear by my spirit that we will follow you . If you don’t mind, I hope you can help provide us a suitable home . As our gratitude, we are willing to complete all missions that you appoint us . ”

Perhaps due to Rhode speaking to them in their language, the fairy before him also responded in the same way . Rhode wasn’t surprised that the fairies would accept his suggestion swiftly because this was in their nature . They might be small and delicate, but their strength was otherwise . With them around and Agatha’s ocean elves, there shouldn’t be a problem in Rhode’s city .

“No problem, I have plenty of spaces for you in my courtyard . ”

Rhode nodded and gave a decisive answer . The fairies instantly broke out in delightful cheers . Then, the leading fairy turned around and waved to her fairies .

“Everyone grab your stuff . We’re leaving this place and heading to master’s courtyard!~~”

The fairies chuckled and flew back into the forest . At the same time, the sweet-sounding voices sounded again . But…

“We’re moving to a new home… We have to get ready… Our master is beautiful… But doesn’t smile much…”

Rhode turned around as though he didn’t hear anything .

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