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Chapter 900

Chapter 900: Magic Monster Nests

The magic monster nests .

The monsters tore through space and came to this plane of existence . All in all, they were similar to the elves summoned from the Seven Fantasy Boundaries . But unlike the elves, the monsters weren’t as obedient . If Rhode weren’t the dragon soul heir, it would be tough to gain their cooperation because all they cared about was the guarantee of their habitat . On the other hand, the dragon soul heir would promise the leader of the monsters that their rights wouldn’t be compromised in exchange for their assistance . No matter if the humans were kind or evil, the monsters seldom interacted with them and not even the overlord would have any advantages in the negotiation . If the territories of the Dragon Soul Continent were considered an apartment and the dragon soul heir was the property manager, the leader of the monsters would only be one of the occupants . If the property manager came knocking on its door seeking for rental payment while asking for its help, it would naturally obey . But it would be an entirely different matter if it were the other occupants who sought help because no matter if the other occupants were kings, rulers, or military generals, they were just occupants like them .

In the game, players tried all kinds of ways to finally receive the recognition of the leader of the monsters . Of course, these were minority cases especially in the Country of Light because the Light Parliament was composed of human supremacists . The monsters decided to not get along with humans, so this made it much harder for players to gain their trust .

In every territory, it was common to find at least two to three magic monster nests . But now, Rhode had seven and even though this meant that his strength could be enhanced to a certain extent, this caused him trouble too . After all, players had no lack of interactions with these monsters . Except for the harmless Fairies, the remaining creatures weren’t easy to deal with . Perhaps they would break into a killing if they were gathered at one place . Of course, with the holy sword cards as precedent, those monsters should be able to get along well too… But who knew?

Rhode handed the establishment of the financial distribution system and political affairs to Marlene because he wasn’t experienced in these fields . Even though this compromised his prestige, he had never attempted to hide this side of him . In fact, he wasn’t knowledgeable in economics, politics, and finances because they weren’t required of players due to the settings of the game . All players needed to worry about was what they should spend on or sell away . Which player would care about the problems of inflation or deflation anyway? Of course, players would still possess the basic knowledge of adjusting price increases or reductions in the market .

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If this were reality, no one knew what would happen to the economy…

Rhode clearly knew about this .

Since you can’t lead and I don’t have expertise in these fields, I can only leave them to the experts .

Just like the issue with the refugees in the Land of Atonement earlier on, Rhode simply gave Marlene the goal of ‘making jobs for the refugees and ensuring they don’t wreak havoc’ and as a result, Marlene, Ann, and Canary discussed and resolved it .

While Marlene settled the technical issues, Rhode would naturally be in charge of leadership .

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This wasn’t tough for him at all . After all, players were experts in communicating with various forces . Therefore, this was also considered his main job .

But he had no intention of running about for magic monster nests . Fortunately, the seven magic monster nests were far apart and wouldn’t break out into fights anytime soon . However, if he were to look for all of them, he would need at least a week .

He was fortunate that he received the Illusion Crystal’s unlimited spiritual powers . Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to summon his spirits and represent him in negotiations with the leaders of the monsters . As long as his spirits presented his name, the monsters wouldn’t dare to lay their hands on them .

He sent Celia to the Divine Unicorns as the kind and gentle unicorns should be able to negotiate well with a Battle Angel . He sent Gracier and Madaras to the Centaurs; White Elves were the rulers of nature and there shouldn’t be a problem for them to convince the Centaurs to reside in the forest . He dispatched Celestina to the Lustful Demons because as a high-class demon, she definitely had her unique ways to manipulate the demons, so he wasn’t too worried about her . On the other hand, he dispatched the little mermaid to the Nagas living in the sea . Even though the little mermaid was higher in level than the Nagas, the former didn’t possess strong communication skills as she had always been by Rhode’s side . Therefore, he wrote a letter and asked her to pass it to them . Although the little mermaid was innocent, she wasn’t naive . Besides, she wouldn’t die as a summoned spirit and the Nagas wouldn’t dare to harm her since she was just sending a message on behalf of the dragon soul heir .

The remaining nests were the [Fairy Nest], [Undead Garden], and [Element Cloud] .

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The Fairies were easier to manage as they were peaceful in nature and despite them being rather witty, they were nice to approach . Rhode expected their negotiations to end well, but it was hard to determine how to deal with the [Undead Garden] and [Element Cloud] . The [Undead Garden] was a gathering place for the dead . Shira should have been chosen for the job, but after considering her peculiar personality, she would most likely be annihilating the entire garden rather than passing the message . In the end, Rhode chose to do it himself .

On the contrary, the [Element Cloud] gave him the most headache . If he recalled correctly, there was only one creature that lived in the [Element Cloud]—Sky Whales .

The Sky Whale was considered the tyrant of the air . It was at least a hundred meters long, cruising mysteriously in clouds coalesced from the wind element . It was extremely powerful; the wind elemental attributes made it immune to all physical attacks . In terms of offense, it was imaginable how strong the enormous whale’s swing of its tail would be . Not only that, but the Sky Whale could also freely manipulate storms . Moreover, it had thick skin, flesh, and blood vessels .

In the game, some players tried to take it down but after spending the entire afternoon, less than one-fifth of its health was diminished . Furthermore, the entire sky was its territory and it could also trigger lightning strikes . Although elemental creatures were generally kind in nature, a massive creature like the Sky Whale was extremely dangerous even if it harbored no evil intentions . If their gathering place happened to be in the middle of traffic or future human residences, Rhode would have to advise them to move away . If not, maybe the entire town would be swept away by an accidental swing of their tails .

Moreover, the Sky Whale was extremely innocent and one could become loyal friends with it . But if one were to brainwash it into doing evil deeds, the Sky Whale would basically be Rhode’s eternal enemy .

If it were possible, Rhode wouldn’t wish to get involved in a battle with such an innocent, yet troublesome creature…

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