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Chapter 869

Marlene was certain that Rhode wouldn’t lose and the latter was even more confident than she imagined . On the contrary, the three Spirit Swordsmen were in disbelief . The entire battle ended within five minutes . Rhode’s overwhelming victory left them rooted in their place . Their respect for Rhode led them to be more polite to him and his men . Not only did they prepare a resting area, but they also agreed to assist Rhode in defending the Chaos vortexes, so he could awaken the tinder in the meantime . Although this seemed like a great result for Rhode, he wasn’t satisfied .

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 “Your movements were too slow and rigid . Your battle styles were so simple that they were unacceptable . ”

 Rhode leaned back on the chair and gazed in dissatisfaction at the three Spirit Swordsmen who lowered their heads in silence . As the two young ladies weren’t gravely injured, they had woken up . As for the Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman, he surrendered as soon as Rhode’s blade was held against his throat . Even though Rhode was curious as to why Christie and Marlene insisted on joining them, the first thing he did after sending them back to their rooms was to look for these three ‘newbies’ . No matter what, he finally got to see others in the same class as him and they actually used such terrible tactics that even newbies weren’t willing to use . He just couldn’t tolerate it anymore .

 “I’m surprised that you managed to reach the Legendary Stage . ”

 Rhode knitted his brows and ridiculed the three Spirit Swordsmen . In fact, the trio consisted of one man and two young ladies . The man, who was also the leader among them, was the white-haired man who Rhode had spoken to earlier on . On the other hand, the two sisters displayed different expressions . The older sister who appeared to be 18 years old hugged her chest in embarrassment while fixing her gaze to the ground while her younger sister who seemed around 15 years old stared at Rhode angrily . The white-haired man remained in silence and it was apparent that this defeat was a huge blow to him .

 As the guardians of the Tinder Origin, he had heard the legend regarding ‘the traveler below the starry sky’ . Legend had it that the sword would slash through all obstacles . If they were to lose to such a powerful strength, they would accept their defeat humbly . But the problem was that they couldn’t accept this result despite being mentally prepared .

 Rhode didn’t even display his overwhelming strength and it was as though a lion teasing a mouse . As guardians, they were most proud of their strength . But now, their pride was smashed completely .

 At this moment, Rhode gazed curiously at them . He had heard from Marlene about their identities .

 Humanoids .

 Just like on earth, humans needed the latest and most advanced technologies . However, some dangerous and unsuitable areas were left for the robots . No matter where on earth, humans held similar thoughts while Humanoids were the result of that . They were similar to the Behermes, but different in substance . If the Alchemy Elves were ‘semi-biochemical beings’ created from the merging of flesh and alchemy spells, the Humanoids would be entirely ‘man-made beings’ injected with a soul .

 Rhode had to admit that he was stunned when Marlene explained it to him .

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 No wonder they were magic artisans who were second to a Creator Dragon Soul . Creating a man-made body and injecting a soul into it had reached a pinnacle humans couldn’t achieve . Another level higher would be to create the soul, which was something that humans couldn’t even imagine doing . Although Humanoids possessed human souls, their strength didn’t reach a level where a single punch could destroy the earth or sun . However, their threats to Chaos increased tremendously, as they didn’t require the strength of Order and could freely roam in the Chaos vortexes . Not only that, but they could also activate their own Order barrier . They were guardians specially created to deal with the disasters of Chaos .

 Besides, they were the only beings who could ‘switch classes’ and become a Spirit Swordsman .

 Although Rhode admired their perseverance in safeguarding the Tinder Origin for centuries, this couldn’t make up for their terrible battle tactics .

 “Hmph . If it weren’t for you who made such a shameless move on Big Sister, do you think we will lose so terribly?”

 The younger sister gnashed her teeth and complained . Even though Rhode heard from Marlene that he was basically the owner of the Tinder Origin now, it was apparent that this little fella had no considerations of treating him as one .

 “If it were a frontal attack, how would I possibly…”

 Before the younger sister finished her sentence, Rhode snapped his fingers .

 In the blink of an eye, a prairie under the bright moon replaced the room . The trio who stood before Rhode had been transported to the basin in the distance . Then, a deep rumble sounded and an enormous, ten-meter-long magic cannon emerged out of the pitch-black night sky with its pitch-black opening aimed at the trio . At this moment, the younger sister was stricken into silence .

 “This is how a Spirit Swordsman should be—all the trump cards in their arsenal . ”

 In the blink of an eye, the prairie under the night sky and the magic cannons vanished to nowhere . The four of them returned to the room . At this moment, the younger sister clung onto her older sister’s arm and stared worriedly at the terrifying young man . On the other hand, the older sister also widened her eyes in astonishment . The white-haired man froze to the spot and his already pale complexion turned ashen . He had never expected that a Spirit Swordsman could be this powerful .

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 Indeed, just as Rhode mentioned, it couldn’t be easier if he wanted to kill them . As long as he activated [Casali under the night sky] and dragged them into his space, he could instantly slaughter them after activating [Dusk of Annihilation] .

 Are these people really man-made?

 Rhode twitched his brow . From what he thought, the so-called man-made humans should be typically expressionless like robots . They wouldn’t care about their safety and after experiencing a heart-wrenching battle to save the world, they suddenly obtained a human heart or something… Weren’t the best-selling novels usually written this way?

 But after considering that the Humanoids were actually man-made bodies with new souls and weren’t actually dead from the start, it would be more appropriate to call them man-made beings than man-made humans, wasn’t it? Judging from this angle, the humans seemed to have a more advanced level of magical technology than the Behermes .

 “I was only probing your strength . If this were an official battle, your battle tactics would fail completely . Perhaps you may dominate an idiot with 9 IQ, but you’re still lacking a lot . ”


 The younger sister lifted her head stubbornly and forced herself to stare at the young man . Rhode narrowed his eyes slightly .

 “So, I want to give you a special training . I rarely have the chance to meet any Spirit Swordsmen and it definitely isn’t something fortunate for me if you die in the Chaos vortexes . So…” Rhode paused . Then, he revealed a mesmerizing smile . “… I will guide you well . ”

 If one were to speak of the difference between the Tinder Origin and the refuge, it would be that when one lifted one’s head, one would see the white clouds and dazzling sunlight from the Tinder Origin . But the strange thing was that even though the burning tinder was above them, the ‘glow of the setting sun’ could be seen slowly fading away as the tranquil night fell upon the tower .

 What a reminiscent view…

 Rhode gazed at the night sky, but he was interrupted by footsteps from behind shortly after .


 “Rhode, why don’t you get some rest?”

 Marlene went up to him and asked . Then, she also lifted her head and gazed at the night sky as well as the green vines climbing up the tower . Rhode shrugged .

 “I thought I could relax a little since we’ve finally come to a more normal place . If we succeed, we won’t need to see the horrible Chaos vortexes anymore… Although we won’t get to see them if we fail either . ”

 “Pfff . ”

 Marlene let out a chuckle . Then, she lowered her head and the smile on her face disappeared .

 “Sorry… Rhode…”


 Rhode turned around curiously and the young lady bit her lip and nodded slightly .

 “Yes, you should also be aware of the reason why I… followed you everywhere in the past . Even though I did want to come clean with you, this is a family secret, after all . Besides, I don’t know how to open up to you . No matter what, this feels as though…”

 She was making use of me .

 Although Marlene didn’t complete her sentence, Rhode knew what she meant . Perhaps her feelings for him were genuine, but her motive for staying with him wasn’t that simple . Even though she didn’t induce him into doing anything, the result was as though what the Senia Family said—head to the Land of Chaos and arrive at the Tinder Origin that was related to them . Judging from this, it seemed like all of his actions were within the grasp of the Senia Family?

“There’s no need to feel bad . ”


 Marlene lifted her head in astonishment . Then, Rhode waved his hand with an airy gesture .

 “Everything that I’ve done has been planned out a long time ago . They were all completed by my own will, and I was never affected by anyone . So, this isn’t your fault at all . Although the reason for you to follow me seems important to you, it is a pity that I’ve never believed in fate . To me, the best thing that fate has done for me is…”

 Rhode extended his hand and caressed her hair gently .

 “… Bringing you to my side, Marlene . ”

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