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Chapter 868

“One down . ”

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 Rhode gazed at the two remaining Spirit Swordsmen . Then, he swept a glance at the unconscious Soul Messenger Spirit Swordsman on the ground . The airstream erupted from his blade didn’t injure her greatly since she was in the Legendary Stage, after all . However, her leather armor and cape weren’t that fortunate . Underneath the hood was a young lady who was around 18 years old and had a full head of white, shoulder-length hair draping over her shoulders . However, unlike Marlene’s silver-whitish hair, this young lady’s white hair was more pale like it was man-made . Like the residents here, she had two antennlooking objects sticking out from her temples, which was hidden inside her hair . Not only that, but Rhode also realized that this young lady was ridiculously pale, and there wasn’t any color on her skin and lips at all .

 Although mutants existed in the Tinder Origin due to the lack of Order… Judging from this young lady, she didn’t seem like a mutant at all . Instead, she seemed more like a strange race out of the Behermes or Dark Elves . But would this be possible among humans?

 Rhode narrowed his eyes and scanned the two Spirit Swordsmen . The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman didn’t seem mindful of his gaze, but on the other hand, the Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman who was shorter and had a smaller build instinctively took a step back, protecting his chest vigilantly .

 Second target decided!

 Rhode smirked and burst toward the Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman .

 “Stay away!”

 It was apparent that the Summoning Master was incredibly tense, and Rhode instantly heard a shriek of a young girl . The Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman hurriedly lifted her left arm with a glimmering yellow card in hand . Then, the ground rumbled and gigantic rock serpents burst out of the ground, pouncing on Rhode immediately . However, Rhode chuckled inwardly .

 Newbie . You still have much more to learn .

 After defeating the Soul Messenger Spirit Swordsman, it could be said that Rhode held an accurate judgment on the level of their skills now—they didn’t have any battle experience at all! Even though they coordinated their rule talent and summoning spirits, their attack style was extremely basic . Besides, from their exchange in blows, Rhode discovered that although their coordination was near perfect, it made them overly rigid instead . This reminded Rhode of new players, where everyone had similar sword skills and usage style of summoned spirits . But the problem was that Spirit Swordsmen had to coordinate attacks with sword skills and summoned spirits, where mysterious and ever changing battle styles were their most lethal weapons . If one were to always set a trap card before battle and summon a tiny creature during battle, this rigid battle style would be seen through easily .

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 This was the same problem that the three Spirit Swordsmen had . Although their rigid attack patterns gave them unprecedented camaraderie, it still wasn’t sufficient to win them battles . Besides, it would be fine if they fought lowly creatures with only 9 IQ, but weren’t they asking for death to use ‘PVE’ tactics in a ‘PVP’?


 Even though they are PVE techniques, they will need to master them first .

 Rhode remained calm as the rock serpents pounced on him because he had clearly seen through the opponent’s sequence of movements . He knew that the opponent summoned the rock serpents, only to trigger her ‘explosion’ rule talent later . Since that was the case, Rhode didn’t need to hold back anymore!

 He extended his arm—the Spear Defenders standing guard in the front vanished out of a sudden and returned into his hand as a card . Then, in the blink of an eye, they reappeared before him!

 Continuous summon!


 The Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman shrieked and hesitated in her attack . She didn’t expect that one could continuously summon spirits at once . However, this was only the start for Rhode . As soon as he summoned the Spear Defenders in front of him, he swung his left hand and hurled another card at them . In a dazzling explosion of a green radiance, several two-meters-long spears coalesced from the radiance emerged and hovered beside the Spear Defenders . Then, they burst forward and struck the rock serpents . In the blink of an eye, the rock serpents shattered into dust, eventually fading into the air .

 “How did this happen?”

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 The Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman was wide-eyed because it took less than 30 seconds from when she summoned the rock serpents and Rhode called forth the Spear Defenders and Disillusioned Spears . After she came back to her senses, the majestic group of Spear Defenders had dashed through the smoke and dust and their shimmering spears were only one meter away from her!


 The Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman frantically reached out for a third summoning card, but at this moment, the Spear Defenders split their formation into two and a black viper struck from the rear .

 “Don’t even think of using such a shameless attack!”

 The pitiful young lady instantly recalled the predicament of the Soul Messenger Spirit Swordsman, and she retreated with gnashed teeth, at the same time deflecting Succubus with her sword . However, when she tried to summon creatures with her other hand, an ice-cold hand clasped her wrist and Rhode’s ice-cold voice sounded in her ears .

 “I don’t have that intention either . ”

 Rhode smiled at the ashen young lady and struck the sword hilt into her stomach, sending her into unconsciousness . Then, Rhode narrowed his eyes .


 A bone thorn brushed him and hit the Spear Defenders instead . Rhode lifted his head and discovered that he was in a sea of white bones—thousands of skeleton soldiers had surrounded him entirely with Necromancers and Death Knights at the rear .

 I see . No wonder no one assisted this young girl when I attacked her .

 Rhode said inwardly . It seemed like although the Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman was inexperienced, he wasn’t that dumb, where he used the chance and summoned his creatures into position while Rhode attacked the Summoning Master Spirit Swordsman . Hell Lord Spirit Swordsmen were experts in winning battles with quantity . Currently, even though the skeletal soldiers weren’t strong, they were more than enough to obstruct Rhode’s movements . But…

 Rhode scoffed .

 It wasn’t a good habit for a Spirit Swordsman to hide behind the safety of his spirits . It seemed like these newbies had a lot to learn .  Since he’s this passionate for knowledge, I shall be the good guy and teach him the ways of a Spirit Swordsman .

 Defense Formation!

 The Spear Defenders raised their shields and encircled Rhode and the other Spirit Swordsman swiftly, in order to stop the skeleton soldiers . On the other hand, the skeleton soldiers didn’t launch their attacks instantly . Instead, they merely surrounded the Spear Defenders .

 Rhode was slightly surprised . Then, his eyes glinted in a certain realization . At the next moment, he knelt and blended into the Spear Defenders’ shadow and disappeared to nowhere .

 “Will Mr . Rhode be alright?”

 Lize held her hands together worriedly . No matter what, the sudden appearance of so many Undead Creatures was rather terrifying . On the other hand, Marlene observed the battle in silence because she was confident that Rhode wouldn’t fall in a battle of such a standard . Meanwhile, Anne watched the battle in anticipation .

 What is… going to happen next?

 The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman gazed at the Spear Defenders who were swarmed by the skeletal soldiers . He was out of ideas . It didn’t seem like the skeletal soldiers could break down the Spear Defenders’ defense anytime .  What should I do next?

 “You don’t have to do anything . ”

 A casual voice sounded in his ear . The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman was shook . He hurriedly leapt and looked back at his shadow . Previously, he realized that Rhode had a technique that allowed him to attack from the shadows .  Is he about to use the same technique? I won’t let him!

The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman hurled two summoning cards that instantly transformed into armored Death Knights, who brandished their blades at the shadow . But…

 “It seems like you need to learn the basics as a Spirit Swordsman . You shouldn’t let your spirits take the bullet for you . ”


 The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman’s shadow writhed and a dozen tentacles shot out and bound him and the two Death Knights . At the next moment, a pitch-black blade silently struck out from the mass of tentacles and pressed against his neck .

 “You lose . ”

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