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Chapter 842: 842
Chapter 842: Returning Home

When everyone stepped out of the Chaos onto the solid, flat ground and gazed at the azure sky, dazzling sun rays, and greenery over the hills, their first response wasn’t excitement . Instead…

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Randolf and the others collapsed and sprawled across the ground while Rhode leaned on the Order Flame Column with his hands crossed and gazing interestingly at his pitiful subordinates who were suffering from the reconnection of the source of Order . However, he wasn’t doing much better judging from his wandering gaze .

But as their commander, how could he possibly show his miserable side?

The other person who didn’t have any reaction like him was the little girl wrapped in a black robe—she was his reward and the ‘tinder’s coordinates’ that the elder had given him . Rhode didn’t know how the elder managed to seal the channel that supplied the Order power to the connected central crystal and core inside the little girl . However, he knew that the biggest advantage this way was that the Order barrier over the refuge wouldn’t decrease in strength . On the other hand, this little girl could also detect the location of the tinder . Therefore, from a certain aspect, it wasn’t wrong to say that she was the tinder’s coordinates .

Although the elder didn’t explain everything clearly, Rhode was certain that the sealed strength of Order in the little girl didn’t happen in a day or two . Judging from the fact that this little girl couldn’t possibly possess such powerful strength at this age, the seal could have possibly been done when she was born .

At this moment, the little girl still didn’t have a name .

According to the elder, ever since she was sealed by the strength of Order, her original name had vanished entirely . Of course, Rhode and the others couldn’t possibly order her about like “hey, you”, so it was essential to give her a name; a simple one .

“Bell . ” Rhode turned around, gazed at the silent little girl, and said . “How are you feeling?”

Bell nodded slightly . Other than the painful expression that she displayed when Rhode retaliated with his aura in the room, he realized that she was somewhat similar to him . This little girl didn’t speak much and Rhode knew that she was different from the young ladies around him . Even though she appeared to be a quiet girl like Gracier and Madaras, the two Elf girls seldom uttered words and their every expression and action represented their thoughts . But this little girl was different as she resembled a true puppet and Rhode didn’t even know what her views on her current predicament were .

The refuge was done for .

The central crystal contaminated by the Chaos was still the central crystal, just like the operating system was still the operating system even after being struck by viruses . However, if the operating system were to be destroyed completely, the entire computer would be useless . The elder refused Rhode’s invitation to leave the refuge and chose to perish along with the refuge . As for the three Order Refugees who had led Rhode’s group into the refuge, they also stayed with the elder as his guards . It seemed like they would rather die in that place than live in the outside world .

Bell didn’t seem to have any views on the destruction of the refuge that she had grown up in and the death of the elder who had looked after her . She quietly watched the refuge perish before walking to Rhode’s side .

Rhode had to admit that she was indeed powerful .

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He learned from Gillian that this little girl was particularly strong and she possessed a pure soul, just like pitiful murderers who held a sad fate and were brainwashed from a young age in movies .

Perhaps it had something to do with the strength of Order sealed in her body for her to maintain such a pure soul despite growing up in such a place . Although she seemed hard to get along with, everyone welcomed her with warm smiles . After all, humans were people of Order . Although she came from a different Order, the strength of Order inside her made it easy for her to attract the likes and attention of Order beings .

However, Rhode had already guessed that this little girl’s common sense regarding life was basically zero…

This was also a huge headache .

Everyone once again returned to the fortress in the Land of Atonement .

The fortress was as peaceful as ever . However, as soon as they entered the entrance, many of them were indescribably glad . Although Rhode’s intention of bringing them into the Land of Chaos was for them to adapt to the territory and complete the mission, the chaotic environment and rules left a deep, unfavorable impression on them . Therefore, the moment they witnessed the world that they were used to seeing, many of them had tears flowing down their cheeks .

Ah… Yes . This is our world, with day and night and the four seasons . The sun still rises from the east…

In the past, everyone harbored thoughts of entering the Land of Chaos and being on an equal level with the legendary heroes . But after this experience, perhaps they might face the situation with another mood .

Rhode quickly dismissed everyone . After all, after spending days in a place without a sense of time, everyone felt as though they had spent an unbearable month or two in there . The thought of them having to enter the depths of the Land of Chaos with Rhode in the future completely took over their desired glory of being on an equal level with legendary heroes .

But unlike the rest who returned to their room and rest, Marlene and Rhode had important matters to attend to as the managers of the territory . On the other hand, Gillian had to sort out the intelligence gathered during this period in order for them to get an understanding of the situation of this place . At the same time, they also had to understand the operations of the fortress .

“The operations of the fortress have been rather stable apart from an increase in orders for Holy Maiden Statues . But… as I couldn’t contact you, I temporarily held back the orders . Also, according to Starlight’s report, they discovered some suspicious people constantly wandering by the foot of the Astral Temple . Although I’ve sent someone to check on their backgrounds, I know nothing about them apart from the fact that they definitely don’t belong to the Munn Kingdom…” Ann gazed at Rhode in fear as her clear, round eyes glinted in uncertainty . She couldn’t be blamed because this was her first most important task after she became Rhode’s subordinate . Back then, she didn’t come to a realization when she learned that she would be taking over Marlene’s duties during their absence . As a result, she was bewildered when Marlene handed all the fortress operations to her and this scared her witless . Even though she possessed some experience working as Marlene’s assistant, her identity was too low, after all . Moreover, although Canary and Mini Bubble Gum were of higher status than her, they didn’t seem to be concerned about the management of the fortress, which applied tremendous pressure on her .

“… As for the refugees, everything went smoothly thanks to the funding you’ve provided, Sir Overlord . Currently, the commercial flow in the fortress has been completed and of course, with an influx in the number of refugees, the safety concerns will also increase . But the situation is still within our control . ”

Of course, who even dared to wreak havoc under the watch of a legendary Mage tower?

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“Got it . ”

Rhode and Marlene exchanged glances with each other . It seemed like Ann did well during their absence . Rhode recognized that Ann wasn’t talented in politics or military, which was why he didn’t concern her with those aspects . On the contrary, Ann was detailed with economic reports and was also fortunate because the Country of Darkness’s invasion had completely stopped and revitalizing the economy became the utmost priority .

Although the wars had ceased, the orders for Holy Maiden Statues from all around the continent increased, which surprised Rhode greatly . But come to think of it, the various overlords weren’t like the bunch of idiots from the Light Parliament, so they naturally knew that the Country of Darkness wouldn’t give up on their attacks just like this . Therefore, the overlords focused their attention on building up their armies in preparation for the next war .

“You did well, Ann . Although there is still room for improvement, this is sufficient for now . ”

The nervous young lady heaved a sigh of relief . Then, she lowered her head hurriedly and bowed .

“Thank you, Sir Overlord . I shall take my leave . ”

Ann turned around and exited the doors . Then, Marlene smiled at Rhode .

“How’s the situation?”

“Not bad . At least there aren’t any problems in the fortress . ”

Rhode nodded and naturally sensed that Marlene was proud of Ann as her subject and student . But…

“When do you intend to return to the Land of Chaos, Rhode?”

Marlene gazed worriedly at him . After this adventure, she finally experienced how terrifying that place was . She had also asked Ann about the total duration that they left for and realized that they were away for around four days .

According to Rhode, the true tinder would be located in the depths of the Land of Chaos . No matter how fast time passed in the outside world, Marlene felt that if she were to join him again next time, perhaps it would take a few months to accomplish the mission .

Besides, it wouldn’t only be them the next time . According to Rhode, there would also be soldiers joining them to deal with the Chaos Creatures . But would this be the best arrangement?

Of course, compared to the rewards of receiving a territory, it would be worth it to sacrifice more people .

“No, we’ll leave this matter aside first . Although I will still transfer a group of soldiers over to the Land of Chaos, I want them to maintain order and not be slaughtered by ridiculous creatures along the way . ”

Rhode shook his head and said . He had already decided to activate the powers of the Astral Temple and use it as a core strength in developing the Land of Chaos .

“What do you intend to do with the little girl?”

Marlene swept a glance to Bell who sat quietly at the side . As they had just returned, the little girl didn’t have the chance to get changed yet and didn’t drink the tea that the Ocean Elves had prepared for her . In fact, after the elder handed the little girl over to Rhode, she was like a robot who followed its owner’s instructions . Perhaps she would starve to death if Rhode had forgotten to feed her one day .

But Rhode had some ideas .

“Follow me . ”

He stood up and said to the little girl .

The Mage tower was still as beautiful and graceful and its path was always filled with a shimmering radiance that emanated from the crystals . Rhode entered through the entrance and spotted Canary with her gentle smile .

“Welcome back, Rhode . It seems like you…”

Canary looked at the little girl .

“… have gotten an interesting reward from your trip . Don’t tell me you intend to treat her as our daughter and ask me to look after her? This idea isn’t too bad though . Although I don’t seem ready to bear a child for you now, it would be interesting if we adopt one, right? Sigh . It’s a pity that this isn’t Earth . If not, I would surely want to see my parent’s expressions as they witness their undergraduate daughter bringing a child home . I’m sure that will make me so happy . ”

“I don’t recall you having such a terrible relationship with your parents . ”

Rhode twitched his brows .

“Yes, you aren’t aware . Who asked you not to film our process in bed back then? I can’t show my parents my private life even if I wanted to . What a pity . ”

“… How is Christie?”

Rhode changed the subject as he realized that the resentment Canary held toward her parents was more than he had imagined…

“She’s doing fine . ”

Canary said with a gentle smile, naturally skipping the topic .

“Her strength is growing quickly . Currently, it is still too hard for her to activate the Knowledge Scroll and it is an extraordinary legendary artifact indeed . Currently, she can only summon it for less than 10 seconds and it consumes an amount of spiritual powers equivalent to that of a level 60 Mage . It seems like this legendary artifact isn’t that easy to control . Christie clearly has strong spiritual powers and yet she can only activate the Knowledge Scroll and can’t use other skills . I can’t imagine how much spiritual power Christie possessed in the Falcon Peak back then . ”

“What is she doing now?”

“Her meditation is about to end soon . Apart from meditating, she doesn’t have anything else to do . Besides, she feels bored whenever you’re not around . Do you want to see her?”

“Of course . ”

Rhode swept a glance to the little girl beside him and nodded .

“I will also need to introduce a friend to her . ”

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