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Chapter 841: 841
Chapter 841: Chaos Core (3)

Blazing flames blasted forward and attempted to turn the Order Refugees into ashes . Sol brandished the scarlet sword and slashed one of the Order Refugees who had climbed over the flame wall . However, he felt a chill running down his spine because he realized that the victim actually twisted its neck by 90 degrees and crawled to his feet like some sort of strange bug!

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Isn’t he a human?!

Sol’s hair stood despite the demon bloodline flowing in him . Although he had seen countless strange and cruel incidents, he couldn’t explain this absurd situation!

Presences that violated common sense, rules, and Order were annoying and hated .


Fortunately, before the Order Refugee stood up and launched his attack on Sol, a fireball struck from the side and exploded his body . The violent whirlwind roared from the explosion and devoured him entirely . On the other side, Orchid Heart stroked her finger across the page in her hand and gazed at the countless tiny fireballs hovering around the ceiling with sleepy eyes . At this moment, mysterious runes emerged on the white page… She extended her index finger and drew in midair . Then, several scorching fireballs emerged and blasted at the Order Refugees climbing over the wall .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The deep explosion shook the ground, filthy dust showered from above, and cracks emerged on the walls . However, the elder sitting in the room didn’t move an inch . He narrowed his eyes and leaned back on the chair with a satisfied smile as though admiring the melodious tune . He let out a long sigh and shut his eyes .

“It is just as you’ve said . Alright then, I shall borrow your strength . ”

That old bast*rd!

Rhode dodged swiftly and the fist made of crystals brushed and crashed to the floor beside him . Even though Rhode had avoided it safely, he didn’t feel assured at all because the instant the punch landed on the ground, the shattered crystals splattered and struck his body . Although the damage wasn’t lethal, Rhode hurriedly disappeared into the darkness .

This is tough .

Rhode reemerged behind the stelae . At this moment, he had withdrawn all his summoned spirits and even Celestina and Celia had returned to their cards . Now that Gracier and Madaras were outside the tunnel, Celestina and Celia were the only ones who stood a chance against this enemy .

On the other hand, Anne had hidden into the tunnel with the core . But she didn’t leave immediately . Instead, she followed Rhode’s order and sealed the exit with the Order barrier once again in order to prevent that Chaos Creature from sneaking out and finding trouble with the people outside . No matter what, Rhode stood a chance against it, but if it were to head out… The situation would be undesirable .

Rhode’s brow twitched at Gillian’s report . This elder was truly a real piece of work . Frankly speaking, Rhode didn’t even have the strength to let out a sigh at the sight of this Chaos Creature .

Crystal Brute .

In the Land of Chaos, everyone had met all sorts of Chao Creatures . Some were new creatures formed from the mixture of shattered creatures while some were creatures contaminated by Chaos . The Crystal Brute belonged to the latter and was the most annoying creature in this refuge .

Because it was formed from the central system that was contaminated by the Chaos .

A refuge that successfully resisted the contamination of the Chaos could be considered a magical building to a certain extent . A magical building naturally possessed a core . If the core was the anti-virus of the operating system, the central crystal would be the operating system itself . Not only did it carry the responsibility of denying the Chaos, it was also responsible for maintaining order within the refuge . In other words, the reason why everything, including water, flame, air, gravity, and food could maintain their form was all due to the existence of the central crystal .

However, as the core of this refuge, it had been contaminated by Chaos .

Rhode couldn’t understand why the central crystal and core would be placed together with no one watching over them . However, it was apparent from the central crystal’s appearance that it wasn’t corrupted by the Chaos for a day or two . At this thought, the Order Refugees instantly came into his thought process .

They were no longer humans and perhaps had entirely become slaves of the Chaos from head to toe . Gillian’s response completely testified his views and after the color of their names instantly turned from green to red in Rhode’s eyes, he quickly gave the command to destroy them without any hesitation .

But surprisingly, he didn’t expect that the little girl would assist him… It seemed like this old man was well prepared for this . Ordinary people couldn’t resist the corrosion of the Chaos, but awakened legendary beings also couldn’t possibly not have any resistance at all . Was this one of the reasons why they displayed their legendary aura in the room?

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Forget it . I have to deal with this first .

Rhode hid behind the stelae and observed the Crystal Brute lifting its head slowly and searching for him . The Crystal Brute’s defenses were as strong as a level 70 BOSS while its attack was around that of a level 65 BOSS . Its overall level would be between level 68 and 70 . It could also easily eject shattered stones contaminated by the Chaos in a 180 degrees range . If Rhode were to be hit by them, he could only pray that Celia had purification skills that were as high as Mini Bubble Gum’s…

Of course, Anne didn’t need to worry about this problem with the King’s Protection’s immunity against the Chaos . In addition to the shield defense, she just had to seal the exit .


The Crystal Brute dashed toward Anne after it failed to discover Rhode’s location . Anne clutched the shield and gazed in anticipation because Rhode had told her that her mission was…

“As the main tanker, it is your duty to gather the BOSS’ attention . ”


The Crystal Brute roared furiously . It raised its fist and struck Anne’s shield heavily .


The powerful impact forced her back a few steps while cracks emerged on the walls around her .

It is strong indeed .

Anne curled her lips . She admitted that she had underestimated the enemy’s strength and felt a numbing sensation in her hands . However, this fired her up even more because she hadn’t met such a powerful enemy for a long time! She stretched out her left hand, neglecting the numbing sensation, and tugged an internal handle on the shield!


Suddenly, the shield in her hand twisted and changed its shape, revealing several gaps . Then, steel chains ejected from within and bound the enemy’s limbs . Anne clutched the shield and lifted it high up .



The steel chains dragged the limbs of the enemy so hard that it crashed into the wall . Although Anne’s strength wasn’t enough to deal lethal damage to it, this was enough to leave it dazzled . Anne yelled in elation .

“Leader, Anne did it! Anne caught the BOSS!”

I didn’t ask you to do it this way… Forget it . It doesn’t matter as long as the result is the same!

Although Rhode grumbled inwardly, he had to admit that she was a talented main tanker to hold the enemy down firmly despite the difference in levels between them! This was the best chance for Rhode!

Rhode flitted across the battlefield like a shadow while wielding Star Mark in his hand . A glaring silver radiance flashed as he stared at the Crystal Brute . At this moment, the Crystal Brute turned around and let out an indistinct growl . Then, its crystal body flickered in several radiances .

That was a sign of danger, but Rhode wasn’t mindful about it .

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[Talent Characteristic: Self-Affirmation (LV1) Activate]

[Please select the attribute to strengthen]

Penetration——Increase by 800!

[Attribute enhancement complete . Attack penetration increased to 1250]

Rhode brandished the blade .

The gentle silver radiance punctured the enemy and sliced into it like a knife into butter . But this was only the start . He raised his sword and brandished it .


[EXP 450000 received . Level upgrade . (LV 62)]

[2 Skill Points received . Total Available Skill Points: 4]

Rhode stood to his feet, gazed at the enemy that had collapsed and almost shattered into bits, and shook his head . Then, he went up to it and retrieved a flickering gem from its carcass . At this moment, Anne had deactivated her defenses and went up to him with her shield .

“All settled, Leader?”

“Yes . Let’s go,” Rhode said and looked at the end of the tunnel as he heard some explosions .

“That is…”

Joey laid down his dagger that was soaked in blood and gazed in disbelief . In an instant, the Order Refugees who were launching their attacks on them suddenly hugged their heads and screamed in pain . Not only that, but some of the Order Refugees also committed suicide by jumping down the platform .

“What is… going on?”

Everyone came to a halt while Gillian stood by the side with a grin . Sol, Sovann, and the others started treating their wounds . Although the Order Refugees weren’t powerful enough to be threatening to them, their advantage in numbers was still annoying .

Thud… Thud…

Footsteps sounded from inside the tunnel and everyone turned around hurriedly . Shortly after, Anne and Rhode emerged before them . The former jumped in shock at this scene, but she wasn’t as agitated as Marlene and Lize who had immediately ran up to them . Previously, they heard from Gillian that it was Rhode who gave the command to attack the refuge . Even though the Order Refugees didn’t seem normal, it was Gillian who started the attack first, wasn’t it?

“Rhode, what’s going on?”

“Mr . Rhode, what’s happening?”

Although the two young ladies asked tactfully, Rhode understood what was running through their heads because he had also sensed the dubious gazes from everyone .

“Why don’t we let the person who made use of us explain the situation instead? Right, elder?”

Rhode let out a snort and gazed ahead . Gillian waved her hand gently and the blazing scarlet flames vanished in an instant . At this moment, the frail elder was exposed .

“Hahaha . I didn’t expect you to succeed, young man . ”

“I have to do it since you aren’t capable enough . I do have to admit that my judgment was wrong this time though . ”

Rhode twitched his brow and said expressionlessly .

“What exactly is…”

“Hahaha . It’s just like you’ve witnessed, miss . ”

The elder laughed at Lize’s confused expression .

“Frankly speaking, I’ve long wanted to kill those people and this place . But it’s a pity that it is impossible to rely on me and her…” The elder gazed at the silent little girl who stood on the platform . At this moment, the white cloth on her had been stained by blood .

“But… Why?”

Lize widened her eyes in disbelief .

“Because… They’ve lost their purpose of survival, miss . ”

The elder’s expression turned solemn and he bowed to everyone .

“I thank everyone for your help . If it weren’t for you, perhaps they would still be wandering in the Chaos painfully and I can only watch them head down the end of this hopeless path . But now, that terrifying future has been destroyed by you, while they have left the grasp of the Chaos and returned to the warm embrace of the Order… Cough…”

“I still don’t understand . ”

“Leave this to me . It seems like this old man with one foot in the grave still isn’t willing to explain much . ”

Rhode interrupted . Then, he quickly explained the situation and the relationship between the Chaos core, central crystal, and this refuge . Everyone finally understood why this refuge didn’t seem normal at all .

“Am I right? Elder?”

“That’s right . ”

The elder nodded firmly . But it was apparent that not everyone accepted such an explanation .

“B-But… didn’t you purchase water and food from us for these people? If you truly wished to kill them, why did you…”

“It’s simple, young lady . ”

The elder swept a look at the pale Lize .

“They have been corroded by the Chaos and without sufficient food, they will go insane . When that happens, this place will turn into a man-eat-man hell . That’s right . I want them to die, but even more so by my bare hands, instead of sending them to an abyss of eternal pain that no one can rescue them . No matter what… They’re my people . Besides, if I didn’t give them food… Perhaps I may have been eaten alive by now . ”

The elder turned to Rhode .

“Hahaha . It seems like you bear a grudge against me, young man . But you can’t really blame me since you’re the one who told me that you can destroy this place . It would have been a relief for me if you succeeded, isn’t it? Now it seems like I trusted the right person to do this task . ”

“Alright then . Since I’ve accomplished your request…” Rhode said . “I should receive my rightful remunerations, right?”

“Of course . ”

The elder gestured to the little girl .


The little girl lifted her head abruptly . Then, a gentle ray emerged from her petite figure that was wrapped in a white cloth . The white gentle rays eventually turned into illusionary threads that wrapped around her .

“You sealed the Order channel into this child?”

“Hahaha . It seems like you know a lot about us, young man . ”

The elder narrowed his eyes and nodded .

“That’s right . I have to do this in order to preserve the Order… Now, she’s all yours . Follow her and I’m sure that you can reach your destination . ”

Rhode remained in silence while gazing at the little girl .

She was the tinder’s coordinates .

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