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Chapter 699: 699

Simon lifted his head and gazed at the deep, dark sky . He sensed the dense energy of death coalescing from all directions . He narrowed his eyes and felt the energy flowing past his fingertips . This was Simon’s favorite moment . He felt like he was the king of the world and every living creature in this world could only bow by his feet . He could control every single one of them . At this moment, he was God! The greatest presence in this world!

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Even though this was only a misconception for one who possessed powers, Simon didn’t think so . He was totally immersed in the moment and guiding the ice-cold energy of death using his spiritual powers . He lifted his arms and along with this movement, the white bone staff hovering between his arms became dull in appearance . Not only that, but billows of black smoke also rose with occasional flashes of spiritual radiance .

The chanting became louder . Then, the Necromancers surrounding him also raised their arms . They offered their spirits and powers respectfully . If one could see it, perhaps one would find a violent, magical tornado whirling around their massive ritual circle .

Everything is going to end soon .

Simon stared at the Fortress in the distance . Flares burst into the sky and the constant explosions left him lamenting . It seemed that Saiborn wasn’t wrong in his judgment . It was impossible for the enemies to defend against the Undead Army for so long if they were unprepared, which had proven that they were well-prepared for this raid . It might possibly mean that the Country of Darkness’ raid plans were leaked a long time ago .

Simon revealed a smile . He was clear that this entire plan had been kept as an absolute secret and he was almost sure that only the four legendary generals might know about it in advance . And now, the Munn Kingdom was ready for their raids and this meant that the plan was divulged . If he could occupy this Fortress and propose a protest with the Dark Dragon, the four legendary generals’ positions would definitely become unstable . As a Necromancer who had operated within the Country of Darkness for centuries, he understood the affairs of the nation extremely well .

The spell has reached its peak .

Simon clutched his hands together to control the surging magical powers that were merging with the death aura . Simon was full of confidence in this legendary strategic spell . The 12 Necromancers were the best from the ‘Sinister Death’, and all had entered the Inner Circle (Advanced Legendary) . With his strength, the strength of this spell could reach Peak Legendary: it could even breakthrough all man-made boundaries . Simon was getting all fired up . If that were true, it meant that he might even injure or kill all the extraordinary presences who existed in this world . Simon’s heart pounded violently at this crazy thought .

So, does it mean that I can possibly become…

Simon knitted his brows and dwindled this thought . That was in the faraway future . He was an Undead Creature . He had sufficient time and patience to fulfill his wildest desires . But, before that, he had to possess enough strength, forces, and territories to establish the foundations .


Simon lifted his arms and called out the final character of his curse . Almost instantly, the invisible strength materialized . A harmony of scarlet and pitch-black energy surged, shot straight into the sky, and blended into the sky as one . Shortly after, it transformed into a whistling, devastating storm . This was the secret technique of the Necromancers . Rumor had it that during the Creation War, they had once used this technique to wipe out all the enemies who obstructed the Dark Dragon no matter if were the Elves, Angels, Dwarves, or Humans . No one could survive before the face of absolute destruction and death!

Shortly after, the massive Fortress would be shrouded entirely and transformed into a city of death!


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A crisp voice rang in Simon’s ears .

Although the voice was soft and melodious, it came as a bolt from the blue . This was a strategic spell that had reached Peak Legendary . Everything was within his grasp, so where did that voice come from?!

He turned around and the spiritual flames in his eyes burned even brighter . An azure human silhouette coalesced from magical energy was spotted floating by the edge of the dark, roaring torrent of death . Simon instantly knew what that was: a phantom clone created from its holder’s magical energy . But… that wasn’t the main problem!

This was the strategic spell that he had unleashed fully and all the magic powers in the surrounding had been infiltrated by this energy of death and destruction . If one were to release any spells, it would undoubtedly be like one was winding a yarn ball around a wheel that was spinning at incredible speed!

But now, the young lady’s figure was hovering quietly right there and the vicious energy torrent appeared to be ineffective at all . Simon knew that this was impossible because only when one had coalesced enough magical energy that one could prevent its phantom from being devoured by the vicious chaos . But such a Human didn’t exist, not even Amund, which was why Simon was confident when he unleashed this spell . But now… Damn it . Who is that young lady? Is she a Mage? When was there such a powerful Mage in the Munn Kingdom? Could it be Lydia? It can’t be . She’s an Archangel and I’ve never heard that an Archangel could use magic spells . Besides, she doesn’t have the pair of light angel wings behind her!

Simon couldn’t focus his attention on where this young lady had come from anymore . There was one thing for sure that he knew clearly: she wasn’t here for a good cause!

As expected . The young lady stretched out her right arm and pressed lightly on the blustering, spinning dark magical barrier .

Then, Simon’s vision blinded .

In an instant, the darkness in the atmosphere was completely devoured by a dazzling blaze . The aura of death and horrifying dark powers around Simon and the Necromancers were as though petroleum being ignited and illuminated the entire sky and earth by scarlet flames . The blustering gales swept along the scorching flames which engulfed all the Necromancers .


Simon spread his arms apart desperately . He couldn’t imagine how all this happened . He knew how tough it was to forcefully intervene with a Peak Legendary strategic spell . Perhaps in the entire Country of Darkness, there were no Necromancers who could accomplish that!

Even though the flow of the magic spell was as though the regulated operations of a machine, where it would be easy to disrupt its gears by sticking a metal crowbar into it, the size of the machine was still a factor . If not, not only would the metal crowbar not get stuck, but it would also be dragged into it and get crushed .

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And that was the consequence which most Necromancers faced . It wasn’t difficult to disrupt a magic spell at its preparation phase, but it would be as hard as climbing to the heavens once its preparation phase was over and it had erupted entirely . But now, Simon witnessed a scene that had twisted all his knowledge . The human who suddenly appeared forcibly distorted the [Tide of Destruction] which he had cast . Not only that, but she also used her strength to analyze it?!

This can’t go on!

Simon swiftly realized the source of the problem . As the leader of the ‘Sinister Death’ and a Necromancer, he immediately displayed his decisive side . He gritted his teeth and gazed at the surrounding that was engulfed in twisted flames and crumbling magical trajectories . Then, a sinister thought cropped up in his mind .


He pointed at the young lady and the white bone staff in his hand instantly shattered . The raging wind of magic powers rose from the ground . However, not only did the surging flames not burn stronger, but it also became much more dull . In the blink of an eye, the earth-shattering, blazing flames darkened . Then, countless dark beams emitted from within the flames and struck toward the illusory young lady!

The azure young lady suddenly became pitch-black and dark . At the same time, the suppressed flames blazed even brighter and only a dazzling, scarlet radiance was left before Simon’s eyes .


A violent explosion and flash ripped through the night sky . The soldiers going against the Undead Creatures on the city walls lifted their heads to see the situation .


Marlene witnessed Canary pointing her finger forward and exclaiming in surprise . Then, Canary’s right hand erupted with flames and dense, blue wind elemental aura that exuded throughout . Even Marlene had the urge to yield to this powerful force . But shortly after, she realized the problem .

A trace of shadow flashed across the blistering, scarlet blaze in Canary’s hand . Then, the blaze turned into dark flames that rushed toward her and caught her off guard . Canary was instantly devoured by the dark flames and the immense force blasted her to the wall behind her .

“Miss Canary!”

Marlene shrieked in horror, rushed over to Canary hurriedly, and saw her ashen complexion as though she was on the verge of death . Marlene held Canary’s wrist and an ice-cold, piercing chilliness spread to her hands immediately .

“Miss Canary . Wake up . Are you alright? Lize! Lize!”

Marlene had never expected that Canary would collapse and this left her hysterical . Although Marlene had also experienced countless battles, this was the first time that she had witnessed the near-death condition of a close one in a battle . Moreover, Canary had always been gentle and elegant and both of them had gotten along well . Besides, Marlene was also aware that a lot of credit had to be given to Canary’s meticulous guidance for her amazing improvement . Canary was a being in the Peak Legendary Stage and yet she could guide her along so patiently . This left Marlene extremely grateful . Furthermore, as Marlene’s understanding of magic grew deeper, she could sense how powerful Canary was even clearer now . It felt as though an endless, wide valley where all magical knowledge was presented, along with countless techniques and battle strategies . Even though Canary wasn’t familiar with magical theory at all, this didn’t disrupt her from casting and making use of elemental magic to create unique moves .

In fact, Marlene always thought that all the time she had spent in the Mage School was a waste whenever she listened to Canary’s lectures . Marlene had spent so much effort in understanding the principle, structure, and origin of magic and she wasn’t even close to a Mage who held unorthodox views in magic .

But now, the unbeatable young lady had fallen before her .

Cough! Cough!

Perhaps woken up by Marlene’s scream, Canary opened her eyes and let out a few painful coughs . Marlene saw a blue breeze spinning around Canary and in the blink of an eye, a dark aura emerged from her body and vanished into thin air .

“I was a little too careless . Sigh… The lack of great equipment is indeed a shortcoming… The magical resistance is horrible…”

“Miss Canary, are you alright?”

Even though Marlene couldn’t understand what Canary was murmuring under her breath, she asked worriedly . Canary lifted her head and presented a smile .

“I’m fine . It’s just a little injury . Bubble can heal me up later . ”

Then, Canary’s expression turned solemn out of a sudden . At this moment, a person swayed her way to behind Marlene . It was Orchid Heart who had always been silent . She stood with her thick book and gazed quietly at Canary .

“Canary, all settled?”

Canary revealed a graceful smile to Orchid Heart .

“That’s right, Sister Heart . My job is done here . The Undead Army has temporarily lost the protection from the Necromancers . I guess Leader and Bubble won’t let this chance slip . I shall leave the rest to you . ”

“You’ve had a long day…”

Orchid Heart displayed a smile and turned around . Then, she stretched out her left hand and several pitch-black cards emerged around her .

“I will take over from here,” Orchid Heart said . “Canary succeeded . ”

Rhode twitched his brows to the flares and rolling billows of smoke bursting into the sky . He lowered his gaze to the battlefield below . The Abominations were still advancing . Most of them had broken through the explosions of magic arrows and Gillian’s fire wall and arrived at the city walls . Even though the soldiers had tried their best, they were only capable of slowing them down and couldn’t stop them .

I still need more soldiers…

Rhode shook his head . If it wasn’t for Orchid Heart, perhaps it would still be too challenging to gain victory with the soldiers . But now, he wasn’t worried about the issue over at the Fortress anymore .

“Bubble, now’s the chance!”

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