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Published at 7th of April 2020 10:04:20 PM
Chapter 700

Chapter 700: War Against Fate (IX)

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“Bubble, now’s the chance!”

As Rhode spoke, the wind direction changed .

The bone-piercing, chilly wind whistled . But, this time, it had a warm sensation within it like the faint scent of wild grass and soil . That used to be their eternal memory . In there, it was the history, battles, glory, and deaths that they had experienced . That was the only thing in their world…

Orchid Heart raised her left hand while holding a card . The icy moonlight sprinkled and shone upon it .

“The war on the prairie under the dark moon and sky has become dust in people’s memories . ”

The young lady chanted softly and lifted her head .

In an instant, blustering gales blew .

The storm that was raised from the ground instantly swept the Undead Creatures off their feet . The soldiers on the city walls instantly shut their eyes and turned around to avoid the sudden gales . But,when they once again opened their eyes, they were astonished .

Where are we?

It was no longer the pitch-black sky and tall mountainous ranges presented before them . Instead, it was an endless prairie with exuberant grass dancing along the gentle breeze . A full moon hung high in the night sky . Its silver-whitish radiance generously illuminated the prairie and in an instant, the entire battlefield seemed to have frozen in place, with only the echoes of ‘swishes’ resounding under the night sky .

The Fortress was still erected firmly under them . However, they didn’t know where they were exactly . They couldn’t see the familiar mountain ranges or narrow valleys anymore . As far as their eyes could see, the boundless prairie stretched across the entire world and the Undead Army who had reached the foot of the city walls were seen trapped in a big, pit-like sunken hill . Not only that, but a river with surging waves and more than ten meters wide also flowed before it . Under the glistening moonlight, the splashing water sprinkled and reflected off the silver-whitish rays that appeared like gemstones before the soldiers .

This was the 10th Position of the Ultimate Army Deck . Venue Card—[Casali under the Night Sky]!

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Although even the experienced soldiers were stunned, they reacted swiftly . The towering city walls of the Fortress were now above the hill while the Undead Army was trapped below them as though they were prey that had fallen into a hunter’s trap . Even though they didn’t know how they came to this state, what else would they do if they didn’t take action now?!


The Undead Army had completely lost their formation and became a chaotic mess . The Abominations who led the pack and was responsible for being the meat shield had been trapped in the middle like the filling inside dumplings . Wrapping around them were the Death Knights, warhorses, Skeleton Guards, followed by the scattered Necromancers . This shift in venue completely changed their formation and the Undead Army had entirely brought about their own destruction .

After all, their previous formations were well-prepared . But now, they were squeezed together and couldn’t budge at all . The Fortress had launched a new wave of attacks, which left them completely flustered . The Abominations had thick flesh and were unaffected by the exploding magic arrows, which they continued to advance in large strides . However, the Death Knights around them were less fortunate . Even though they weren’t any weaker than the Abominations in strength, the ones with bigger body mass in such a narrow space were most advantageous . The Abominations pushed their way through and squeezed the Death Knights away . However, there were also a huge group of Skeleton Guards beside the Death Knights . Not only that, but the Skeleton Guards were also clad in thick, solid armor and they gathered like a city wall and blocked the Death Knights’ attack unintentionally . Since the Death Knights couldn’t possibly break through a path, all they could do was to shield themselves from the descending flares and charge forward blindly .

The Death Knights forced their way through and pushed the Skeleton Guards aside . However, no matter how disciplined the Undead Army was, they couldn’t possibly disperse and regroup after being trapped in this sunken hole . Therefore, they had quickly fallen into a complete mess .

The Necromancers by the outer circle had it worst . Previously, Canary had forcibly destroyed their strategic spell and even though Simon had also dealt a heavy blow to her at the final, critical juncture with his remaining strength, that was his remaining strength, after all, and most wase reversed by her previously . The powers of 13 Necromancers had coalesced and as a result, the backlash from her dealt grave damage to them . At this moment, they couldn’t even stand on their feet and were instantly bound up among the Skeleton Guards miserably .

“What exactly is…”

Simon pulled himself up . The spiritual powers flowed inside him wildly and brought about a piercing pain . Canary’s strength had exceeded the Peak Legendary Stage, but the magical resistance in her equipment was still too low, after all . On the other hand, her attack was still incredibly strong and he had a hard time against her . Simon widened his eyes and gazed at the prairie and hills before him in astonishment . He was sure that this definitely wasn’t the ice-cold Land of Atonement . Damn it… Where exactly is this ridiculous place?!

Could this be the Order Dimension? When did the Munn Kingdom have another person in the Legendary Stage?

Simon dwindled this thought in this head . Even though he wasn’t strong enough to access the Order Dimension and Mystic Realm, he sensed that this wasn’t the usual Order Dimension and Mystic Realm . The reason was simple . Order Dimension was the materialization of the strength and Order of a being in the Legendary Stage, which had high demands of one’s strength . Normally, it was impossible for beings in the Legendary Stage to drag that many soldiers and troops into its Order Dimension and Mystic Realm . Moreover, the Fortress had also been dragged into it, which was never heard of . Besides… It was due to this that Simon sensed that this definitely wasn’t the Order Dimension and Mystic Realm .

The reason was simple . In the world formed from rules, the holder held a status similar to the Gods . If one was capable of dragging the entire army into one’s world, one could destroy them in a single thought without any chance of resistance . But, come to think of it, there was no one in the Peak Legendary Stage who could pull an entire Undead Army into one’s world . Perhaps apart from the four legendary generals and Dark Dragon, no one could achieve this .

If this world belonged to a being in the Legendary Stage, they didn’t need to do such a thing . But now, Simon and all his troops had been swept into this world and the enemies were still relying on their Fortress in increasing firepower? Simon was confident that this definitely wasn’t the rule world of the legendary being!

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If that’s the case, what is this place exactly?!

Simon faced the Undead Army gathered around him and the soldiers on the city walls releasing a rain of magic arrows . The ground shook as the magic arrows exploded . If it was in the previous battlefield, Simon would still be able to cast defensive barrier to protect his army from the magic arrows and regroup in the quickest time possible . However, he couldn’t do so now . He sensed his powers flowing away from him at a rapid speed . The immense impact from the previous explosion had broken all his defenses and even brought upon severe damage to his spirit . Simon had no intentions of continuing this battle anymore . All he had in mind was to escape this battlefield and recover from his injuries . But he knew that he wouldn’t fully recover without spending at least 40 to 50 years…

Simon hesitated no more . But, when he lifted his head to the surrounding, he heard a sharp, whistling sound . He turned toward the sound and spotted a spotlessly white meteor streaking across the sky, followed by a loud explosion .


Mini Bubble Gum crashed into the middle of the Undead Army and sent a strong, matchless force across the sunken hill . The Abominations which the magic arrows couldn’t defeat were instantly smashed like flattened balloons . The putrid stench filled with poisonous gas and liquid splattered . However, the silver halo around the little girl cleansed them before they could get into contact with her .

“Trying to escape? Let me see where you can run to!”

Mini Bubble Gum was oddly excited . She had totally neglected the fact that the Undead Army was actually attacking and wasn’t retreating . At this moment, she yelled, extended her right fist, and punched the ground heavily!

This powerful punch shook the city walls, which left the soldiers trembling in fear . Then, they looked down at the sunken hole and instantly spotted cracks under the bright moonlight . Not only that, but they also clearly witnessed the Undead Army shaking up and shattering into bits . Many of them plunged into the pitch-black fissure .

“Oh my goodness…”

The soldiers mumbled subconsciously . They had spent so much effort and could only cause some chaos in the Undead Army . But just a simple attack from Mini Bubble Gum completely shook up the thousands of Undead Creatures . The threat of this pure, powerful strength had left them frightened .

But this was only the start .

Mini Bubble Gum lifted her head with a smile .

Silver-whitish, divine flames erupted from the fissure . The blistering blaze overflowed mercilessly and engulfed the Undead Creatures altogether .

“Damn it!”

Simon’s face couldn’t turn any uglier .

He had totally unexpected that this remote Fortress would have so many powerful beings Who exactly is this little girl! How is it possible that she possesses such formidable and sacred powers? Is she from the Church? Does the Country of Law have intentions of joining this battle?

Simon felt a chill down his spine .

Almost instinctively, he turned around to retreat . At the same time, two shimmering blade rays transformed into lightning bolts and struck at him . Simon raised his arms and emanated an ice-cold radiance with his shriveled palms . In the blink of an eye, a shield made up of white bones emerged before him .


Simon witnessed two swords colliding on his bone shield . Then, a black-haired young man emerged out of the darkness casually and gazed silently at him . Even though this young Human didn’t speak a word, Simon knew that he was the young Human’s target .

Good reactions .

Rhode narrowed his eyes at the Necromancer . Everything had been planned by Orchid Heart, Canary, Mini Bubble Gum, and him . After sensing that Simon was from the ‘Sinister Death’, Rhode naturally knew what to do with him . A group with Necromancers as their main force would usually make use of Undead Creatures to attract the enemies’ attention while they released strategic spells from the rear . Rhode definitely wouldn’t allow his Fortress to receive such powerful damage . After all, not only were the undead spells formidable, but they were also like contaminating nuclear bombs . Even if the Holy Maiden Statue could withstand the attacks, it was imaginable how the environment of Land of Atonement would be after they were stained with the aura of death . It would surely turn into a dead land .

This was why Rhode had drawn up this plan . As soon as they detected that the Necromancers were preparing their strategic spell, Canary would instantly intervene and destroy it . With her current strength, there was nothing that she couldn’t disrupt unless they were the techniques and magic spells from the four legendary generals and Dark Dragon . After the strategic spell intervened, the Necromancers would suffer from the backlash while Orchid Heart would trigger the [Casali under the Night Sky] Venue Card to drag the entire Undead Army into the venue card of the Ultimate Army Deck . The reason why he had chosen to do this after the Necromancers had suffered from the backlash was so they wouldn’t be able to hinder their later plans . As long as the whole Undead Army was dragged into the venue, Mini Bubble Gum could brazenly unleash her strength without anyone detecting her .

But there was still a limit, after all . Orchid Heart used spiritual communications to remind Rhode that [Casali under the Night Sky] could only be maintained for five minutes with her current strength . As soon as five minutes were up, the Venue Card would lose its effects .

Five minutes—50,000 Undead Creatures .

Rhode sprung back while fixing his eyes on the Necromancer before him . Even though the latter’s robe was tattered and his miserable look made him look like he survived multiple bombings, Rhode could still sense the rich aura of death exuding from him . It was apparent that this Necromancer was the commander of this Undead Army .

And he was also Rhode’s target .

Simon gritted his teeth . He no longer cared for his troops anymore . He only wished to leave this place immediately to save his life . As for the next move—he would think about it later!

Simon raised his right index finger and his finger shattered into powder and burst out a rich, dense forest green smoke that aimed for Rhode . Rhode dodged swiftly and released shimmering flashes from his swords that sliced through the smoke . Then, he struck straight for Simon!


Simon flinched . Then, he spread his arms apart and chanted under his breath . Several bone spears emerged behind him and shot at the swords aiming for him .

At this moment, the situation took a sudden turn .

The two swords released a dazzling radiance as soon as they collided with the bone spears . Then, two figures emerged!

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