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Chapter 656: 656

Rhode knitted his brows and scanned the man before him . He was a middle-aged man about the age of 40, broad-shouldered and tall . It could be clearly seen from his neatly back-combed brown hair and determined face as tough as granite that he wasn’t one who would be easily fazed . He wore a luxurious, neat military uniform and held an ordinary-looking silver-whitish sword . He gazed silently at Rhode while emanating a falcon-like aura .

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Lauren Ellac Cyan Goshawk . The Country of Light’s Holy Blade Army Commander .

Rhode puckered his brows . However, he returned to his usual expression shortly after . In every race, nation, and group, there will always be good guys and bad guys . If the degenerates of the Country of Light were the parliament members, this man here could be considered a representative of the good guys . Of course, judging from a political and religious standpoint, he, Rhode, and the Munn Kingdom were entirely different . He loved his country, defended the Country of Light, and agreed in the Light Parliament’s way of fighting for freedom and authority instead of relying on the Creator Dragon Soul . However, he also objected to the Light Parliament’s Human supremacy policy and disliked watching the Light Parliament intervene in other nation’s affairs . It was especially so during the conflict with the Munn Kingdom . Lauren had objected to their actions because he believed that the Country of Light should focus their priorities in managing domestic affairs and not intervening in the internal affairs of other nations in the name of promoting freedom and justice . Of course, this wasn’t due to the fact that Lauren respected the standpoints of other nations . Instead, he believed that the conditions of the internal department of the Country of Light weren’t stabilized yet . In the game, he was the first senior general from the Country of Light who stepped out and hoped to abandon former hatred to work closely with Munn Kingdom .

However, a person like him was destined to not be well-liked by the people due to decades of brainwashing by the Light Parliament, where almost everyone believed that they lived in a land of freedom and harmony . They used their strength to create and build this wonderful nation and they had the responsibility to spread freedom and righteousness to every corner of the world . Anyone who refused to accept their kindness was evil . Cruel dictators had to be overthrown and eliminated .

It was due to this that Lauren wasn’t favorable in the eyes of the Country of Light’s people . One aspect was his political views while the other was his bloodline . This man was actually a Half-Elf with the blood of the Elf and Human flowing in him, which was an awkward problem for the Light Parliament, who trusted in their own Human race only .

However, Rhode was clear that Lauren was formidable . His strength was even stronger than the Mist Sword Saint who was crippled by Mini Bubble Gum . He had reached the peak level of all mortals on this continent—Peak Legendary Stage . He was a holder of the ‘Mystic Realm’ and one of the most powerful beings in the Country of Light . In the Country of Light, there were only five beings who had reached the standard of the ‘Mystic Realm’ . It was due to this that the Light Parliament accepted his words and actions tacitly .

However, in the game, Rhode didn’t have many chances of battling him as Lauren had spent most of his time leading his army in the front line against the Undead Legion . Although he was powerful, he was still at the peak standard of mortals, after all, where he could only kneel before the Four Legendary Generals who had broken through the limits . In fact, Lauren was murdered by ‘The Angel of Sorrow’ Charlie in the end and died what was considered a worthy death . At least, he didn’t personally witness the horrifying calamity caused by Rhode and the players he led when they wiped out the Country of Light .

“I didn’t expect to see Sir Cyan Goshawk in person . How surprising . ”

“You know who I am?”

The man opened his eyes wide in surprise . However, Rhode didn’t answer directly . He nodded slightly and said with a poker face .

“Never would I expect that Sir Cyan Goshawk would actually do such a thing . Do you need me to explain the details to you? This is the territory of Munn Kingdom . I’m an overlord while these guys here are my soldiers . According to the treaty signed by both parties, you can’t arrest a noble who had the title of the overlord and his subordinates without the approval and assistance of the Royal Family, no matter the reason or purpose . I want to know what exactly are you doing here . ”

Lauren stared at Rhode in silence while the latter didn’t budge at all . Rhode pressed his hand on the sword hilt . Got to admit, Lauren’s appearance had indeed surprised him . However, the soldiers around him weren’t from the Holy Blade Legion . Instead, judging from their appearance, they seemed more like the troops of the Light Parliament . Rhode couldn’t get his head around why Lauren was with these guys instead .

Lauren shifted his gaze to the group around him . Then, he let out a snort and stepped forward .

“We represent the Light Parliament to investigate the truth of the raid on the Ocean Trade Route!”

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“… Huh?”

This was the first time Rhode revealed an astonished look . At the same time, the thousands of alpacas in his heart galloped wildly . He had almost forgotten about the wrath in his head . He was indescribably stunned and speechless . It was inexplicable that the track of history couldn’t be changed… He had never expected that such retribution would fall on him in the midst of this .

In the game, the Ocean Trade Route incident was the fuse for the war between the Country of Light and the Country of Darkness . Back then, the Country of Light dispatched their investigations team to work on the Ocean Trade Route incident and launched an attack on Soraka Mountain in the name of this . Then, the rumors of Soraka Mountain seeking support from the Country of Darkness spread at the same time . In the end, the soldiers sent out by the Country of Light occupied Soraka Mountain while the Country of Darkness also dispatched their army and that was how the war began .

However, Rhode thought that this incident should have been put to an end entirely . After he came to this world and rescued the Burning Blade Mercenary Group, he borrowed Gillian’s strength to get rid of the mastermind behind the Ocean Trade Route incident . Thereafter, the Duke Fiend was awakened and Soraka Mountain turned into a piece of rotten, unwanted meat in the eyes of the Country of Light . Rhode thought that he had gotten rid of the source of all conflicts . But now, he actually met the investigations team sent by the Light Parliament to investigate the Ocean Trade Route incident? Were they the ones who transmigrated into this world instead of him? Moreover, Rhode remembered clearly that he was the one who reported the whole Ocean Trade Route incident to Lydia, so logically speaking, shouldn’t the entire matter have ended by now? It had been half a year and these people were still wandering around the Munn Kingdom . How hardworking .

“If I recall correctly, this incident should have ended a long time ago . ”

Fortunately, Rhode’s poker face had taken great effects . Although the mythological river crabs and alpacas in his heart were battling it out frantically, his expression remained unchanged . Back then, Rhode had vaguely guessed if this was related to the Ocean Trade Route incident or even the black-cloaked Necromancer and the Jade Tears Mercenary Group . If he wasn’t far off with his estimations, the entire incident was caused by the Country of Light themselves . Rhode thought that this incident had come to a close after Gillian’s flames had burned the black-cloaked Necromancer to death . But now, he didn’t expect that the Country of Light was still grabbing onto this matter . Were they senseless or did they have other motives?

The Light Parliament wasn’t just senseless, of course . They were dumb—greedily dumb .

“This matter hasn’t come to an end yet . ”

Perhaps with Lauren as their support, the pale soldier regained his arrogance and let out a grunt of disdain .

“Of course, the Light Parliament has received the report from the Munn Kingdom . But the Light Parliament deems that the report is full of suspicion and this is why we represent them in coming here to investigate the truth! Although this incident is over, the raid on the Ocean Trade Route has brought about devastation and serious damage to the entire Country of Light . We will never allow such a mishap to happen again . We need to excavate the truth and bring the justice of light upon this world!”

“Truth? I think you guys are looking for the truth that only you wish to see . ”

Rhode let out a snort and swept a glance at Lauren . It was apparent that this group of people was definitely here to find trouble with the Munn Kingdom . On the other hand, Lauren always had political disagreement with the Light Parliament . But this time, he actually joined the investigations team and didn’t bring his own subordinates . The Light Parliament might be considering discharging him from the force since Lauren couldn’t do much in the Munn Kingdom . Rhode had some evil guesses . Perhaps the Light Parliament was hoping that Lauren would cause some trouble in Munn Kingdom and get taken out by someone . This way, they could kill two birds with one stone . Not only could they use this chance to tackle Munn Kingdom, but they could also remove a thorn in their side .


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The man sulked instantly to Rhode’s ridicule .

“What rights do you lackeys of a dictator have against us?”

“This is the territory of the Munn Kingdom . I’m an overlord of the Munn Kingdom and the guys you have detained are my men . ”

Rhode’s voice gradually deepened . The sharp sword aura he emanated against Lauren once again erupted .

“I repeat . Let my men go and leave this place . If you want to find trouble with us, put on a record with the Royal Family . If not…”

“What will you do?”

The man lifted his head in disdain .

“Suffer the consequences . ”

“How dare you!”

The man gritted his teeth and widened his eyes furiously .

“Do you know that you’re threatening the diplomatic envoys of the Country of Light? You country bumpkin! Great . Since you don’t know your place, I don’t need to speak any further . Soldiers! Capture this man . I suspect that these guys are secretly communicating with the Country of Darkness and are the main culprits of the Ocean Trade Route route! Catch them now!”

The Country of Light soldiers strode toward Rhode . The latter showed a smile and the whizzing sword aura abruptly shrunk .

Not good!

Lauren sulked instantly . However, it wasn’t Rhode’s sword aura that shocked him . Instead, it was the speed of its withdrawal . The sword aura vanished in an instant, which was enough to prove the young man’s swordsmanship attainment . Lauren sensed a clear trace of danger . Even though the young man was smiling warmly, Lauren, as a famous sword saint, instantly detected the hidden dangers .

That was a clear murderous intent as though one unsheathing his sharp sword!

But before Lauren spoke, Rhode struck out!

Rhode darted forward in a flash, leading a trail of afterimages toward the dozen soldiers . The soldiers weren’t prepared for this attack at all . They were used to being overbearing and bossy in the Country of Light, where no one in the Munn Kingdom dared to lay a finger on them . But they had never expected this young noble to take actions! When they came to their senses, Rhode had already dashed into their group!


The pitch-black chain sword in Rhode’s hand fluttered like a viper . In an instant, fresh blood splashed blood-curdling screeches filled the sky . . Four to five soldiers collapsed to the ground while the other soldiers finally reacted and charged forward with their swords . However, Rhode had no intentions of backing off . He smiled and roamed about the group of soldiers like a fish in water . Even though the soldiers were military trained, their movements were much slower than Rhode’s . Moreover, the differences in their strength were on extreme ends .

The pitch-black blade elegantly slid through the blade trajectories and struck a soldier’s neck . The soldier widened his eyes, gurgled the blood in his throat, and instinctively tried to hold his neck with both hands . At this moment, Rhode pulled out his sword and a trail of crimson blood spurted into the air . Then, the soldier fell to the ground lifelessly .

The other soldiers looked on in fear . Although Rhode wasn’t moving incredibly quick, they couldn’t grasp his true position . When they thought that their razor-sharp blades had penetrated the black-haired young man, they realized that it was one of the afterimages that they struck . Each time the terrifying young man brandished his sword, a soldier would fall instantly . If it weren’t for their commander observing from behind, perhaps the soldiers would have ran for their lives .

“Stop . Retreat . Mage team attack!”

The man gritted his teeth and ordered loudly, where the soldiers gladly retreated in a hurry . Then, the Mages in white robe raised their hands in unison . It was obvious that they had also been through stern training . Their movements were meticulous and they captured the timing perfectly . When the soldiers retreated, the Mages had raised their arms . Shortly after, they blasted a harmony of blaze, lightning bolts, and windstorm from their hands . In the blink of an eye, the dazzling colors enveloped Rhode entirely .

“Sir Overlord!”

John shrieked worriedly . He ground his teeth and tried to stand up, but the soldiers held him down roughly . John felt powerless . All he could do was watch Rhode get bombarded continuously . The snow on the Ice Field had melted completely and the attack finally stopped after the pitch-black ground was revealed .

The Mages in white robe laid down their hands and the entire place was in complete silence . John’s group gazed at the Ice Field anxiously . Although they knew how powerful Rhode was, would he be able to withstand the formidable spells of the Mages?

The smoke gradually dispersed and revealed a figure .

“Oh, Lord…”

Many of them were stunned .

Rhode stood silently in the middle . A flickering barrier with strange, simple patterns revolved around him, emanating faint magical radiance . Even though the terrifying magical powers had bombarded the place and the corpses around Rhode weren’t spared, Rhode wasn’t hurt at all!

“My turn . ”

Rhode lifted his head and raised the pitch-black sword in his hand . He continued to display his gentle smile, but at this moment, the soldiers felt a chill down their spines .

Lauren stepped forward .

“Young man . I admit that you’re formidable . But… don’t go overboard . ”

“That isn’t my problem, Mr . Lauren . ”

Rhode sulked slightly and kept his smile .

“I shall say it again . Let my men go and leave this place immediately . This isn’t the territory of the Country of Light . Although the Country of Light is used to terrorizing, it’s a pity that… this isn’t the place for your oppression . ”

“Good . ”

Lauren revealed a furious glint in his eyes . He slowly unsheathed his sword .

“Alright then . Let me see how powerful you are . ”

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