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Chapter 655: 655

Chapter 655: Uninvited Guests (III)

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What did these guys come from?

This questioned cropped up in John’s mind . He vigilantly stared at the soldiers who had surrounded him . He was sure that these soldiers weren’t disguised as bandits . They had strict discipline, were well-equipped, and also skillful . Moreover, their armor had the logo of the Country of Light . No matter how they looked, they were no doubt the soldiers of Country of Light .

But why are the people of Country of Light here? And they also got us surrounded?

“We’re the Cavalrymen of Grenbell’s overlord . Who exactly are you guys and why are you doing this?!”

John held down his inner wrath . Even though he held his men back from confronting these guys, he didn’t feel great being surrounded like criminals . But then again, this was because John hadn’t been Rhode’s subordinate for a long time . Besides, he had been living in the South and his hatred toward the Country of Light wasn’t as deep as the Northerners . Besides, after living in the South for so long, John had become rather timid against the Country of Light . He had no lack of smart brains, having been promoted to a commander in the Southern Legion . These powerful soldiers from the Country of Light came in aggressively and they appeared bold and confident with justice on their side . Just in case these soldiers were under a mission, John felt the need to restrain his troops from getting into a conflict with them .

If John knew about the clash between Rhode and the Country of Light, perhaps he wouldn’t have such thoughts .

The soldiers kept hush to John’s interrogation, which let John fuming . He was worried about the situation on Rhode’s side because he knew his team held a crucial role in this tactic . But now, he was held back by these soldiers . There were a few instances when he almost led his men to charge out of the encirclement . However, there were more enemies than they could handle and they would suffer grave injuries even if they managed to break the encirclement . Therefore, he swallowed his anger and hoped that they would give him a reasonable explanation . But these soldiers rudely disregarded him .

Suddenly, the soldiers made way for a man in heavy armor and an old Mage in red robe . John looked over hurriedly and sized them up . It was apparent that they were their commanders .

“Who are you guys exactly? Why are you surrounding us! You…”

John stepped forth grudgingly . The surrounding soldiers drew their swords out of the sheaths and stopped him from moving an inch farther . The man in heavy armor turned to the old Mage .

“Sir, what do you think we should do with them?”

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The old Mage pondered in silence . He scanned the armor on John and his Cavalrymen before turning back to the other commander .

“Judging from their appearance, their armor does indeed look like they’re from the Country of Darkness…”

“Then, that confirms it! Drag them away!”

The man gestured to his soldiers instantly as though he heard the answer that he had anticipated . The soldiers pressed forward to John’s group, but the Cavalrymen weren’t willing to surrender just yet . They drew their weapons and resisted . John sulked and even though he had been tolerating them, these guys from Country of Light were too unreasonable, so he couldn’t tolerate any longer .

“I repeat . We’re the Cavalrymen of Grenbell’s overlord . What rights do you have to do this!”

“We’re the Investigation Guards of the Light Parliament . ”

This time, the man lifted his chin arrogantly .

“We have an official document from the Light Parliament . Now, we suspect that you’re related to a serious terror attack . I request that you lay down your weapons and follow us . If not, we won’t hesitate to kill!

“Pah! What rights do you think you have… You bunch of bastards…”

John’s Cavalrymen chided while raising their swords . The man twitched his brows and gestured .

The soldiers from the Country of Light lifted their swords and pointed straight at John’s men . At the same time, a dozen Mages in white robe flew ahead from the back, aiming their staffs forward . John and his men trembled in fear .

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“We, in the name of the Light Parliament, once again ask that you lay down your weapons and surrender immediately . If not, we will…”

“What will you do?”

An indifferent voice sounded from the back . John revealed a glad smile and turned around quickly . He spotted a tall, thin, dark figure strolling toward them .

“Sir Overlord!”

Rhode nodded to him . He narrowed his eyes and gazed at the crowd with an apathetic expression .

“I was wondering why my subordinates didn’t join us back in time . So… They’re being pestered by a bunch of crazy wild dogs…”

“How dare you!”

The man in heavy armor sulked and drew his sword to point at Rhode .

“In the name of the Light Parliament, I ask that you take back your words . If not, you’ll suffer the consequences!”

Rhode’s expression remain unchanged . He lazily lifted his chin and gaze at the man as though none of his words had gotten into his head .

“Light Parliament? So the Light Parliament is only capable of robbing and behaving like bandits? You stopped my subordinates without reasons and even tried to hold them captive? How daring of you… But come to think of it, it isn’t strange that the Light Parliament is an expert in this aspect…”

“Shut up! You arrogant man!”

The man let out a furious snarl .

“I won’t allow you to humiliate the honor of the Light Parliament . If you…”

At this moment, an overwhelming icy-cold sword aura had as though risen from the snowy field . It spread wildly and enveloped everything in its path . The heavily-armored man trembled and no words could come out of his mouth . The old Mage beside him also realized the incoming danger .

“Just a group of idiots from the Light Parliament isn’t enough for me to care . ”

Rhode held his sword hilt by his waist and slowly approached the soldiers with his unprecedented, pressurizing aura .

“This is the territory of the Munn Kingdom . I don’t care why the Light Parliament sent you here . You won’t have your way to detain my men . Now, I, in the identity of Grenbell’s overlord, order that you lay down your weapons and get lost . If not…”

Rhode looked at the heavily-armored man in disdain .

“Suffer the consequences . ”


The heavily-armored man twisted in his wrath . Rhode’s immense sword aura had held the man in his place and he couldn’t budge at all . At this moment, he felt as though razor-sharp blades were pushing against him from head to toe and as soon as he spoke a word, the invisible blades would penetrate his body instantly .

“You’ve gone too far . ”

Suddenly, a deep voice sounded . Rhode’s sword aura stagnated slightly and was pushed back as though it had struck an invisible shield . However, he didn’t concede defeat . He let out a snort and kept his smile, staring forward with stern eyes . The immense sword aura emanating from him strengthened and blasted to the surrounding .


It was apparent that the other party was taken aback and his imposing aura to push back Rhode’s sword aura had stagnated . Then, Rhode sensed a strong, choking pressure as though a gigantic boulder had rolled over the mountain and crashed on him . He narrowed his eyes and tapped his sword hilt with his right index finger .

Without any warning, the snowfield before Rhode crumbled as though the ground couldn’t withstand the two invisible and overwhelming pressure, forming a pitch-black deep crevice while snow and crushed rocks fluttered in midair . Shortly after, the quakes stopped .

At this moment, the deep voice sounded once again .

“Sword Aura Materialization? When was there a young sword saint in Munn Kingdom?”

One of the men emerged from the crowd .

Rhode twitched his brows as soon as he saw him .

It’s him?

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