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Chapter 595

“This is…”

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Lize sucked in a deep breath . She immediately spotted the unusual environment . Everything before her eyes were emanating with unprecedented dangers . Her instincts were warning her to stay away from this dangerous region .

What should I do?

Lize stood by the entrance of the valley hesitantly . She had never entered any dangerous regions alone as a Cleric . In the beginning, she used to be incapable of doing it, but now, she didn’t have such a chance even if she wanted to . Even though she had learned quite a few battle techniques from Mini Bubble Gum, she had never done this before . Besides, she also knew the dangers of the spreading Chaos . The terrifying, lurking monsters might charge out from anywhere and everywhere . If she were to be encircled by the monsters, she would definitely have a hard time escaping .  Besides, Mr . Rhode didn’t allow me to enter the valley . If I enter on my own accord…


Suddenly, Lize heard a deep groan and she widened her eyes as soon as she turned around . Anne was covered in ghastly scars and blood everywhere as she leaned on a large boulder . The shield that had never left her side was nowhere to be seen .


Lize shrieked in horror . She hurriedly cast a protective barrier on herself and bolted forward .

“Anne, what happened? Where’s Mr . Rhode? Anne?!”

As Lize was about to arrive at Anne’s side, a burst of strong wind blew against her face and forced her to shut her eyes . In the blink of an eye, Lize opened her eyes and realized that Anne had vanished .


There was nothing before Lize except for the swaying shrubs . There were no signs of Anne as though she was never there .

Have I been tricked?

Lize was no longer the newbie from before anymore . She swiftly turned around and leaned back against the boulder . Then, she waved her arms and two protective halos spread apart with her in the middle . She felt much more relieved now . She puckered her brows and scanned the surroundings cautiously . However, nothing had changed . The entire river valley was equally silent . Although it felt like an illusion, Lize knew that she was like a butterfly who had flown into a spider web . If she didn’t escape sooner, she might be eaten . But…

Lize turned her gaze to the entrance where she came from and it was replaced by dense, lush shrubs and forest . She frowned and extended her arm forward to cast a spell that could break the illusion . However, it was ineffective .

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I’m in trouble…

Lize approached the dense forest . The densely packed tree branches and vines had interwoven . The hard shrubs on the ground and the entire forest seemed like a natural barrier and it was impossible to pass through . Lize touched the texture of the withered bark and she realized that it wasn’t an illusion at all .  However, if it was real, how did it appear? Lize remembered that only the Elves were capable of manipulating nature . However, she didn’t offend any Elves . Besides, Elves wouldn’t lure her inside by creating an illusion of an injured Anne .

Lize turned around and her heart sank . She had only been attracted by the scenery inside and when she turned around, she discovered that the environment around her had changed itself entirely . The valley was nowhere to be seen . It was replaced with an endless, dark forest surrounded by shrubs and vines . Apart from the indistinct path that led the way, there were no other ways .

Is this an illusion spell or trap?

Lize hesitated no more . She tapped on her earring lightly and the deep blue earring glowed warmly . Then, the invisible magical signal spread forward .

“Mr . Rhode? Mr . Rhode? Can you hear me? I’ve met with some trouble…”

No response .

This Magic Transmission Device which Lapis made was only worn by the higher-ups of the Guild and it didn’t seem to work .

It seems like the only way is to move forward .

Lize hesitated for a few moments as she looked into the indistinct trail that led into the forest . In the end, she made a desperate decision .

Lize didn’t think that her choice was right . But she had no other choice .

Perhaps due to the dense trees blocking out the sunlight, the forest was strangely dark . Lize had to widen her eyes to see everything clearly before her . She didn’t dare to cast her illumination spell because she knew that it would attract trouble and danger . Besides, she wasn’t powerful as a Cleric . Although Mini Bubble Gum had taught her well and wholeheartedly, the differences in their personalities couldn’t be changed .

After walking for up to two hours, or even longer, the dark space finally brightened and the surrounding tree branches and vines that resembled snakes became sparse . Lize hurried her footsteps toward the source of light .

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“Hu hu hu…”

As Lize was about to step out of the forest, suddenly, a burst of chuckles sounded in her ears . She came to a halt abruptly and scanned the surroundings . At this moment, a figure in the forest caught her attention .

“Mr . Rhode?”

Rhode’s back was facing her as though he was focused on something else . Lize yelled out in surprise and scuttled two steps forward subconsciously . However, she reminded herself of Anne’s illusion which made her fall into this situation . She didn’t wish to be had for the second time .

Lize inched forward sneakily from the side .

That is really Mr . Rhode .

Lize was sure of it . Rhode seemed to be doing something there, but the dense shrubs had blocked her vision . Lize stepped forward and this time, she heard someone gasping for breath—a really familiar voice .

However, everything revealed before her eyes before she figured out who it was .

Anne laid on the ground without a single piece of cloth on her . Her beautiful curves were trembling . She let out satisfied and alluring moans . Rhode was thrusting this enticing, active body .

“Ah… Leader… So strong… Anne feels so comfortable… Leader…!”

Anne lifted her head high and pressed her hands on the ground . Her legs were trembling and her twisting waist welcomed Rhode’s invasion wildly .  Smack smack smack… The collision of their bodies rang loudly in Lize’s ears . Lize stood blankly on the spot . Although she was standing by the edge of the shrub, neither Rhode nor Anne seemed to realize her presence . Rhode bent over and rubbed his hands around Anne’s soft, ample chest, at the same time biting her earlobe . Anne shuddered violently .

“Ah… Leader . Anne likes you so much! Continue to like Anne more and more, Leader…!’

Lize turned around and her head was in a complete blank . Although she knew that such weird things wouldn’t happen in reality, the immense stimulation forced her away . Even though she had turned around, she could still hear the resounding collision of their bodies and their moans . She couldn’t hold it in anymore and she darted away .

“Haa… Haa…”

Lize came to a half after the voices had vanished entirely . She held onto the tree trunk for support and panted for air . Her heart was in a mess .  That was just an illusion . Just an illusion . It wasn’t real .  Although she kept telling herself that, she felt that her heart was about to explode as soon as she thought about that scene .  Wake up, Lize . That’s the enemy’s illusion spell . Don’t be fooled… Lize gritted her teeth and lifted her head . Then, she froze on the spot .

“Mm… Mm…”

Canary poured her naked self into Rhode’s embrace . They kissed passionately and separated thereafter .

“Rhode… How was it? My skills are still the best, right?”

Canary glanced forward with a taunting look as though she was mocking Lize .

“No, you’re not . Rhode, it should be my turn next . ”

Lize turned around stiffly, fearing to witness the next woman .

Marlene crawled up from behind Rhode and wrapped her arms lazily around his neck . She was also completely naked . Rhode stretched out his left hand and touched between her legs . Marlene closed her eyes and let out a satisfied moan . At this moment, Canary chuckled .

“How seductive, Marlene . Is this fine? Lize is watching from there . ”


Marlene opened her eyes and turned toward where Canary was pointing . However, she hugged even closer to Rhode .

“So what? Just let her watch if she wants . Anyway, Rhode is the most important to me… Mm… Rhode, stop teasing me . Give it to me…”

“That’s right . Lize won’t join us anyway, right?”

Anne walked out with her usual smile . Like the other two young ladies, Anne was also fully unclothed and white, sticky liquid was flowing down her thighs from between her legs . She lifted her head high and gazed at Lize in disdain .

“Besides, she wouldn’t dare to do it . Leader belongs to us . Cowards should go away and stop annoying Anne from having fun . ”

“S-Sisters, don’t go overboard . ”

Lapis licked her lips as she peeked her head out from behind Canary and enviously observed her interactions with Rhode .

“Lize also wants to join us, but she’s just not brave enough…”

“No! I… I don’t…!”

Lize reacted as though she had regained her senses . She stepped a few steps back subconsciously and shook her head as though the world was collapsing before her very eyes .

“I-I’m not thinking of…”

“How dare you lie . Anne knows what you’re thinking . Hmph, you also wish to crawl before Leader and sway your bum to satisfy him, isn’t it? Isn’t it normal for females to crave for males to mate? Anne hates people who act all high and mighty like you . ”

“No! I have never thought of this before! I-I have never… Never…”

“You see, Anne . Didn’t I tell you that Lize wouldn’t have such thoughts? To her, we are just a bunch of animals craving for love and indulging in carnal desires . ”

“No! Marlene, it’s not like that! I have never thought of it that way . I have never, never thought about that…”

“Still trying to deny? What a stubborn little girl . But isn’t it better since she doesn’t wish to? We have one less competitor snatching Rhode away from us . That’s fine . Lize, go get yourself another man and stop annoying us . How about that?”

“I… I… No! I beg you girls! Don’t say that! I have really never thought of it this way!”

Their every remark crushed her heart like an iron hammer . She shook her head in denial and screamed frantically . Lize didn’t dare to look forward anymore . She turned around to escape the horrifying nightmare .

At this moment, a pair of gigantic, blood-red eyes came into view .

And Lize’s conscious came to an end .

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