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Chapter 596

How strange .

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Rhode brandished his dagger and smashed a Chaos critter into nothingness . He couldn’t help but furrow his brows . They had entered Emerald Valley for about two hours and they should have covered half the distance by now . The spread of the Chaos here wasn’t that rapid and the critters that were tainted by the Chaos were low-level creatures which didn’t pose any problems . Although the journey had been smooth, the most crucial Mind Devil hadn’t been discovered yet . He suspected if his over-cautiousness had prevented the Mind Devil from showing itself . He had indeed felt traces of spiritual-probing slipping by him and Anne when they entered the valley . However, nothing happened afterward . Back then, Rhode thought that as long as they moved forward, the Mind Devil would surely strike for them . A human’s mental strength and thoughts were its best food and he believed that it wouldn’t let this delicious meal slip .

But now, Rhode didn’t detect the same mental interactions from before as though the Mind Devil had lost its interest .

Or perhaps I’ve behaved too prudently?

Rhode let out an inward sigh . Of course, he couldn’t be blamed because the Mind Devil focused on mental attack, which was unlike magic or any other physical attacks . Rhode certainly didn’t wish to be outplayed by it, which was why he acted more cautiously .  But now… What’s going on?

Rhode didn’t believe that the Mind Devil would obediently wait for someone to annihilate it . If that was the truth, Rhode would have a much easier time and it would be as easy as having a meal to fight a level 30 BOSS that didn’t use any mental attacks . However, Emerald Valley wasn’t a path that would lead to a dead end and the Mind Devil naturally wouldn’t be waiting at the end… Rhode had even considered tricking the villagers into being bait for the Mind Devil .

“Leader, something isn’t right . ”

Anne said and Rhode came to a halt as he had also sensed the unusual environment . Thick white fog was spreading and enveloping everything . It was so fast that they almost couldn’t even react in time .

“Stand beside me, Anne . Hold my hand and don’t let go!” Rhode yelled out .

Anne nodded hurriedly and grabbed his hand… At this moment, the fog shrouded them completely .

“W-What is this? Leader?”

Anne gazed curiously at the murky smoke that had masked their vision of everything within two meters of their sight . If they weren’t holding hands, they wouldn’t be able to confirm each other’s position . However, the duo didn’t stop moving forward .

“This isn’t fog . ”

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Rhode swept glances around him . He didn’t feel any water vapor from it and the little mermaid’s skill failed to disperse it . This proved that the fog was just an illusion to conceal their vision .

Rhode took large strides forward while holding onto Anne’s hand . In the white fog, no one could verify time and distance accurately . However, Rhode continued to move forward regardless until the fog disappeared before his eyes .

“This is…”

Anne widened her eyes in astonishment . It wasn’t the picturesque scenery of a valley . Instead, it was a long, dozen-meters wide corridor with a pitch-black ceiling . Tall, round pillars of stone lined along the corridor supported the dome . Anne turned back and realized that the path that they had come through from turned into an ice-cold wall .


Rhode let out a long breath, but Anne didn’t know if he was relieved or felt helpless .

“Alright, we’ve found it, Anne . ”

“Eh? Is this the ‘something Devil’ that Leader mentioned?”

Anne turned around in surprise and Rhode nodded firmly .

“That’s right . The place that we’re in now is a mental world created by the Mind Devil and as long as we walk into the core of this world, we can find that fella and annihilate it . It’s that simple, but…”

Rhode paused for a while . At this moment, he was rather doubtful of the situation . It wasn’t strange of the Mind Devil to call upon a mental world, but neither of them seemed to be affected by it at all . As for the little mermaid, Rhode could understand her every action since she was his summoned spirit and there weren’t any signs of her being attacked mentally .

However, this phenomenon didn’t appear to be an ‘illusion spell’ used by the Mind Devil when capturing prey . Instead, it was a true mental world, which was the most powerful part of the Mind Devil . Although it had weak strength, it could materialize its prey’s mental world and receive powerful strength from it . Or perhaps, the Mind Devil wasn’t powerful itself, but it could borrow its prey’s mental strength to create such things, which was the most terrifying .

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But this was where the problem presented itself . Whose mental world did this belong to? Rhode wasn’t affected by it and it was impossible for Anne to have such a strange mental world . The mental world was built from the deepest scenery in one’s heart and it wasn’t possible that Anne was interested in such quiet and lifeless buildings . But now, it meant that someone had been affected by the Mind Devil, which was why this mental world existed . But who exactly was that?

“Let’s go . Be careful . ”

Rhode shook his head and beckoned .

The stone corridor seemed never-ending . Rhode scrutinized the view as he sought out some features of the mental world owner . However, what took him by surprise was that this mental world wasn’t as simple as it seemed .

This corridor resembled those in lofty palaces and the Church . As a matter of fact, the spotlessly white, round pillars and oval dome proved this point . Moreover, the dignified and gorgeous floral patterns added a bit of a solemn atmosphere to this place . Rhode’s first impression of this place was that this was a mental world which belonged to a serious and noble person .

Yes, that’s right . First impression .  However, it was entirely different after he scanned the details .

And the reason laid in the statues on the round pillars .

In the Church, these statues were Angels carved on the round pillars . They widened their arms and spread their elegant wings apart, posing magnificently . However, the statues on the pillars were rather… Hmm… How should I put it…

Rhode turned his gaze away from an Angel statue that was hugging the round pillar tightly as though it was ‘rubbing it for electricity’ to the other end . Another Angel statue that had her hands rubbing her chest and legs tightening with each other while exposing an infatuated expression… Yes… This is… How should I put it… In other words… Undignified . Yes, really undignified .

Compared to the stern, elegant patterns on the corridor, the statues were frivolous and obscene, which was unbearable for Rhode to look at . On the contrary, Anne made a big fuss .

“Woah, Leader . Those two are hugging in a weird head to leg position . How strange!

“Woah, Leader . Her legs are wide open . What is she doing, anyway?

“Woah, Leader . That statue’s legs have split into a straight line .

“Woah, Leader . Look at that…”

Rhode felt that he had made a great decision in bringing Anne with him . If it were Marlene, Canary, or Gillian, perhaps they would be so embarrassed that they couldn’t even move . Even Rhode couldn’t bear to lay eyes on the ridiculous statues . After all, they were far worse than those movies prohibited for under 25 years old . Rhode had seen lots of adult movies on the web, but he had never seen such creative poses . If this happened in the game, he would surely record them down and show it to everyone . It would definitely cause an uproar and possibly change human views on sexual positions .

Fortunately, there was still an end to the corridor where a heavy wooden door presented itself . Rhode stepped forward without hesitation and pushed it .

A round hall, which wasn’t as indecent as the corridor, revealed itself . The entire hall was spacious and tidy with a round fountain in its middle . Clear spring water sprayed from it and covered the entire hall while plain, simple black and white stone stelae were erected in the surrounding .

As Rhode and Anne stepped into the hall, a voice sounded in their ears .

“You’re finally here, Mr . Rhode . ”


Rhode and Anne lifted their heads to the source of the voice . They widened their eyes in astonishment .

Lize stood above one of the black stelae . However, she was totally different . Her smile wasn’t as warm and she lifted her chin to look down at them with a proud, arrogant smirk . Not only that, but her dressing was also shocking . She wasn’t wearing her usual Cleric robe . Instead, she wore an extremely revealing two-piece leather clothes that covered her most feminine parts like a set of bikini . She also wore long boots and black leather gloves that extended to her elbows . Lize lashed the whip in her hands and gazed at Rhode .

“I’ve been waiting for you, Mr . Rhode . Ah… You’re finally here . I thought I had to wait for you forever . But now, you’re finally by my side . Fate has proven that you’re eventually mine and you can only return to me… Huhuhu . Come, Mr . Rhode . Come to me and follow my orders . As long as you’re willing to, I’ll give you the paramount award in this world . You shall indulge in never-ending happiness and become my most loyal servant forever!”


Anne shrieked in horror .

“What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that? You…”

Lize’s expression darkened and she lashed out the whip at Anne .

“Shut up, you bitch . ”

“Huh…? Huh??”

“You thought that I was unaware? You oestrus bitch are always pestering Mr . Rhode for his attention to satisfy your shameless desires . Hmph . How daring of you . Let me tell you clearly . Mr . Rhode belongs to me . Don’t touch him with your dirty hands, or you’ll be sorry!”


Anne was left speechless . Then, at this moment, Rhode disappeared in a flash and two blade rays emerged beside Lize, striking for her neck . Lize instantly sprung back and lashed her whip forward, colliding with Rhode’s twin daggers . Then, she somersaulted backward using the recoil and landed steadily on another stela . But this time, her face had distorted .

“Mr . Rhode, how can you attack me because of this bitch . I’m really disappointed . It seems that I must teach you a lesson… I must make you mine and you will listen to all my orders . This is your duty as my servant! I will make you understand this!”

Then, Lize vanished in the blink of an eye .

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