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Chapter 512

The Southern Legion was aggressive with their approach . As everyone was getting into position, another soldier reported that two more outposts were raided and they sought reinforcements from the Fortress .

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Two raids within a day showed how critical the current situation was . However, Rhode wasn’t caught off guard at all . Even though Lydia’s acting was impressive, there would always be two sides to a story . She didn’t mobilize the military army on purpose and had also created a facade of the border defense . To the Reformist Party, this was the best opportunity for them to strike . But this would also cause them problems . The emptiness of the Northern defensive line had exceeded their expectations and due to this reason, they were as though facing a huge cake which they didn’t know where to start biting from .

But even so, the Reformist Party didn’t choose to let this opportunity slip because they knew that speed was a crucial asset in times of war . If they delayed for too long, it wouldn’t be that easy for them to invade Paphield if Royal Highness Lydia had gathered the noble private armies and military troops . Fortunately for them, the forces in the Northern defensive line were weaker and furthermore, their military power was distributed and it was impossible for them to come up with effective defensive means .

The Reformist Party was tempted to take advantage of the enemies’ precarious position . With such an enormous cake before them, the Reformist Party would rather grab chunks and force them down their throats like barbarians than to prepare their dining table and chairs before slicing them meticulously . If that had happened, the cake would have been taken back by the enemies… Even though they would have bad table manners, at least the cake would be in their stomachs, right?

Due to this reason, although the Reformist Party didn’t have enough military forces to occupy the region, they would have no problems dealing with the fatigued soldiers with their current strength . If they delayed any further… No one could guarantee their success .

Rhode gazed at Garcia who was listening to the report attentively, unlike his previous slipshod self . It seemed like the Southern Legion’s aggression had exceeded his expectations . However, Rhode wasn’t too surprised about it because, after all, his men had resisted their attack once and the Southern Legion must have realized that they didn’t belong to the military through their attire . This surely signaled to the Southern Legion that reinforcements were gathering towards the Paphield defensive line .

In turn, the Southern Legion would surely feel nervous because since they had faced a team of reinforcements here, it might mean that there would be even more reinforcements joining in .

Currently, both sides lacked manpower . The Southern Legion held a ‘slight’ advantage and they wouldn’t want to hand this advantage over to the enemies . Therefore, they might as well launch another attack before their enemies managed to establish a stable footing and devour as much as they could . This was one of the options open for the Southern Legion .

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“I’m still grateful towards you for your help earlier, Mr . Rhode . But it seems like it would have been better if you and your men had arrived a little later . ” Garcia shrugged and the sloppy expression revealed itself once again . He stared at Rhode with a mocking smile . “I understand the situation, but I shouldn’t be the one bearing this responsibility . Besides, I can only say that the enemies are too foolish . ”

Even though this Red Fox appeared perverted in many aspects, Rhode admitted that he had sharp observations . After listening to the report, Garcia understood why the Southern Legion would launch such a violent attack out of a sudden . Initially, he intended to tease Rhode a little, but after seeing Rhode remain unmoved, Garcia gave up on the idea .

Interesting . I heard that this pretty boy is highly valued by Royal Highness and this isn’t baseless, it seems .

“So then, Mr . Rhode, you surely wouldn’t mind accepting this next mission…”

Azure Riverbank .

The crystal-clear river washed the ghastly bloodstain on the battlefield while the sunset dyed the entire riverbank in scarlet .

“Damn it, stop looting the corpses! Ignore them and move . Go!” A middle-aged man riding on a horse berated his men as he urged them to move on with his lifted, shimmering sword . Beside him was a large red flag with the pattern of a black panther pouncing on its prey fluttering in the strong wind .

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The bunch of Lion Legion idiots is truly useless .

The man let out a cold snort as he gazed at the disorderly battlefield .  If those idiots weren’t defeated by the enemies, why would I even be here to wipe their asses? Fine then . I shall let the headquarters see the difference between true soldiers and this bunch of worthless idiots . The Black Panther Legion isn’t as weak and incompetent as the Lion Legion . I will make sure those brats see the tremendous difference between true soldiers and powerless trash like them!

“Move forward and don’t stop!” The man berated as he gripped the reins and darted forward on his horse .

No one noticed that at the edge of the river bank, a fog gradually emerged .

“Boss, they’ve passed the riverbank,” Joey squatted by the shrub and chewed a straw that he had just put in his mouth . He observed the situation before him with unconcealable anxiousness . “East, South, and West . All three directions have been raided . It seems like they are looking to surround the Cloud Summit Fortress . ”

The shadows of the woods shrouded Rhode completely as he stood on a nearby hillside behind Joey and scanned the riverbank ahead . Garcia gathered all his troops and gave Rhode a strangely important mission . No matter what, the Cloud Summit Fortress was the only military installation nearby and it would be best for the enemies if they could expropriate it for their own . Furthermore, the attackers would normally need to have three times more manpower than the defenders in order to besiege successfully and Rhode suspected that Garcia’s troops wouldn’t stand even a chance against their them . However, this wasn’t a problem that Rhode should be concerned about . Since that sloppy man had spoken some big words, Rhode could only watch from the sidelines and it didn’t matter much to him since the one dying wouldn’t be him .

At this moment, Randolf slid through the forest swiftly with his pitch-black wooden bow and arrived by Rhode’s side . “Sir, they’re here . ”

“Good . ” Rhode gestured in response and in an instant, the bushes behind him shook slightly and everything returned to its tranquility .

Scuttling footsteps sounded .

Several scouts darted through the woods and they stopped to disperse and search in the woods . Rhode didn’t conceal himself; instead, he took a few steps back and he was completely enveloped in darkness . Then, he continued to observe the scouts in the distance .

“…!” Lize stood beside Rhode with a pale complexion . She placed one of her hands on her chest while the other grabbed onto Rhode’s sleeve as her eyes were fixated on the scouts in the distance . Rhode had consoled Lize earlier that the scouts wouldn’t discover them . After all, they were much stronger than the scouts and with the Rangers and Thieves, who were experts in concealment, around, the scouts wouldn’t be able to detect them through any traces and clues . However, Lize was still worried regardless . She stared fixedly at the human figures sweeping the woods as she was afraid that she would be spotted by them . There were even a few times when the young lady felt that her heart was pounding so hard that it would pump out of her chest and she almost screamed innately . This wasn’t normal for a mercenary that had experienced multiple battles . But Lize also knew that it was the pressure of her responsibilities that made her this nervous… responsibilities that she had never bear before .

The scouts weren’t able to detect any problems and shortly after, the scouts left before their eyes . A few moments later, a team of fully armored soldiers that appeared to be well-trained and full of murderous spirit darted across from the riverbank . It was apparent that these soldiers had just experienced a fierce battle since the claret bloodstain on their helmets hadn’t dried completely .

It seemed like the soldiers that stayed behind were dead .

Rhode twitched his brows . It wasn’t surprising that the Cloud Summit garrison had suffered a miserable defeat as they didn’t have the numbers against the enemies and their strength in battle was far worse . After receiving the report from Nemo, Garcia gave up the idea of providing assistance instantly and decisively recalled all his troops in order to confront the enemies in the Cloud Summit Fortress instead .

It seemed like even though this future hero wasn’t famous yet, his commanding standards were as great as ever .

Rhode felt uncomfortable whenever he thought of Garcia’s ‘fiery’ eyes . Although Garcia didn’t tease Rhode in words, his overly passionate and creepy gaze had revealed his true thoughts . Rhode would have killed him if it was possible . But now… He was glad that he didn’t need to battle alongside him at least .

“Sir, they’ve left . ” Randolf deep voice sounded along with the cold breeze . Rhode gazed at the last soldier who vanished from his view . At this moment, the sky had darkened completely as the final rays of sun disappeared into the horizon . Almost immediately after, the five-colored aurora from the Light Dragon Soul emerged and brought beautiful colors to the earth .

“Good . ” Rhode gestured to Joey and in response, Joey let out a few deep hoots by placing his fingers on his lips . Shortly after, the shadows behind Rhode wavered and they emerged one after another .

Rhode waved his hand and they blended into the shadows once again .

Under the night sky, the woods returned to its usual serenity and at the same moment, thin fog emerged gradually .

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