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Chapter 513: 513

“I didn’t expect those bastards to look up to me . ” Garcia whistled as he eyed the ignited flames in the distance with a smirk while squatting by the incomparably crude wall . The sea of flames gave him an illusion of tens of thousands of soldiers surrounding them . Although there seemed to be about a thousand soldiers in the Cloud Summit Fortress, their active manpower without considering the wounded soldiers was in fact much fewer . According to the outpost reports, there were at least 3000 soldiers encircling the Fortress right now .

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The soldiers who stood behind their slipshod Commander couldn’t admire this rare night view as casually as him . In the brightly-lit Fortress, soldiers were moving supplies, laying slabs, blocking up gates, and repairing damaged walls to toughen it as much as possible .

Although they were very clear that it might not be effective, it was better than not doing anything .

But how long could they hang on for?

No one knew the answer .

“We will definitely take down this Fortress before dawn!” Thon slammed his fist onto the military map before him as he glared at his men with bloodshot eyes . However, the soldiers’ reactions disappointed him hugely . As the Southern Legion Chief Commander responsible for the Paphield war zone, Thon wasn’t influential enough for these veterans . Even though the veterans stood respectfully, Thon knew that they didn’t take his words seriously .

Thon knew that he wouldn’t be accepted that easily because he used to be an ordinary high-ranking military officer of the Southern Legion and only after the Reformist Party declared their independence, he chose to join the ranks of the Reformist Party . Due to this reason, the Reformist Party appointed him as the acting Commander of the Southern Legion in charge of invading the frontline battles in Paphield . Thon took on a new lease of life and became the superior of his many companions .

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Many veterans within the Southern Legion were displeased because this man who had always been on equal footing with them had suddenly become their superior despite not having any notable achievements . However, as those who stood behind Thon were mainly from the Reformist Party, they could only suck it up even though they weren’t convinced . Thon was aware and this stirred his hunger for achievements even more . If he could perform outstandingly well in the battle, perhaps it wouldn’t be just a dream anymore if he could convince the Reformist Party to remove the ‘acting’ title successfully .

Initially, Thon wasn’t too concerned about this battle in Paphield because everyone knew that the Northern defensive line was weak and had distributed forces . Without needing spies, they were sure that there wasn’t anything worth their concern . Thon predicted that as long as he fought steadily, he could take down the Cloud Summit in no time and by then, he could launch an all-out attack on Paphield using this Fortress as the starting point . After their attack succeeded, he could rely on his feats in occupying the Cloud Summit Fortress and dominating the regions to propose his conditions and requests in order to attain better benefits and reputation…

But this dream wasn’t as easily attainable as he had imagined .

Thon was appalled after he received the news that the Lion Legion had been defeated . Even though the Lion Legion had often been jocularly named as the ‘Young Masters’ Army’, Thon prized them as experts in frontal attacks and clashes . He couldn’t believe that they had been defeated in their expertise .

Thereafter, Thon felt an unprecedented pressure after hearing the battle descriptions from the retreated soldiers . There was a group of about 50 peak Elite swordsmen with formidable strength and furthermore, they weren’t even the garrisons of the Northern defensive line .

Rhode had predicted that Thon would begin to fear that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish his mission . The reinforcements of the King’s Party were also arriving soon and if Thon spared them more time, perhaps he would have a problem maintaining the safety of this defensive line, not to mention invading Paphield .

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Thon changed his plans at the very last minute and led an attack towards the Cloud Summit Fortress instead . As long as he could take down the Fortress, it would be his victory . He had received news that within three days, the remaining troops would be transported over from the rear . Hence, if he could seize this chance to gain control over the Fortress, his position within the military would be even more stable .

However, Thon was annoyed by the fact that his troops didn’t seem willing to listen to his command .

Especially the Lion Legion—they had suffered grave losses in their previous battle and it seemed that this became part of the reason why they were afraid of the enemies . Thon had arranged for soldiers to search for enemies, but these soldiers shirked responsibilities by using all sorts of excuses and in the end, only a detachment was dispatched while the others sought excuses to stay behind and treat their wounded companions . Normally, those who resisted military orders would be beheaded instantly but they were fortunate that Thon didn’t have the time for that . Even though everyone seemed to be listening to commands, they didn’t have a firm foundation to begin with . After losing the restriction and authority of the King’s Party, there was no lack of conflicts between the three legions . If Thon punished the resistive soldiers accordingly, perhaps his troops would crumble even before the Paphield reinforcements arrived .

Fortunately for him, it was also due to this internal conflict that the remaining two legions were quite interested in snatching the outstanding military achievements from the Lion Legion and mock them wickedly . However, this still didn’t mean that they were willing to obey commands obediently .

“Follow according to the plan . Black Panther Legion will be in charge for the first wave of attack . Falcon Legion, I need you to divert the enemy’s attention from the sides by shooting arrows . This Fortress seems run-down and it’s impossible for them to resist . Lion Legion will shield you from the side and remember, we have to take down the Cloud Summit Fortress as quickly as possible . Only this way, we can…”

“What about those mysterious and powerful guests?” Before Thon finished his orders, a thin man with an aquiline nose interrupted with a harsh, peculiar tone . At the same time, he gazed at the ashen-faced companion with a taunting look . “They managed to defeat the power… ful Lion Legion vanguard . If our information is right, they have at least 50 peak Elite Swordsmen . By the way, they seem to also have bizarre spellcasters and archers… Even though I don’t know how many there are… ‘Sir’ Thon, don’t you think your plan lacks consideration?”

Go to hell . You damn vulture .

Thon leered at the man before him .  Do I even need you to remind me of it? But in fact, Thon didn’t have too great of a counter solution for it . After all, he couldn’t even put a hand to the specific number of enemies and the only thing reliable was that the enemies shouldn’t have a lot of manpower . If not, they wouldn’t have dispatched only 50 of them . With such capabilities, the entire vanguard of the Lion Legion would be destroyed if they had sent over a 100 men .

“No matter how strong they are, they are limited in manpower . Stay pragmatic . ” This was all that Thon advised and the man with an aquiline nose let out a snort before stepping away while the remaining two men also left the tent . Thon knitted his brows and turned his gaze towards the Cloud Summit Fortress in the distance . Under the night sky, this run-down Fortress seemed like it would crumble with a push of a finger .

I hope it will be this successful during the battle .

Thon let out a long sigh before calling for his men . “Get ready to battle!”

The sound of the bugle-horns filled the entire woods .

Lize turned towards the direction where the bugle-horns sounded and an uncertain look displayed on her face . “Mr . Rhode, they are…”

“It seems that the Southern Legion is more anxious than we have expected . ” Compared to the nervous Lize, Rhode swept a glance casually as though he was unconcerned with the happenings . “I hope this is within the predictions of that Mr . Garcia . But we just have to do our part . Lize, don’t stop moving . Don’t waste any more time if you want to save them . ”

“Yes… Mr . Rhode . But… where are we heading to?”

“A place where the Southern Legion will never imagine . ”

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