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Chapter 504

The burst of radiance as bright as the sun forced even Lydia to narrow her eyes slightly while Rhode covered Christie’s eyes with his hand as he turned away . The shadows on the ground trembled like a struggling monster as the radiance devoured it entirely .

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The whole world was pure whiteness .

But only for an instant .

The vibrant colors returned after the radiance vanished and shortly after, everyone heard a muffled bam  . The Mist Sword Saint was covered in dirt from head to toe as he half-kneeled on the ground . He clasped his Daybreak tightly, but the legendary weapon had lost its usual brilliance . Rhode was familiar with this scene as his Gracier and Madaras had met the same situation before . Even though the durability of magical weapons was incredibly strong, they would be equally hopeless in the face of an attack that exceeded their maximum tolerance .

“…” The Mist Sword Saint didn’t move an inch . Even though it seemed like he had blocked Mini Bubble Gum’s ferocious attack successfully, he appeared extremely miserable . His luxurious clothes had been tattered and even his hair was in an utter mess .

Mini Bubble Gum gazed at him with a prideful smile while Lydia was still enjoying the show leisurely . On the other hand, Amund was bewildered . As a spellcaster, he knew that this attack from Mini Bubble Gum was at its peak and if she wanted to, she could annihilate the Mist Sword Saint and even his ashes wouldn’t be left behind .

Where exactly did this little girl come from?

MP Danny’s group was dumbfounded and even a dummy could see that this reputable Mist Sword Saint had been beaten to a pulp by the little girl . Initially, they thought that they could rely on him to teach this bunch of country bumpkins a lesson about the Parliament’s prestige and might . But now, perhaps the Parliament didn’t even have a tiny bit of dignity left now!

“Mr . Rhode!” Rhode turned towards the voice and he saw Lize, Marlene, and Anne running towards him . Rhode figured that they must’ve rushed over here after hearing the loud explosions and were dumbfounded as soon as they witnessed the aftermath .

“This is…” Lize expressed a dubious look after spotting Lydia while the others chose to remain silent . After all, they were respectful of Lydia and even though this wasn’t a formal venue, rules must still be abided in the presence of a country ruler .

Of course, not everyone thought the same . “Leader, what’s wrong? Who is that fellow who’s fighting with Sister Bubble? What is he trying to do? Should we join in the fight?” Anne was eager to jump into battle . However, Rhode held her back instantly . “Don’t worry, this is just a good show and you should also watch it from here . Bubble will be unhappy if you interrupt her . ”

“Show?” Annie pondered hesitantly before nodding . Beside her, Marlene gazed at the half-kneeled figure with a gloomy expression . “Rhode, could he be…”

“The hero of the Country of Light’s Parliament, the Mist Sword Saint, Daviet,” Rhode answered her promptly and Marlene sucked in a breath of cold air . Shortly after, Joey, Randolf, and the others caught up and they were equally baffled . Even Marfa who was always unflustered was dumbstruck and his sword slipped off his hand… Clang! However, Marfa disregarded his sword as he swallowed his saliva with a blank mind .

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The Mist Sword Saint had been a popular figure for a long time even in the Munn Kingdom . As one of the most prestigious representatives of the Country of Light’s Parliament, many grew up hearing about his stories and this Mist Sword Saint presence represented a legend for the older generations . As long as one heard his name, one would almost choke with the amount of respect one had for him .

But now, this legendary figure emerged before them in this filthy, worthless mess . This view had crumbled the image of the powerful, sophisticated, and sacred Sword Saint that had been in their hearts for a long time .

However, Bubble wasn’t satisfied yet .

“How’s that, old man? Do you want another go? I’m always ready to take you on . ”

“It’s not over yet!” The Mist Sword Saint groaned and at the next moment, he darted in a blink of an eye and he formed into a dazzling blade arc with his longsword .

“Lize, watch carefully and treat this as my live teaching! How much you pick up from this will all depend on you!”

“Eh?” Before Lize reacted to Bubble’s words, the little girl rolled up her sleeve and charged forward with her naked fist to welcome the Mist Sword Saint!

Is she crazy?

This thought cropped up in their minds because, no matter what, Mini Bubble Gum was a Cleric and yet, she chose to fight the Sword Saint with her bare fist?!

It wasn’t strange to Lydia and Amund that Mini Bubble Gum could dominate the Sword Saint since there was indeed a huge difference in their levels . After all, as long as a spellcaster grasped her consciousness accurately and assert the correct skill, they wouldn’t face any threats from a swordsman . However, it was a different matter for a spellcaster to face a swordsman in close combat . Why would she give up her advantage and choose to fight with punches? What on earth was going on?

“Hmph!” The Mist Sword Saint began to feel rather anxious, seeing Mini Bubble Gum darting towards him .  This little Cleric actually chose to fight me in close combat? Is she really that eager to humiliate me entirely? I won’t give her the chance!

The Mist Sword Saint hesitated no more and this was the first time he harbored murderous intent . Since this overbearing opponent didn’t wish to leave any way of retreat or pride for him, he didn’t need to take her into consideration anymore!

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The Mist Sword Saint brandished his longsword .

But soon, he realized that this thought of his was a huge mistake .

The Mist Sword Saint emerged beside the little girl and he slashed a beautiful, yet dangerous arc in the air with his longsword which split into multiple crescents . As the razor-sharp crescents were about to pierce into her body, Bubble swung her left hand downward and suddenly, the surroundings turned deep black . Bubble countered with a heavy punch and a loud collision sounded . In response, the Mist Sword Saint rotated his wrist hurriedly and struck towards Bubble with the tip of his blade .

Bubble swung her left hand to the side and along her actions, a white ritual circle emerged instantly below the left foot that he had stepped forward .

Speed Boost .

The sudden boost in speed caused Daviet to lose his balance as though he had slipped and there was something pushing his back . The energy flowing in his body couldn’t maintain its balance and shifted the precision of his longsword attack .

The little girl clenched her left fist and the Mist Sword Saint felt as though an invisible force was grabbing onto his wrist . She withdrew her left hand and crouched on the ground . Shortly after, a green radiance shone from her petite body and she darted forward in a dazzling light .

Clang! Daviet stared in astonishment as he couldn’t believe everything that had happened . The pain on his chin was so distinct . He was attacked by a Cleric with her bare fist?

But this was merely the start .

Daviet flinched and Bubble emerged in the air after the radiance dissipated . She displayed an egotistical smile with her perked up left fist and in the blink of an eye, she withdrew her left arm and clenched her right fist before her . Red, yellow, and green vibrant colors coalesced on her tiny fist .

Giant Force . Heavy Penetration . Speed Boost .

The little girl threw her punch forward .

Bam! The Mist Sword Saint flung off and landed on the ground heavily . The powerful momentum left a deep gorge on the ground . Meanwhile, Mini Bubble Gum landed on the surface gently . She perked up her undeveloped chest proudly and let out a pleased snort while looking down on the Sword Saint with the gaze of a winner .

Their duel lasted for about five minutes and only presences like Lydia could witness what exactly happened in the chaos . To the others, their duel was nothing more than dazzling flashes and before they figured out what exactly had happened, the Mist Sword Saint had been flung to the ground and collapsed miserably .

“I thought this so-called Mist Sword Saint would be good, but it seems there’s nothing more to this stupid name . ”

“This…” Marlene and Lize gazed at the high-spirited Bubble speechlessly . They knew that Bubble was formidable, but they didn’t know that she was this formidable . She actually defeated the Mist Sword Saint with her bare fists!

Oh, Lord . She was much more powerful than they had ever imagined!

“What a mystical and clever trick . ” Lydia’s eyes flickered with glints of surprise and praise .

“That’s right, Your Highness . To be frank, I have never thought that a Cleric could put to use her spells to this extent… Her utilization of the spells have made up for the deficiency of her flawed nature and honestly, I wouldn’t have imagined that a Cleric could be so threatening if I didn’t witness this today…” Amund accepted wholeheartedly because, after this final battle, he understood an even deeper level of spellcasting . He had to admit that this little girl with a strange name was nowhere weaker than Lydia .

And at this moment, someone uttered with a hoarse voice . “Is that all?” The Mist Sword Saint stood on his feet slowly while the flames of his soul burned in his eyes as though he were unrattled by the absolute differences of their strength . “Indeed, I admit that I’m incapable of defeating you, young lady . But I will never give up!”

The Mist Sword Saint yelled as he stripped the necklace around his neck and grasped tightly . Shortly after, blood flowed out of his palm and a bright radiance shone from his body . Daviet lifted his longsword once again .

A whizzing gale rose from the ground and it engulfed a sandstorm that shrouded the sky .

Mist Realm .

“You eradicated my ‘Fade’?” Mini Bubble Gum revealed a look of slight dismay . Not only her; even Rhode twitched his brows as he knew that the Fade skill couldn’t be eradicated . How did he do that? Rhode recalled the Mist Sword Saint’s action earlier on .  Could it be that necklace?

“Your tricks will no longer work!” Daviet brandished his longsword and a limitless gale spread wildly . This was the true ultimate of the Mist Sword Saint—Dimension of Order . The power of the Mist Realm .

The whizzing sandstorm devoured Mini Bubble Gum entirety . The Mist Sword Saint raised his longsword and along with this action, the gale blew stronger as though a tsunami were smashing everything in its path .

Daviet charged forward with his longsword and this time, he was no longer affected by the little girl’s spell and curse . As though a commander who had given a command to his magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, they transformed into countless razor-sharp blades that pierced towards the little girl .

Daviet gazed at her coldly even though he knew that this wouldn’t be able to defeat her . But now, he was desperate to wipe the smug off her face, even for a little bit . However, it was a pity that all he witnessed was her usual, arrogant, and complacent smile .

“Idiot, don’t you see it? Your death stars are revolving above your head . ” The little girl’s voice pierced through the whizzing gale and as she spoke, there was something above that illuminated the dazed sky .

“That is…” Daviet lifted his head subconsciously .

Tiny, glittering stars filled the entire sky .

“Destiny Stars!? You are…” Daviet gawked and before he knew it, it was too late .

A dazzling light column descended from above and shattered the whizzing sandstorm entirely . Before they knew it, the Mist Sword Saint laid unconscious on the ground .

“That’s why I said sluts will always be sluts . You know that you’re worthless and yet you still want to waste my time…” Mini Bubble Gum let out a disdainful snort before turning towards MP Danny’s group . “Morons, this is the price to pay for provoking me . ”

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