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Chapter 503

The pure light beam burst into the sky and the whizzing gale weakened dramatically . When one reached the capabilities of Mini Bubble Gum and Daviet, often times one wouldn’t need to exchange blows physically because the collision of their aggression would be enough to settle the differences . The Mist Sword Saint hadn’t activated his Order Dimension and Mini Bubble Gum’s Light attacks had already pushed him down . This proved that the little girl’s strength was above his!

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But this was merely the start .

The Mist Sword Saint was astonished that this little girl actually possessed such formidable strength . But this wasn’t enough to frighten him into a fool . He was merely distracted for a moment and when he gazed at the little girl, she had aimed her tiny right palm at him and clenched .

Nothing happened . The Mist Sword Saint wasn’t hurt in any way and the surroundings remained the same . However…

“This is…?!” The Mist Sword Saint had begun to fear for his life because, along with Bubble’s movement, the gathering Wind Elemental storm had disappeared all of a sudden!

It felt as though a fully blown balloon had been pricked and the air escaped from the hole quickly, leaving a shriveled rubber in its place . Fortunately for the Mist Sword Saint, he determined the situation swiftly with his rich battle experience and he stopped his actions as soon as he realized something was off .

‘Fade’ .

Rhode twitched his brows as he grinned secretly . A Cleric was never a class in the frontlines . Due to this reason, Clerics had plenty of disgustingly useful skills . This ‘Fade’ skill that Bubble used could be ranked in the top three most vicious skills in Cleric skill books . There was a single use for this skill and to the players, it was extremely deadly .

In simple player’s term, Skill Lock .

Players affected by this skill wouldn’t be able to cast any skills or spells that required their spiritual energy . Moreover, even though their skills were locked, their spiritual energy would still be consumed if they tried to! The players would be consuming their spiritual energy but couldn’t cast any skills, and there was nothing more annoying than this .

Furthermore, players couldn’t resist or dodge this legendary skill . The Cleric could cast this skill at a group of targets and could also aim at an individual . There was no dispelling or avoiding this skill . However, same level opponents who were struck by this skill would be affected by a shorter duration and it would depend on their willpower and spell-resistance to shorten the duration of its effects . For those lower level players, they could only cry their way to the end as long as they were struck by it .

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As for the Mist Sword Saint, he was in the middle level of the Legendary Stage and was between level 70 to 75 . He was behind Bubble by 10 levels and this Fade skill could lock him from between 15 to 30 minutes . During this period, the Mist Sword Saint wouldn’t be able to cast his famous Mist Realm and all he could do was rely on his swordsmanship against Bubble .

Rhode had an idea about Bubble’s plan to defeat this Sword Saint . Even though she might seem to be blowing her top, she could get craftier than anyone if she wanted to . Due to this, Rhode observed a moment of silence in tribute to the Mist Sword Saint .

Go with a peace of mind, Sir Sword Saint .

Meanwhile, the Mist Sword Saint was struggling .  Damn it!

The Mist Sword Saint struggled to figure out what Bubble had done to him . He had seen all kinds of situations in his many years, but this was the first time he had witnessed such a strange skill . How did this little girl do it?

Daviet realized that she was attempting to limit his strength .  But do you think this will work on me? This little girl is only a Cleric and judging from her movements, her body doesn’t seem to have gone through vigorous toughening . I know that Clerics are also equipped with defensive spells, but did she really think that locking my Mist Realm would be enough to defeat me? Wishful thinking!

The Mist Sword Saint raised his exaggeratingly long sword and sized up the little girl . Meanwhile, Bubble lifted her chin proudly and returned his gaze with a disdainful smile . She pointed her index finger forward and hooked tauntingly .

Come if you got the guts .

“—!” The veins on the Mist Sword Saint’s forehead bulged dramatically . He wouldn’t be this mad if his opponent were nothing more than just a little brat . But now, not only was she much younger than him, but she also was stronger than him . An unprecedented wrath was burning inside Daviet .  So what if a Cleric like you knows some mysterious skills? I have fought countless spellcasters before you!

Although he wasn’t able to cast his proudest Mist Realm and Nine Heaven Dance, the Fade skill was only able to affect and lock the powers of his skills and wouldn’t affect his physical attributes . The Mist Sword Saint disappeared in a blink of an eye and at the next moment, multiple blade rays from different directions formed a shapeless huge claw and slashed towards the petite girl .

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Clang! The translucent air around Bubble wobbled and erupted into a string of blaze . As a weapon of the legendary Sword Saint, the longsword in his hands was far from ordinary: ‘Daybreak’ . Rumor had it that this longsword was one of the weapons that were made when this continent was first created . Of course, this mere rumor wasn’t able to conceal this formidable legendary weapon . The number of swordsman players in the game aware of this sword meant that its value wasn’t just limited to its myths and legends .

A mark emerged along with the ear-deafening collision and this was the symbolic sign of the Daybreak . It could draw the surrounding Wind Element and convert it into his own strength . Even though the ‘Maelstrom’ skill that came with Daybreak was an outstanding AOE attack, Daviet couldn’t bear to use it on this little girl due to his own pride .

But Bubble wasn’t this respectful . The little girl let out a snort and pushed her arms upwards like a music conductor conducting an orchestra performance . Then, she slid her left hand downwards elegantly .

A translucent light halo expanded beneath her feet and shortly after, several dusky gray halos flashed around her as they revolved .

Everything seemed to have slowed down on the land shrouded with gray halos and the crumbled weeds around her feet began to sway gradually due to the blade airflow . Rhode and Christie witnessed a butterfly struggling to expand its colorful wings fully even after three seconds .

“—!” The Mist Sword Saint re-appeared before them with a grim expression . He raised his longsword and his movements seemed as though he were moving backward . Similar to the butterfly, the Mist Sword Saint’s movement speed was exceedingly slow and he behaved as though he wasn’t as energetic and imposing . At this moment, Daviet seemed like an old man who was no longer tall and sturdy, and he even had some difficulty clasping his sword hilt .

In an instant, what presented the on-watchers was like a video slowed down by five times . But shortly after, the entire video regained its normal ‘playing speed’ as Bubble pointed her right fingers forward and an unexpected scene emerged before their eyes…

“Argh!” Daviet leaped back as he decided to change his battle approach . However, he realized that his body was extremely heavy and his limbs had as though been bound by invisible handcuffs . Moreover, the air around him had turned strangely heavy and gave him difficulty breathing .

It’s a curse!

Daviet was devastated as he had underestimated this little girl’s battle experience . He tried to ambush and apply mental pressure on her because no matter what, spellcasters were always concerned about enemies getting too close to them . As long as the spellcaster sensed danger around oneself, the spellcaster would lose focus . Besides, Daviet had observed during his ambush that this little girl couldn’t keep up with his speed at all . In other words, she had no inkling of his exact location .

However, Daviet didn’t expect Mini Bubble Gum to be this experienced . Not only was she not flustered, but she also cast an AOE curse immediately . At that moment, the Mist Sword Saint finally realized that he had been played by the little girl . She knew clearly that she wouldn’t be able to lock on his presence, so she purposely baited him into attacking . Once she blocked his attack, she could confirm his location . As long as a Cleric who could cast multiple spells knew the enemy’s approximate location, there wouldn’t be too many difficulties afterward .

As the Mist Sword Saint resisted the might of the curse, he felt his body lighten and a chilly breeze around his feet . The Mist Sword Saint broke free the invisible handcuffs and landed on his feet . But…

Bam! Daviet slipped and crashed heavily on his bottom .

“Pfff!” Lydia turned around and bursted into soft laughter . It wasn’t anything fresh to slip during battle due to misjudgment . However, they were flabbergasted that the reputable Mist Sword Saint actually committed a beginner’s mistake… How was this tolerable?

“This… This…” MP Danny began to turn ashen . Not only him, but the guards beside him also stared in disbelief as though they had seen a ghost . The Mist Sword Saint occupied an incomparably majestic position in their hearts . But now, their idol had actually fallen on his buttocks…

They thought that they were dreaming .

What exactly is going on?!

Not only was MP Danny thinking about this question, but Daviet was equally confused . He had never committed such a mistake and even though he knew that it must be the work of that little girl, he couldn’t determine exactly what she had done .

“Damn it…” Daviet turned over to get himself up, but he suddenly realized that his left leg felt extremely heavy as though it had penetrated into the ground . On the other side, his right leg was uncomparably light and a simple exertion of strength could send him flying into the sky .

It appeared to everyone that Daviet had as though lost his balance without grasping the center of gravity . If he didn’t use his longsword to support himself hurriedly, perhaps he would have rolled on the ground clumsily .

“Why? Is that all you’ve got, Slut? You call yourself the Mist Sword Saint, but I think you’re more of a Crappy Slut Saint . ” Bubble displayed a delightful smile as she gazed at the miserable Daviet . She lifted her left hand once again and a faint radiance shone across Daviet’s body . This was only the start for Bubble .

“Get ready to apologize for your arrogance, idiot!” Bubble drew a couple of complicated gestures before her chest with her right hand swiftly and pushed forward .

“—!” In an instant, an even brighter light beam blasted from her tiny palm and headed towards the half-kneeling Daviet .

“Sir Sword Saint!” MP Danny yelled in horror .

At the same time, as the incoming radiance enlarged in his pupils, Daviet leaped with his longsword and brandished downward!

The air around his blade began to stir and whirl as though absorbed by an invisible force . Shortly after, the massive airflow transformed into a berserk tornado barrier that rose from the ground and struck heavily against the light column .

“—!” The ground beneath their feet began to crumble in the face of the earth-shattering collision . The light beam dispersed in all directions and battered three meter deep cracks on the ground . In an instant, the hue of the bright sky changed as the gales rose like a tall sandstorm and the white radiance almost blinded everyone .

“Little tricks!” Bubble’s voice was still as haughty and confident as ever . “Continue your unrealistic dream if you think you can go against me, idiot!”

The enormous light beam shone even brighter and the berserk tornado finally gave way to its formidable impact!

In an instant, dazzling radiance shrouded the entire world .

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