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Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Double-edged Sword

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The Parasitic Ghoul was a low-level Demon with no dignity nor position . After being rebuked by Celestina, its arrogance from before was nowhere to be seen as though it had turned into one of Rhode’s loyal man . It went on to explain every single detail of the happenings and left everyone disgusted at how shameless this Demon was .

Although they were disgusted, they got understood the situation outside the civilized border .

It was as predicted by Rhode . These Demons arrived two months ago through the leak in the passageway linking towards Land of Chaos . Their motives were as expected which were to accomplish what their ancestors couldn’t and that was to fight to take over this continent . Although these actions from the Demons were not worthy of compliments, their determination over these years was still admirable .

The leaders amongst the Demons arrived at the surface and ordered the Parasitic Ghouls to seize control over a village of a Barbarian clan . In half a month, they gathered all the Barbarians in the area as their men . According to its explanations, only the Leading Barbarian and Barbarians that were manipulated knew the true identity of the Demon . The next information which it provided left Rhode astonished . The Demons had found a suitable place to create a passageway that linked the surface and hell . The reason why they attacked Deep Creek Village was because they needed to gather corpses for this ritual . Without a doubt, the corpses from the village were not enough . Once the ritual was completed, the Barbarians would be sacrificed as well . After all, the stronger the spiritual energy, the wider the passageway would be for more powerful Demons .

However, the Parasitic Ghoul wasn’t sure who exactly was the mastermind . Due to the strict hierarchy between the Demons, there were things that they would definitely not know . From its descriptions, Rhode judged that the mastermind might likely be a presence of the Demon General . These powerful generals were a strong race within the Demons and they served directly under the Archdemon . If that was the case, the ranking of this Demon who wished to open this passageway shouldn’t be low .

“So according to you, those Barbarians have gathered already?”

“Yes, dear Sir,” It nodded while bending over and said . “We have gathered over 500 Barbarians outside the civilized border . However, Sir, you have killed almost 200 of them and only around 300 of them are left . Most of them are ordinary humans and 50 to 60 of them have been infected by us Demons . They are not powerful and I think that with your capabilities, Sir, it will be an easy task for you to exterminate those trash . ”

“Where are they at?”

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“Below Misty Mountains . There used to be a fortress and all the Barbarians are located there right now . According to my then-master, that place is filled with powerful energy and is most suitable to open the passageway…”

Damn it…

The edge of Rhode’s mouth twitched because he knew what this bunch of Demons were about to do at that place — damn it . Of all places, why must those bastards occupy mine?

Rhode had intended to put this matter aside and finalize his Fortress location . But, it seemed that this plan had to be changed . Rhode had no choice but to exterminate those Demons now .

“Is there anything else to add?” Rhode paused for a moment and asked . The Parasitic Ghoul pondered and continued .

“Oh, yes . Dear Sir . I have captured a group of hunters in the mountains . According to my then-master, these people will also be used as offerings for the ritual and because we had captured them, we were sent to attack this village . ”

“What did you say?”

Vinny shouted as he charged towards the Parasitic Ghoul in bewilderment . He stared viciously at it, without any fear of being harmed .

“You said you captured a group of hunters? How many of them in total? Are they dead or alive?”

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“There… is about 50 of them and they are all alive . These people have determined spirits and are the best material to open the passageway . So, before the ritual begins, they should still be alive . ”

The Parasitic Ghoul once again nodded and bend over to please Rhode .

“Also, dear Sir . There is another Demon by your side which you must be careful and wary of . Although we have never seen its attack, I feel that it is very powerful and not easy to deal with . ”

Another demon?

Rhode pondered for a while and nodded . Celestina turned around and stared at the Parasitic Ghoul .

“Are you done? You can die now . ”

“Yes, Madam!”

Without hesitation, it curled up before Celestina and hurriedly jumped out from the corpse . It extended its sharp needle claws and pierced itself in its body . The Demon who had lost its life collapsed to the ground .

“I hope Master will not make me do such things again . ”

Celestina turned around and a thick black fog erupted from her body . After a few moments, the young lady disappeared in the fog and a pitch-black card hovered in the air and gradually shattered to bits .

Everyone was speechless as they stared at the carcass of the Parasitic Ghoul . They thought it tried so hard to please Rhode and Celestina just to survive . But, a joke-like remark from Celestina actually led it to end its life… Humans could never understand the extremely strict hierarchy between Demons .

“S-Sir, do you really believe the demon’s words?”

One of the mercenaries spoke hesitantly . Although most of them were experienced adventurers, they had never dealt with Demons before . The way it betrayed its companions had deemed itself as untrustworthy . Many of them felt that this Demon was cooperating because it wanted its life to be spared and eventually lure the mercenaries to their deaths . However, after witnessing how willingly it killed itself, the mercenaries couldn’t confirm their suspicions… After all, no matter what, one wouldn’t bring it that far to sacrifice its life right?

“It is very strict between the ranks of Demons and it has no reasons to lie to me . Furthermore…”

Rhode shifted his attention to Vinny . The militia squad captain was clenching his teeth and gazing at the carcass with an ashen face — Rhode had heard of the information regarding the villagers from him and he knew that things weren’t that simple .

Vinny lifted his head and an idea flashed in his mind . He rushed towards Rhode .

“Dear Sir, I heard that you have decided to head out of the civilized border?

“That’s right . ”

“Can I request for your help to rescue my villagers… Please… We can’t do anything and we are not strong enough to save our friends and families . But Sir, you and your men can do it, isn’t it? We are willing to give everything in our village in exchange for your help . ”

“Hey hey hey, Kid, You can’t put it this way . ”

Some of the mercenaries interrupted .

“You heard from the Demon itself that there are a few hundred people and there is only more than 30 of us . You want us to fight over a hundred enemies with Demons included? That’s ridiculous…”

Before they could finish their sentence, Rhode raised his right arm and interrupted .

“Go get prepared and we will head off next morning… It’s only 300 Barbarians and some Demons . This shouldn’t pose a problem for you guys, isn’t it? It is also about time for me to test your strength . ”

“Yes… Sir . ”

Some of the mercenaries were stunned . However, they couldn’t challenge Rhode’s authority . Although they were uncertain in their chances of winning, they eventually accepted . On the other hand, Vinny showed a grateful, excited smile as he grabbed onto Rhode’s hand .

“Thank you so much . I will never forget your kindness . You are such a kind-hearted and beautiful lady . ”

In an instant, the air solidified .

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