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Published at 1st of September 2019 01:10:07 PM
Chapter 384: 384


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Everyone stepped back frantically after the corpse spoke . While Marlene and Lize prepared themselves against the strange monster, Anne went up and observed it curiously as though it was an exotic animal .

“Eh? Leader, Leader, what is this? It can talk? Interesting!”

“That’s a Parasitic Ghoul . ”

Rhode approached the monster and pushed his sword on the tip of its head .

“It belongs to a kind of lowly Demon who lives in the Betrayer Canyon, the first level of the Ninth-order in hell . The size of their eggs is that of a fingernail and after being consumed by any living creatures, they will wake, start to absorb the nutrition from their victim’s chest and slowly take over their mind . In the end, the living creatures will be the vessel for these Parasitic Ghouls to produce offsprings . In order to prevent their ‘host’ from dying so easily, they would give them an ability to spurt flames for self-protection — Although the flames are similar to a fireball spell, there are still differences in their might . Furthermore, these Parasitic Ghouls mainly lives together in large numbers and serves the Demons with higher authority . ”

Rhode swept a glance at the hissing monster .

“Also, they are the most convenient tool and spy when it comes to entering the surface from hell . ”


Marlene frowned and looked at Rhode in uncertainty .

“Mr . Rhode, did you mean… These Barbarians had become the accomplices of the Demons?”

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“That’s a possibility, Marlene . Don’t forget that this is the civilized border and we’re not far away from the Land of Chaos . Without order and protection from the Dragon Soul, it isn’t strange that occasionally there will be Demons crawling from beneath to continue the business which their elder generations couldn’t complete . ”

The term ‘Dragon Soul Continent’ wasn’t only for show . The souls of the Five Creator Dragons covered the skies and protect the land . Under the influence of order and the power of the Dragon Soul, the entire continent was like a sealed space where it would be difficult for Demons and Devils to intrude . However, the Land of Chaos was different . Without the influence and protection of the Five Creator Dragons, the area had become a breeding ground for Demons . If the area under the protection of the Dragon Soul was a sealed container made of fine gold steel, the Land of Chaos would be a riddled plastic bag wrapping glass jars . Fortunately, these Demons belonged to the ‘orderly’ race and they couldn’t emerge on a large scale in a place like Land of Chaos without order . If that happened, perhaps the entire Land of Chaos would have terrorized by the Demon Generals .

However, even so, the chances of emergence for the Demons outside the civilized border weren’t low . Although these Demons in the heart of the Land of Chaos didn’t dare to go, they would still have a possibility to survive in the junction of order and chaos . In the game, the chances for players to meet ordinary demons were set at 30% and 50% to meet Demons Elite . There was also a 1% chance to meet an Archdemon — However, the players can forget about fighting it and they should just go offline to buy lottery tickets instead .

Rhode finally understood the truth . Since the Demons were involved, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to manipulate these Barbarians . But, the level of the Demon who was ordering about these Parasitic Ghouls should be relatively high because ordinary Demons couldn’t accomplish this . Furthermore, these Parasitic Ghouls were known to be brazen and shameless where they would instantly betray their commanding Demon once they met another Demon with higher authority . This was a characteristic which no ordinary Demon could manage .

Rhode nodded at this thought and shifted his attention towards the Parasitic Ghoul under his sword blade .

“Alright, I hope you can be honest . Tell me, where did you come from? Who is commanding you? What are all of you doing this for?”


It hissed and the corpse opened its mouth slowly .

“It seems like you know a lot about us, Human . Since that’s the way, why don’t you guess what are we doing? Heh heh heh . You are powerful and have some decent men, but you are just a lowly human . What rights do you have for us Demons to answer your question?”

“You’re really asking for it!”

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An enraged mercenary drew his sword and darted forward .

“Leader, please allow us to hang this bastard up above the bonfire . I want to see how much longer can it stay tough . ”

“Heh heh heh . You can try… Just mere Humans actually think they can question Demons using torture? What a joke . Do you really think we’re afraid of death?”

“Hey, you said it well but who doesn’t know that Demons are best in their flowery speech? Sir, please let us do it!”

The mercenary stepped towards the Demon, but Rhode held him back .

“The bastard is right . It won’t be afraid even if we killed it . ”


The mercenary stumbled and asked .

“Demons are unlike Humans . These Demons won’t disappear immediately after they’re killed . They will return to hell in their spiritual form and reborn as the lowest form of Demon . Unless we have holy powers to purify them, it will be meaningless to kill them . ”

Rhode gestured and turned towards the Parasitic Ghoul .

“You’re right . I have no intentions of killing you . No matter what, you are my precious prisoner . ”


It once again hissed but no one knew if it was furious . However, it realized that the expression of this Human seemed to be rather strange .

“But, I have a way to make you speak obediently . ”

Rhode swept a glance at the surrounding and extended his arm . A pitch-black card emerged above his palm and instantly dispersed into a thick black fog . In a split second, a beautiful, elegant figure appeared .

Celestina’s emergence had muted the crowd . The militias widened their lustful eyes on this sexy young lady while the mercenaries stood like wooden logs as they observed the elegant young lady pacing out from the thick fog . She had fair, snowy skin with dark, smooth hair accompanied by bright, red eyes . Her beautiful face triggered an unexplainable impulse from the bottom of their hearts, making them want to kneel by her feet, kiss her shoes and also dedicate their sword and life to her .

“Are you done seducing them?”

Rhode’s cold words felt like a bucket of water splashed onto the mercenaries’ head which woke them abruptly from their fantasies .

“It was only for some fun, Master . ”

Celestina placed a finger on her lips and displayed a fascinating smile towards Rhode . However, Rhode remained expressionless and let out a sneer before pointing to the front . Celestina shifted her attention and to her disgust, she cupped her mouth immediately . It was a look of an abomination as though a noble lady had seen a shabby-looking beggar .

“Parasitic Ghoul? Master, you actually have such an interest? I would say that this thing isn’t anything fun . If you’re really interested in keeping pets, I can introduce you to something else like the succubus oh?”

“I appreciate it, but, only if I have that need . ”

Rhode shot Celestina a look .

“Now, I hope you can entertain your fellow countrymen because I have many things to ask it . ”

Rhode lowered his gaze to the Parasitic Ghoul under his sword . However, this time, its guts from before was nowhere to be seen . It had shrunk into a ball and was shuddering violently . As a race of order, the strict hierarchy of the Demons’ level was similar to that of the Country of Darkness . Although Celestina’s strength was sealed, her aura didn’t dissipate . Ordinary beings probably couldn’t detect it, but for a Demon like the Parasitic Ghoul, they definitely could sense her authority .

“I am no fellow countryman with such lowly species, Master . It doesn’t even have the rights to touch me at all . ”

Celestina was annoyed by that sentence . Her expression sunk and gave a dissatisfied reply . However, Rhode didn’t apologize . Instead, he gave her a ‘go ahead’ gesture and didn’t say a word .

This made Celestina furious . Although she wanted to retaliate, it was basically impossible for summoned spirits to revolt . In the end, the young lady had no choice but to stare viciously at the Parasitic Ghoul .

“Alright, you lowly vermin . I want you to answer truthfully to my Master’s questions, understood?”

The young lady shut her mouth and turned around with her eyes closed as though she had just seen something disgusting . In response, the Parasitic Ghoul trembled and continued to shrink itself into a ball .

“Yes, dear Madam, I will answer truthfully . ”

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