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Chapter 335


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Anne clenched her teeth and heavily punched the wall .

“Who! Who is it! Let Anne catch and pound them into minced meat!!”

“Anne, calm down . ”

Lize sat on the chair, her face very pale because she was healing all the injured people . She had used up all of her spirit power . Fortunately, the patrolling angels came quickly and helped them solve half of their problems . The security corps also promised that they would catch the culprit, so they didn’t have to worry . However, to Rhode, it was just an empty promise .

“They appeared so suddenly…”

Rhode stood beside the bed, looking at Shauna, who currently looked very weak and pale . This red-haired female mercenary revealed an exhausted expression . Although with the treatment, her injuries had gotten better, but the gap between their strengths and the enemy’s strength was too big, and Shauna almost died back then .

“At that time, we had just left the arena for not too long… cough, we were going to bring Christie to the Evening Square, but on the way, we were suddenly attacked by black-masked people that appeared from the small alley . They seemed to be well-trained, had a clear division of labor, and were obviously targeting Ms . Christie… Kavos and I reacted immediately, but those people’s movements were so fast that they easily overwhelmed us . Fortunately, we still managed to bring Ms . Christie back into their hands… When they did not succeed, they immediately retreated . It looked like they were really familiar with Golden City because until they left, the people around barely noticed what had happened, and when the patrolling angels arrived… everything was already over . ”

“I understand . ”

Hearing until here, Rhode reached out and gently patted Shauna’s shoulder .

“Have a good rest and leave everything to me . ”

“Sir, you have to be careful… those guys… they might still be targeting Ms . Christie…”

Upon hearing Shauna’s advice, Rhode slightly frowned . Then, a murderous intent flashed through his eyes .

“They won’t have this opportunity . ”

Having said this, Rhode turned away and walked out of the room . He closed the door, he saw Gillian who was shaking her head and spreading our her hands .

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“How is Christie’s situation?”

Rhode looked at Gillian and asked . Gillian shook her head helplessly .

“Nothing changed… It looks like this time it’s really troublesome… Master… Do you have any clue about the attackers?”

Rhode didn’t answer Gillian’s question . On the contrary, he was silent for a moment . Then, he opened the door and walked into the room .

The girl was lying quietly in bed, motionless . Her face was pale and white bandages wrapped her wounds . When she slightly moved, a bit of blood appeared through the bandages .

Christie’s situation was not too good .

In the beginning, Rhode thought that she had only received minor injuries, but soon, Lize noticed something was wrong . Although her spirit power could heal Christie’s injuries, it couldn’t cure her . Lapis’s potion also had no effect on her . It was very strange . However, after hearing what they both had said, Rhode immediately understood what happened to Christie .

She was cursed .

Clearly, at that time, Christie’s attackers didn’t use a normal sword but a cursed sword . Rhode remembered there was a weapon called ‘Tears of Sorrow’, and the wounds inflicted by it couldn’t be healed, but that didn’t mean that there was no other way . By chance, in Golden City, only one force possessed this weapon, and it also had enough motives and reasons to attack them .

That group of b*stard really thought that he was that easy to deal with?

Rhode snorted and then slowly walked to Christie’s side .

When she heard footsteps sound, Christie slowly opened her eyes . Seeing Rhode’s presence, a soft smile appeared on her face .

“… So… rry … Rhode… I gave you… more trouble…”

“It’s okay, Christie, this is not your fault . ”

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Looking at her smile, he didn’t know what to say . He reached out and stroked her soft, long hair, gently helping her comb out some of her messy hair .

“I know you feel very uncomfortable now . Be patient, and I’ll find a way to cure you soon . ”

“… It’s okay… Rhode… I’m not afraid…”

Upon hearing Rhode’s comfort, Christie shook her head slightly . Perhaps because her movement had opened the wound, she felt pain . She frowned and managed to endure it . Then, she once again opened her eyes and looked at Rhode quietly .

“… Actually… Christie doesn’t want to… become Rhode’s burden… I don’t want…”

She slowly breathed and continued .

“… I don’t want… Rhode… for Christy…”

“Christie, don’t worry . ”

Rhode gently interrupted her .

“I assure you that this is not a problem . I’m not forcing myself to do this . It’s just an accident . You’re not my burden… So don’t think about these things again . Now you only need to rest quietly and I’ll be back soon . ”

Speaking until here, Rhode stretched out his hand . Celia’s figure emerged and she came to Rhode’s side .

“I’ll leave Christie to you . If there is something, report to me immediately . I will be back soon . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

After receiving Celia’s answer, Rhode walked away from the room . Currently, his expression was very serious .

“That group of southerners really thought they were something . They actually dared attack my people . It seems that killing them in the game wasn’t enough… Well, it’s not a problem to kill them again now . Anyway, in the game, the reactions of those NPCs was too rigid . Perhaps now their expressions will be more interesting… Gillian, Celestina . ”

“Yes, Master!”

“Be prepared to follow me . We must completely solve this problem . When a tiger isn’t angry, they really take it to be a sick cat?”


Hearing until here, Celestina frowned .

“Are you going to stir up chaos here?”

“Don’t worry, Ms . Celestina . ”

He didn’t answer Celestina’s question, but Gillian giggled and said, “Master is not that foolish . He definitely has his own way to solve the problem . We just have to follow it . Fufufu, to make Master that angry, I really want to see what will happen to those fools . ”

The night was getting late .

Old Barr raised his head and groped the hilt of his sword behind his lower back . At this moment, Golden City had gradually begun to get crowded, and the brilliance of the night gradually emerged, illuminating this pure and sacred city . However, the bustling scene did not make Old Barr relaxed . He looked at the Holy Arena from the distance uneasily . Tomorrow was the Liberal Wings’s final match . It’s still unknown whether Lord Rosen and Lord Waltz could win .

But soon, Old Barr shook his head and threw his worries aside . He turned around to look at the surroundings and shouted towards the mercenaries around him .

“Alright, get spirited, young master is going back! Be alert and be careful!”

When Old Barr voice fell, a trace of light suddenly flashed through his eyes .


Suddenly, there was an explosion, and hot and strong waves rose into the sky, mingled with the flames, spreading to all directions . They weren’t prepared to face such an attack and fell to the ground as the impact of the explosion hit them . They immediately fell into a panic . Screams and cries filled the air, and Old Barr barely stood up after colliding with the crowd . However, he had not yet had the time to issue an order . A whistling wind echoed from his side, and he lowered his body . At this time, a black thorny whip appeared out of thin air . It hit Barr and the others mercenaries and sent them flying .


The severe pain caused Old Barr, a veteran mercenary, to cry out loud . But he also remembered his responsibilities . He endured the pain, stood up, and then rushed through the crowd . When he arrived at the carriage, his face looked pale .

The carriage had been divided into two, and the top had also disappeared . However, there was no one there .

At this moment, Old Barr shuddered .

“I’m done . ”

At this moment, in the small alley, Rhode stared at the flustered crowd . Then, he looked back towards a twelve to thirteen years old young man who was tied up in Celestina’s thorny whip . He had short, golden hair and a handsome lovable face . However, Rhode couldn’t help but feel sick as he saw that face .

At this time, Gillian suddenly moved her ears and smiled .

“Master, there’s a good news~ I just received a message from Celia . There’s someone who sent a letter to you, Master . Saying that they want to discuss something with you in the Black Coast Tavern—and it was about Christie . ”


Hearing this, Rhode slightly squinted, and there was a glimmer of coldness in his eyes .

“It seems like the other party can’t wait anymore… Well then, let us talk to them,” Rhode coldly said .

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