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Chapter 328


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The greatsword heavily thrust down and issued a deafening sound . The people who heard it couldn’t help but shiver . However, Barter suddenly stopped . He looked at Rhode who stood quietly before him . Rhode was holding the hilt, about to draw his sword . It gave people a strange feeling, as if the battle from before was just an illusion because, in fact, the two of them hadn’t even started yet .

“Not bad, interesting . ”

Barter grinned as he looked at Rhode .

“You are really interesting, kid . But with your ability, it should be difficult for you to beat me, right . ”

“We’ll find out after this fight . ”

Rhode frowned and replied with an indifferent expression . At the same time, he also felt a little hesitant . He had fully understood Barter’s fighting style from the previous test he conducted . As expected, the Executioner’s Greatsword had a great power, but it also had a big gap in its attack . Although the wind force that got swept together could compensate for this gap to some extent, it was useless in the face of an opponent with an equal footing . It was a pity that Rhode’s physical attributes were still at the elite level, which was why he was still unsure of whether he could survive this attack . Usually, he wouldn’t mind taking this risk; by relying on the composition adornment and his combat experience as a once high-level spirit swordsman, there wouldn’t be a problem in defeating Barter .

However, defeating a person who was twenty levels above him wouldn’t be easy . The loss percentage would be much higher than the gain .

Rhode was sure that he could defeat Barter, but he was worried about what would happen later on . After defeating Barter, he would definitely be injured heavily . Under such a condition, it would be difficult for him to defeat the other four . Of course, he could choose to give up and leave the rest to Lize and Anne . However, he still couldn’t fully be reassured, nor did he want to waste his most precious combat power for the sake of upcoming battles .

But if he lost, there wouldn’t be any upcoming battles .

“How about this, kid?”

While Rhode was lost in thought, Barter suddenly looked at him and said, “Let’s make a bet . ”

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“A bet?”

Hearing Barter’s words, Rhode was taken aback . He narrowed his eyes, calmly and carefully gazed at Barter, waiting for him to speak . Seeing it, Barter smiled and nodded as he continued to speak .

“Yes, a bet… let’s bet in our victory . ”

Rhode frowned . Although the way Barter spoke had always been senseless, Rhode was sure that he hadn’t yet finished his words, so Rhode only quietly listened . As expected, he soon continued .

“If you can defeat me, then Purple Lily will immediately forfeit and give the victory to you… I think my words are clear enough . ”

As soon as this statement was made, everyone was surprised, including Rhode .


Rhode asked while staring at him and hearing Rhode’s inquiry, Barter proudly nodded and smiled .

“Yeah, I never go back on my words . Forget about your unnecessary hesitation and fight like a man!”

Hearing Barter’s reply, Rhode hesitated for a while, but he quickly nodded .

“Alright, I accept the bet… I hope you will not regret it, Mr . Barter . ”

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“Let me see whether you have the strength to make me regret it!”

Barter swung his sword .

The two greatswords were lifted up high . Soon, the ground trembled and an invisible and surging sword intent appeared from his burly body as he shouted . He crossed his swords and aimed it straight towards Rhode .

Earth Strike!

This guy is being serious!

Rhode was surprised by this attack, but he didn’t back down . Instead, Rhode activated Shadow Flash and jumped at Barter as fast as lightning . The bright red sword flashed by like a meteor .


Facing Rhode’s attack, Barter shouted . However, the swords in his hands didn’t stop sweeping forward . Followed by this movement, the ground was shattered and sharp stone flakes flew around . They seemed to move under the command of two greatswords, marching forward, and colliding with Rhode’s Fury Meteor attack unreservedly . Soon, an explosion echoed and the dust filled the air . However, Barter didn’t stop at all, the greatsword in his left hand flung backward and moved forward . This motion set off turbulent waves on the ground . Its original solid slate had turned into a mess and burst out into ripples under the pressure of Barter’s attack . The corrugated ripples turned into a solid pillar in an instant, then slanted forward like branches blown by the storm .

This scene couldn’t help but make people felt excited . Barter’s attack broke out like a surging wave and gave off a sense of oppression that no one could resist . Just by standing there, he had already given off an aura of a king, that the earth was his people and territory .

However, even if it was the earth, there was still an element that could counter it .

A crisp sound suddenly echoed .

The surrounding dust instantly dissipated under the strong wind . The Spirit Bird spread its wings as it looked at the scene on the ground . Under it, thunder and lightning flashed .

What is that?!

Looking at the translucent, shining, giant bird, everyone was awestruck . They looked at the Spirit Bird suspended in the mid-air unbelievably . Under the sun’s rays, the Spirit Bird reflected a gleam of golden light, the color of its long slender tail phantasmagorical . It looked like a legendary messenger that had come to deliver the God’s will .

It was staring at Barter, flapping its wings with force .

Although judging by its strength, the Spirit Bird didn’t seem to be Barter’s opponent, but as an elemental creature, its control of elements was of course much higher than Barter’s . Followed by its movement, a whirlwind mixed with lightning roared out . It formed a roaring tornado and heavily hit Barter’s Earth Strike . The sharp stone flakes were instantly blown off by the tornado . Before it was able to display its power, it had already been smashed by the lightning that was hidden inside the tornado . In a blink of an eye, the ‘army’ under Barter had been swept away . It was as if the stone pillar that had been blocking this tornado was made of just dry vines .


Barter wasn’t stunned as he saw the Spirit Bird’s appearance like the others were . He had investigated Rhode beforehand and heard about his strange fighting technique . But it was his first time witnessing it .

That’s why facing this Spirit Bird’s attack, Barter only shouted . He rejoined the two swords and held his swords with both hands, heavily smashing the incoming tornado .

At this moment, the tornado was split into two . The sword intent that emerged from Barter’s body collided with the thunderbolt that was hiding inside the tornado . Currently, the strength of a high-level swordmaster was unveiled . The power that it displayed couldn’t help but made the audiences stunned .


Suddenly, a roaring sound echoed . Everyone couldn’t help but shifted their gaze towards the burning flame that emerged behind Barter . Not long after, a black, giant hound appeared from the flame . As it opened his mouth, the flame enveloped its entire body and it charged straight towards Barter . Flames were spilling out of the Black Hound’s teeth, turning into a surging wave, aiming at him .

“Such a petty trick won’t work on me!”

Barter didn’t seem surprised facing such a sudden attack . He only coldly snorted, then turned around as he split his sword into two and swung his right hand . The sword in his right hand immediately flew out, penetrating through the flames attack and piercing the Black Hound’s body .

It seems the report is indeed correct .

An explosion sounded .

An explosive blasted out from the wounded Black Hound and the burning flames covered the entire ring . The burning flames and hot air swirled up to the sky and formed a fire pillar .

Everyone was dumbstruck . They were staring at the ring, but they couldn’t comprehend what was happening in it .

They didn’t notice that a shadow had flashed .

Barter lifted up both of his swords and tore apart the sea of flames that had been surrounding him . At this moment, he saw a shadow flash through the corner of his eyes . He found that Rhode had suddenly appeared beside him .

Rhode’s bright red sword was sheathed once again .

Storm Slaughter, activate .

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