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Chapter 327

“I really didn’t expect…”

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Viktor tightly held the handles of the seat while watching the battle before him intensely .

It wasn’t that Viktor wasn’t aware of Barter’s improvement . Usually, he wasn’t particularly smart and wasn’t sensitive towards politics, and his political wisdom could be said to be the worst among the leaders of the four major guilds . But despite this, Purple Lily’s reputation had never dropped . It was because of Barter’s tyrannical strength . Judging from his strength, it could be said that he placed first among the four major guilds .

So it’s not strange for him to reach the peak of Swordmaster level .

But that dark-haired young man actually displayed powerful sword intent that was no weaker than Barter’s . This made Viktor very shocked . Even though Rhode had demonstrated his strong swordsmanship skills in the battle with Mobis, he was only a little bit surprised by it . Since he was a major guild leader, he had traveled a lot for many years and had seen many kinds of geniuses . Although some people thought what Rhode had done was difficult to achieve, but to Viktor, it wasn’t uncommon . Hhe knew that in the Country of Law, there were a lot of elite troops among the Temple Guardian Knights and most of them were in their 20s, but they were all very skillful . Each of them had a Master level strength, and these young people were recruited from the temple believers to protect the balance and jurisprudence of the continent . Their numbers weren’t much, but there were at least 500 people . So even if Rhode’s performance was eye-catching, for people with broad insight, his ability was not that terrifying .

However, the fact that Rhode had reached the peak of the master level meant that his ability was on another level . Just another step, he would have broken through the mortal limit and entered a legendary level, but it would be very difficult to achieve . For ordinary people, breaking through the master level was already extremely hard . But for those talented geniuses, it wasn’t that difficult as long as they persevered . Just like him, he had been stuck at the master level for about five to six years . He had tried to go further, but he still couldn’t become one with his swordsmanship and display the sword intent . Only the people who had reached this level could understand just how difficult it was to break this bottleneck, as if one was trying to fly to the sky while carrying heavy shackles .

However, this young man actually did it .

Thinking until here, Viktor gazed at Rhode oddly . This young man was still in his early 20s, but Barter used 25 years to achieve it . It could be seen that this young man might become another legendary figure in the Munn Kingdom…

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In fact, Viktor’s guess wasn’t exactly right, because what Rhode had shown was only a facade .

It was no wonder that Viktor would think so; according to how normal people think, a swordsmanship level was linked to the person itself . But Rhode was different . As a player who had the game system, his swordsmanship level and attributes weren’t linked to each other . In other words, even if Rhode had the strength of a peak level swordmaster, but his attributes were at the elite level, although it was possible for him to use master-level swordsmanship, he still couldn’t use it for too long, let alone a peak master-level swordsmanship skills .

Certainly, in theory, if Rhode had more skill points to invest in the Dark Dance swordsmanship, he would be able to break the mortal limit and use a legendary level swordsmanship, which was Soul Flash . Unfortunately, with his current physical condition, even if the enemy would definitely die once he used it, his condition wouldn’t be any better and he might even lose his life if he wasn’t careful enough .

Of course, he definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing .

However, this flaw did exist and currently constrained him .

Especially in this current battle .

The giant sword thrust forward like a landslide . Rhode’s figure was fleeting, but Barter didn’t stop . Instead, he shouted and the giant sword in his hand swept away both sides . Followed by this action, the sand that got swept by the wind formed into two sandstone dragons . At this moment, a red light once again flashed . Rhode’s figure suddenly appeared beside Barter and Rhode’s sword was pointed at him .

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It’s coming again!

Not only Barter, even the surrounding people thought the same thing . Rhode’s bizarre swordsmanship was really troublesome . In fact, when the two sides began fighting, the audiences had seen that Barter’s sword had almost hit Rhode many times, but his figure always disappeared as the wind blew . Every time they thought the young man was dead, he quickly appeared in a location no one expected . They yelled and yelled the first few times, but after the battle had been going on for almost ten minutes, the people who fussed at first had begun to calm down . Their eyes even felt a little bit tired because Rhode’s speed was too fast; he appeared on the left, but he suddenly jumped to the right . When the crowd’s eyes followed him to the right, they discovered that he suddenly appeared once again…

The audience that sat on the sidelines couldn’t even follow Rhode’s movement, not to mention Barter, who was among them . Frankly, he couldn’t even see Rhode’s movement . However, he’s not panic . For people like him who had reached the peak of master level, what the opponent did was unimportant . All he had to do was to do his best .

And… there’s no and .

The crowd only saw Barter keep waving his two great swords and thrusting them . Even Rhode had no way of dealing with him .

“Is, is this really okay?!”

Lapis bit her lip and looked at the ring in panic . When Rhode’s afterimage split into two, she nearly screamed and fainted . Luckily, there was Lize beside her . Seeing that Lapis almost fainted, she immediately supported her . Otherwise, Lapis would have fallen unconscious already .

Even so, she still felt exceptionally nervous as she watched the battle before her . Every time she saw Rhode’s afterimage get ‘killed’ by the other party, her heart couldn’t help but whirl . This kind of feeling wasn’t really good . So later, Lapis simply closed her eyes and didn’t continue to watch . However, after hearing the screaming sounds from the audience, Lapis couldn’t help but opened her eyes . Finally, she arrived in the loophole once again .

“Tsk tsk tsk, you cannot be that timid, Lapis . ”

Unlike Lapis, Anne kept staring at the battle in front of her . From a certain point of view, Barter’s aura was similar to Anne’s . They both like melee combat and decided victory based on strength . They liked that kind of hot-blooded battle . Seeing the current battle was already enough to make Anne feel eager to fight Barter for 185 rounds .

“Both sides are only testing each other . They haven’t really started fighting yet . If you’re frightened just because of this, then you won’t be able to stand the next attack . ”


When Lapis heard Anne’s answer, she couldn’t help but screamed .

They are just testing each other!?

Even Lize was a little surprised when she heard it . It was no wonder; among them, Anne’s strength was the strongest . If it was magic, Marlene might be the first, but physical attack was Anne’s specialty . Unlike Marlene, who had limited combat experiences, Anne was a mercenary with a lot of combat experience, not to mention a unique sense of intuition and keen observation . So in just a glance, she could see that both parties hadn’t yet unleashed their full force and was only testing each other’s limit .

After they gradually figured each other out, the next attack would be a fatal blow .

Thinking until here, Anne couldn’t help but get excited . She widened her eyes as she watched the battle . She was waiting for that moment to come .

It’s almost time .

This time, Rhode once again fled and dodged Barter’s attack . The opponent’s counterattack was indeed troublesome . Although Rhode could be sure that Barter couldn’t keep up with his speed, but he was different from Mobis . Mobis was the scheming type; naturally, he would thought more about it . He hadn’t yet reached the peak level, so his responses were more sensitive . It could be his strength, but it was also his weakness . Barter had reached the peak level and was a typical fighting madman . Although Rhode’s speed couldn’t confuse him, it was difficult for him to find a gap to attack .

It can’t be helped .

The longer this fight got dragged on, the more it would be unfavorable for him . Rhode’s body wasn’t strong enough to withstand Barter’s attack . Even though he hadn’t felt tired yet, Rhode was very clear that if he couldn’t change the situation soon, even without Barter’s attack, he would surrender like a dead dog .

Since that’s the case, there’s only one solution .

Thinking until here, Rhode’s eyes flashed . He flipped his left hand, and soon, a card appeared .

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