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Chapter 325: 325

Marlene frowned, then slowly opened her eyes .

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She narrowed her eyes as she was dazzled by the bright morning sun . She reached out her hands to cover her eyes . She was still in confused state and didn’t know what was going on . But soon, she seemed to realize something and hurriedly got up .

“What am I…”

She subconsciously looked around, but she only saw plain curtains, white sheets, and clean walls . Her surroundings could be said to be unfamiliar, yet they also felt familiar . Seeing the piles of books that laid on the side of the tables, she quickly realized that she was in her own room .

What’s going on?

Marlene shook her head . She still remembered what she had encountered yesterday . Ellenson had changed, there was a strange man, and her situation at that time…

“You’ve woken up?”

At this time, a familiar voice suddenly sounded . Hearing this voice, the girl quickly turned around and saw Rhode who was quietly watching her while sitting in a chair not far from her .

“Mr . Rhode?!”

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Seeing Rhode’s figure, Marlene couldn’t help but scream . She was perplexed; she couldn’t figure out what was happening and what kind of situation she was in . She only remembered that when she accepted Ellenson’s invitation for evening tea, she was drugged . Later on, she met a strange man who said he would turn her into her slave and gave her a strange potion… Thinking until here, Marlene’s heart couldn’t help but sink . Although at that time, she already resisted, but the effect of that strange potion was too strong . She even thought of biting her own tongue to commit suicide . However, back then, it was even difficult for her to speak, so she didn’t even have the strength to bite her tongue . It seemed like that strange man had taken out a beautiful gem and she didn’t remember anything afterward…

Now, she was actually in her own room . But why was Mr . Rhode there?

Marlene was puzzled . She frowned as she was trying hard to recall what had happened . Then, she vaguely remembered something . She seemed to have done something… something… something… very embarrassing!!

“It seems like you are surprised?”

Just as Marlene was trying hard to recall her memories, Rhode’s voice once again sounded . This time, Marlene gave up thinking, she looked at Rhode and nodded .

“That’s right, Mr . Rhode . If I remember correctly, I was supposed to be in a mansion, with a strange man… and… and…”

Having said that, Marlene wasn’t able to continue . She was a girl, after all; naturally, she would be too embarrassed to say that she was drugged . Moreover, she still couldn’t figure out her current situation . If she woke up in that strange mansion or lying naked in a prison, she might still understand what was happening . However, her current situation was so strange and she couldn’t even relate the things that happened .

At this moment, Rhode’s voice echoed .

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“I know that you’re confused, so let me explain…”

As for how to explain this matter to Marlene, Rhode had already found the answer along the way . Concealing this matter was impossible since both of them had done it and Marlene was a virgin . She would have noticed the anomaly once she recovered . It was better to tell her the truth to prevent her from having silly thoughts, rather than hiding it and made her felt uncomfortable . Certainly, he also knew that it was also not a very good choice . Marlene had a high status, and her first time was also supposed to be a precious thing . For it to be taken away without her permission, Rhode, of course, could understand her feelings . Even though the relationship between them wasn’t bad, but he knew that there was still a distinction in this case . In the best case scenario, she might have a good impression towards him and accept it . If that so, then it would be a happy ending . But in the worst case scenario, Marlene might not have any feelings towards him and even if she accepted his explanation, she would still end up suspicious and worried if there would be a second time . She would also be very awkward around him . If that happened, then Marlene might choose to distance herself… or even cut off any relationship between them .

If that happened, Rhode would be very disappointed . Since he had the sense of responsibility, he would accept the consequences of the things that he had done . Evading the problem wouldn’t solve anything .

Rhode also didn’t know for sure what happened to her before that, so he could only explain the matter according to his point of view, including what he had done to her . Of course, when he mentioned this matter, Rhode didn’t make any excuses . Since it was the fact, he didn’t think that there was any need to explain unnecessary things . But Rhode was also relieved after he read the information regarding Marlene’s current condition from the stronghold system . It was a relief that the detoxification method worked . Looking at her eyes, there also didn’t seem to be any side effects .

Marlene silently sat on the bed while listening to Rhode’s explanation . Her face was flushed red and the look in her eyes was somewhat complicated . At this moment, Marlene was already very sober and remembered 60%-70% of what happened last night . Although her memories were still fuzzy, but the feeling of becoming one with Rhode was deeply etched into her memory . Not to mention, it was also her first time; even if she had lost her self-consciousness back then, she still instinctively remembered what happened . Moreover, hearing Rhode’s explanation now, her face had gotten even redder and she lowered her head in panic .

“This is what happened . ”

When Rhode finished his sentence, he stood up .

“Anyway, I must apologize to you first, Ms . Marlene . After all, although the matter was unavoidable, but I still took the action when you were unconscious . If you feel any resentment or dissatisfaction towards me, I understand and will accept it . ”

Having said that, Rhode paused . He looked at Marlene who was lowering her head, not knowing what was she thinking .

“I know you must be feeling really confused . Please have a good day for today . If you have anything to talk about, we can wait until you’re fully recovered, and you don’t have to participate in today’s competition… As for those two people, I have already ordered Gillian to imprison them . I’ll deal with them when I get back . ”

“Alright, Mr . Rhode . . ”

Right now, Marlene’s couldn’t think straight anymore . She lowered her head and couldn’t even look at Rhode in the eye . She even hated herself for remembering what happened last night . Although she wasn’t conscious back then, but with these vague memory fragments inside her head, she still could remember the crazy things she did . Thinking about the shameless act she did in front of Rhode last night made her not know what to say . She couldn’t even clearly hear what Rhode said before and just instinctively answered .

She was feeling extremely awkward .

Only when she heard the sound of the door shutting did she slowly lift up her head and look at the surrounding . After making sure that Rhode had left, she finally felt relieved . She once again laid on her bed and covered her eyes while looking out the window .

What happened? Why did this happen? She didn’t know . She gently pressed her lower abdomen, and she could feel a little pain and discomfort around it, which had proven what Rhode said before .  So, I really did it with Rhode last night…

Thinking until here, Marlene couldn’t help but shake her head and close her eyes . After a while, she sighed .

Even she didn’t know how she should react .

But she knew one thing: she was not angry .

Originally, she was worried that she was defiled by that strange man . However, after listening to Rhode’s words, her worries immediately disappeared and she felt really relieved . Afterward, she just felt awkward and embarrassed, but she didn’t feel the slightest disgust towards Rhode . On the contrary, after hearing Rhode’s words, she only had one thing in mind .

That’s great…

Even she didn’t know the reason why she would think that . Great? What’s great about it? Was it great because she was not defiled by that strange man? Or was it great to be able to become one with Mr . Rhode?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt confused . She didn’t have to look in the mirror; she could already feel just how red her face currently was .

At this time, another question popped out on her mind .

Then, how does Mr . Rhode feel about it?

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