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Chapter 324

The night sky had shrouded everything in darkness . The city lights of Golden City entered from the window and illuminated the originally dark room . Under the faint light, two bodies were clinging tightly to each other . Amid the undulating motions were softy, hasty, and rhythmless breaths and moans . A rich aroma of a young girl permeated the room as the both of them were completely lost to their intoxication .

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It was really alluring .

Rhode couldn’t help but lick his lower lip as he saw Marlene’s current appearance that was totally different from the usual . From a man point of view, the effect of this medicine was indeed not bad at all . He even thought of asking Celestina for a few more bottles in case he needed it . If not because of the troublesome side effect, this potion was quite good . However, considering its side effect, it was another matter .

Right now, Marlene was already in a deep sleep . She closed her eyes as she fell into Rhode’s embrace . Looking at her current appearance, she looked just like a virtuous and quiet young miss, but only Rhode knew just how wild she was just now . Frankly, he didn’t expect that Marlene would be that fierce . Although he knew that it might be because she was under the drug’s influence, but he really didn’t expect that the usually serious and calm Marlene would have such an unexpected side, so he was also unable to control himself . Since she was the one who invited him, naturally he couldn’t refuse . Even though it was peaceful now, but looking at the wet sheets and red marks on her pale white skin, it could be seen just how intense they were before . Thinking until here, Rhode couldn’t help but chuckle . At the same time, Marlene frowned as if she could perceive Rhode’s action, but soon, she once again fell into a sweet dream . Currently, Rhode could still see the traces of pain on her face, and the scratches on his back had proven it . Even now, remembering it, he could still feel the stinging pain on his back . He knew there was no way a girl who had lost all her senses and had completely obeyed her instinct to desire would be able to control herself . That’s why he could only bear the responsibility . Although he was already mentally prepared, but facing her crazy request, he was almost exhausted . Even now, he still felt somewhat tired . Clearly, the previous ‘fierce battle’ from before was a very heavy physical activity for him .

As expected, it was too much for a young miss like her?

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Thinking until here, Rhode shook his head . Marlene was currently sleeping under him . Perhaps, it was too intense and had drained too much of her energy . Her eyes were closed as she slowly breathed . Soon, the redness on her face gradually disappeared and her condition seemed to have gotten better . It looked like she had recovered, but he still couldn’t confirm whether she had returned to normal or not . Not to mention, the ‘detoxification method’ that Celestina told him was rather skeptical . No matter how he saw it, this situation was very similar to third-rate martial arts novels in the roadside stalls that were once popular a few decades ago, where the main male heroine would force himself on the female heroine in order to get her . Those novels were set in ancient times, after all, but as for now… Although Dragon Soul Continent was not a really modern and open-minded society, but according to his understanding towards Marlene, she shouldn’t be acting like the female heroine in the martial art novels who followed the three obediences and the four virtues teaching and said things like “Since you have had my body, now I’m yours…” after she woke up .

But from Rhode’s point of view, he already thought of Marlene as his woman . Although judging from the previous situation, it was critical and unavoidable, but in the end, it was still him who took the advantage of her and not somebody else . So naturally, he should be the one who took responsibility . Of course, he wouldn’t bear responsibility with a woman he had a one-night stand with, because it was voluntary behavior from both parties . Whether or not the other party had thought of the consequences, she herself had already agreed to his request, so there was no sense of responsibility that could be said . A one-night stand had nothing to do with responsibility in the first place . But in Marlene’s case, Rhode couldn’t put her in the same position as those women who were drunk for a variety of reasons and wanted to find someone to comfort them .

After Marlene woke up, he had to face this problem . There was also no need for him to escape, after all .

“Is this okay?”

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Rhode frowned as he stared at Marlene’s sleeping face . At that moment, he could feel that the cold chill he felt after drinking the potion from before had entered her body . And now, Marlene’s face was no longer as flushed as before and her temperature had almost returned normal . At least the antidote seemed to work just fine since her fever had gone away .

However, it was still hard to say whether it had achieved the desired effect .

Although for the sake of insurance and since he had done it already, it was better if he did it a few more times . Frankly, Rhode also wished to do it several times more, but the potion that Celestina gave him had also affected him . Originally, facing such a virgin lady, there wouldn’t be any problem doing her until midnight . However, this time, he felt a little exhausted . He could do it once again, but he would turn into a fool who passed out after doing it . He could also feel that the cold chill on his body had disappeared, so it was meaningless even if he continued .

“Forget it . Let’s stop here . ”

Thinking until here, Rhode shook his head and stood up . He wore his clothes back and looked at Marlene . Currently, she was sleeping in the bed quietly, but it was still unknown as to whether she had been cured or not . Although Celestina vowed that it worked just fine, there were many things that couldn’t be solved with just self-confidence . The only thing he could do now was to wait and see how it went .

Even though from a certain point of view, it wasn’t a bad thing even if the antidote didn’t work, since Marlene would become his most faithful slave . Such a beautiful girl—there would be many people who wanted to imprison her . As for Rhode, his desire towards this aspect was also very honest . Or else in the game, he wouldn’t have formed an ‘intimate’ relationship with Canary .

Having sex was okay, but losing one’s mind in exchange for it was too much . Judging from the seriousness of this matter, if Marlene had lost her mind, her control over magic spells would most likely also decline . Marlene, the genius mage of the Munn Kingdom would be no different as ordinary mages . In Rhode’s case, he also didn’t wish for Marlene to become a puppet . After all, her charms laid in her confidence and arrogance . If she lost it, she wouldn’t be Marlene anymore, but a complete stranger .

Frankly speaking, Rhode liked the girl who smiled confidently at him, sometimes complained about his decisions, but still followed his command and took the initiative to take the responsibility when it was necessary . That was better than a pet dog that could only wag its tail in front of the owner .

The problem hadn’t yet been completely resolved, or it should be said, what had been resolved before was only the beginning . Now, what Rhode needed to face was the problem that would later arise .

Thinking until here, Rhode sighed . He reached out to dress her, then he carried her up and walked to the window . Under the moonlight, Marlene was sleeping sweetly like a kid in Rhode’s embrace . She showed a cute, innocent, and charming smile, making Rhode couldn’t help but feel mesmerized . He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her long hair . Feeling Rhode’s touch, Marlene narrowed her eyes like a sleeping cat . She turned around and once again fell asleep . Seeing this scene, Rhode couldn’t help but tilt the corner of his mouth and smile .

If the antidote worked and Marlene woke up, how would he explain this matter?

Although Rhode had decided to take the responsibility, but what about Marlene? Would she agree to become his woman? Or did she have another plan in mind? All of these were unsolved mysteries for Rhode . After all, Rhode had never thought of Marlene as a prospective partner, so naturally, she rarely cared about these issues . What’s more, Marlene was the heir of Senia family . So it was impossible for her marriage to be decided by herself and it was very unlikely that she would give up her duties . Her family would always back her up, but at the same time, it was also the responsibility that she had to shoulder . Moreover, these responsibilities needed to be shouldered by her alone . That was why Rhode couldn’t help but consider this issue .

But either way, he had already made up his mind .

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