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Chapter 311

As opposed to feeling nervous, Rhode felt relieved when he witnessed Anne getting flung off the arena . This was because he saw that even though it appeared dangerous, she wasn’t in any life threatening danger . After Carody pierced his dagger into her palm, she instantly grabbed it, which was why he failed to pierce her heart . And now, Anne had fallen off the arena, meaning that she lost…

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Rhode darted to her side and held her up . Just as he had expected, although the wound on her chest was a ghastly sight, it wasn’t deadly . Anne forced out a smile .

“Leader, Anne did it, right? Not even five minutes and Anne left the arena . ”

“I don’t know if I should complement you or not . ”

Rhode shook his head, pulled out the dagger in her palm, and tossed it aside . Marlene, Lize, and the rest had also arrived frantically . After seeing Anne’s smile, the tension in them was immediately alleviated .

However, Rhode wasn’t relieved .

“Lize, heal Anne’s wounds and remember, you have to remove the poison first before applying Lapis’s potions . Wait for two minutes and if anything’s not right with Anne, inform me immediately . Understand?”

“Ah, okay!”

Although Lize didn’t know why Rhode gave such a command, she subconsciously nodded . Then, Marlene held Anne up and they headed to the back . Rhode, on the other hand, turned to Carody .

Carody revealed himself from the shadows . He quietly stood there without saying a word and fixed his gaze on Rhode . On the surface, although it seemed like Carody wasn’t injured, Rhode was sure that Anne’s final move had hurt his right hand because his right arm was drooping weakly .

Carody’s complexion was pale behind his mask . He didn’t expect things to go this way .

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Carody wasn’t nervous when he faced Anne’s tactics because an assassin’s battle style was to hide in the shadows before dealing the critical blow . Therefore, those who couldn’t detect their positions would use a baiting tactic to lure them out, and once the assassins struck, they would also gamble and strike at the same time .

However, Carody wasn’t afraid of this as he was not only confident in his assassination skills, but also in his knowledge of poison . His weapons carried lethal poison, which was why when Anne blocked his attack with her palm, he wasn’t worried one bit . To him, Anne was already dead because she couldn’t resist the poison on his blade!

But, who knew things would be this surprising for him . He thought that Anne would die instantly, but she was still alive . This deferred his next move and due to this delay, he couldn’t dodge Anne’s shield that was spinning back to her . Although he had activated his shadow technique on time, his right arm was still crushed by it .

Assassin wasn’t a class with high defenses, and at this moment, he felt his right arm tingling in pain, which infuriated him . What surprised him the most was that Anne wasn’t dead yet!

That’s right, she stood up and walked off effortlessly while smiling!

How is this possible? The poison should have taken effect by now?!

In fact, there weren’t any issues with his poison . Rhode was confident because in the game, the most irritable thing about Carody was that he could cast countless debuffs on players before killing them off . So how would Rhode not know his strength?

Fortunately, Rhode was smart . Before arriving at Golden City, he had ordered Lapis to concoct a few immunity potions . Although the potion would only last for five minutes, a master assassin like Carody would become half as effective without his poison’s effects during those five minutes . But Rhode didn’t think that he would need to use it on Anne .

Carody couldn’t figure out why, but he didn’t wish to stay in this place any longer . Since he wasn’t able to kill off his opponent, this mission was considered a failure… But, he wouldn’t fail a second time! Carody turned around and stepped down from the arena .

Loud cheers erupted and filled the arena .

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To the audience, the exchange in attacks between Anne and Carody was so fast that they couldn’t understand what happened . They saw the young lady scrambling before the man’s ferocious attacks and was struck off the arena . But this time, no one dared to mock Anne . It wasn’t that they were afraid of causing trouble, but it was because they saw the hope of victory and no longer had the time to taunt losers anymore . Carody’s victory had saved the Sky Sword Guild from losing the competition and now, they still had the chance to win!

As for Starlight? It wouldn’t be too late to ridicule them after they had totally lost .

… Forget about those country bumpkins for now!

“Mobis! Mobis! Mobis!”

The audience was clear that Mobis, the guild leader, held the strength to lead Sky Sword to victory!

Mobis stepped onto the arena .

He lifted his head and gazed at the opposing team .

Rhode was staring back at him without any expression .

A thought flashed through Mobis’s mind .

Am I capable of winning this?

If it was before the competition, Mobis would never have such thoughts . To him, it was a guaranteed victory and there was no possibility of his men being defeated . Apart from Marlene, who would give their team a headache, the others weren’t even worth mentioning .

However, reality was always cruel .

Kalman’s defeat by Marlene was predictable, but the next unknown young lady who had easily defeated Carter without blinking her eyes was astounding . From then, Mobis realised that this mercenary group wasn’t as simple as he thought . They didn’t seem weak at all and they performed out of his expectations continuously .

So then, what would this black haired young man, the leader of this mercenary group, do?

Mobis became serious, because no matter what, he was the final line of defense for his guild . No matter how strong this black-haired young man was, he needed to win this and lead the Sky Sword Guild to the next stage . He gazed at Rhode before bowing slightly and withdrawing the sword from his waist .

That was a slick, emerald-green sword . The sword blade shimmered like crystals and the sword hilt was entwined with vines that were filled with life and greenish branches .

“Chrysoprase Sword!”

Many exclaimed in awed as this was the treasure of the Sky Sword Guild! Although it had always been Mobis’s sword, they knew that he didn’t use this sword for a long time . And now, he was going to use it on this arena?

It seems like Leader Mobis is taking this seriously!

The audience stood up and stared at the arena with anticipation .

They were looking forward… Or perhaps waiting for a victory anxiously .

Good . Chrysoprase Sword; it seems like Mobis is serious .

Rhode nodded as Mobis drew his sword . He placed his right hand before his chest and bowed . Then, he placed his right arm forward .

A glittering magical radiance flickered in his hand . He flipped it to the side and grabbed at it .


A pitch-black sword appeared and almost everyone was stunned .

Where did that sword come from?

They stared with their eyes wide . No matter what, when Rhode stepped onto the arena, there weren’t any weapons on him . So where did this black sword appear from?

And the magical radiance from before was…

Rhode didn’t give them too much time to consider because he had lifted his sword and pointed it at the old man on the opposite end .

The battle had begun .

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