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Chapter 310


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Carody exclaimed . At the same time, he didn’t stop moving as he continued to hover around her like a shadow finding a chance to strike . What surprised him was that Anne didn’t pull away after blocking his attack . Instead, she moved in a clockwise direction and maintained the same rhythm and speed as himself .

… How is this possible?

Carody was stumped .

At this moment, Anne didn’t have the mood or time to figure out what this man was thinking anymore . She stared at him and remembered Rhode’s orders .

“The moment he attacks, you have to block your right and move clockwise along with his movements . Remember, don’t move too quickly . Just follow his pace and don’t lose him . If he suddenly disappears before you, don’t hesitate…”

Anne stopped moving, leapt back with her shield, and rolled agilely . At this moment, Carody scuttled out from the shadows beneath . If Anne stood where she was, his dagger would have pierced her throat . But now that she had jumped into the air, she drew some distances away from him, which caused him to miss his killing strike . Although Carody had assassination skills, this was totally irrelevant to frontal combat . Carody missed and before the audience was able to notice, he quickly dashed under her . She would be dead as soon as she landed!

Anne predicted his moves . When Carody was below her, she bellowed and expanded her shield . Then, she brandished it like a huge meteorite crashing to the ground .

Normally, such attacks would have been useless to Carody . But it was different this time because they made their moves at the same time . After Carody sneaked behind her, he witnessed a huge shadow sweeping toward him along with strong gales…

Carody was still a human after all, and he couldn’t react continuously . Therefore, he had no choice but to retreat . Anne rolled after landing on her feet and leaped up .

This is getting interesting…

Carody narrowed his eyes .

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Now he had confirmed that his opponent was familiar with his battle techniques .

That’s right, familiar .

From the start, Carody had chosen to avoid—but not many knew that he was a left hander and the direction of his attack was totally unlike others, which was beneficial to him . A killer didn’t need to battle, but only needed to kill in a single strike . Once his opponent made a wrong judgement in direction, he could exploit it .

However, he didn’t expect that Anne was prepared for his attack . His attacks had always been a surprise to most of his enemies, but appeared crystal clear in her eyes . All of Anne’s moves were used in response to his attacks . She leaped up to dodge his special technique ‘Shadow Assassination’ . This skill allowed him to blend into a shadow for a short period of time and instantly appear in his opponent’s shadow and engage in attacks . This attack could be said to be impossible to defend .

However, Anne did it and not only that, she was also prepared for his following attacks .

How is this possible?

Carody became curious .

He had never met Anne and didn’t fail after being an assassin for years, which was why it was impossible for this young lady to defeat him .

But how could she be so familiar with his moves?


Anne took in deep breaths .

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It seems that what Leader said was right . This man in black is vicious and scheming . If Leader didn’t inform me beforehand, I probably would have lost . But… you, this man in black, do you think you can make Anne cower?

Anne gritted her teeth . She glanced at Rhode using the corners of her eyes .

Anne will never ever let you off . Everyone in the mercenary group is protected by Anne, and you will never have a chance to bully us!

She had made up her mind .

Three minutes left!

Rhode observed the battle anxiously . He didn’t have any ideas on how to deal with Carody . Although he could consider exposing Carody’s weaknesses to Anne and allow her to take advantage, he considered his fast attack speed and there wouldn’t be enough time for her to consider . What now?

Rhode could only think of the stupidest plan: a strategy shift .

In the game, there were many strategies available to defeat this leader of the Black Blades . Rhode might as well explain to Anne the entire process and once the opponent engaged in attack, she would only need to act accordingly . As for the rest, it was all up to god’s will .

As now, Rhode didn’t have much choices .

How long could she last? This wasn’t a game, after all, and Carody wouldn’t be as dumb as the NPCs in game who would use the same attacks repeatedly .

At this moment, two minutes had passed . Both of them spent a minute confronting each other and the confusing situation lasted for another 10s of seconds . Now that both sides once again clashed, two minutes had passed and three minutes were left . It was considered a torture to Rhode as he was clear of Anne’s strengths and if Carody took the match seriously, it would only require few seconds for him to defeat her . Previously, she was only fortunate that Carody was caught off guard, but it was different now . He felt that Carody was becoming serious .

On one hand, Rhode hoped that the five minutes would be up quickly so he could drag her off the arena . On the other hand, he hoped that the five minutes would come later, so the potion effects would last longer to keep her from being defeated by Carody…

If Rhode knew Anne’s thoughts, perhaps he wouldn’t be so conflicted and would immediately drag her down .

At this moment, Carody struck!

In the blink an eye, he vanished without a trace . Then, shadows flitted across the arena from all directions . The shadows were indistinct and their presences were almost undetectable .

This was the ability of a master assassin .

Anne switched into her defensive stance and as soon as Carody disappeared, her shield once again changed its form .

Kacha .

The tightly-folded shield expanded abruptly . Then, Anne leaped into midair and at the same time, she ejected countless sharp blades from her shield . In the blink of an eye, the entire shield had divided into four smaller shields and chains dragged them toward the ground .


Rhode’s heart sank . Anne’s performance was totally out of his expectations . What is she trying to do?

The shield smashed into the ground, but failed to defend against the four illusionary shadows .


The audience yelled fearfully because they clearly witnessed Carody appearing beside Anne and his dagger had arrived at her chest! Just a little more and it would pierce through her heart!


Marlene and Lize shrieked in horror . This scene was so fast that before they reacted, Carody’s dagger was about to pierce into her chest! Rhode’s complexion turned pale as he clutched his sword hilt… ready to strike anytime .

Anne reacted .

She shielded her chest with her left hand and in the blink of an eye, Carody’s pitch-black blade pierced through her palm and into her chest .

Got it!

Carody revealed an evil grin . He lifted his head and was hoping to see her twitching in pain and disparity . However, just as he looked up, he was astonished to discover that the young lady was actually smiling . At the same time, he sharply sensed a strong pressure on his dagger .

Not good!

He instantly sensed the presence of danger and quickly released the dagger on his hand . He leaped back before twisting and blending into a shadow again .

Then, the shield spinning above the shadows smashed into her body and blasted her off the arena .

“Anne!” Rhode exclaimed .

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