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Chapter 279

The shield was a weapon only shield warriors could use and also the proof of a qualified shield warrior . Not everyone could use such a weapon, and the fine gold shield itself was not cheap, and its structure was quite complex . In addition, there were more than ten layers with a variety of combinations to strengthen the shield besides the inner and outer layer . The shield’s strength also depended on this factor . The more layers one mastered, the more powerful one was . Even though the fine shield appeared like an ordinary shield, it was actually a combination of many shields . Different parts would be used in different occasions . One must be fastidious and could not charge forward without thinking . Not just NPCs—even a lot of players couldn’t do this . Because of the fine shield, the shield warrior became a job that racked one’s brain . If one was unable to transform the shield into the right form to deal with the enemy at the right time, it wouldn’t be efficient . Not to mention, a shield warrior had no weapon, which was why they had to learn how to use the shield correctly in order to fight .

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This was also the reason why players rarely chose shield warrior as their job . They would rather choose to become a knight, which was more ordinary, but at least a knight held a sword in his hand . It would be easier for them fight as opposed to fiddling with a shield and changing the form wrongly .

Because of that, there were not many players who chose to be a warrior shield, and even fewer top shield warriors . However, a top shield warrior player was everyone’s nightmare . If they could skillfully grasp the fine gold shield’s various switching patterns, they would be able to use offense and defense at the same time . It was impossible for ordinary people to break their defense!

The Thief from Dark Fang didn’t know what was going on, but spectators could see it clearly . Just as Anne jumped back, the shield in her left hand split out and flew back . It was really fast and hit the Thief in the face . Not only that, when it smashed the Thief, Anne took hold of the chain and smashed it to the side . Along with her movements, the extended shield moved like a meteor hammer, whistling to the side .

The mercenaries who were trying to attack Anne from both sides were actually a feint and had no intention to attack her from the start . They were only trying to attract Anne’s attention to provide opportunities for the Thief . Seeing the Thief had failed, they immediately chose to retreat . However, they didn’t expect Anne’s movement to be so fast . She didn’t wait until they retreated; the heavy shield had already arrived before them .

They were not as confident as before . As experienced mercenaries, they knew that the impact of this ‘meteor hammer’ wasn’t small . Although Anne looked slender and weak, but after seeing that she was able to fight head-on with the two-handed barbarian swordsman from before and even break the surface of the ring, no one doubted her strength…

Holy Spirit, even Marlene’s earth-shattering magic did not destroy this ring!

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Although this ring was old, it was still very durable . This round, broad ring was made of bluestone granite using the skills of the dwarves . It could even be said that it was very difficult for an ordinary attack to leave traces on it .

However, Anne’s two attacks almost broke this ring apart . Now, the ring had barely maintained its form . However, to spectators, the ring was already really fragile; just a little bit more and it would be torn apart .

The swordsman was certainly not an idiot to attack her directly, but he still underestimated Anne’s strength .

The heavy shield had reached his side faster than he had expected, and when he heard the gust of the wind, the heavy shield was already beside him . It was too late for him to dodge, and the swordsman could only clench his teeth and brandish his sword, trying to withstand this attack .

But he failed .

Anne had been aware of the situation in her surroundings . Although she looked fiery and hot-blooded, she wasn’t the least bit stupid . It wasn’t like she was not aware that she which she was surrounded by four people . Of course, she had also considered a way to solve it .

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The scene in the ring left spectators in awe .

They only saw Anne quickly jump behind when facing an attack from four sides . After that, the shield on her hand suddenly divided in two . One shield flew behind her and knocked out the Thief . Followed by her hand movements, the two shields then flew to the two sides and sent both swordsmen flying!

That’s right, flying . In the spectator’s eyes, those two swordsmen were just weightless puppets blown by the wind . They rolled on the ground, unable to stand up . If the ring was still intact, then they wouldn’t have gotten hurt this badly, but since the ring had been destroyed by Anne and was full of gravels, they were hurt more . Moreover, Anne’s strength was a lot stronger than everyone had expected . After they came in contact with the heavy shield, it was as if they had been punched heavily in the chest . They even lost their consciousness and couldn’t breathe . Not only that, one of them fell into the mercenary that had been shooting arrows . Their condition was extremely pitiful; even spectators didn’t know what to say .

Although it felt long, only one moment had actually passed . In a blink of an eye, three of the four people who surrounded Anne had been knocked down . Although the two-handed barbarian swordsman’s speed wasn’t slow, he was unable to find a chance . When he swung his sword once again, the fine shield in Anne’s hand assembled back and blocked his attack .

But this time, things were different .

Kacha .

The sound of a ringing machine echoed . Just when the fine gold shield and the giant sword collided, the originally flat shield immediately split into several pieces and looked as if it had completely failed to withstand the two-handed barbarian swordsman’s attack . However, the swordsman noticed that the situation was bad . A powerful force emerged from the shield and gripped his giant sword

Not good!

Just as he was aware of it, he shouted and once again mustered his strength to forcibly draw back the sword .

He did it .

The giant sword had finally been drawn out from the shield, but at the same time, Anne used this opportunity to jump up . She transformed her shield back into one piece and charged forward once again .

This time, the two-handed barbarian swordsman was unable to dodge Anne’s attack . He left a lot of openings as he swung his sword and was unable to make any flexible moves . Facing Anne’s attack, the two-handed barbarian swordsman had to grit his teeth and rely on his own solid body to resist it .


Under the spectators’ eyes, Anne’s shield heavily smashed into his chest .

Followed by this terrifying blow, he staggered . His knees felt weak and were unable to withstand this huge impact . Finally, he fell to the ground . Anne turned around and waved her shield, then she immediately shouted loudly to her challengers .

“Come again! I haven’t had enough!”

But at this moment, no one was able to respond to her words . The two-handed barbarian swordsman, naturally, had fainted on the ground, and the others were no better off . They wanted to fight by relying on their own skills, but they did not expect this slim and slender maiden to have a barbarian’s power . This powerful force had overwhelmed them before they even had the time to show off their skills . Now they could only feel pain as they rolled on the ground . They couldn’t even stand up, let alone fight . Not to mention, seeing her reaction, she totally thought of this as a game?!

They were unwilling to yield and wanted to stand up . However, their bodies were completely paralyzed . Anne’s skills were not outstanding, but her powerful strength and understanding of her heavy shield were much superior . These mercenaries were no match for her .

Until this time, Rhode, who had been focusing on the ring all the time, finally sighed in relief .

The battle was finally over .

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