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Chapter 280

For Rhode, this warm-up battle unexpectedly ended in both failure and success . It was successful in that it made other mercenary groups recognize their strength and let Anne and the others familiarize themselves with competition atmosphere . Through this battle, no one dared to judge the strength of the Starlight; they even won the battle of 1 vs . 5 . What else was there to say?

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But it was also a failure because they were unable to experience the feeling of a real competition . The opponents that they were going to face at the Midsummer Festival were definitely on a whole different level than these third-rate mercenaries who immediately forfeited once they couldn’t beat the opponent . As one of the most glorious festivals in the Munn Kingdom, the Midsummer Festival was the highest stage for all mercenaries . Guilds showed their strength through this competition, while mercenary groups expanded their influence and popularity . Even ordinary mercenaries who had an outstanding performance or unique talent might could be spotted by nobles and top guilds . That’s why this competition was the best chance for any strong mercenary to change their own destiny . They would undoubtedly do anything to achieve their goals and fight desperately . It would be completely different from these warm-up matches where everyone forfeited . Rhode wondered whether his side would be able to carry on if the other side showed a strong will . As the king of the competition in the game, and the No . 1 player in the Dragon Soul Continent, Rhode knew very well that in PVP, will and spirit were keys to the outcome in addition to technology and equipment . He had seen a lot of talented players with a weak mentality; in the end, they would lost . Naturally, Rhode wanted to prevent this situation from happening .

But before that, he had something to say .

After the end of the challenge match, the people returned to the waiting room . The heavy stone wall separated them from the lively atmosphere in the colosseum . The people who were excited about their victory had also gradually calmed down .

At this moment, Rhode silently observed them . Anne, who had just finished her match, was naturally wearing an excited expression . Looking at her face, it seemed like she would gladly fight again . Marlene was relatively calm, only fiddling with the wand in her hand . She didn’t seem to be happy or sad . As for Lize, she had a pleasant smile on her face, like she was very satisfied with her performance . Joey was stiff-faced, seemingly expressionless and Rhode could see that he was still a little upset . Lastly, Randolf was a little agitated, but he was more restrained than the others .

“I am satisfied with your performances, but I am also not particularly satisfied . ”

When everyone heard Rhode speak, they immediately calmed down and stared at Rhode .

However, Rhode didn’t immediately go on . He stopped for a moment and looked at them .

“When you guys fought on the stage, I think you guys heard the spectators voices . ”

Hearing this remark, their complexions slightly changed . Marlene was still looking at the wand in her hand . She was still focusing on playing with the gem on her magic wand . Anne was curious and shook her head left and right, but she stayed silent .

“Lize . ”

This time, Rhode pointed out a name .

“What do you think about the people who called you a coward?”

Upon hearing Rhode’s question, Lize’s complexion slightly changed . Indeed, when she was in the ring, the mercenaries were shocked by her performance and did not comment on her . However, normal people wouldn’t care whether she was a Cleric or not . They only knew that Lize’s fight wasn’t as interesting as Marlene’s and the way she fought was strange and sometimes very inexplicable . In other words, it wasn’t interesting . This caused her to be ridiculed as a ‘witch’ and ‘coward’ by some people on the sidelines when she walked down the ring . Of course, these harsh words made her feel uncomfortable .

When she heard Rhode said so, she could not help it .

“I’m sorry, Mr . Rhode . I promise that next time… It won’t happen again . ”

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Hearing her answer, Rhode shifted his gaze towards Joey who sat next to Lize .

“Joey, although you faced 5 people at once and won, it doesn’t look like everyone was convinced by your victory…”

“Of course I heard them, Sir!”

Joey clenched his fists, and he seemed to feel even more depressed than Lize .

“Next time, I’ll make sure that they wouldn’t be able to say anything!”

“Randolf . ”

Rhode didn’t respond to Joey’s answer and said the next name .

“Many people think you lack skills and only relied on magic props to win . What do you think?”

“But, but Leader, skills are also needed to use magic props…”

Randolf hadn’t yet spoken when Lapis already defended him . It wasn’t like she didn’t hear what those spectators said . It was just that based on her personality, it was impossible for her to debate with them . So she could only endure…

However, Rhode did not respond to Lapis’s comment . He shrugged his shoulders and then looked at Marlene .

“Marlene, it seems like a lot of people are very dissatisfied with you being a Middle Circle mage and using your power to bully those mercenaries…”

“So what?”

When she heard Rhode’s remark, Marlene furrowed her brow .

“Since they are my opponents, then I am naturally going to do my best to fight . Does it have anything to do with them?”

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“Mar, Marlene… you’re too…”

Hearing Marlene’s answer, Lize looked troubled, but without waiting for her to say anything, Rhode nodded in satisfaction .

“Yes, it has nothing to do with them . ”

“Mr . Rhode?”

Lize was surprised to hear Rhode’s answer, but Rhode waved his hand and interrupted her next words .

“Why do you guys care about what those people are saying?”


Hearing this question, Lize and the others were surprised . For a while, they were really unable to figure out the answer… Yes, why? Why did they have to care about what those people said?

“Don’t get it wrong; this is your fight, not theirs’ . No matter what kind of method you guys used to win, you still won . Just continue doing what you have done . It doesn’t matter what the spectators say . Indeed, they can complain that you don’t fight well and that you are relying on strong equipment to bully the opponent, but so what? Can they change the outcome just by shouting?”

Having said that, Rhode coldly snorted .

“Especially you, Joey . You said that you’ll make sure they won’t say anything next time . That’s totally wrong . I can assure you that even if you became the No . 1 Thief on the entire Dragon Soul Continent, those people will still won’t shut up . ”


When he heard Rhode’s remark, Joey was really puzzled .

“It’s simple . It’s because they can’t beat you . ”

Hearing Joey’s question, Rhode simply spread his hands .

“In my hometown, there is a saying called a barking dog never bites . Do you understand? Those who really have the strength to fight with you will not do such thing . Only those who can’t beat you will struggle to pick your faults; even if there are no mistakes, they will still find something . Lize, you’re a cleric; it means that you’re a caster, so why can’t you perform as well as Marlene? Joey, you’re always hiding, why can’t you fight upright? But a Thief is not an upright job in the first place . What can you do besides hide in the shadow and sneak attack? Let me ask you then; will you be able to win if you didn’t fight that way?

“But, we…”

Joey tried to argue, but Rhode abruptly waved his hands .

“You don’t have to refute my words because they’re the truth . They don’t care how a Cleric or a Thief fights . They will only pick your fault and ridicule you . They’re trying to belittle your wort, so you guys don’t really need to argue… If I say that you guys didn’t fight upright or fight well, would you guys lose? The one who fights on the stage is you and not that bunch of idiots who know nothing but to complain . Their opinion won’t affect your victory or failure… Unless you have been affected . ”

Hearing these words, Lize and Joey couldn’t help but lower their heads . Indeed, just as Rhode said, they had been affected . In fact, before Rhode said those things, they swore to themselves that they would fight perfectly until those people had nothing to say .

However, at this moment, Rhode’s words had slapped them in the face . What would be good by doing so? Besides receiving some cheers, there would be nothing .

Did they need to hear cheering?

“No, what we want is victory . ”

Rhode made a conclusion .

“In this match, you guys familiarized yourself with the atmosphere of a competition . But I have to tell you that the real challenge is the Midsummer Festival . It will be a lot more dangerous and challenging than this . You guys have to be mentally prepared because no one might cheer on you . ”


Hearing until here, Anne curiously asked .

“If Anne won, why don’t those people cheer on Anne?”

The innocent girl was still unable to understand . Although what those people said didn’t affect her that much because she was the type that cared about nothing once she fought, she still couldn’t understand why those people wouldn’t cheer her on .

“Because we are special?”

Until then, Marlene finally spoke . After hearing Marlene’s answer, Rhode agreed and nodded .

“That’s right, Marlene . I think you guys know the reason why we are able to represent Paphield for the Midsummer Festival . It was because we got the Mercenary Association’s special permission . I think you guys know that according to the Midsummer Festival’s formal rules, if a mercenary group wants to compete with the mercenary guild, they would have to pass an extremely rigorous elimination round . We are only qualified to fight with guilds then . Many people work hard in order to get that qualification . However, our Starlight has easily obtained it . Don’t you think that mercenary groups from the other area will be very dissatisfied with us? If you worked very hard and sacrificed a lot of things in order to get this opportunity, but suddenly someone else gets the same qualification without doing much, what would you think? Not only them; even the mercenary group in Paphield feel the same . Although they obviously know the gap between our Starlight and them, they would still question our qualification, right?”


At this time, everyone finally realized the seriousness of the matter . Indeed, they felt extremely happy because it was a rare opportunity for them . The Guild Competition, the Midsummer Festival— they had actually gotten such an opportunity so easily . This inevitably made them feel like everything was a dream . However, what Rhode said immediately made them sober . If they saw that other people were that lucky, they would certainly feel uncomfortable .

Why should they be able to fight the mercenary guild without taking part in the rigorous elimination round? That bunch of newbies?

Rhode was sure that even if they won the Midsummer Festival, those people who only knew how to judge still wouldn’t shut up . But so what? His goal was to win and not care about those people who only knew how to talk . Their anger, questioning, and ridicule were all pointless to Rhode .

Just like in the game, Rhode’s Starlight had dominated the game by themselves and even affected the entire game’s development . At that time, there were a lot of players who denounced Starlight’s monopoly and posted it online, saying that they were affecting the balance of the game . Some players even complained to the game company and expected them to stop Starlight . There were also people who tried to influence the game company by saying that if Starlight continued to monopolize the Dragon Soul Continent, people would lose their interest in this game and eventually stop playing .

In the game, many players also ganged up on Starlight, saying that they were going to completely drown Rhode’s guild in a vast sea of the people .

However, hearing such things, Rhode never once wavered . He didn’t care if the company closed the server because people stop playing the game because before the server closed, his Starlight was the most powerful guild in this game!

As for the other guilds who tried to resist him?

Where there was oppression, there was always resistance .

Where there was resistance, there was always repression .

Rhode brought his subordinates to oppress other guilds who tried to repress him several times, but they completely lacked resistance . Because of that, Rhode knew better than anyone else the most important aspect of a battle . Just like him being a spirit swordsman; from the moment he started his journey as a legendary spirit swordsman, many people tried to slander him . Saying that his stories were bullsh*t, that the reason he could do so was due to his good luck . There were even some people who made a conspiracy theory and said that Rhode was privately supported by the game company . They completely ignored the summon spirits that Rhode had lost hundreds of times before, only eyeing the rare summoned spirits that Rhode possessed . They said that Rhode was lucky to get it, and it was the reason he could be so powerful . The other spirit swordsman didn’t have as much good luck as he did, so it was useless no matter how they trained . Those people totally ignored his perseverance; even if Rhode had attained the title of God in the competition, all kinds of questioning and conspiracy theories would never stopped . Not long after Rhode won first place and got an award card from the game company, an online blog and forum said that he had long been in collusion with the game company and the result of the game had long been decided .

That’s why for Rhode, it was unnecessary to gain the approval of others . As long as he did what he wanted to do, it was the highest reward for him . As for whether others admitted his strength or not, he didn’t care . Even if they clenched their teeth and determinedly said he was lucky trash, it still wouldn’t affect his strength .

“A mercenary guild is powerful and influential and has a lot of supporters . We are a mercenary group; our influence is not big, and we don’t get the qualification through the formal process . It will certainly arouse the dissatisfaction of other mercenary groups . That’s why you guys must be mentally prepared for the spectators to be enemies… They definitely will not let us win or cheer for our victories… If you guys are not prepared for this, then go back and sleep . ”

After saying that, Rhode turned around and left the colosseum . He wanted to let them understand and thoroughly think about what that entailed .

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