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Chapter 128

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At that moment, it was as if the world had lost its color .

Everyone in the battlefield couldn't help but turn around to look at the red flame pillar that rose to the sky and penetrated the clouds . The violent Wind Snakes were trembling and retreating back, not daring to come near .

The flame pillar appeared and disappeared so quickly that everyone felt as if a light had briefly flashed . In the next moment, the huge flame pillar disappeared without a trace, and it was replaced by a person who floated above Rhode .

It was a girl .

Or, to be exact, it was an existence enough to make everyone stunned and hold their breath .

She had flawless, porcelain white skin, a small nose, pink lips that gently tilted up, a smile with a touch of temptation, and two large, sparkling eyes gave people a playful and cute feeling . Her pale, pink hair was tied back in a ponytail with a blue bow that reached down to her foot . The outer red robe and inner white robe went down from her shoulder . Her slender neck, lovely doll-like shoulder, and plump, round chest showed off her cleavage . Just looking at her was enough to make men feel excited .

The sides of the robe were completely cut off from the waist, boldly exposed her beautiful, slender legs . The black stocking and knee-length skirt were really eye-catching .

She was like a contradiction between innocence and seduction . She looked as if she didn't know anything about the world, but she actually revealed her allure . Any men who saw her couldn't help but want to be on top of her and ravage her body to fulfill their unparalleled pleasure and their desire to conquer .

However, the brown, fluffy ears and tail on her body exposed her identity as not being human .

"Master finally summoned me; do you know how long I've been waiting?"

When everyone had not yet recovered from her sudden appearance, she chuckled and rushed down . She affectionately hugged Rhode from behind .

"Master, shouldn't you summon me at the start? If you did so, there'd be no way for that trash to toss you around like this . Please rest assured; since I have come, I won't let this trash hurt you anymore! Please wait and enjoy how I deal with this group of trash! I will let these guys know the result of annoying Master . They will taste eternal pain in the Red Lotus Flame . Fufufu…"

After saying this, she chuckled and didn't wait for Rhode to react, flying up to the black-cloaked mage's side . The smile on her face was enough to seduce a man, but the words that came out from her mouth were completely different from her expression .

"So, are you ready to atone for your rude behaviour, incompetent trash? Such a low creature like you actually dares to hurt my beloved master . I think it's time to let you know just how painful the anger of the Red Lotus Flame is…"

"You, what are you!"

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The black-cloaked man was terrified, trembling as if the person who stood before him wasn't a girl, but a very terrifying beast, The light that reflected from her eyes as she glared at him made the black-cloaked mage feel scared . After he reacted, he quickly backed down and lifted his right hand in anger .

"Finish her! Wind Snake Lord, hear my command! Attack!"


Unexpectedly, the Wind Snake Lord that he originally contracted and was supposed to listen to his order shivered and curled up . The violence from before had disappeared and was replaced by fear . Facing such a strong opponent, it was the instinctive reaction of the weak .

"Attack, I command you to attack!"

Seeing the Wind Snake Lord anomaly, the black-cloaked mage couldn't help but be surprised for a moment . But he still didn't give up and slowly backed down while continuing to use the power of his contract and forced the Wind Snake to obey his command .

"Ha… a . "

The girl narrowed her eyes and looked at the black-cloaked mage like she was watching a boring drama .

"Low class is low, even lower than an animal… However, this might be the interesting part of a human . Well, I grant you the qualification to fight me and use your meaningless power to make a final struggle . Perhaps this will be more interesting, no?"

She lightly laughed and quickly backed down . After that, the pressure that enveloped the black-cloaked mage and Wind Snake Lord disappeared .


After noticing that the pressure on his body was reduced, the black-cloaked mage immediately issued an order . He didn't know whether it was because his will had completely controlled the Wind Snake, or if it was a instinctive resistance when facing death, but after hearing the black-cloaked mage's order, the Wind Snake Lord opened its mouth and rushed toward the girl . Under its call, the Wind Snakes that were responsible for attacking the mercenaries immediately changed direction . Since the effect of the precipitation potion had disappeared, they once again overwhelmed the situation, enveloped the sky, screamed from all directions and rushed toward the girl .

They opened their mouths, exposing their sharp fangs, screaming one after another . Not only the Wind Snake Lord, but even the Wind Snake group was in fear . It was their biological instinct to resist the strong! This was their final struggle!

After a while, thousands of Wind Snakes crossed the mercenaries' defense line and escaped from the dangerous, precipitated area . They rushed toward the girl who was floating in the sky . At this moment, the black-cloaked mage began to chant his spell . Followed by a roar, dark clouds began to rotate rapidly and lightning kept flashing, showing off its powerful force .

"Holy soul bless…"

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The scene before them couldn't help but affect everyone's emotion . Lize subconsciously covered her mouth; it was just like the nightmare she had last night—the Wind Snakes would tear them into pieces . Marlene couldn't help but tremble, though not because she was afraid . It was because of the powerful magic in the surrounding .

"This, how's this possible, such a powerful force…"

Rhode stood on the ground and frowned, carefully observing the girl who floated in the air . Although he completely believed in the Commander Level Lord's strength, her performance didn't look reliable . But at the same time, Rhode was also curious . How would she eliminate those guys?

"Ah… really boring . " Facing this group of terrifying Wind Snakes, the girl boredly yawned . After that, she flipped her left hand and pulled a piece of paper from nowhere, grabbing it with her right hand . A pen suddenly appeared . The girl looked down began to concentrate on writing on the paper .

"Since trash can fight to this extent, I won't play with you guys anymore… Just die . "

Saying until here, the pen in her hand fell on the paper .

At this moment, suddenly a few strange things happened .

Three beautiful magic runes appeared and wrapped around her, constantly rotating . However, this time, the Wind Snake group also reached her .

In the next moment, everyone witnessed an unforgettable scene .

Fireballs .

Countless fireballs were fired out from the magic runes and aimed toward all direction . The sky was filled with red flames, spreading around like a storm and swallowing all the Wind Snakes around it .

Facing this attack, the Wind Snakes could only scream and flap their wings, trying to turn around to escape this terrible hell . But the fireballs didn't wait until they moved, smashing into the Wind Snakes and turning them into ashes .

In just one round, almost half of the Wind Snakes were completely engulfed in the Red Lotus Flame . The rest of them no longer planned on continuing the attack; the only thing they could do was to leave this terrible hell .

However, a cry stopped their movement .

Perhaps because it was aware that its death was coming, the Wind Snake Lord fluttered its wings, screamed, and rushed over . The whirlwind beside it turned into a violent tornado shield . The tornado shield rushed to cover up the sky full of fireballs . It was its pride as a Lord; it had to die in the battle with the enemy!

However, facing the Wind Snake Lord's counterattack, the girl who was writing something on the paper just glanced at it and once again turned her head .

"Such a desperate struggle . "

At this time, the runes changed once again .

The runes that were firing out fireballs from before suddenly fired out a light beam . It was aiming toward the distance, forming into fireballs, and then exploding . It was a very beautiful scene . From afar, it looked like glittering fireworks in the sky . Sometimes, the mercenaries on the ground even looked happy and relaxed, almost forgetting that they were in the middle of a battlefield .

But the Wind Snakes didn't have much leisure . Every fireball explosion would only bring more fire . Facing such a crazy attack, the only thing they could do was to hide and escape . The wind barrier on the Wind Snake gradually weakened . The fireballs continuously exploded; it was just a matter of time before the Wind Snake Lord's wind barrier would collapse . Although it tried very hard to set off a storm, under such a splendid attack, there was no way for it to set off even the slightest wind .

To end this, the girl only wrote a sentence .

"Let's stop here . "

The fireballs stopped .

The previously hot temperature dropped back to normal .

"Just die!"

At this moment, the black-cloaked mage was finally ready for his attack . Followed by his shouts, thick clouds gradually covered the sky, and a huge thunderbolt flashed down toward the girl .

It was a success!

Looking at the girl who looked defenseless, the black-cloaked mage felt joyful . This was his most powerful spell; the power could even destroy half a city . As a contracted mage, the black-cloaked mage knew his weakness, so he modified this spell to be fiercer and more violent . Facing such a powerful spell, even a Grand Mage needed to get serious, but the opponent actually dared look down on him . This time, she was dead!

However, the next scene left him completely stunned .

The thunderbolt indeed flashed down, but it didn't hit the target . The girl didn't dodge it, or even try to escape from it . The thunderbolt just stopped beside her .

That's right, it was as if the time had stopped . It just stopped beside her . Such powerful attack like a fierce beast had now become a obedient lamb without any resistance .

"How's that possible?"

The black-cloaked mage panicked and looked back down . The scene before him didn't make any sense .

How did she do it?

How did she do it?

It's impossible, no one could take control of that spell so easily . No one…

Thinking until here, the black cloaked mage seemed to be realize something . He turned around and looked at her ears and tail .

"I-it can't be…"

"A trash with only this kind of strength shouldn't even bother to annoy Master . "

The girl didn't even lift her head and just waved her hand . After that, the thunderbolt suddenly turned its direction and aimed toward the black-cloaked mage .


Facing the incoming thunderbolt, the black cloaked mage who was in despair desperately flew back . But it was still too late .

The thunderbolt pierced through his body, and followed by the incoming flame, everything was completely devoured .

After a moment, there was nothing left beside the girl .

There were only pieces of dust that fell to the ground like a snow .

That was all that was left .

Everything was over .

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