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Chapter 127

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Lize spread out her hands .

A white holy light condensed in her hands and flowed in a way she had never experienced before .

Currently, the holy power that used to flow like a clear spring was showing a fierce side it had never showed before . The power was surging forward from Lize's hand like a wild horse that was struggling to get out of its shackles . Right now, Lize was biting her lips firmly, trying to control the power for her own use . However, it wasn't easy; as a Cleric, she had always been biased toward supporting power rather than offensive power, so she was naturally lacking in experience . It was just like a man who usually drove a classic car, but was suddenly given an F1 car—it was impossible for him to be good at driving it .

But Lize was still resisting . Sometimes she could even feel that it was not her who was manipulating the spell, but rather the spell that was manipulating her . It was just like a greedy beast that sucked on her strength for its own use . She felt her body begin to get tired and even her strength somewhat subsided . But she still resisted . She didn't want the nightmare to become a reality; no matter what, she wouldn't accept that kind of future! As long as she was still here, then she would never allow herself to be powerless and just watch her comrades die one by one just like before!

This is my mercenary group; I will protect it no matter what!

The power was getting stronger and the resistance more violent .

Lize still persevered and she slowly moved her hands to hold the power . She secretly mumbled the ancient spell and the dragon language could be heard . The language was strangling the power that was out of order forcefully, making it to listen to her order . Lize looked up towards the sky .

Countless golden beams burst out from her hands . They spun around and aimed toward different directions . A dazzling light shrouded everyone for a moment, even the sun in the sky had temporarily lost its color

"Holy Verdict!?"

Looking at the scene before him, the black-cloaked mage's expression changed . Although mages and clerics could both be classified as a caster, the energy that they controlled was different . While cleric attack spells didn't vary in complexity like a mage's spell, in terms of penetrating power, it was even more terrifying than mage's . He was confident on blocking Marlene's magic by using his own magic, but when facing Lize's spiritual power, he couldn't help but get serious and carefully deal with it .

The black-cloaked mage quickly reacted . He lifted his left hand and thunderbolts appeared from his fingers, expanding and connecting to form a net . It was aiming toward the golden beam .

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Soon, two sides collided .

The continuous golden beam hit the thunder wall and a burst of explosions sounded . With the flashing thunderbolts and explosion, the entire sky looked as if it was torn . It was a very frightening scene .

After casting the spell, Lize fell to the ground . The offensive spell was far beyond her ability, depleting almost all of the energy in her body . If not because the half-angel blood that ran through her veins, she might have been unconscious already .

Anne hurriedly held onto Lize's body and brought her to Marlene's side . At the same time, a thunderbolt struck down from the sky . Fortunately, Anne had long been prepared . She quickly pulled Lize back and placed the shield in front to protect the three of them . At the same time, the stone hard surface quickly covered her skin, and in a blink of an eye it completely wrapped around her and turned her into a perfect statue .


The thunderbolt hit the fine gold shield heavily . A huge force shook her body, but she still clenched her teeth and persevered . But it was not without any sacrifice . The stone-hard surface that had covered her skin before had been completely shattered to withstand that impact . If she did it again, most likely she would not be able to hold it anymore .

At this moment, a hand patted her shoulder

"You did well, Anne . "

Anne turned her head in surprise, then she realized that Rhode has come to her side . He looked pitiful, but his expression remained calm as usual .

"Leave it to me . "

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Hearing Rhode's words, Anne didn't refute . She quickly retreated to take care of Lize and Marlene . From the distance, it could be seen that the mercenaries could no longer hold on anymore . They began to act on the defensive, and there was someone who turned around and shouted toward them, but what they said couldn't be heard clearly . Another pungent smell spread out, meaning that the mercenaries had already started using the next four gas precipitation potions .

Rhode looked toward the sky and the smoke gradually disappeared . The black-cloaked mage and the Wind Snake Lord once again appeared .

Rhode frowned .

Honestly, Rhode didn't want to use his trump card unless it was necessary, because first, it costs EXP points, and second, his information regarding the card wasn't clear . He didn't want to use a power he didn't fully understand, but it seemed that he had to do it now .

Rhode made this decision after realizing the black-cloaked mage's true strength when he failed in his surprise attack . Indeed, a Level 50 Mage really was hard to deal with . Although the contracted mage's offensive powers weren't as strong as an elemental or arcane mage's, it also depended on the opponent . If Rhode was on the same level as him, then he definitely would have already beaten him, but the gap between them forced Rhode to change his mind . This battle was just like a battle between Level 80 Cleric and Level 10 Warrior . Even if the cleric didn't use any skills, a stick would be enough to kill that fully armed warrior . This was the difference between them . Since Rhode couldn't make up for the gap, it meant that the battle had ended .

This is the only way .

Thinking until here, Rhode extended his hand and soon, a red card slowly rotated and emerged in his hand .

Following the appearance of the red card, the surrounding temperature gradually began to rise…

A sword light flashed .

The Wind Snake screamed as it turn to ashes in the flames . Hiller put down the sword in his hand and took a few steps back to take a breath . He subconsciously turned around, but he had not yet received Rhode's signal . What happened? Did Rhode encounter any trouble? Or… Thinking until here, Hiller shook his head . It's meaningless to think about that now . The only thing I can do is to lead my men to counterattack .

Hiller reached to take out the precipitation potion . He didn't know why, but the Wind Snakes had begun to adapt to their current environment . In the beginning, only a few lucky ones could break through, but now their number kept increasing and it could be seen that they were not stupid . After they noticed that the melee attack was ineffective, they began to spray out their venom from afar . It was really troublesome…

A burning, hot wind blew through from behind .

Hiller couldn't help but tremble when the air passed him; he could even feel as if he was leaning back against a stove .

After that, the flame that burned on his blade began to weaken .

What happened?

Looking at the blade in his hand, Hiller was surprised . This elemental weapon had been following him for so many years and he had never seen such thing happen before . This blade was made of a complete fire element; as long as there was a fire element in the air, it would never be destroyed . But what's going on now?

What happened?

Hiller wasn't the only one thinking about this question; at this moment, the black-cloaked mage who was floating in the air also thought the exact same thing .

The smokes from the explosions dissipated, and the black-cloaked mage easily saw the bugs who were standing below him . Clearly, they no longer had any more tricks up their sleeves . Although he still couldn't figure out how that strange young man could float in the air, apparently the young man didn't expect the Wind Snake Lord to have the ability to expel lower level wind elements . This Wind Snake Lord was something that he obtained through difficulty and couldn't be compared to the previous two wastrels .

Well, it's game over .

The black-cloaked mage raised his right hand and pointed to the crowd . Energy began to condense between his fingers; as long as he wanted it, the energy would turn into a strong thunderbolt and completely destroy the bugs in front of him .

Just then, he saw the black-haired young man also raised his right hand, and a hot wind suddenly flashed in a blink of an eye .

At this moment, the black-cloaked mage was surprised that he couldn't cast the spell that he had prepared to do so!

It was as if it had been sealed by something and couldn't be launched .

What happened?

Is it the young man who sealed his spell? How could this be?

The black-cloaked mage began to sweat out, and he looked at Rhode with puzzled expression . It was impossible; that young man definitely couldn't have such a power . If he could really seal the mage's spells, then the mage would probably be dead by now . What is he trying to do?

The black-cloaked mage carefully observed him curiously . After that, he finally noticed .

Red-colored force was rotating in the air with Rhode as its center . It was just like a red smoke condensed into a whirlwind and moving closer to the center .

There was no powerful magic .

There was also no terrifying roar .

But the black-cloaked mage didn't know why he felt such fear; it was as if he was standing beneath a cliff while watching boulders fall down . He couldn't even move, as if there was a big hand somewhere that firmly grasped his body . It was useless no matter how much he struggled .

At the same time, Rhode tightly grabbed the card in his hand .

Following his movement, the red smoke started to draw in and assemble together .

A bright red lotus flame rose to the sky .

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