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Chapter 1055
Chapter 1055: Queen of The Blood Descendants

Rhode already knew that Ion would send someone to cause him trouble . Besides, he also knew that it would be a huge one . After Lydia’s reminder, he was attentive to this matter . But after hearing Angelina’s report, he realized that he had underestimated the situation .

“You’re saying that there is a group of vampires in the Land of Atonement?”

Rhode knitted his brows, gazing at Angelina who stood before him and sighed subtly before nodding in agreement . Even though Rhode’s expression didn’t change at all, he cursed in his head after observing Angelina’s reaction . Ultimately, there was only one cause of this situation—Angelina .

Angelina was a vampire; a royal vampire that held the most ancient bloodline in the empire of darkness . Of course, that was her glorious past and her tough days arrived after Ashvril took over the throne . As the Chinese proverb went, ‘a phoenix with its feathers plucked wouldn’t be as great as a chicken’ . The fact that Angelina survived the fights and schemes from the dark forces proved that she had her ways to handle them . Besides, she wasn’t an easy character to deal with either . A long time ago, she began to set out to overthrow Ashvril’s rule and sought help from alliances . Although Ashvril had a huge force on her side and was individually powerful as one of the four legendary generals, the internal strife between vampires for power were always brutal and it was common for strong ones to have the last laugh because the weak ones were all slaughtered . Even though Ashvril had become unmatchable after ascending the throne as one of the four legendary generals, there were a huge number of vampire families she offended and eliminated . It was especially so for the families who were hostile against her previously; all of them were seriously injured by her . In this case, it went without saying that there were vampires going against her . It was during this period when Angelina started deploying her tricks . She searched and collected information about families who hated Ashvril and wanted to take her down . Got to say, with Angelina’s identity, some people acknowledged her ‘legitimate’ status, and Angelina used her own hands, plans, and strength to gather a relatively huge group of people to establish a whole new ‘force’ .

Angelina initially decided to use this chance to surface again, but this secret leaked out to Ashvril’s ears . In the end, Angelina was sent to her death to the Land of Atonement, only to be captured by Mini Bubble Gum . That was how the episode came to an end . After losing Angelina, the ‘force’ was without a leader and to Angelina, perhaps those vampires had secretly gone home to bed after realizing that the situation was out of hand . It was no wonder that she thought of it this way as it was never the vampires’ expertise to openly confront anyone . Instead, secretly framing, poisoning, and backstabbing was their talent . If Angelina trusted her subjects’ devotion, she would have been played to death by Ashvril before she was even sent to the Land of Atonement .

That should have been the case…

But what Angelina didn’t expect was that after losing her ‘force’, the force didn’t disband . Instead, they did the very opposite, seizing the opportunity to ambush Ashvril’s hometown, Athos City . Ashvril was caught off guard, which led to Athos City suffering huge losses and two of her powerful subjects were injured and dead respectively . When Ashvril returned to her senses in rage, the ambushers had already gotten away . Of course, Ashvril wasn’t willing to let this matter off . Unlike the other three legendary generals, Ashvril didn’t possess similar powerful strength and yet, she was able to become one of them . This was the weakness of vampires . No matter how much they strengthened themselves, they couldn’t reach the height of the other three legendary generals . Moreover, the reason why Ashvril was able to overthrow the predecessor was because she relied on group attacks to make up for individual vampire’s limited battle strength . If it weren’t for the outstanding intelligence network of the vampires, perhaps the Dark Dragon wouldn’t leave one of the legendary generals’ spots open to a vampire . It could also be said that Ashvril’s position wasn’t as stable and safe as the other three’s .

Not only that, but also after Rhode heard Angelina’s report, he was caught between laughter and tears as if he were to look into this matter, it was in fact related to Mini Bubble Gum . If Mini Bubble Gum didn’t destroy Ashvril’s precious weapon during the Order Ceremony, which led to her strength plummeting, Angelina’s ‘force’ wouldn’t have dared to mess with Ashvril and attack her hometown, catching her off guard . But after the bashing from Mini Bubble Gum, even though Ashvril seemed fine, she actually suffered a huge loss as Mini Bubble Gum purified the spirits inside her weapon . A huge part of Ashvril’s battle strength relied on the powerful spirits that she collected and now, the spirits were gone and she couldn’t possibly massacre vampires to replenish her strength . As a result, she was caught off guard by ‘little scoundrels’ she looked down upon, leading her to fail miserably .

Ashvril was enraged over it . Just as was mentioned earlier, she wasn’t weak and attained her position after overthrowing the predecessor . With this criminal record, it wasn’t surprising that anyone would attempt to overthrow her too . If it were in the past, Ashvril could effortlessly take down any threats despite how imperfect her strength was . However, Mini Bubble Gum’s beating hurt her badly . Her prestige and reputation had fallen to rock bottom after the incident too . Even if those ‘little scoundrels’ weren’t able to overthrow her throne, they successfully revealed her tottering position . If a leaderless little ‘force’ could turn Ashvril’s nest upside down, what about the ancient and powerful forces? How could they let the chance to beat up a drowning dog slip?

Besides, ever since Ashvril had gained her rank, she supported the newly born vampires in order to solidify her place, strengthen her power, and oppress the ancient vampire families . No one would believe that these long-living vampires weren’t enraged by her!

Therefore, in order to restore her strength, Ashvril besieged the vampires who attacked Athos City . On the other hand, the vampires were indeed smart . Perhaps because they knew that they were unable to bear the consequences of failure after attacking Athos City, they quickly retreated thereafter . No one knew how they got the information about Angelina as they sneaked past the borders and arrived at the Void Territory to seek protection from Angelina!

Not only that, but the forces Ashvril sent out also apparently caught their tails . This time, Ashvril had to succeed . If she let those vampires escape, her position as the Blood Countess might possibly be given to some mad uncle or dignified young lady . Or perhaps, it could also be said that the word ‘possibly’ would be removed entirely .

After learning the causes and effects of the situation from Angelina, Rhode’s expression remained unchanged despite cursing Ion as an unscrupulous b*stard in his head . If Rhode didn’t hear from Lydia that Ion was making a move on him soon, perhaps he would think that this was just Ashvril’s personal motive after hearing Angelina’s report . But now, he was sure that Ion approved and supported Ashvril in sending her forces over . Besides, her forces were definitely not here to just capture a ‘fugitive’ and they might even cause a ruckus in the Void Territory before retreating . If that were the case, Rhode would be totally embarrassed! Besides, what angered him more was that if it really happened, he couldn’t declare war against the Country of Darkness because at this point in time, the Void Territory lacked sufficient strength to attack the Country of Darkness . The most he could do was to lead some of his subjects and stir troubles there . But even so, the effects wouldn’t be huge as the majority of the population in the Country of Darkness was undead creatures who were extremely loyal and dedicated to the Dark Dragon . If Rhode took it too far, he might agitate the Country of Darkness further into declaring an all-out war against him . But if he took only small actions, his act would be treated as a monkey show . No matter which it was, neither of them were great choices!

On the contrary, the damage on Rhode’s side would be much more . If the civilians were to learn that the Country of Darkness could enter and leave the Void Territory freely, his reputation as the Void Dragon would be tarnished! Where could he hide his face after his territory turned into a public bus for anyone to board?

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If the situation turned out that way, Rhode would have no choice but to suffer in silence and from excessive internal heat of anger!

But now, since Rhode was prepared beforehand, he wouldn’t allow them to humiliate him . He was sure that since Ion wanted to teach him a small lesson, the forces used to capture the ‘fugitive’ were bound to be powerful . It wasn’t too long ago when Ashvril was beaten up by Mini Bubble Gum, so she should still remember that Rhode had a group of formidable beings by his side . Therefore, he was confident that perhaps even the four legendary generals would show up personally with their armies, with Ashvril definitely being a part of it . Besides, she wouldn’t be the only legendary general arriving at the Void Territory! Although Rhode’s base was no longer located in the Land of Atonement, he was still attentive of that place . If the undead creatures were to cause trouble in the Land of Atonement, they would surely do it quickly and escape his capture before he arrived . It would be impossible for them to do it without the support from powerful beings!

At this thought, Rhode made up his mind . But the other troublesome issue wasn’t resolved yet .

“All right then, Angelina . What do you intend to do?”

Rhode had always been aware of Angelina’s intention and never agreed with her as vampires were a group of beings who wished for the whole world to be in chaos . They had strong desires for power and often wreaked havoc wherever they went . The incident involving Ashvril was a living example . The group of vampires were brazen enough to mess with the four legendary generals, so what was there that they didn’t dare to do? If Angelina were to solicit this group of vampires to the Void Territory, would Rhode still have a good life ahead of him?

“Your Majesty, if you allow, I would like to take them in . I swear in the honor of my family! I will make them serve, submit, and fight for you wholeheartedly! No matter what you want us to do, we will do our best!”

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Angelina’s words sounded beautiful, but it was a pity that anyone could beautify their words . However, it was an entirely different matter whether one could go through it at all . Rhode knitted his brows, scanning the young lady before him who gnashed her teeth and looked back at him . This was the only hopeful chance to Angelina . In the past, the reason why Rhode disallowed her to establish a family here wasn’t that he was dubious of her loyalty . Instead, it was that in order for vampires to breed, they had to transform living humans into vampires . This might not be a huge matter in the Country of Darkness, but in the Void Territory, Rhode couldn’t possibly offend humans for the vampires . But now, since a group of vampires were seeking shelter from him, he wouldn’t have an issue with it anymore . As for whether he could control the vampires, Angelina was confident . In the Country of Darkness, she managed to gather the vampires alone despite the harsh conditions and went against Ashvril . In this case, with the support of the Creator Dragon in the Void Territory, it couldn’t get much easier to control the vampires .

Rhode maintained his emotionless face upon hearing her answer as his right finger tapped lightly on the table repeatedly . He gazed at the royal vampire without speaking a single word . Before Angelina realized it, the atmosphere around her had already turned heavy, and her forehead was drenched in sweat . She sensed a powerful mental energy striking at her heart constantly . If she hung on, she might be ripped into powder! She knew clearly that this was Rhode’s final chance for her . But even so, she had no intention of giving up her ideal! Since she couldn’t regain the honor and glory of Babylonia in the Country of Darkness, she must do it in the Void Territory!

“… I got it . You may leave now . ”

Rhode said . He shifted his gaze away and nodded slightly . Upon hearing his answer, Angelina let out a sigh inside her head and didn’t say a word . She turned around, left the room, and as soon as she stepped out, she realized her body had become so weak that her legs couldn’t support her! She crumbled to the floor, leaning on the wall for support . After a few moments, she gnashed her teeth and stood to her feet . Then, she looked at the heavy, closed door with a complicated gaze before heading off .

At this moment, Rhode was also gazing at the heavy, closed door with a solemn look!

Angelina always had a strong desire for power . After him probing on her earlier, he saw that even until now, Angelina hadn’t given up on her ideal; that so-called ideal in revitalizing her family’s honor . This left Rhode in a headache . In all fairness, even if it were a Dark Elf like Nell who made this request, he wouldn’t feel anything wrong with it . But it was just the vampires that he couldn’t accept… They could only blame themselves for having a different reproduction system and consuming blood as their source of food . Rhode couldn’t possibly hold humans captive as their slaves and food, right?

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But Angelina was adamant about it and Rhode couldn’t come up with a solution . It could also be said that this was the matter that gave him the biggest headache . As Angelina had already turned into a card spirit, she didn’t need to consume blood like in the past . Unless she had to temporarily provide a buff for Rhode or when she was too hurt, she wouldn’t need to consume blood for survival . But this didn’t mean that the other vampires could also… Hmm?

Rhode’s eyes glinted at this thought as some unique ideas suddenly came up in his head . In this case… he could give it a shot with his unique advantages . If he succeeded, the problem could be perfectly resolved!

As for the next matter…

Rhode reached out for the bell on the table and shook it . Shortly after, the door opened and Agatha opened quietly . She gazed at him, gave a casual bow, and asked: “Your Majesty, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Get Marlene, Alice, Bubble, and Canary here; tell them I have something to discuss with them . ”

Rhode ordered, the corners of his lips perked up into a gentle, relaxed smile .

It seems about time to consider how we should entertain our faraway guests who are harboring malicious intentions .

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