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Chapter 1054
Chapter 1054: Scarlet Young Moon

Rhode had to admit that when he heard Lydia’s words, his heart skipped a beat . It wasn’t because he fell in love, but as a player born in the Munn Kingdom, Lydia had always been the lover of their dreams . In fact, there were no small amount of various pure, sexual, and fantasy stories with her as the protagonist as though she were one of the popular idols fantasized by fans . Although Rhode had no lack of women after transmigrating to this world and didn’t really consider having an overly intimate relationship with Lydia, in reality, humans often fantasized about having a romantic encounter with the popular girl idol one day and both of them would roll on the bed and watch the stars together . However, players kept talking about it only or perhaps they knew that it was impossible, which was why they could only speak about it . It was the same for Rhode . Even though he had only been an insignificant character in the past, he was the Void Dragon now . In terms of status and everything else, he didn’t have an insurmountable gap with others like in the past . Even so, he had never considered this possibility as he never thought about it before .

It was as though one asserted that after one won a lottery worth millions, one would buy two bowls of soybean milk, drink one and toss one . But one didn’t expect to actually win millions from the lottery . When that happened, one couldn’t care less about soy bean milk! At this moment, Rhode suddenly felt something soft and aromatic on his lips . He lifted his head in surprise, only to discover that Lydia had stretched out two fingers and placed them on his lips . She retracted her arm and winked cheekily at him .

“Huhuhu, I’m just kidding; I hope you wouldn’t mind, Your Majesty . ”

I knew it .

Gazing at Lydia who smiled like a sly fox, Rhode shook his head . He knew that Lydia wasn’t one who enjoyed doing such a thing, but as it was too sudden, he couldn’t help but feel surprised . Fortunately, his disguise with the emotionless face came into great effects and he didn’t display a lecherous expression, which saved him from some embarrassments . Of course, deep down he felt rather dissatisfied as he gazed at Lydia who smiled so proudly .

“Of course, I wouldn’t mind, Your Highness Lydia . ”

Rhode said, stood up from his seat, and sauntered toward Lydia . As he approached her, Lydia’s beautiful eyes swirled dubiously . But before she reacted, Rhode stooped over and pecked her on the cheek, before lifting his head up . Lydia’s expression changed slightly . The smile on her face turned into a fluster by this unexpected ambush . Rhode placed his hands behind his back and proudly admired this rare expression of hers, before reminiscing the warm, soft, and wonderful feel on his lips and nodding to the young lady .

“Even though this is only a joke to you, it is indeed a decent choice of a reward for me, don’t you think so?”

Rhode said and bowed leisurely to Lydia .

“All right then, I have to attend to something; I shall make my leave now . ”

He turned around and left, leaving Lydia gazing blankly at his back . After a few moments, she curled her lips in discontentment . This archangel who always seemed gentle and calm had as though turned into a little girl who didn’t get the toy she wanted, curling her lips and glaring at him .

“Really! What an ambush…” Lydia mumbled under her breath . She extended her arm and caressed the cheek that Rhode kissed . Then, her eyes glinted as she let out a sigh . At this moment, a slim, slender figure walked out of the forest and toward her .

“Your Highness, you…”

“Say nothing, Gaya; I’m not in a good mood now . Hmph, let me curse him a little first . ”

Upon hearing Lydia’s childish grumbles, Gaya pondered in silence before turning around and gazing at the forest trail ahead where Rhode was no longer visible . But even so, Gaya displayed a dubious look and only after a few moments, she mustered her courage and said, “Your Highness, you really don’t need to do this . Isn’t Miss Lize already… Besides, you’re one of the three archangels…”

Gaya knitted her brows and closed her mouth to speak no further . She knew that Lydia wouldn’t change her mind no matter how much she dissuaded . But to Gaya, it was totally unnecessary because she knew clearly why Lydia did that—the reason involved the current state of the Country of Light .

Even though Casabianca was destroyed, the entire state of the Light Mainland was unprecedentedly well . The opposing voices against the Light Dragon from the past were no longer heard . On the other hand, Lydia gained a huge amount of authority and the Munn Kingdom also increased in strength after annexing the residual land in the Country of Light . It could also be said that currently, the Country of Light was undergoing a political reform and thereafter, the Munn Kingdom might possibly return to be a part of the Country of Light . But the more powerful one was, the more responsibility one had to shoulder . The Munn Kingdom was an independent country . Even though she possessed complete and perfect systems, it wasn’t easy for a snake to digest a whole, dead elephant, after all . Besides, the Country of Light was in a state of chaos and before Lydia received any benefit, she had met with some challenges . She had to send manpower from the Munn Kingdom to protect the Country of Light’s territories that she took over . Although local defense forces were available, most of the soldiers were heavily injured in the war against the Country of Darkness . Moreover, in the Chaos Gate incident, the Country of Darkness also launched an ambush which led to the huge loss of the Country of Light’s armies . This could be considered as having their backbone broken and in this case, it was imaginable how weak the defense forces were at this point in time .

In this situation, the Munn Kingdom used up their resources to assist other regions while they faced a manpower issue . But this wasn’t acceptable for everyone . Gaya was aware that many nobles in the Munn Kingdom hoped for the country to rely on a more powerful strength . If it were in the past, they wouldn’t have such thoughts . But now, among the three archangels, one was missing and the other was injured . Moreover, the Country of Darkness was also eyeing covetously, which wasn’t surprising that the nobles felt concerned . In this case, all Lydia had to do was to appease the nobles and find an alliance who could live and die side by side with . But this wasn’t a simple task as there was only one person who had the strength and ability to go up against the Country of Darkness .

“In this world, there is no hate for no reason; neither is there love for no reason, Gaya . ”

Lydia spoke, no longer looking like an angry and childish little girl whose toy was snatched away . Instead, she showed the calm, gentle, and peaceful smile of hers once again . She narrowed her eyes and lifted her head, gazing at the scenery . Then, the corners of her lips perked up slightly .

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“One has to give in order to gain; it is the same for everything else . Besides, to me, this is a somewhat challenging game . ”

“But I still think that with your precious body, this method is inappropriate…”

“He accepted . ”


Gaya was taken aback by Lydia’s baffling response . Lydia turned around and smiled at her dearest subject . “Just like you said, I don’t like to do this . One gets as much as one gives, so if I vainly seek help using nothing, it proves just how powerless I am . So I gave up in the end . But His Majesty Rhode apparently figured out what’s going through my mind . It seems like even though I’ve decided to give myself a route of retreat, he doesn’t seem to want to give me one . ” Lydia said, lowering her gaze to the ground . Then, she curled her lips in dissatisfaction .

“That is why I said His Majesty Rhode is too cunning to force a virtuous lady into doing something she dislikes; that wasn’t any gentlemanly gesture . ”

If Rhode were to hear Lydia’s remark, he would be sure to tell her that he was never a gentleman . In fact, after Rhode realized the conflicting emotions in her reaction, he immediately knew that Lydia wasn’t only trying to ‘tease’ him . Although Lydia decided to treat it as a joke, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Rhode! In the past, he had never thought of hitting on Lydia, but it didn’t mean that it was still the same for him now . To him, if he were to let this godsent opportunity go, it would be a total waste . Therefore, after Lydia held back, he shamelessly chose to seize the opportunity . He had to admit that he felt a sense of accomplishment in teasing an archangel .

Rhode didn’t feel like Lydia was in the wrong to approach him with some motives . Also, he didn’t think that she tarnished the pure, innocent impression of herself in his mind . Since ancient times, the relationships between men and women were always like this . Perhaps people preached the cross-class love between a princess and knight, but there was definitely a reason for a woman to be attracted to a man, be it money, strength, or other ridiculous reasons . However, it definitely was something women lacked and desired . Since Lydia had this need, Rhode didn’t mind reaping some benefits . Anyway, going against the Dark Dragon was an established matter to him . If he could use this chance to get hold of Lydia, it wouldn’t get better than this .

But now, Lydia wasn’t his main goal . Right now, his main focus was Angelina .

At this moment in Grandia, Angelina was facing a dilemma .

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Throughout her days spent in Grandia, Angelina didn’t feel horrible . In this place, she was neither mistreated by anyone nor was there any fighting and scheming against each other like in the Country of Darkness . Be it Rhode or others, everyone gave her a relative amount of trust . But to Angelina, this life wasn’t what an insignificant royal vampire wished for . To her, she wished for her own authority, as well as to restore the honor of the royal vampires . But she couldn’t achieve it in the Void Territory as Rhode had decided against her establishing a royal vampire family here . This put her in a tough spot . She enjoyed life here, but was clearly aware that she couldn’t fulfill her dreams . Although this place let her live as a vampire, Rhode disapproved of her turning people into slaves and building a new vampire family . She was in an extremely complicated mood, or could even be said to be devoid of hope . But to the insignificant royal vampire, she didn’t have any other solutions . At this point in time, this letter from the darkness on the other side swayed her decision .

It was a confidential envelope from the vampire family, sealed up using a unique method to vampires . The content of the letter inside affected her emotionally because she clearly witnessed the possibilities of her restoring the honor and glory of her family .

But… should I take this gamble?

Clutching the letter in her hand, Angelina couldn’t make up her mind . No one was aware, but she knew clearly that she couldn’t leave the Void Territory freely . The day she arrived at Grandia, she signed a soul contract with Rhode, which became her biggest worry as regardless of whether she was willing, she could not leave the territory as she pleased to chase her dreams . But at the same time, she felt like it would be a pity to miss this opportunity if she stayed here . Admittedly, everything in the Void Territory was decent . Besides, she didn’t need to be cautious all the time unlike in the Country of Darkness, where she was as though walking on thin ice . But to vampires, not committing mistakes was as though humans needing food and water . It was in their nature and not only that, but the vampires were also experts in inducing others to make mistakes and she rarely had to do it in Grandia .

Angelina had asked herself repeatedly .  Am I really going to submit myself to this life and live as the most devoted servant of a Creator Dragon?

Although this wasn’t impossible, what would happen to her family’s honor if she chose to walk down this path? To Angelina, nothing was more important to her family’s honor . She worked tirelessly for it and had only one goal in mind: take down Ashvril, make the royals rise, and rule all vampires .

But in Grandia, it was impossible for her to accomplish it .

Do I… really have to give it up?

Angelina held the letter tightly, asking herself this question . She gnashed her teeth, pondering deeply for a decision . But in the end, a ridiculous, but exceedingly tempting idea cropped up in her mind . Perhaps she could convince Rhode to let her return to the Country of Darkness to make it happen?

But shortly after, she denied this thought once again; she didn’t believe that Rhode was a doormat . Although they had close, intermediate interactions and strictly speaking, Rhode was Angelina’s first man, it wasn’t important to a vampire . A physical relationship was weight used to maintain authority and divisions in class; this was the general view of vampires . It didn’t suit Angelina to keep in mind constantly of her first experience like a human . Similarly, Angelina didn’t think that Rhode would graciously let her go because she had spent the night with him .

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But Angelina had to admit that the temptation was indeed huge .

It seems like that is the only way .

Angelina’s eyes glinted at this thought . Then, she extended her arm and along with her movement, the letter burned up in blue flames before turning into ashes that faded away in the air . She turned around and left the room . After pressing down the creases on her clothes, she walked along the corridor before arriving at a tall, heavy door . She gazed at the door, took a deep breath, and extended her hand to knock on it .

“Come in . ”

Shortly after, a voice responded . Upon hearing it, Angelina gnashed her teeth, pushed the door open, and entered . She quickly saw Rhode crossing his arms and seated behind the table . Rhode’s eyes glinted dubiously upon seeing Angelina . Then, he changed his pose .

“Is anything the matter, Angelina?”

“… Yes, Your Majesty Void Dragon . ”

Angelina lifted her head, gazing at the man with her scarlet eyes . Upon sensing the pressurizing look from Rhode, she instinctively shivered as though his gaze was able to see through her soul . But even so, she mustered her courage and continued to gaze at him .

“I have something to report . ”

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