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Chapter 1049
Chapter 1049: Mutation

“It seems like Dwight is useless in there . ”

Gazing at the Grians’s gathering place in the distance, Joey curled his lips and said . Upon hearing his comment, Randolf twitched his brows and stared at the area in front him . It was noon on the second day . The entire gathering place for the Grians was completely sealed off by well-equipped guards patrolling and watching over the area . It was apparent that the Grians had no intention of packing up and leaving in accordance to the ultimatum . On the contrary, they seemed prepared for a deadly battle against Rhode’s side based on their behavior, but Randolf doubted they were capable enough . With the powerful might of the ‘magic spears’, the guards even didn’t need to get close and could blast their cannons from a distance . The Grians’s blunt weapons and crude armor wouldn’t stand a chance against them . Of course, just in case, Randolf had sealed off the entire area and announced to the public that this was a military exercise . Fortunately, the Grians refused to interact with outsiders, which was why nearby residents didn’t know there were people living there . It was due to this that Randolf had no restrictions in launching their attacks . Besides, he also wasn’t worried that his men couldn’t bear to attack because they were the remaining mercenaries who survived the journey in opening up the Void Territory with Rhode back then . They had left blood and sweat all over this territory .

Randolf was initially concerned that the Grians would escape during midnight . But now, it seemed like they intended to fight to their death against them, which was rather unimaginable for Randolf . He couldn’t understand what was going on in their heads . First, they were a group of weak nomads . Taking a step back, so what if they were as powerful as Anne and could utterly crush his men? If his men were defeated, stronger reinforcements would arrive immediately . Once that happened, Rhode could summon Celestina and Celia, or let Marlene and Alice step in and wipe out the Grians entirely . Even if the Grians hadn’t personally witnessed Rhode’s strength, they should also know that they were going up against the entire Void Territory . Would they even survive putting up this struggle?

Just what is going through their heads?

Randolf knitted his brows at this thought . Then, he cleared his mind and turned to Joey who stood beside him .

“How’s Dwight?”

“That guy was tied up after being knocked out by those people . According to my intelligence, those people down there are busy with something bizarre . I feel like something isn’t right . Do you think we should take action earlier?”

“Something bizarre?”

“I’m not too sure . ”

Joey puckered his brows at Randolf’s doubt, rubbing his chin and recalling the intelligence he heard .

“I heard from my men that those people seem to be preparing for something . Overall, many of them were seen coming and going, but we have no information as to what they are doing exactly . The Grians are sharp; my men tried to sneak in and were almost spotted . In this situation, we shouldn’t take the risk… How about… I seek help from Madam Alice?”

Joey spoke, his eyes lighting up . In fact, he prostrated himself in admiration toward Alice’s ability in recording history . As long as he told her a name, she could immediately present all information of the person since birth . It was simply amazing to Joey . Even though he didn’t know what had happened here, wouldn’t it be clarified quickly after he reported it to Alice?

But after Randolf thought about it, he eventually shook his head and denied Joey’s suggestion .

“… There’s no need to; it will take some time to contact Grandia . By the time you receive Madam Alice’s reply, time will almost be up . Don’t forget that it was His Majesty who left this matter in our care . Can’t we handle such a small matter?”

“Ugh… This…”

After hearing Randolf’s opinion, Joey forced out an awkward smile . Indeed, even though it was much more convenient to get Alice’s help, Joey also knew that it wasn’t a smart decision to bother Alice and Rhode over such a small matter . Joey had followed Rhode for a long time and was aware of his thoughts . But despite that, Joey reconsidered the situation and still felt like the situation was tricky as the Grians were acting too strangely . For the sake of safety, Joey wasn’t willing to commit any irrecoverable mistakes . After pondering for a few moments, Joey spoke .

“I still don’t feel confident; let me go and check on them, Randolf . You stay here according to the plan . I will inform you immediately if anything comes up . ”

“… Okay then . I suppose that’s fine . ”

Randolf hesitated to Joey’s words . After all, it seemed to him that Joey was making a big fuss over a minor issue . Besides, the reason why he objected was since Rhode had given the order, he must have investigated the Grians beforehand, which was why he decided to send Randolf and Joey to handle the situation . If the Grians were too powerful for them to handle, Rhode would have summoned Celia and the others and wouldn’t need them to lead soldiers instead . It was due to this reason that Randolf felt like Joey was doing something unnecessary . But eventually, he nodded in agreement with Joey and hoped that nothing would turn out badly . If anything were to happen… at least they could still be mentally prepared, wasn’t it?

“By the way, what do you intend to do about Dwight’s situation?”

“He’s tied up in a small house in the center and I can’t do anything about it . But I’ve told my men to save him if they find a chance . If they can’t, I don’t have other ways around it . I can only hope that guy is lucky enough . Oh, by the way, Randolf, he is locked up in the third house in the middle . You have to look closely when you strike . If not, those people will laugh their heads off if we kill him by accident . Well, just play it by ear . Anyway, that guy… Sigh . He’ll need to depend on luck to save him this time . If he’s killed before we manage to rescue him, he can only blame himself for it . ”

After the brief, Joey smiled and gestured to Randolf, before turning around and leaving quickly . As Joey blended into the darkness, Randolf shook his head with a forced smile .

This rascal… instead of learning the proper stuff, he picked up the strange terms and expressions that Madam Bubble uses and is always coming up with some weird words…

Randolf shrugged helplessly at this thought . Then, he turned around and gazed at the gathering place sternly with knitted brows . The sky darkened gradually and it was only one night left to the ultimatum . If those people didn’t leave tomorrow morning, only destruction would greet them . Randolf sighed at this thought . He put up a solemn expression and gestured . Shortly after, a guard scuttled toward him .

“Pass the order: get ready for battle and stop the Grians from taking any desperate actions . From now onward, we will be in a state of emergency; seal off all routes outside the perimeter and prohibit anyone from entering and exiting . If anyone is to attack us, we will retaliate immediately . Understood?”

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“Yes, Sir . ”

After hearing the command from Randolf, the guard nodded quickly and turned around to leave . Randolf turned over and looked at the scene below once again .  Everything will end the next morning .

Of course, Randolf also had a hunch that perhaps the end would also come earlier .

Choking, thick smoke billowed with specks of sparks and a burning sensation . Dwight opened his eyes and saw the burning bonfire in front of him . He instinctively moved back, only to discover that he was tied up by thick ropes around a stake . He couldn’t even budge .

“Where am I…”

Dwight shook his head . The immense pain from the back of his head left him numb . But shortly after, he returned to his senses .  Right, I came to warn the Grian, but they refused to obey His Majesty’s orders…

Dwight let out a sigh in his head .  It seems like my efforts have failed .  Those people refused to listen to him and now… what else can they do?

“Are you awake?”

At this moment, a voice rang beside him . He turned around and spotted a familiar figure . However, unlike the person he remembered, even though the woman standing close to him wore the same white robe, there were two more shimmering curved blades on her waist . Dwight puckered his brows at this scene .

“What are you people trying to do, Fiana? Don’t you understand? You people can never defeat the guards as they are really powerful . So what if your people defeat them? His Majesty has several legendary beings around him and any one of them can destroy your people! Since all of you came from the Country of Light, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the catastrophe of Casabianca . In this situation, it serves no purpose to do this . It’s useless even if you capture me as your hostage!”

“Don’t worry about it, Dwight . The elders say they have a solution, and they will have a solution . ”

The woman’s voice sounded so ear-deafening in Dwight’s ears . The harshness and monstrosity in her tone made him uncomfortable . Her voice felt similar to that of the stubborn, fanatical, and even crazy emotions of the elders, as though she were a fearless, brainwashed puppet who knew nothing . Or perhaps, she didn’t care at all . Even if a tsunami were to crash and engulf her to the bottom of the ocean, she still believed that she would be unharmed . She was as stubborn as a rock .

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“What solutions do you people have? I don’t think so . ”

Even though Dwight was annoyed by her words, he continued to shake his head .

“Fiana, listen to me . There is still time . No matter what…”


But before Dwight finished his sentence, the woman suddenly took a step forward and landed a tight slap on his cheek to interrupt his words . Upon feeling the sudden blow, Dwight widened his eyes in astonishment, lifted his head, and gazed into the woman’s eyes that seemed as though a pair of burning, raging flames . The woman pressed her hands against the hilts of the curved swords, gnashed her teeth, and glared at Dwight, snarling as though he was her father’s murderer .

“Do not! Humiliate! our God! As long as our mighty God stays with us, no one will be able to destroy us! We came here according to the will of our God; we won’t allow anyone to doubt our God’s will! Our mighty God will protect us and remove every threat! There are no exceptions! No matter who you are, you will not be able to go against our mighty God!”

Dwight stared blankly at the growling woman who resembled a lunatic . After the woman finished her words, she stared coldly at him .

“This is the end of your fate, ‘filth’ . You shall be the sacrificial offering to our mighty God! Our God will protect us and punish villains who overestimate their capabilities and attack us! They shall perish along with their souls and devoured by nothingness! The strength of our God will enfold the world! And purify everything!”

The woman announced and gestured with her hands .

“Men! Drag him out! The ritual for our mighty God is about to begin . Let this blasphemous ‘filth’ have a taste of our God’s wrath!”

Shortly after the woman’s command, two sturdy men entered the room in large strides . They grabbed Dwight along with the stake and dragged him out of the cell like a dead dog, hauling him to the spacious house where Dwight first met the elders . But unlike before, the floor of the spacious house was now drawn with an enormous and mysterious ritual using black oil . The two men tossed Dwight into the center of the ritual . Dwight struggled using his strength but couldn’t move at all as the heavy stake on his back and thick ropes completely restrained his movements . No matter how hard he tried to escape, he couldn’t save himself now .

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At this moment, the thin, black-robed elder appeared before him once again . But unlike before, he now held an ancient, brass staff . Dwight gnashed his teeth at this sight . He felt like something bad was about to happen to him! But he…

Damn it…!

“O’ mighty God!”

The black-robed elder disregarded the struggling Dwight completely as though Dwight were just a meaningless object . The elder raised his arms, lifted his head to the pitch-black ceiling, and spoke loudly . The guards and that woman named Fiana standing on the perimeter of the ritual half-knelt immediately . They looked at the floor respectfully, while the black-robed elder lifted his chin high with an excited and crazy look in his eyes . The tone in his voice was so agitated .

“O’ mighty God! Your loyal people! Your loyal people have faced a terrible threat! The ‘filth’ are trying to destroy us completely! They forced us to go against your divine will and leave this piece of land! But we will not leave! No matter the setback, it will never stop our fight for our God! O’ mighty God, I humbly request for you to bestow us your strength! Help us defeat the evil here!”

As the elder spoke, the guards also began to chant under their breaths . The chant resounded in the air like an odd, ancient prayer . Even though the place seemed extremely peaceful, for some reason, Dwight was flustered as though something had gone wrong somewhere . He felt the air burning gradually . That wasn’t his misconception . He also sensed the temperature of the ice-cold floor increasing slowly like a warm steel wok which became scalding at times . At this moment, the elder raised his arms once again and summoned loudly .

“Please bestow us your strength!”

As the elder snarled, the ritual suddenly blazed and scarlet flames erupted in circles . In the blink of an eye, flames enveloped the entire floor . Upon realizing that he was surrounded by the flames, Dwight widened his eyes helplessly as they slowly approached him . But to his surprise, the flames didn’t devour him as he imagined . Instead, they consciously twisted, twirled, and coalesced into a shape of an illusory human!


A dazzling, scarlet column of light burst through the roof and into the night sky!

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