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Chapter 1048
Chapter 1048: Adapting to the Situation

Dwight revealed an obvious, difficult expression after hearing the orders . During this period of time, he investigated and understood the issues regarding the Grians . Even though the Grians usually appeared kind, they were as determined about their customs as what Dwight heard . For instance, they rarely interacted with outsiders and all of their men and women were wrapped up in their clothes . They believed that anyone who wasn’t born in their ethnic group was ‘filth’ and interacting with ‘filth’ would stain them . This was why the Grians always wandered about and even in places populated by humans, they were always in their own group with few intentions of socializing with outsiders . However, these orders from Rhode were apparently targeted at finding trouble with them . He wanted to drag them out of their social circle, tear them apart, before throwing them aside!

Not even Dwight was sure of the thoughts that would go through the Grians’ heads after hearing these orders, but there was no room for arguments anymore because Randolf and Joey had brought over the soldiers, which explained Rhode’s stance . The soldiers were clad in high-quality armor and equipped with identical weapons that resembled long battle axes . But apart from the dark-colored hole at the top of the ‘battle ax’, there were also a few mysterious crystals that made the staff seem like it was forged from steel . Of course, Dwight knew what those weapons were; they were the portable magic cannons that Rhode created after opening up the Void Territory . The inconspicuous rods could blast incredibly terrifying light beams that were comparable to actual magic cannons . In the Void Territory, only the most elite of soldiers held the rights to wield this weapon . And now, Randolf led almost a hundred of them, which was apparently to clean up the mess . Even though the Grians had an advantage over them in quantity, these terrifying weapons could still turn them into ashes in an instant!

On the other hand, Randolf also informed Dwight clearly that this was an ultimatum! The Grians only had two choices: abide by the orders or leave the Void Territory . If they resisted, they would be killed . In this case, Dwight didn’t know which choice the Grians would choose . But from his point of view, he felt like even though the orders were hard to accept, they were still acceptable . Besides, it was reasonable since they were visitors of the Void Territory, so they had to respect and follow the rules of this place . As for separation… that was indeed too demanding . However, it was still tolerable since they would be separated by families . As for their attire, Dwight agreed with both hands raised . He couldn’t understand why those people chose to wrap themselves up so tightly . Besides, he didn’t feel comfortable looking at them this way as he felt like he was a devil infected by an epidemic among them . If the Grians could remove these restrictions, wouldn’t it be a good thing for them?

But… to convince them…

“When does it start?”

Dwight cleared his head, took a deep breath, and asked . After Randolf saw his expression, he nodded in satisfaction and replied .

“We will give them one day to consider . In order to prevent them from escaping, we will be blocking off this area from now; no one is allowed to leave or enter . I hope you can contain your subjects, Dwight . You should also understand that His Majesty’s orders are final . If you continue to…”

“I understand, Randolf . ”

Without the need of further explanations from Randolf, Dwight understood what he meant . If Dwight were considered to have acted recklessly previously, it would mean now that he and his close companions clearly defied the Void Dragon’s orders . Dwight was born in the Munn Kingdom and was aware of the consequences of his actions . Previously, he acted on impulse and it was impossible for him to stop now . But then again, he felt regretful . He would never do something that would risk the lives of his companions as many of them had blissful families . On the other hand, the Void Territory was becoming more prosperous with each passing day . It definitely wouldn’t work chasing after some foolish matters than to lead peaceful lives . Besides, since the area would be blocked off soon, his companions and subjects couldn’t intervene any longer, so it was still possible to back off . This was why Dwight nodded quickly in agreement . But thereafter, he hesitated and spoke .

“All right then… I have a request; please let me be the one to inform them . ”

“You want to do it?”

Joey curled his lips upon hearing Dwight’s words . Then, he stared at Dwight with some suspicion .

“I say, Bro, don’t tell me you have really taken a liking for a lady in there? I’m not afraid to tell you the truth that those people may behave innocently now, but when things go south, they may immediately turn into violent crooks . ”

This wasn’t some alarmist talk by Joey . Since he was the intelligence gatherer of the Void Territory, he was more meticulous in this aspect, which was why he knew what kind of people the Grians were more than anyone else . It was due to this reason that Joey didn’t feel like Rhode was overreacting . After all, if an uncertain factor like the Grians were to stay in the Void Territory, wouldn’t they possibly cause trouble in the future? Before those scoundrels even had the chance to settle down, they should be quickly dealt with and chased out of the territory! This was also why Joey wasn’t willing to let Dwight take the risk to make up for his mistake .

“According to the intelligence we gathered, there are a few hundreds of them . If they were to have a falling out with you, do you think you could kill them and make it out alive? I say, you’d better forget it . There are women everywhere, so why must you risk your life for a troublesome one? Although you’ve gone too far this time, fortunately this incident isn’t too huge . You still have a chance to return home and enjoy your life in retirement . Do you really want to risk ending your life in this remote place?”

Even though Joey was convincing, Dwight eventually shook his head after more serious considerations .

“Thank you, Joey . But since I was the one who started this mess, I will need to resolve it . No matter what, I caused the situation to become what it is today, so it is only right that I make up for it . Besides, I’ve spent a few days with them; I think they will save me some face for it . ”

“Well, if you said so . ”

Upon hearing Dwight’s words, Joey and Randolf exchanged looks with each other and nodded in agreement . Just as Dwight mentioned, since he was willing to do, they had no reason to stop him . Even though they weren’t hopeful that Dwight would be capable of convincing the Grians, it was better than not doing it at all . If Dwight gave his best and failed to persuade them, it would only mean that the Grians were as stubborn and dangerous as the rumors stated . Once that happened, Randolf and Joey wouldn’t have any hesitation in sparing their lives . During their time spent with Rhode, they grew tremendously and deeply understood the importance of steel and blood in many situations .

“You see, Randolf, I knew that guy was charmed by some lady in there . ”

Gazing at Dwight leaving, Joey curled his lips, shook his head, and spoke in his usual tone . On the other hand, Randolf knitted his brows, pondered for a few moments, before letting out a long sigh .

“Sigh… this isn’t something for us to worry about, Joey . I suggest you send out some men to watch him . According to the intelligence, even though the Grians aren’t powerful, there are a lot of them, after all, and Dwight might not be able to handle them . If anything were to happen, it will be tough to rescue him . ”

“Well, I do hope something happens to him ’cause this’ll let others know that Boss isn’t all talk . ”

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After hearing Randolf’s order, Joey felt rather discontent . Even though Joey didn’t say much on the surface, he was in fact disapproving of Dwight’s behaviors because Joey admired Rhode a lot . As one of the most senior members who joined Starlight ever since its establishment, even though Joey wasn’t as useful as Anne or the others in battles, the things that he knew as a thief were much more than them . It was due to this reason that Joey worshiped Rhode more than most people because he realized that Rhode had no miscalculations, seemed to grasp everything in his hand, and dealt with every situation with ease . This made Joey trust him a lot . To him, as long as Rhode gave the order, it would be 100 percent accurate, and everyone under his command should follow accordingly! Even if there were any hiccups, Rhode would still be there to manage it!

And now, even though Dwight seemed sincere, Joey felt like he didn’t take Rhode’s words seriously . If not, Dwight definitely wouldn’t put up such an expression . This was why Joey hoped that the Grians would give Dwight a hard time and teach him that Rhode’s orders must be taken seriously and respected .

Of course, Dwight wasn’t aware of Joey’s views on him . At this moment, Dwight was urging on the horse with a whip, galloping toward Grians’ gathering place quickly . He knitted his brows, feeling an odd sense of anxiousness deep down in his heart . Besides, for some unknown reason, he had a really bad hunch . He felt his heart pumping fast, which only happened when he faced unfavorable situations . But even so, he decided to head there himself, hoping to do his best to change everything .

As for the possibilities of succeeding, he wasn’t feeling hopeful at all .

Shortly after, Dwight reached the perimeters of the Grians’ gathering place . The calm, peaceful gathering place suddenly flustered as several muscular men clutching long swords stared at him . Only until they realized it was Dwight, they let loose a little . But even so, their gazes at him remained nervous . The men of Grians were unlike their women, who were wrapped entirely including their faces . But even so, the tall, muscular men also wore thick clothes and gloves and were clad in a cape or cloak . Their eyes were malicious-looking and an enormous curved blade was hung around their waist . After witnessing Dwight’s arrival, their tensed faces let loose a little and at this moment, the woman who previously appeared around Dwight walked out of the gathering place quickly .

“Dwight, what is happening? I heard many soldiers have arrived and surrounded us . What should we do? What exactly is going on?”

“Calm down . ”

As the others crowded over, Dwight hurriedly took two steps back, pulling a distance away from the woman before him . He knew clearly that these people had reserved customs and it wasn’t nice of an outsider like him to get too close to women . But now wasn’t the time to discuss such customs . Dwight was well aware that Randolf had sent out the soldiers to seal off the area . Perhaps the Grians also realized it, which was why they quickly gathered around . At this thought, Dwight let out a long sigh in his head . It seemed like the situation really was troublesome this time .

Even though Dwight was concerned deep down in his heart, his expression remained extremely calm and peaceful .

“Don’t panic, the soldiers were sent by the higher-ups . As for you guys… the final decision has been made . ”

Dwight spoke, before letting out a cough . Then, he displayed a forced smile to the woman in front of him .

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“All right, could you allow me to meet the elders?”

Shortly after, under the lead of the woman and a few guards, Dwight entered the gathering place . Along the way he discovered that the gathering place was in a tense atmosphere with several fully-armored men patrolling the place . On the other hand, women and children remained in their homes, hiding behind tightly-locked doors as though a war were about to begin . Judging this scene, even though Dwight didn’t say a word, he felt rather dissatisfied as these people didn’t seem to treat themselves as refugees at all . Instead, they were acting like the owners of this land and were protecting themselves from foreign aggression…

Although he felt rather uncomfortable, he didn’t say much . Shortly after, following the guards’ lead, he arrived at the biggest house in the center of the Grians’ gathering place .

The room made of crude clay and tiles weren’t beautiful or clean . The radiance of the burning flames allowed Dwight to vaguely make out the people seated on the floor before him: they were mainly elderly men and unlike the people outside, they were clad in black clothes and curled up, sitting on the floor . Behind them stood a dozen fully-armored men . It was apparent that they were their personal guards . The instant Dwight entered the room, he sharply detected several gazes shooting toward him . Then, a frail, hoarse voice sounded .

“Greetings, Mr . Howard… perhaps… you can explain the exact situation to us?”

“Of course, Elder . ”

Dwight held down the trace of dissatisfaction in his mind and nodded to the elder . Then, he spoke . “Perhaps you’ve already heard that the higher-ups have made their final decision . They have proposed three conditions…” Dwight announced, repeating the orders like how Randolf and Joey told him . Upon hearing his words, the elders had no reaction . However, Dwight sensed the atmosphere in the room becoming heavier and even colder . One of the men standing behind the elders revealed a furious expression, gnashing his teeth and clenching his fists . As Dwight was about to finish announcing the last condition, he was interrupted by a loud snarl .

“That’s impossible! They are blaspheming our honor and faith!”

“These are personal orders from His Majesty the Void Dragon . ”

The interrupted Dwight knitted his brows, gazed at the raging man, softly but clearly reminding him to ‘watch’ his behaviors . Dwight was born in the Munn Kingdom . His devotion to the Creator Dragon was absolute, unlike the brainwashed idiots in the Country of Light . Moreover, he respected everything that Rhode had done before he became a Creator Dragon . And now, he was discontented that these refugees actually rebuked and even objected to Rhode’s opinion .

“But we’re only here to seek shelter . We only want to live a peaceful life, Mr . Howard . ”

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Perhaps sensing the dissatisfaction in Dwight’s tone, one of the black-robed elders stopped the raging man and continued speaking .

“You have to admit that the conditions are unfair to us and are hard for us to accept…”

“Yes, I do admit it, Elder . But I’m sorry, this is the final decision by His Majesty the Void Dragon . You can either choose to oblige or leave,” Dwight said and the elder’s expression didn’t change at all . Dwight couldn’t help but pucker his brows, before continuing to speak with a raised voice . “Perhaps you’re not aware, but this time they have sent out elite guards and sealed off the entire area . If you neither agree with the request nor leave, they will launch their attacks on you! The strength they possess is enough to destroy a city with strong defenses!”

“Of course we’re aware of that, but we won’t change our mind, Mr . Howard . All we want is to live here…”

“But the Void Territory prohibits Grians from entering the territory, Elder . You couldn’t have forgotten about it, right?”

Dwight pulled a long face as the elder remained unperturbed and mumbled to himself . Dwight had never expected these people to be so stubborn and keep making meaningless speeches .

“Yes, we’re aware, but we can never accept such requests… because it completely disregards our custom, honor, and pride!”

At this moment, Dwight realized that the face of the expressionless old man suddenly turned malevolent!

“Not only did you ‘filth’ degenerate yourselves, but you are also trying to force us into it! This is unforgivable! Evil ‘filth’ like you shouldn’t even belong to this world . How dare you humiliate our greatest admiration! Not even the Void Dragon is allowed to criticize us!”

The elder glared at Dwight, his eyes glinting in flashes .

“Mr . Howard, I thought that you could still be rescued, but it’s a pity that you’re ultimately a fallen ‘filth’ . My apologies . This time, we will not agree to your requests, but… we need your help . ”


Upon instinctively sensing that something was wrong, Dwight stepped back quickly when suddenly, he felt a gust of air, followed by immense pain to the back of his head . Then, he lost his consciousness entirely .

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