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Chapter 1038: 1038
Chapter 1038: Fire of Purgatory

Covered in eerie blue flames, a figure as tall as a hill emerged from the Chaos Gate . In fact, it indeed was a ‘hill’ as its massive body, limbs, and head were made out of sturdy rocks and boulders . Blue flames blazed at its joints, core of its body, and head, forming terrifying facial features in its face . The moment it appeared, the ground rumbled and endless blue flames surged from the earth’s fissures like fireworks released when a superstar ascended the stage . The flames enveloped the entire surface like an erupted volcano with burning magma devouring all the unfortunate creatures beneath .

“Flame Monarch!”

One of the Quasits urging on the Imps and gazing at the enormous devil shrieked in fear . Unsure if its shriek attracted the Flame Monarch’s attention, the Flame Monarch turned around immediately . Then, under its scorching gaze, the demon gave a blood-curdling scream before melting away like a bucket of molten steel had been poured over it .

The war turned into a stalemate . Standing before the overwhelming presence of the Flame Monarch, the lowly demons could do nothing . The instant the Flame Monarch shot a glance at the demons, they would immediately light up in flames and melt . Whenever the Flame Monarch waved its arm, explosions would erupt like volcanic eruptions . The thick, unbearable, crimson smoke pushed forward alongside the devils . The volcanic cloud was so terrifying that even demons who were used to the heat of hell collapsed involuntarily . Even though the demons tried to stop the volcanic cloud from shifting forward, in the face of the Flame Monarch their every action was as though a mantis was trying to obstruct a chariot . Although the demons struggled to maintain their formation and balance, they had no choice but to retreat to the pressurizing monarch .

“Trash! Trash! A bunch of useless trash! Continue to attack; if not, I will rip your intestines and force them into your skulls!”

Celestina howled at the sight of the retreating demon armies . She gnashed her teeth with a furious expression, tapping her fingers anxiously on the hilt hanging on her waist . At the next moment, blade shadows flitted across the air and bound two demons who were attempting to flee . Then, the razor-sharp blades moved on their own and sliced through the demons’ stomachs, spilling the internal organs and blood from within . Celestina snorted, swinging the blade in her hand and the two unfortunate demon corpses crumbled in front of her . The Lustful Demons clustering around her ran ahead diligently, digging out the hearts and eyeballs and presented them to Celestina like offering treasures .

“This is the consequence of a retreating coward!”

Perhaps because the fresh blood and corpses heightened the demons’ ferocity, they braced themselves and attacked the devils yet again . But in the face of the Flame Monarch, they were too small and powerless . The demons used countless bloody flesh to replenish the gaps and corpses to form a solid wall to stop the devils’ infiltration . Even though the Imps feared death equally, class division was definite in hell . This was even more so than in the main plane of existence . Perhaps human soldiers might crumble when they couldn’t defend against the enemies, to the demons, as long as there was an order, they would fight until the end . This so-called persistence was the main reason why they were able to resist the devils for tens of thousands of years .

The stalemate wasn’t what Celestina hoped for . She knitted her brows and snorted, before piercing the sword into one of the Lustful Demons’ chest beside her mercilessly . The Lustful Demon lifted its head with a pious expression, spreading its arms and allowing Celestina’s blade to penetrate its body . Celestina aimed for the heart and pulled it out of its chest . The heart was still pumping as she mouthed the words of a prayer . Shortly after, a profane and evil curse resounded in the air . Along with her chants, the heart pumped faster and its appearance gradually turned pitch-black .

“Muy ria Ba!”

Celestina yelled, raising her arm and squashing the heart in her hand . A crimson radiance erupted and the ground rumbled like an earthquake . Invisible, yet feelable ripples of scorching, ice-cold terror erupted from the Hell’s Gate . Shortly after, a thunderous voice sounded .

“Who is calling for my existence using my real name!”

An enormous demon strode out of Hell’s Gate . Like other high-class demons, its body was covered in crimson scales from top to bottom and had a pair of bat-like wings on its back . It wielded a flame sword on its left hand and around its waist was a belt made up of indescribable skulls . The demon was incredibly huge and tall like a moving giant . Along with its emergence, hundreds of Cornugons and Abyssal Demons flew out of the gate to protect their master .

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“I’m requesting for your help, Bayer! Destroy those filthy, disgusting trash and I will represent the Ninth Floor to reconsider your suggestion!”

The lord of Hell’s First Floor narrowed its eyes that glinted brightly upon hearing Celestina’s words . Then, it opened its mouth and drooled revolting, green liquid to the ground, before scanning Celestina from head to toes . Bayer wasn’t familiar with this demon young lady, but it sensed her powerful strength and higher status . As one of the eight Demon Lords of hell, it had never felt suppression of class status so clearly . That wasn’t only the difference in strength and status . Instead, it was more like an innate rule . This reminded Bayer of a rumor after he qualified to be a Demon Lord . That rumor was ridiculous, but full of inexplicable mysteries . And now, it seemed like there was no doubt about it anymore .

“… Yes, my dear lady . ”

In the end, Bayer chose to submit as it lowered its head respectfully . Then, it lifted its head, gazed ahead, and widened its mouth to make a loud snarl . It swung the huge flame sword forward and along with its actions, another rush of demons emerged from the Hell’s Gate and pounced on the enemies from above . At the same time, Bayer stared at the Flame Monarch in front, but the latter’s scorching radiance that could burn everything didn’t make Bayer flinch . Although Bayer was the most cunning and intelligent Demon Lord, it disliked facing enemies personally . However, the reason why it was able to secure its place was due to its dominance over the devils . Shortly after, under Bayer’s orders, the demons swiftly switched up their attacking style and began luring and dividing, once again slaughtering the devils . The fire cloud from hell flew forward at Bayer’s command, stopping the Flame Monarch from making its next move .

This is a bloodbath .

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Rhode stood on the bridge and gazed at the battlefield below . Apart from blood and corpses, there was nothing else visible . The entirety of Casabianca had turned into a blood-soaked battleground and no one could survive this attack . Perhaps some were fortunate enough to avoid the clash, but when they inhaled the gas from hell or purgatory, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the fate of death . This once spotless and white city had turned into a battlefield where every street, corner, and ruin was thronged with devils and demons, massacring while stepping on the corpses of devils, demons, and humans . There was no exception .

Lilian had already turned pale . The number of corpses she saw today was more than she had ever seen since birth . She swore that she had never witnessed such a terrifying war, not even during the war against the Country of Darkness . This wasn’t a battle for glory and no justice was involved whatsoever . Both sides fought for the sake of fighting and victory and failure were only add-ons . This was a process that the demons and devils enjoyed: kill or be killed .

Complicated information came surging into her head like the tide, forcing Lilian to close her eyes and take a step back . The rumbles and explosions of cannon blasts had as though turned into the sad calling of a knell . They stopped at the edge of demolishing the world, but eventually would destroy everything .

“You should get some rest, Lilian . ”

Rhode gazed at Lilian and consoled softly . He knew what was going on in her mind . In fact, many players were unable to accept such bloodbaths . It wasn’t just endless war and there were also hidden mutual deceptions . Even though players wouldn’t really die in the game, not anyone could accept the intensity of such battles . Rhode remembered his first participation in a bloodbath . Back then, he thought he could have an enjoyable break during the national holidays . But in the end, tensions were high among the members including him during the 7 consecutive days of dungeon bloodbaths . Not only did he not get to rest, but he also tired himself out . After the holidays ended, he didn’t feel like he had a good rest . Instead, he felt as tired as working overtime . Some players instantly left hell and refused to partake in any operations involving bloodbaths anymore .

Upon hearing his words, Lilian hesitated . But eventually, she shook her head determinedly .

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“No, Big Brother Rhode . I want to continue… This is my battle . ”

“Good girl . ”

Rhode smiled and caressed her hair . Then, he put up a stern expression before turning over .

“Karin, how’s your analysis of the Chaos Gate?”

“Still on-going, Your Majesty; I need more time . But with the records from the Deepest Labyrinth, it won’t take long . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode nodded to Karin’s report .

“After the analysis is done, we will coordinate with the demons and launch an all-out attack to destroy the Chaos Gate!”

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