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Chapter 1037
Chapter 1037: Bloodbath

No one knew when the bloodbath began . The most absurd and convincing of legends circulating in the world was this story: one day, a devil and demon met each other in the wilderness and that was how the bloodbath began . Even though it was rather disrespectful to use this story to describe the violent conflicts that were happening in the underworld for tens of thousands of years, it was strange that no matter the humans or demons, they silently accepted this explanation . Of course, perhaps there were some exaggerations involved, but it was apparent that the war between Order and Chaos never ended . It was the same no matter place or time .

Including now .

The devils launched their attacks, while the demons were ready to go; both sides displayed similar strength . Tens of thousands of devils growled and dashed across the surface . Meanwhile on the other side, an equal number of Imps darted forward under the lashes of the Quasits’ whips . There were no tactics, strategies, traps, or conspiracies involved . Perhaps the devils knew that any plan would be thoroughly reimbursed after the battle and the demons were aware that conspiracies were useless on this bunch of fanatical devils like blindly lighting and wasting a candle . All in all, there would only be one ending regardless of cause and process .

A bloodbath .

Both sides clashed almost in the blink of an eye . The screams of killings were filled with anger, pain, and excitement—the only emotion absent was sadness . Perhaps in the main plane of existence, there would be one weeping, praying, and trembling in fear in each war . But it wouldn’t be worthy of a mention in the face of this bloodbath . No grandeur qualities could allow one to survive because it required neither morality, dignity, nor honor . Instead, it was the process of the continuation of a war . No matter how many devils one slaughtered, it wouldn’t stop this war . It was like the sun, air, and water; essential and couldn’t be vacant .

The pitch-black smoke diffused . This was the stench produced by the devils using their talent and ability to conceal their tracks . Meanwhile, the strings of flares released by the demons was the beginning of the methodical slashing of the devil’s formation . However, such an extent of slashing was highly ineffective because the devils lacked formations and strategies to begin with . To the devils, as long as they eliminated everything before them (including enemies and allies), it would be sufficient .

There was neither a gap nor a so-called safety region on this battlefield . Every empty space was immediately filled up at the next moment and once the devil or demon who replenished the spot died, they were replaced by the next wave from the back . Magical radiance like the vast sky full of stars randomly erupted in the battlefield . The two sides that couldn’t be differentiated had an endless source of reinforcements . But in comparison, the devils were higher in number, while the demons were more disciplined . Besides… They also had a powerful helper on their side .

Coordinating with the demons, the air forces of Rhode’s magic warship began launching its full-scale cannon blasts . Golden magic beams rained on the devils’ camp like a violent storm . Of course, it was inevitable for some demons to get caught in the friendly fire, but Rhode couldn’t care less .

Summoning demons to resist devils was an idea that he had come up with a long time ago . The reason why he launched a massacre on Casabianca was to create a place that was filthy, contaminated, and filled with death to open up the Hell’s Gate and summon armies of demons as his troops . Of course, he refused to believe that he possessed enough attractiveness to make the demons pledge their lives and devote themselves to him . But since the enemy’s enemy was his friend, there was no need for further considerations once the demons saw the devils before them .

Rhode had never considered dealing with the devils himself . Even though Ion’s ultimate goal was definitely to eliminate devils, Rhode would suffer from the back if Ion were to occupy Casabianca . Rhode didn’t dare to bet everything on the ambition of the Dark Dragon, which was why he might as well do it himself . It didn’t matter even if he lacked manpower as demons from hell were willing to fight for the same goal as him . Besides, Celestina was also considered a high-class demon in hell, so summoning them wasn’t challenging for her . On the other hand, Siena and Nalea weren’t willing to help out, while Lilian had just awakened her dragon soul power and completely lacked the fighting strength . This was why Rhode had to find others for help . He never thought of stopping the parliament from opening the Chaos Gate as it was really tough . This place was unlike the Deepest Labyrinth, where the teleportation ritual was ready and easily modified by the devils . Also, no one knew what the Chaos worshipers in the parliament did here exactly . Besides, due to the constant low stability of Order, Rhode had to be wary of not destroying the Order barrier . Therefore, with his hands tied, he might as well fight evil with evil, and that was always his style of doing things . As a result, he brazenly led his troops to attack Casabianca and destroyed the Order barrier, forcing the Chaos worshipers with no choice but to continue following his script… And it seemed to have an excellent result .

Everything was developing toward the direction Rhode had predicted . There was an endless number of devils, but the opening of the Chaos Gate was limited, where it couldn’t expand infinitely and transport all devils from the Bottomless Abyss over . Meanwhile, the demons’ slaughtering techniques were outstanding . They gradually diminished the devils’ strength and not only that, but the arrival of the demons also brought along Order from hell, where it replaced the Order fragments and repaired the land and sky, causing them to become closer to hell and not the main plane of existence .

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The three magic warships separated gradually, coordinating with the demons in their attack by launching destructive light beams that eradicated all enemies in sight, leaving no survivors behind . There were devils that tried to attack Rhode’s magic warships, but with the protection of the Elf Knights and angels, most of their attacks failed . Moreover, the Order barrier surrounding the magic warships was enough to weaken the devils’ strength, turning them more fragile than cheese .

Chaos Beings couldn’t enter this world and this was the only good news for Rhode . Unless the Order barrier was destroyed entirely, it would be extremely hard for Chaos Beings to enter the Dragon Soul Continent . On the other hand, it was much simpler for devils as years of endless battles had successfully turned the abyss into a part of a world like hell . This was why devils had a much easier time getting here than the Chaos Beings .

As long as the demons resisted and suppressed the devils’ attacks, Rhode could find ways to shut the Chaos Gate . He had done it once in the past and didn’t mind doing it again . But it still wasn’t the time for it now .

The hue of the sky and land had changed completely . The sky above Casabianca turned red as a scarlet sun hung high above . There was no day or night in hell . The eternal sun constantly and relentless burned every inch of land . The once fertile land also changed in color as they cracked and rolled up . There was nothing left apart from the corpses and dried, burned soil on the once green park lawn . Everywhere was filled with sand and dust . Rhode couldn’t care less about the civilians of Casabianca . They could either die in his cannon blasts, get slaughtered by the follow-up units, or die in the battle between devils and demons; they had no other choice . This entire city was like a gigantic meat grinder, where anything that was dragged into it would be crushed . Nothing was spared .

“Attack! Attack! You lowly trash! Kill the devils! If not, I will peel off your skin and let you have a real taste of death and agony!”

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Celestina commanded from the back spiritedly . The Lustful Demons crowding around her were as though a group surrounding a revered leader . The Abyssal Demons obeyed Celestina’s orders, snarling and lashing the flame whips to urge the armies of demons to advance . To the demons, any battle that could deal serious damage to the devils was worth it .

But not everyone accepted this reality .

“You will never succeed!”

Gazing at the retreating devils crumbling to the relentless demons, this was the first time the four octopus-looking creatures felt fearful . They fluttered their tentacles in uncertainty, letting out sharp howls to command the devils to advance . Endless devils continued to emerge from the Chaos Gate . They were courageous and furious . But at the next moment…


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A dazzling, enormous light beam streaked and rippled across the sky and land, aiming straight at the Chaos Gate . The massive power instantly eliminated the devils within the Chaos Gate, disrupting the Chaos Gate to an uncertain state . Gazing at this scene, the Chaos worshipers were finally afraid .

“We need more strength!”

At this moment, they communicated in their heads, raised their tentacles, and recited blasphemy . Shortly after, a boundless dark aura suffused from the Chaos Gate . Then, after a sharp screech that could make one’s head explode, a gigantic creature revealed its terrifying self .

The Flame Monarch .

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