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Chapter 1035
Chapter 1035: Clashing Resolution

The devastating impact from the clash of ice and fire enveloped the explosions and screams from the city . In an instant, it became the main melody of this world . But shortly, everyone witnessed Boulder’s flames ripping through Serene’s ice tornadoes and continuing to pounce on her . Serene grimaced, but quickly clutched the spear in her hand and brandished it downward .


Serene yelled and the air before her suddenly coalesced into a translucent wall . She quickly flew back in a trail of afterimages . Almost simultaneously, the flames crashed on the air barrier heavily . However, the majority of them were reflected to where they came from, the remaining flames pierced through the barrier and pounced on her . But the flames were ineffective as Serene had already retreated . Even though she wasn’t hurt, her complexion was far from great .

“I don’t think she can hold on much longer . ”

Rhode said, shaking his head . Currently, the stability of Order in Casabianca and its surrounding regions had fallen to 25 percent: the edge of the critical level . This wasn’t only a gap in the data, but could be said that the shattered Order was starting to affect the environment substantially . For instance, some strong buildings might turn into a pile of sand or transform into various, strange creatures . Humans were no exceptions either . Order could indeed bring a huge threat to humans, where perhaps one would pull off another person’s arm using too much strength . Rhode’s magic warship remained unharmed thanks to the engraved ancient enchantment ritual to stabilize Order . If not, it might collapse like building blocks if he were to fire the cannons once more .

In this case, not even the archangels were spared, especially Serene, who relied on the strength of Order . All her power came from the rules, but when the strength of Order began to weaken and rules became unstable, her strength would also diminish . On the contrary, Boulder’s power was more straightforward . When one rose, the other fell . Perhaps his power was weakened under the rules’ restriction, but when the rules were weakened, his power increased greatly . Moreover, he was corrupted by Chaos . The weaker Order was, the less power Serene possessed . The stronger Chaos was, the more power Boulder had . In this case, it was unimaginable how Serene could defeat Boulder by relying on the rules .

And the truth was just as Rhode had predicted . Boulder simply brandished his sword at the reflected flames and they all returned to his blade . At the same time, his fully-expanded wings once again erupted in blazing flames as though he had four pairs of wings . Serene sulked at this sight . She swung the spear in her hands again, streaking a trail of mysterious runes in midair before pointing the weapon forward . Meanwhile, Boulder also flourished his sword .  Boom! The empty space before him suddenly shattered like glass . At the same time, Serene shuddered abruptly and flew off as though she were struck by an invisible force .

“Big Sister Serene!”

Lilian shrieked in panic but fortunately, Serene wasn’t incompetent . As a mighty archangel, she had prepared herself as soon as she realized the terrible situation . The impact shook her body, but she quickly regained her form . Despite that, she looked incredibly pale . It was apparent that the attack earlier left her at a loss .

“Serene, this is the power of Chaos . You’ve personally experienced its strength now . ”

Boulder gazed at Serene and said .

“Chaos is powerful; it shall ultimately destroy this world . As for Order… I once firmly believed in it, but all it brought were tragedies! She once tried to change everything, but how did the group of lowly, foolish, and barbaric humans disregard her kindness?! How did they trample on her goodwill and fabricate all sorts of twisted Order and rules to strengthen their desires?! When they set aside respect and gratefulness and follow only their own desires, did you see the deep disappointment in her eyes?! Tell me, Serene! You were there too! Didn’t you see it? All Her Majesty needed was respect, not worship! But the greedy, arrogant humans thought that they could change the world using their strength! They foolishly thought that they owned this world! And faced their creators with disdain and fear! Why must we protect such beings? If they pursue destruction, let them be . They must assume obligations for their desire of power . Since they abandoned their creators, they should protect this world themselves and face the invasion of Chaos! They even laid hands on the dragon soul power; that group of blasphemers shall perish and accept their rightful punishment!

“… Her Majesty would be disappointed if she heard this, Boulder . ”

Serene gazed at Boulder quietly and spoke . She gnashed her teeth, hesitating .

“You… Even until now, you are still…”

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“… I’m sure you understand . There is no need for us to debate this issue . Besides, I may have disappointed her, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore . There is only one reason why I submitted to Chaos, and the same goes for the lowly humans who tried to make use of me . They will eventually die . It is impossible for them to get what they want because to Chaos, I am more valuable than them…”

“Indeed . We have no need to discuss this anymore; you should know . Since you’re here, how about…”

“I don’t think that I’ve lost, not even when you have those gadgets . ”

Boulder shifted his gaze to the magic warships . Rhode heard him and narrowed his eyes instantly . Then, the corners of his mouth perked up into a beautiful, attractive smile .  Little one, how dare you have the guts to spout nonsense after I showed you some respect? If I don’t beat you to a pulp today, I will not be called Rhode!

“I initially came here to look for you here, Boulder . But now, I think we have taken two completely different paths . ”

Serene lifted her head . This was the first time she revealed such a distressed expression . But shortly after, it turned to determination . She held the spear in her hands tightly, her eyes staring straight at Boulder . Her movements were so slow, but it was the same as when Boulder first attacked Alice . The entire world seemed to be pulled in by her motion where all living things were attracted to her spear . An incredible force slowly coalesced—that was the limit to static motion . Even though her movements were slow and steady, one would have the misconception that one couldn’t resist this massive attack from her .

Meanwhile, Boulder’s expression turned solemn . He didn’t launch his attack immediately . Instead, he clutched the sword and held it in front of him . He widened his eyes, staring at Serene intently . The aggressions from both archangels reached their peak . Then, Serene suddenly burst forward with the spear!

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Heaven, earth, and the entire world had as though coalesced as one in the attack . The instant Serene launched her attack, heaven and earth had seemingly vanished . The entire world was enfolded in a pitch-black hue, while only a white thread streaked across the darkness .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deep, ear-deafening, and astounding explosions boomed . Alice twitched her brow slightly when suddenly, she extended her arms and clenched the air . Then, she quickly retreated and in the blink of an eye, she was nowhere to be seen .

The dark hue lasted for only a moment because the world returned to its original state in an instant .

Boulder hovered in midair dazedly . The blade in his hand continued blazing in fiery flames and nothing seemed out of place . But at the next moment, he heard a series of exploding cracks . His sword coalesced from flames actually shattered as though it were a material object!

“I know what you mean now… Serene . ”

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Boulder said, gazing at the shattered blade of flame . His expression remained unchanged as he tossed the sword hilt aside . He lifted his head with a complicated gaze that eventually turned into deep sorrow . However, the emotion only lasted for an instant before restoring to its firm indifference .

“But we can’t turn back anymore . ”

As though responding to Boulder, the underground of Casabianca suddenly rumbled loudly . At the same time, Rhode finally heard the long-awaited voice .

[Big Brother, stability of Order has fallen to 10 percent and the countdown to the collapse has begun . The Chaos Gate is about to open!]

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