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Chapter 1036
Chapter 1036: Gate

The ground trembled as an invisible force roared and crashed down like waves, raising the surface with a massive power . In the blink of an eye, half of the city centered around Casabianca crumbled, dragging and devouring the dead and alive along with it . Loud rumbles were heard, followed by the sight of a mysterious, dark line erupting from the underground and streaking across the sky in the shape of an oval . Shortly after, the colors within the oval changed . The land, sky, city, and everything within the oval became completely replaced by Chaos . The solid ground fissured and surged like the rough seas . The several-meters-tall city walls were as though rice straws in the huge ocean where the crashing waves shattered them completely . In an instant, the entirety of Casabianca became dead silent as though all sounds had vanished .


A deep voice like a booming thunder sounded when suddenly, several slimy tentacles that were dozens of meters long and several meters thick appeared . The tentacles were covered in mucus and eyes that were constantly revolving . Just a single glance was enough to leave one disgusted and giddy . Those people with less resistance instantly lost their consciousness and collapsed to the ground .

“Void Dragon, Light Dragon… I didn’t expect you two to return…”

As the voice sounded, the number of tentacles emerging from the fissure increased . Then, four massive creatures like rotten piles of meat crawled out from the underworld . They appeared like disfigured octopuses and jellyfishes splashed in sulphuric acid . After taking a closer look, one would find that among the rotten chunks of flesh, there were also some human faces . If Sonia were here, she would immediately recognize the faces as Nakvard and his supporting parliament members . Judging from their appearance, it was apparent that they had gained new strength from the dark side .

“Thanks to both of you, we’ve successfully opened the Chaos Gate . My apologies as it seems like your plan has failed completely… Young man, acting rashly and recklessly has always been your downfall . And now, you have nowhere to hide . The channel connecting the abyss has taken form and soon after, the devils and mighty beings behind them will enter through the channel and arrive at this continent . How do you intend to face this disaster that both of you caused?”

“B-Big Brother Rhode?”

Upon hearing the evil and terrifying voice, Lilian tugged Rhode’s sleeve anxiously . After Lilian awakened her dragon soul power, she could now sense the threatening strength of Chaos from the other side of the gate, a force that she never felt before . It also felt as though a sluice was gradually opening and raging waves were about to burst through it and sweep the entire surface . Despite that, she felt entirely powerless . She suppressed this thought and consoled herself that this was only due to her just grasping her new strength and being inexperienced . But if it were Rhode… If it were Rhode… he wouldn’t have any problems dealing with them!

“Ha, ha . ”

But what surprised Lilian was that Rhode wasn’t nervous at all and even let out a chuckle . For some reason, she felt like his chuckle was really fake like an actor deliberately reciting his lines . Rhode didn’t continue speaking, but he extended his arm and gestured .

“Karin, activate Delusion Rainbow . ”

All of a sudden, the steel warship before him transformed . The expanded hull folded while the front section of the ship slowly widened . In an instant, the massive structure of steel changed its shape . An enormous, pitch-black cannon appeared in the front section, as well as the left and right of the hull . The heavy iron plates equipped below to support the large cannon floated in midair, flickering in a bright, dazzling radiance that left one in discomfort . Shortly after, the iron plates spun and magic energy coalesced in the center increasingly .

[Countdown: 10 seconds…]

Meanwhile, the Chaos Gate responded with dense black dots appearing in a circle that was tens of meters wide . At the next moment, it showed up before Rhode’s group in the smell of sulfur, blood, and death .

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Lilian held her breath at this scene . Even though she had imagined what would happen, the unprecedented and overwhelming feeling of fear struck her after she personally witnessed it . Devils by the count of one, two, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand and beyond appeared from the Chaos Gate like locusts, fluttering their wings forward in the air of murky, dark smoke . Meanwhile, on the surface, the filthy and ugly devils stormed ahead, shattering all obstacles before them into powder . Gazing down from the bridge, the black sea of devils swept across the land and no matter how sturdy or tall the houses and towers were, they all collapsed and flattened at once . The enormous fury of the waves, brought upon a shivering beauty, left one mesmerized . Even though the dark wave was demolishing everything, it was still an extremely beautiful sight .

[Main Cannon Ready]


A thin and hardly visible red radiance shot straight toward the center of the Chaos Gate . At a single glance, it didn’t seem to have any effect on it . But at the next moment, the enormous cannon turned into an erupting volcano and the entire world darkened . Under the rumbling explosions, the faint, red guiding light brought an unstoppable, powerful force . The maximum, coalesced magical energy glowed in a scorching, white radiance . In the blink of an eye, it blasted across everything in sight . Before the devils on the air and land could raise their claws and start a protest, they were burned into ashes instantly . Not only that, but the Chaos Gate also shook at the powerful impact of the attack . A combination of red, green, and golden flames spread toward the direction of the light, until the very end .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even though the alluring radiance lasted for only a few seconds before vanishing entirely, that moment had as though extended to infinity in everyone’s eyes . It also felt like the explosion would last until the end of the world . But it seemed like the end of the world came earlier than they imagined .

The radiance dissipated and the omnipresent devils were also nowhere to be seen . What remained were the huge, hundreds of meters deep gorge that separated the city into two like a natural moat . But despite this powerful attack, the Chaos Gate wasn’t destroyed and the devils appeared again, shortly after .

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“Hahaha, Your Majesty Rhode . We have to admit that your magic warship is indeed enormous and perhaps the Munn Kingdom’s ships can’t even compete with yours . But what you’re facing now is an endless amount of devils! Do you think you stand a chance eradicating them and blocking the path?”

“I have never thought about it that way; only idiots think of it like you . ”

Rhode narrowed his eyes and scoffed .

“Celestina, are you ready? Let’s begin!”

“Yes, Master!”

Upon hearing Rhode’s command, Celestina displayed a smile and gradually stepped down from the platform that had turned into ruins . At this moment, she was surrounded by corpses of men, women, elderly, and children . She revealed an elated smile at this sight . “Huhuhu… Torn corpses, scarlet blood, and rotten ground; is there anything more perfect than this?”

Celestina spoke, drawing the black sword and pointing it skyward .

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“Ser Hunt Deail Musye!”

She yelled out the mysterious and sinister chant . Along with her movement, countless pools of putrid, scarlet blood in the city flowed and converged swiftly into a serpent that moved across the air and wriggled to form a gorgeous, elegant dark door that was filled with an evil presence . Judging from its appearance, it was about the same size as the Chaos Gate . The only differences were the filthy scripts and evil patterns engraved on it, which was a hymn from hell .

“Darkness shall descend! The evil shadows shall enfold the land . I, Celestina, in the name of the Demon Lord, hereby vow, summon, and order the demons from the Seven Floors of Hell! Pass through this dark path of death and despair and arrive in this world!”

The dark door opened gradually as the drums of war sounded . Furious howls erupted, echoing throughout the sky and land . Armies of demons in neatly-aligned formation marched out of the door . Unlike the messy devils, demons maintained a huge square formation, glaring at the enemies ahead . The enormous Abyssal Demons expanded their wings, their mouths and nostrils blasting flames that represented their high spirits in battle .

Devils and demons .

At this moment, enemies who massacred each other for tens of thousands of years set off a new war once again .

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