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Chapter 1033: 1033
Chapter 1033: Alice in Action

“Who wants to take him down?”

After gazing at Boulder in the near distance, Rhode turned around and asked . Mini Bubble Gum burst into laughter, swaying her way forward and swinging her arms . “Your young officer is willing to behead him and put it on display! All I ask for is to bestow upon me a bowl of warm liquor… Ugh… Leader, stop looking at me like that . If Sister Heart is around… we could be ‘three heroes taking on Lu Bu’…”

“Even if she’s here, she won’t be playing that with you…”

“I’ll go . ”

While Rhode and Mini Bubble Gum were ridiculing each other, Alice suddenly stepped forth from the side . She closed the book in her hands, quietly went up to Rhode, and spoke . Rhode twitched his brow and looked at her . This time, out of the six Deity Wardens, only Alice had joined him . Marlene was occupied with ensuring safety in the territory, while Christie wasn’t suitable for such an occasion .

Rhode initially had no intention of seeking Alice’s help . After all, his plan was already set up and he could resolve any issues on his own if there were any accidents . But he didn’t expect that this time, the young lady who holed up in the library all day to take the initiative and look for him instead, requesting to join this operation . As for her request, even though Rhode was surprised, he didn’t reject her . Coincidentally, he wanted to see just how powerful her strength was as the History Deity Warden .

According to the dependent attributes, her strength should be around the middle of the three archangels . But according to the other ‘Christie’, the strength of the six Deity Wardens should be equally as powerful as the dragon soul heirs . But this was just a statement, after all . Even if he received intelligence and information from Marlene about the ‘Wisdom Deity Warden’, those were just words and didn’t have any substantial value . If it were Alice in the past, perhaps Rhode would consider . After all, Alice was only a spirit without body back then and would have a hard time in battle . But now, after Rhode retrieved her body for her, it was time to see what prowess this History Deity Warden possessed .

“Be careful, he is corrupted by Chaos . Besides, Order isn’t stable here . ”

Even though Rhode knew that Alice wasn’t any less experienced in dealing with Chaos than him, he still couldn’t help but remind her of the risks . Order wasn’t omnipotent . If not, the Deity Wardens wouldn’t have struggled this badly against Chaos in the past . Moreover, the strength of Order here was broken through by Chaos . Under such a circumstance, Rhode could still ensure his own safety . But if Alice were to get overly excited and went to other regions, he wasn’t sure if he could protect her from dying again… It never hurt to be more careful, isn’t it?

After hearing his words, Alice looked at him in surprise . Then, she nodded .

In the blink of an eye, she disappeared and re-emerged before Boulder . At this moment, she was as calm as ever . The thick book hovered beside her . Scarlet flames burst skyward, illuminating the entire world . The fire of war had spread to the whole world, be it the surface or sky .


Alice questioned and squinted at the dirty pair of wings behind Boulder . Boulder didn’t seem obliged to answer . He lifted his head and stared sulkily at the young lady who suddenly appeared before him . The fiery sword in his hand suddenly erupted in power . The rolling flames splashed as he raised the sword and brandished it at Alice .

At this moment, Boulder displayed the powerful strength of an archangel . The instant he slashed the sword, the overwhelming flames on the blade danced in his movements, pouncing on Alice from all directions . The sharp blade air had merged with him as one, roaring in majestic aggression as though he were about to split the world into half . The biting cold and razor-sharp air swept across everything in its path .

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Currently, Boulder was a perfect example of the logic behind the so-called butterfly effect . Along with his movements, the surface and air started changing . The buildings shook as though they were being torn apart by a shapeless force and were thrown into the sky . The dense layers of clouds also trembled, pouncing forward in an arc as though the world was moving with a single slash of his blade, turning into a magnificent army that would trounce all the enemies before them . This attack was so powerful that even Rhode and Canary, standing on the bridge from a distance easily felt its razor-sharp might .

But Alice didn’t put up any defenses as she quietly floated in the air and faced the dazzling blade ray—faced the dazzling blade—faced the dazzling…

“What is… happening?”

Not only did Rhode widen his eyes in surprise, but Canary, Mini Bubble Gum, and Lize were also stunned . They clearly saw that Alice didn’t do anything and Boulder had indeed launched his attack . However, as the blade arrived before Alice and was about to strike her, Boulder’s movement suddenly halted . At the same time, everyone’s vision flashed and the scene of attack disappeared completely . There was nothing strange in the air or ground . Boulder continued to stand before Alice with his sword in the sheath as though he hadn’t attacked . But Rhode and the others clearly sensed the pressurizing aggression of the blade airflow . Why… did he return to the start?

“Damn, Leader . Big Sister Alice’s ability is insane…”

Lilian and the others might still be in shock, but Rhode, Mini Bubble Gum, and Canary, the players, had already obtained some clues . Combining Alice’s ability, the trio guessed what happened exactly . Alice’s ability was controlling history . To Boulder, the moment he unsheathed his sword was ‘present’ . When he unsheathed the sword, that moment became ‘history’ . It was apparent that Alice interfered with the process . Even though they didn’t know how she did it, it was most likely due to her canceling or changing the ‘historical process’ of the unsheathing of the sword . After losing the process, the following attack was as though imaginary without any foundation and continuity . Under the rules of Order, this illogical process was totally impossible .

It was due to figuring out this point that Mini Bubble Gum made such a remark . Perhaps even players wouldn’t stand a chance against a BOSS like Alice . Rhode instantly felt admirable . Even though he did consider Alice’s abilities in the past, he realized how absurd it was after personally witnessing and understanding her power .

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“The power of an archangel . How disappointing…”

Alice spoke and didn’t have any other reactions . At this moment, she was as though in the library as usual, looking at the archangel with a calm, relaxed expression, like she wasn’t the one who removed the earth-shattering attack, but was someone totally unrelated . Alice extended her arm and the heavy book hovering in front of her gradually flipped open . Suddenly, the air had as though frozen in time . Even though her movements were subtle, for some reason, the pressure she brought upon was far more than the deadly blow from Boulder . Facing the opened pages, Alice pushed up her glasses slightly and her right hand held onto one of the pages .


Perhaps instinctively detecting an extreme danger approaching, Boulder snarled and raised his arms high up . His turbid wings erupted in unprecedented flames . In an instant, the air had as though burned up in high temperatures in his movements . However, Alice remained unfazed . Facing the highly-raised blade and blistering flames, the young lady didn’t say a word . Instead, she turned over the page in her hand .

In an instant, dazzling radiance of flames enfolded the sky, at which even Rhode had to narrow his eyes to avoid the glare . Lilian shrieked in shock, turning away immediately . After a few moments, everyone opened their eyes and the blinding brilliance from before had as though remained in their vision and unable to fade away . However, what was most important to them was the result of the battle .

And when they witnessed what happened, they were baffled .

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Boulder continued to hover in midair . But unlike before, half of his body was burned . Not only that, but his body was also in a strange state . The left side of his body was as per usual, but the right appeared slim and weak as though it were a specimen submerged in formalin . Alice squinted at this scene .

“… Oh, you resisted it? No wonder you’re still resistant toward Order; you’ve been corrupted by Chaos . In this case…”

Alice extended her arm and held the page once again .

“This will all end now…”


Before Alice made her move, she suddenly heard a loud scream . Rhode’s group witnessed a figure soaring across the sky and came between Alice and Boulder . Upon hearing the voice, Lilian couldn’t help but shriek .


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