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Chapter 1032: 1032
Chapter 1032: Blitz (3)

Casabianca—the pure and holy city of white, known as the most dazzling jewel of the Light Mainland, had crumpled completely . Flames wreaked havoc, casting crimson upon the originally white city . The once bustling streets were no longer there . They were replaced with devastation, chaos, and death . People wailing and screaming as they escaped the catastrophe descending from above . But it was a pity that humans could never defy natural disasters .

Yet another wave of golden rain fell from above, bombarding the tall buildings into ruins . Even though there were formidable beings in the Country of Light, they were at a dead end, even if they were godlike in strength, facing the blasts from up to 6,000 magic cannons .

At the same time, the ‘sweeping’ of the surface troops was going on methodically .

Ghouls crawled in the ruins . Although the scent of flames was disturbing to them, the fragrance and tastiness of death and fresh corpses had them oddly excited and their blood racing . They howled, extended their claws, and pounced on their meal, ripping and shredding the fresh, delicious flesh . Before the survivors hidden behind the safety of the broken walls had the chance to feel thankful for their luck, they faced a much more terrifying end to their lives .

“Ah… . Ah… Ah…!”

The scarlet blade hacked effortlessly into a man’s limbs like soft tofu . He collapsed, shrieking mechanically in trembling fear . Standing before him was Shira who had a crazy smile . She gazed with misted eyes at the man who had curled up to the torturous pain and blood gushing out of his wounds as though he were her beloved lover .

“Hahaha… it’s painful, right… don’t you like it? Hahaha… I like it a lot… it is only good when it hurts, don’t you understand? Hahaha… Come . Continue to scream and wail . I like hearing them!”

Ironically, Shira didn’t give the man any more chance to struggle . She swung the large blade in her hand and ‘smacked’ the man .  Bam! The unfortunate fellow was crushed into a pile of meat instantly . Shira didn’t even take another look at him . Instead, she dragged the sword and continued strolling forward while shaking her head .

Chaos continued .

A young lady screamed and scrambled, dashing ahead as far as she could . All she heard were the pitiful screams . The houses once familiar to her were entirely destroyed . She didn’t know what happened . Her mind was blank . She charged into the crowd, totally unaware of where she should go and what she should do . But perhaps the others were as equally lost as her . The only thought in their heads was to escape far away from this terrifying massacre immediately . But the situation wasn’t as simple as they had imagined .

The young lady heard the sound of flapping wings when suddenly, she felt immense pain on her back . Loud cries and screams erupted in her ears . She widened her eyes in shock, watching herself lifted off the surface by a powerful force . She gaped, but a pair of razor-sharp claws mercilessly penetrated her chest from behind .

Ghouls soared in the sky, swinging their arms like eagles diving down again and again, capturing their prey from the group of fleeing humans and shredding them into bits . The humans couldn’t defend themselves from the monsters plunging from above . All they could do was to scream in despair and run as fast as they could to survive the cloud of menacing monsters above .

But their fates had already been decided . The nature of humans would never change, not even in chaos and destruction .

“W-What are you trying to do? Help!!”

A young lady cried, struggling to break free of the man before her . The man pounced on her with an ice-cold, cheeky smile, holding down her arms and legs .

“Does it even matter, Missy? Master and Madam have died . Since we’re going to die anyway, don’t you want to have a fun time before that? Heh heh heh, what’s the point of you screaming? Do you think anyone will come and rescue you? Come, enjoy your time with me while death falls upon us! Everything is destroyed; no one will rescue you…!”

The man stopped speaking abruptly because a small hand had grabbed and cracked his throat . Then, he crumpled to the ground with the sinister smile across his face . The young lady stared in disbelief, totally unsure of what reaction she should have, until Angelina appeared in front of her .

“Huhuhu, how interesting . Miss, I saved you . You should repay me, isn’t it?”


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“That’s right, I only need…”

Angelina gazed at the young lady’s ripped collar that exposed her slender neck and snowy skin . Angelina extended her tongue and licked her lips . “I only need the most precious thing you have…” Angelina said and almost immediately, she held the shrieking young lady by the throat and punctured her razor-sharp fangs into the soft, defenseless skin, greedily sucking the warm, tasty blood .

The young lady’s slender body shivered . Her shadow cast on the wall under the bright flames trembled abruptly . After a few moments, everything returned to silence as the flames continued to blaze . At this moment, Angelina was nowhere to be seen . The broken wall collapsed, crushing on the lifeless corpse of the young lady, already covered by scorching flames .

The fires of war continued to spread .

One by one, ghost-like beings donned in white robes jumped across the air from the roof . They landed on the ground before swiftly and elegantly darting across the burning streets, river of bloody corpses, and collapsed bridge . They dashed toward the rows of luxurious houses in the distance .

“Hurry up and get ready!”

Outside a huge mansion, there were people anxiously piling up all sorts of belongings to the carriages . A well-dressed elderly man stepped out of the mansion and headed toward the carriage under the escort of fully-armored guards . At this moment, another wave of golden rain descended from the sky . Everyone felt the world in their vision turned black for a split second before the dazzling radiance of flames erupted skyward . The explosions were only a few blocks away from them . Horses neighed nonstop in panic as though sensing the sorrow and tragedy within the erupting airwaves . The elderly man shuddered at this sight before hurrying to the carriage .

“H-Hurry up and leave this place . Hurry…”

But this was all he said .

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An invisible blade silently pierced into his throat . The guards around him had as though lost their consciousness as they stood on the spot, not moving an inch . Then, a white radiance flashed . As the several petite figures clad in white robes vanished, the bustling scene of people carrying their belongings up info the carriage disappeared . What was left were the corpses with their eyes wide-opened . The breath of death flitted across them, but no one saw who they were exactly .

“It has begun, it seems . ”

Upon hearing the deep explosions from above, Nakvard let out a snort . At this moment, an invisible energy was coalescing in the dark underground hall . The turbid, mysterious, and evil presence was slowly emerging . Even though Rhode’s ambush was a surprise to Nakvard, this was a helpful one for them .

“Young men will always be young men; full of life and vigor . But that’s fine too . Order is being completely shattered and the channel for Chaos is about to open . Thereafter, Chaos shall devour and destroy this world, borrowing the strength of us—humans, and not foreign objects—to destroy everything!”

As Nakvard growled, the surface started trembling . The mysterious ritual drawn from murky stains of blood began to emanate its unique, disturbing radiance . An energy started coalescing into a violent typhoon that displayed its mighty strength and showed signs of a certain presence that was about to appear .

[The threshold of Order has been broken through . The strength of Chaos is starting to infiltrate . Big Brother, they’ve begun . ]

Upon hearing his younger sister’s voice, Rhode gazed at the icon before him and the corners of his lips perked up slightly into an odd smile . The ear-deafening, blaring alarm was like a wonderful sound of nature in his ears . Everything was finally heading toward his anticipated trajectory .

“Alright then, let’s wait and see… Launch the third wave of carpet bombing!”

“Big Brother Rhode?”

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Lilian gazed at him dubiously .

“Didn’t you say to wait and see?”

“They’ve become too slow, so I shall add some spice for them . Third wave—attack!”

The enormous warship rose and starry lights once again flickered . Shortly after, golden beams erupted and fell like a rainstorm, smearing a thick stroke on the perished city . The blinding color of crimson was as though the bloody flesh from inside a ghastly wound, emerging from the city once again . Destruction, death, chaos, and shattered Order—all of them broke out in full force at this very moment .

Suddenly, a black column of light burst into the sky . Then, an angel glowing in light appeared within it .

He was no longer radiating holiness . His long, golden hair was covered in filth . Even though the fiery sword in his hand was still blazing, the pitch-black, mysterious hue and twisted shape of his armor proved that he was no longer who he was . At this moment, he was howling like a wild animal, glaring fiercely at the massive warship . The aura emanating from his body was dark, murky, and revolting .

He was one of the three archangels—Boulder .

“How is this possible, Boulder…”

“Tsk . I knew this day would come and it seems like I was right . Useless trash will always be useless . It’s not possible for him to turn into Ultraman . ”

Rhode criticized, letting out a snort as though he expected this to happen . Lilian covered her mouth in shock . She never thought that Boulder would be stained by Chaos . Rhode turned around .

“It seems like the watchdog is here . Who wants to take him down?” Rhode asked .

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