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Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: Blitz (1)
Night fell .

The last radiance of the sun vanished underneath the horizon, only to be replaced by darkness that enfolded the world . The clouds drifting in the air were also smeared in a dark hue . However, no one noticed the invisible, mighty strength surging within the dense layers of clouds . The surging airwaves ripped through the clouds . The pitch-black steel reflected the final trace of sunlight like it was the back of a cloud monster . Then, it disappeared once again .

“No matter how many times I look at it, it still feels unbelievable . ”

Standing on the bridge of the warship and gazing ahead at the splitting sea of clouds, Rhode muttered under his breath . At a single glance, the entire bridge was quiet and methodically busy . A dozen young ladies with white, long hair sat before a control panel constructed from mysterious runes, attentively controlling the massive warship . Even though they had different appearances, they had a common feature . Hanging on both sides of their temple were some cable-like objects connected to the control panel before them, flickering in a gentle radiance .

“I didn’t expect you to finish constructing the magic warship in such a short time . I’m impressed, Karin . ”

Rhode spoke, turning around and looking at the young lady beside him who placed her hands on the control panel in the shape of a square column and carved with mysterious patterns and symbols . The control panel emanated an array of colorful magical brilliance, before slowly fading away in a flash . In fact, after using the card to summon Karin’s subordinates, this was the first time Rhode found out that it was Karin who first suggested creating the ‘Humanoids’ . The reason was actually really simple . During the battle against Chaos, not even the undead creatures could uphold the endless source of energy . The time required for pure reproduction was too long, so Karin suggested creating ‘Humanoids’ for battles instead . Perhaps this technology was considered the bottom line against moral conscience in the world where Rhode came from, but as long as the people of the Dragon Soul Continent could defeat evil with it, they would do it at any means . Thereafter, Karin took on the creation process of the ‘Humanoids’ with the Deity Warden of ‘Marlene’ in the past and the ‘Humanoids’ became their units in battles .

“This is nothing, Your Majesty . ”

Hearing Rhode’s praise, Karin pushed up her glasses . Her eyes flowed with endless magic signals .

“We can’t afford to waste any time in the battle against Chaos . If we can’t produce weapons sufficient to resist Chaos in a short period of time, we will not be able to survive . ”

“But this is already impressive . ”

Rhode blew a whistle at Karin’s answer before shifting his gaze to the enormous warship .

Magic warship—Deus ex Machina: 395 meters long, 52 meters wide, and 30 meters tall, equipped with 3000 siege magic cannons, 2500 annihilation and defense magic cannons, and three main cannons, namely the Delusion Rainbow . In the face of this massive warship, Lydia’s Saint Lady Vessel seemed pale in comparison . What surprised Rhode the most wasn’t this warship itself, but the speed of building it . It took less than half a month for Karin, leading her subordinates, to build the warship to completion . This speed could simply be considered godlike .

But one had to pay a price in order to gain this much . Even though this magic warship was domineering, it consumed plenty of resources . Although Rhode’s territory had no lack of magic ores and materials, there were still issues during the process . The way Karin and her subordinates resolved the issue was extremely rough . They gave up the method of using advanced magic furnaces to smelt and refine . Instead, they used the massive alchemist ritual to directly abstract materials from the underground, changing the form of substances and turning them into finished products . Of course, Rhode paid a huge price for it . The warship itself cost him one-third of the Illusion Crystal . Even though Lapis was unwilling to go ahead with this plan, she didn’t have the authority to refuse . On the other hand, the several holes ‘dug’ by Karin and her subordinates that resembled the moon’s surface were waiting for Rhode to repair .

Unlike the Lydia’s ‘Saint Lady Vessel’, which maintained its form of an original warship, the Deus ex Machina resembled more of a spaceship in Rhode’s and Canary’s impression . It extended in the shape of a rectangle and the bridge was located in the center of the lower front . Steel wings on both sides of the hull flickered in dazzling spotlights as countless cannons retracted from the surface of the smooth, steel hull . The entire warship was like a harmless, little white rabbit . But once war began, it would reveal its teeth and claws, dealing the most lethal attack on its enemies .

This didn’t include the two corvettes by its side yet . Even though they weren’t as massive as Deus ex Machina, their 100 meters long, pitch-black steel hull glimmering in a metallic radiance and enormous cannons were also not to be messed with .

Everything’s ready .

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“… Ordering all air fleets . Target: Air above Casabianca in the Country of Light…”

Rhode lifted his head, his eyes glinting, as if reflecting the sparks of a stellar collision .

“This is a declaration of war… We have lit the smoke signal, announcing war against Chaos . Our passive defense has come to an end . From now onward, we shall retaliate, attack, and invade . The time has come for us to defeat Chaos and its followers back to the deep abyss… Okay then . Let’s begin!”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”


The ear-deafening sound of horns boomed . The mighty, steel warship pierced into the sea of clouds like a deep-sea monster and also like a gigantic, razor-sharp knife slicing through butter . After it passed through the seemingly endless clouds, the dazzling city of Casabianca came into Rhode’s view . Blinding spots of radiance shining from the city were as bright as daylight like mesmerizing pearls drifting in midair .

It’s time .

Rhode opened the door carved with intricate patterns and strode into the hall of steel . He lifted his head and saw the neatly-aligned troops before him . They were clad in unique armor and held different weapons . But they were about to fight for the same goal .

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Humans, angels, demons, elves, and undeads—races that were constantly in conflict since the ancient war had now joined forces to take on the terrifying enemy as one . Rhode took a step forward and gazed at everyone .

Celestina lifted her head proudly . Behind her stood the massive and red-skinned Abyssal Demons, as well as translucent Lustful Demons who wielded swords and were growling excitedly like lions from hell . The Abyssal Demons had steel chains bound on their bodies and the clinging of the chains rasped softly .

Beside them were the Bugle Angels led by Celia: fully geared, carrying golden bows and large swords on their backs . The Judge Angels lifted the scale in their hand high . The Bugle Angels raised their large bugle . The Dawn Angels quietly waited in the back as usual, but their battle strength couldn’t be belittled . Celia was ready to go, unlike the proud Celestina who was acting as though she was about to partake in a banquet . Celia stood straight at attention like an unsheathed sword filled with mighty aggression . These angels weren’t reinforcements sent by Lydia . Instead, they all belonged to Celia . During the ancient war against the Chaos, these heroic spirits were followers of this young lady .

Gracier and Madaras stood silently as usual, while the Elf Knights behind them presented a strange comparison . But this time, apart from the Elf Knights, there were more than a dozen different beings in their team . They were of different heights despite identical attire; wrapped in white robes, only revealing their sharp chins and long ears . They stood like shadows; presences who seemed to exist and not at the same time .

On the other side, Shira carried her large sword on her back and displayed a wicked smile . The group of forces behind her was dead silent and they represented the unprecedented color of black . Angelina stood at the back, alongside the royal vampires who were clad in exquisite attire . They were as elegant and dull as ever, letting off an artistic feel to their extreme shade of darkness . The ghouls and gargoyles didn’t move an inch as though they were dead . The Death Knights and Abominations standing beside them seemed incredibly terrifying and sinister . The Liches who transformed into spirits drifted in midair, their presence as though added a layer of white frost to the deck .

Standing in the middle were the Humanoids: Haze, Heart, and Rain . Representing the humans were Sol, Randolf, Joey, and seasoned mercenaries who earned their places to become qualified warriors . They wore magic armor in flowing, light and vibrant colors . The weapons on their waists also glittered brightly . They lifted their heads, gazing ahead proudly . They didn’t care what this war meant, but to be able to battle alongside the powerful beings from all around the planes of existence made them puff out their chests to show the honor and glory of humans .

“The time has come . ”

Rhode stepped onto the middle of the hall, where Mini Bubble Gum and Canary waited at his left and right positions . Lilian gazed in silence at everyone, her eyes reflecting this unprecedented scene . But it was also due to this that it gave her heart unwavering faith .

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“I suppose all of you are aware by now of where we’re heading, who we’re facing, and what we’re about to do . ” Rhode said, looking at everyone .

“Everyone! This is war . Their ignorance has led the world into this catastrophe . The world belongs to us and this is the reason why we’re standing here now . We will eradicate the source of the threat and punish the ignorant fools, using blood and death to teach them to respect and revere . They breached the contract, so they deserved to be punished! Now, we shall use devastation to announce what exactly they should have done . Everyone, this is war…”

He paused before shifting his gaze to Lilian .

“There is no right or wrong in war . There is no justice or evil in war . There is only victory and failure . We didn’t come here to lose, so raise your weapons and destroy everything that is stopping you . Turn this place into a sea of flame and make this blasphemous place burn in raging blaze . It… will eventually turn into hell to warn us of the enemies we will be and are facing, who we are, and why we stand here and battle . We will return their treatment of us by 10 times . Revenge, destruction, and death shall bring them fear and we will reclaim the things we lost . Lilian, since you have made up your mind, you must watch until the very end . Remember, Lilian, this isn’t only for you . It is also for the former dragon soul heirs . For this moment, you understand, don’t you?”

“… Yes, Big Brother Rhode . I understand . ”

Upon sensing his gaze, Lilian clenched her fists and nodded determinedly .

After hearing her answer, Rhode turned around and raised his right arm . Once again, a vibrant, gentle, and elegant smile like artwork appeared on his face .

“Alright then, let’s begin this war . ”

Everything was in complete silence . All sounds had as though vanished in this moment, except for Mini Bubble Gum’s whisper-like singing that resounded in the dark, peaceful night sky .

“Heute wollen wir ein Liedlen singen, trinken wollen wir dir kuhlen Wein . Und die Glaser sollen dazu Klingen, denn die muss es muss geschieden sein…”

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