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Chapter 1031: 1031
Chapter 1031: Blitz (2)

Tsk . Damn this weather .

Closing the door behind him and gazing at the dark, murky sky above, the man let out a sneeze of discontent . Casabianca’s situation was becoming increasingly strange ever since the various incidents started . The sky was overcast all day, but never darkened, and people couldn’t differentiate between day and night . Not only that, but they also became restless and dazed, totally unaware of the happenings . But these were only small issues . The thing that the man was most worried about was the food supply problem that was slowly surfacing . The food prices in the market had multiplied due to the sealing up of the city . Not only that, but he also heard from some people that the rich nobles and financial groups had begun storing up food… He thought the sealing up of the city was only temporary . Could it be that the situation was much worse than he had imagined?

Suddenly, he heard the booming sound of a bugle horn and his mind had as though been heavily smashed by a large hammer, leaving him in panic . Where did the sound come from? His curiosity piqued, and he instinctively lifted his head and started searching the areas . At the same time, innocent civilians stepped out of their houses nearby and were also searching curiously . They seemed to have also heard that strange sound . Well, their behaviors weren’t surprising . Security in Casabianca had become ridiculously strict and ordinary civilians like them could only roam about in designated areas . The recent weather had also become abnormal . With the sudden, mysterious sounding of the bugle horn that echoed throughout the city, it would be strange if no one reacted to it .

“Ooo———! Ooo———!”

As the man scanned the surroundings blankly, the deep bugle horn sounded once again . But this time, it was two, hurried horns in a row as though responding to something . The civilians finally discovered where the sound came from when they looked up at the sky . Their eyes widened in a daze, standing stiffly on the spot .

“Oh, my goodness…”

An enormous, pitch-black magic warship was as though a monster walking out of a terrifying nightmare . Its massive hull tore apart the layers of cloud, presenting itself grandly before their eyes . To its sides were two relatively smaller warships, but they showed an equally massive presence .  That’s a magic warship? Why is it here? What is it doing here? Could it be that this is the first sign of something that is about to happen?

The air gradually froze as though a storm were arriving . The civilians froze to the spot on the streets, gazing in curiosity, excitement, and doubt at the massive presence enveloping them . The magic warship sailed forward slowly like a hegemon of the air, strolling around under the watchful eyes of its subjects .

Rhode stood at the forefront of the bridge and overlooked the dense groups of people in the city below . More and more people stepped out of their houses, gathering in groups and staring at the massive ship in the air, at the same time debating what it was exactly . No wonder they were so dubious . After all, the shape of Rhode’s magic warship was ‘ultrmodern’ . Compared to the floating boats, it could be considered an entirely different beast . But it was a pity that… the people didn’t know that their lives were about to perish .

“Lilian, guess what is in their heads . Perhaps they’re thinking: ‘What’s that? Why is it here?’ Or maybe they thought they could talk about this new and interesting encounter with their families . But never did they expect that their lives are about to come to an end . And it is counting down the seconds . ”

Hearing Rhode’s words, Lilian remained silent in an uncertain expression . Rhode narrowed his eyes and sized her up curiously beside her . But shortly after, Lilian calmed down, clenched her fists, and sighed .

“I have nothing to say, Big Brother Rhode . This is the price they should pay, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s the way, Lilian . Frankly, I don’t think kindness and benevolence are wrong . But it will be different if it’s a Mary Sue . ” Rhode nodded in satisfaction before extending his arm to caress Lilian’s hair .

Lilian cocked her head in doubt and asked . “Mary Sue?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a bunch of arrogant people who try to be on good terms with everyone . It’s fine even if you don’t understand . You can ask Bubble and Canary if you’re interested; they will explain it to you . ” Rhode paused . He placed his hands behind his back and gazed ahead with narrowed eyes .

“Alright then, it’s about time to begin . Everyone, the beacon of war is lit! Turn this city into ashes! Our priority targets are the entirety of Casabianca, the Upper House, the Lower House, the Hall of Light, the Hall of Glory, the West District, the five largest financial groups, and the towers . Destroy them all . ”

Canary, standing behind Rhode, twitched her brow and smiled .

“What about the Parliament History Museum?”

“Burn it down . The parliament will become history from today onward . No… they can’t even be considered history; they are only debris . Don’t leave even a single shard . Burn them all into ashes . ”

“What about the Freedom Square, Leader?”

Mini Bubble Gum asked, displaying a sinister and excited smile .

“Destroy it completely . Demolish the statues of the three saints . Since the descendants thought that them leading the parliament away and breaking free from the Light Dragon’s control was a great achievement, it is time for them to be criticized and accept their punishment . The Great Man’s Hill, Casabianca Theater, Light Alliance Building, Lockos Arch, Alanic Bridge, Solomon Tower and whatnot—spare none of them . I want Casabianca to turn into ruins, just like what we did in the past!”

Rhode spoke, extending his right hand and pointed forward .

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“Destroy everything you see . Right now, this country, city, and everything is our enemy! There is only one order: slaughter any enemies you see! Turn this place into a passageway into hell and abyss . Let it be destroyed completely!”

He pointed his finger forward before following the momentum to swing his arm to the side .

“Karin . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

“Activate all cannons . Target: Casabianca . Carpet bombing!”

“Understood, Your Majesty . ”

Karin maintained her expression, but her eyes flickered in a magical radiance . Shortly after, every information was quickly conveyed .

“Target: Casabianca .

“Activate all cannons . Get ready to attack . Carpet bombing .

“Activate all cannons . Magic energy gathering begins . ”

The silent magic warship suddenly changed its form . The sleek, metal hull slid aside to reveal the pitch-black, gigantic openings of the cannons . In the blink of an eye, the blinding magical radiances flashed, coalesced, and merged into starry lights . The civilians of Casabianca became even more curious . They reached out their hands, pointing at the enormous magic warship .

“What’s that?”

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“You see, you see . It is glowing . ”

“Could it be that Casabianca is sealed up for the sake of this thing? Hah, what a huge project!”

“Hmm? Why do I feel like something isn’t right? If that thing is ours, why doesn’t it have our emblem and flag?”

“It doesn’t? Isn’t it hung on the side… Huh? What flag is that? Why have I never seen it before?”

“Now that you mention…”

But it was all too late .

Golden beams streaked across the night sky like a rainstorm, enfolding the entire surface . In an instant, the world seemed to be muted as though everything had lost its resistance toward the disaster that was about to fall upon them . The blinding flashes of light sharp enough to scar one’s eyes exploded, announcing the start of devastation and death .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds upon thousands of flame trails exploded in the white city like a tongue of flame expanding and devouring a beautiful flower . The scorching golden breams continued to wreak havoc, streaking across the sky and turning everything on the streets into ashes . Be it buildings or humans, nothing was able to resist its attack . The blinding light dissipated, followed by another wave of explosions that sent surging flames into the clouds, rolling and expanding in all directions . Dark smoke rose as the cannons fired continuously . The wild bombarding didn’t seem to be stopping anytime . The city had completely melted into hell . Blood-curdling screeches and wails shrieked as one . No one expected a catastrophe to fall upon them without any signs of warning . But even so, it was too late .

“The prelude has started and now, the opening of the grand banquet is next! Celestina! Shira! Gracier! Madaras! Attack! Remember, there is only one order: slaughter any enemies you see! Massacre every living thing! Spare no one! Lesa! Start the teleportation!”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

Lesa responded softly . She stood on the deck, lifting her head and gazing at the sky smeared in crimson, as well as the surface submerged in a sea of flames . Then, she raised the staff in her hand and pointed it down with force .

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Clink .

A white, beaming magical radiance shone in an instant, transforming into an enormous magical ritual as a figure leaped out .


Shira slashed the large, scarlet sword merciless at a struggling man crushed under a boulder, instantly slicing him into pieces . Shira chuckled at the sight of blood on the blade, before dragging the large sword in her hand and strolling ahead .

“Hahaha, master’s order is to kill everything… Hahaha, I like it… Alright then… let’s begin . Hahaha… My interesting toys, I hope you’ll let me have a long, fun time!”

The moment the Elves, Undead, and Demons descended, they used their actions to announce the death of the city .

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