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When the two men entered the tomb, the cold woman also followed them in. Ye Mo thought it strange that his spirit sense couldn’t pierce through the tomb door. Ye Mo looked at the door and saw that it was sealed tightly shut. With his current spirit sense, he could penetrate 20-30 meters into dense earth. If the ground was made of sand, he could pierce through nearly 100 meters. This door was probably made from granite and was much thicker than the one at the 9 Moon Sect. Ye Mo also followed them in.

Er Ya and Gang Hu were very agile. They quickly threw a chicken into the hole and after a while, Er Ya nodded, "It’s fine, we can go in."

Er Ya picked up a wind blower at the entrance of the hole and then brought the torch in together with Gang Hu. When the two reached the two bodies, they bowed and said, "Two Qianbei, we’re forced to make a living, so we need to borrow Qianbei’s raid hole. After us wanbei come out, we will bury the two of you."

Gang Hu also bowed before asking, "We’re not going to use the hooves?"

Er Ya shook his head and said, "No need."

Ye Mo noticed how that woman wasn’t scared at all and just stared at the two men in the front, unwilling to fall behind even one step.

The two just lightly dug a bit before the thin layer of earth was removed, showing a green door. Er Ya then dug a small hole on the door and put in another pipe bomb before sealing it.

Although Ye Mo knew that the tomb raiders had their ways of blowing the door which wouldn’t cause the earth to collapse, Ye Mo still retreated far away. If this place did collapse, it would cause him a lot of effort to get out. He didn’t want to be buried under the earth.

Luckily, Er Ya’s skills were good, so a bang later a big hole was blasted into the door.

Er Ya then carried the air blower and threw the chicken inside. After a while, Er Ya saw that the chicken was fine and turned off the blower as he carefully went in with Gang Hu.

That cold woman had arrived at the door at this moment, but she didn’t go in and just watched Er Ya carefully.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in and discovered that this was more like a stone room rather than a tomb. In the middle was a coffin, and a black crescent-shaped thing was carved into the wall.

Er Ya scanned the room and appeared to be disappointed. He didn’t seem to have found what he’d expected.

"Hu Zi, light up a candle at the south-east corner and then come help me," Er Ya said, before he pulled out a black donkey hoof and walked closer to the coffin. He put his finger on the lid and knocked on it, trying to confirm what material it was made of.

At this moment, Gang Hu just finished lighting up the candle before also coming over, "Er Ya, I feel like there’s less yin chi inside of here than on the outside.

"Hmm? Stop saying useless things and come help," Er Ya said casually.

Although Ye Mo didn’t go in himself, his spirit sense managed to scan an old man in his 50s’ rotten body. The old man had worn very expensive clothes. Even after this many years, there were still some gold strands lying around. A yin-yang fish artefact was laid by the old man’s feet. Other than this, the old man had two jade ornaments on him. What caught Ye Mo’s attention, though, was a jade slip.

Gang Hu used a prick and crowbar to leverage the lid as Er Ya took care of lighting with his torch when Ye Mo suddenly clearly saw the old person’s hand move.

Gang Hu didn’t notice at all, however. The only things he had eye for were the two jade ornaments and a few porcelain plates. Clearly Gang Hu’s selfcontrol was worse than Er Ya’s, and he immediately yelled, "Er Ya, there’s Blue Flower porcelain and jade ornaments! It’s a meat zombie-"

"Meat zombie, your mom!" Er Ya’s face looked bad, and he stuffed the black donkey hoof in the old person’s mouth without hesitating.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense picked up that the hand immediately stopped moving after the black donkey hoof was put there. Ye Mo felt like this was quite intriguing. Er Ya seemed to breathe easy a little, "Hu Zi, pack our stuff and leave quickly. This isn’t a good place."

Ye Mo saw an ethereal figure rise from the coffin with his spirit sense.

A ghost? Ye Mo didn’t expect ghosts to be able to live here, but he knew that since the stone room was now opened, it would have no place to exist and would soon dissipate.

What really astonished Ye Mo was that this ghost seemed to have awareness, because it flew next to the candle Gang Hu had lit up. Then, there was a light wind, and the candlelight began to waver.

Just as Ye Mo’s spirit sense was going to investigate what the ghost was planning on doing, his expression suddenly changed; a fierce, bleak wind swept in from the hole the two had dug, with a feeling that was very familiar to Ye Mo. He immediately figured out that this had to be the bleak wind that attacked him last night.

A ghost countless times stronger than the ethereal figure now manifested, and it seemed to contain way more hatred and dissatisfaction.

Compared to this tomb, Ye Mo cared more about the thing that attacked him last night. He didn’t waste a second before flying out of this hole and throwing a few fireballs at that ghost which had manifested.

With a shriek the ghost became a lot more hollow. It didn’t seem to expect someone to be able to see and easily kill it. It immediately fell into the earth and started fleeing through the ground.

A ghost that knew an earth movement technique! No wonder Ye Mo couldn’t find traces of it the other night. But since he found it now, he wouldn’t let it go. He threw another couple of fireballs.

After giving out a weak cry, the ghost was gone.

Before Ye Mo had time to check what it was, another fierce wind headed towards his head. Someone was trying to catch him by surprise, but Ye Mo didn’t even have to use his flying sword and just sent a punch out.

Rumble- A person covered entirely in black robes was knocked flying by Ye Mo’s punch and smashed into a rock not far away, before spitting out a mouthful of black blood.

Ye Mo raised his hand and the flying sword appeared in it, but he didn’t continue his attack and just observed with his spirit sense.

His attacker was an old woman, full of dead chi with nails that were an inch long. The weapon that she had attacked Ye Mo with was a black stick with a foul stench coming from it.

Other people would think this old woman was a demon, but Ye Mo knew she was just a human.

"Who are you, I wasn't messing with you at the Broken Top Mountain at all, so why did you kill my pet?" The old woman’s voice was very lively yet distant. If one only heard her voice, one would think she was just a teenage girl.

‘Pet?’ Ye Mo immediately asked coldly, "You’re from the 9 Moon Sect too?"

"I’m ‘also’ from the 9 Moon Sect? I’m the only one in the 9 Moon Sect! That bitch took over my 9 Moon Sect just because she was a little stronger than me, but I will take it back one day!" The woman tried to speak fiercely, but her lively voice didn’t make her sound very domineering.

Ye Mo was speechless. Why were all these ghosts keepers of the 9 Moon Sect? From her words, she seemed to have lost a battle of power with the 9 Moon Sect’s sect leader and was now cowering here.

Such a good dao cultivation method had been degraded into a cultivation method for ghost keeping. Ye Mo really couldn’t understand how.

Looking at this old woman, Ye Mo said plainly, "You didn’t mess with me? Do you dare say it wasn’t your pet that attacked me last night?"

The old woman was speechless. She did intend to kill Ye Mo yesterday, because she felt that his soul was very strong, so it had to be very beneficial to her pet. She just didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this strong, much stronger than any ancient martial arts cultivators she knew. The old woman was sure that if she went into the outside world, no one would be a match for her other than her martial sister, but now, she had met Ye Mo and come to realize that there was still someone stronger.

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